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Zoom Q8: Low-Cost Video With Outstanding Audio


Japanese company Zoom is know for its outstanding audio recorders. I’ve known dozens of journalists and documentary filmmakers who won’t use anything else. Zoom just released the Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder (retail $399), which aims to combine its world-class audio expertise with a video camera. +Continue Reading

‘Lambert & Stamp’: An Alternate History of The Who


Who would’ve guessed that a British Army officer was perhaps the greatest creative force behind rock legends The Who? That’s the premise of Lambert & Stamp, a compelling new documentary that focuses on the band’s original management team and somehow finds a way to retell their story in a fascinating new way. +Continue Reading

Making Sense of Snowden in ‘Citizenfour’


There are several reasons you should watch Citizenfour, the Oscar-winning documentary about Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor whose 2013 leak of classified documents to journalists set off a massive debate about privacy and government surveillance. The film is out this week on Blu-ray and DVD with an array of fascinating special features. It doesn’t matter if you decide that Snowden is a traitor, a patriot or some hard-to-define combination of both, this is a compelling and important film about the business of protecting the United States and the debate over security vs. privacy we all face. +Continue Reading

Soundfreaq Revamps Their Sound Kick Speaker


Soundfreaq’s original $99 Sound Kick was the first great-sounding affordable Bluetooth speaker and the first realistic alternative to the overpriced Jambox. Over the last three years, hundreds of speakers at every imaginable price point have flooded the market and now Soundfreaq has released a redesigned Sound Kick 2.  Still priced at $99, the new speaker improves on the original and holds its own with the competition. +Continue Reading

‘Hackers’ Invented the Dial-Up Thriller


Hackers, the 1995 cyber-thriller about young computer hackers trying to escape a frame job by a big corporate security consultant (and an unwitting Secret Service agent), has just been released on Blu-ray with an elaborately-produced 20th anniversary edition.

This is yet another movie that flopped in theaters before finding a rabidly devoted fan base on home video. It’s notable for giving Angelina Jolie her first big movie role and she later (briefly) married costar Johnny Lee Miller, who’s recently had his career take off after playing the role of Sherlock Holmes on CBS’ series Elementary. +Continue Reading

Even Better Headphones for Marshall Amp Lovers


The Marshall Monitor over-ear headphones are an upgrade from the Marshall Major on-ear model we reviewed last year. The Monitors retail for $199 but you can find them for about $150 online. They’re a great gift for the Marshall amp-loving guitarist in your life. +Continue Reading

iHome Power Clip Backup Battery Can Take a Beating


The iHome Power Clip backup battery comes in three sizes (2600 mAh, 5200 mAh and 7800 mAh) and comes with a carabiner clip to attach it to your backpack or bag. It’s incredibly simple: two ports on the back (micro USB to charge the battery and USB out to charge your device) and a button on the front to illuminate the power level indicator lights on the battery’s loop. +Continue Reading

Viewing on Repeat: ‘What We Do in the Shadows’

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS Photo Credit Unison Films.jpg

Here at Under the Radar, one of our primary missions is to write about how Hollywood portrays the military in movies and TV. We also aim to uncover those rare films that stand up to the kind of endless repeated viewing so beloved and necessary to readers stationed far from home, the kind of movies that get funnier every time you watch and offer an endless supply of catchphrases (i.e. Will Farrell on a good day: Anchorman, Old School, Talladega Nights). What We Do in the Shadows is a complete winner on that front. +Continue Reading

Rebecca Ferguson Explains Why You Should See ‘Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation’


Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation opens this Friday in theaters. We’ve already seen video of Tom Cruise’s incredible stunt work in the picture. Today, costar Rebecca Ferguson talks to us about her role in MI5.

In the new movie, Ethan Hunt and his crew realize that a shadow organization has matched its skills and plans to destroy the IMF. Alec Baldwin plays the head of the CIA who simultaneously wants to shut down operations and Cruise must save the world and the IMF all at the same time.

Ferguson hails from Sweden and got her start in English-language productions as Queen Elizabeth in the BBC series The White Queen and has played Ergenia in Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules. She spoke with us in late April when visiting the USA to promote the new movie. +Continue Reading

Review: Cambridge Audio G2 Bluetooth Speaker

  • July 27, 2015
  • Tech
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The Cambridge Audio G2 advertises itself as a mini portable bluetooth speaker. While it may be just a bit large to be called mini, it represents a real effort from the manufacturer to create a smaller, more portable and sturdier speaker without sacrificing too much in the audio quality department. +Continue Reading