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‘Prisoners of War’ Season 2 Arrives on DVD


The second season of Prisoners of War, the Israeli TV drama series that inspired Homeland, as just been released on DVD by Shout! Factory, just a few months after the home video release of season one. +Continue Reading

Director Claudia Myers Talks ‘Fort Bliss’


Most military-themed movies we cover around here either celebrate the actual awesomeness of special forces and their missions or are really just low-budget action ‘80s-style movies with some United States military logos slapped on for credibility. Fort Bliss aims to tell a story far more connected to the everyday reality faced by most of the men and women who serve.

Michelle Monaghan plays Maggie Swann, an Army medic who’s also a single mother. She returns from duty in Afghanistan to discover that her ex-husband is getting remarried and that her five-year-old son doesn’t remember his mother. The movie portrays her efforts to reconnect with her son and balance her family obligations with the love of her job.

Maggie makes career decisions no different than the ones made by thousands of men who serve but the sacrifices that go into those decisions are intensified by the fact she’s a mother instead of a father. The film doesn’t delve into the breakdown of her marriage, treating a dissolved relationship in a matter-of-fact way that’s probably closer to the life experiences of a lot of divorced people. There are flashbacks to sexual harassment in Afghanistan and a surprise redeployment that exacerbates her family issues. +Continue Reading

Headphones for the Marshall Amp Lover


The Marshall Major headphones weren’t actually created by legendary guitar amp designer Jim Marshall, but any musician or sound engineer or even a rock fan with a love of that amplifier’s sound is going to have a soft spot for these. Swedish manfacturer Zounds (who also make UrbanEars headphones) have created a design that evokes the actual amp and deliver really good sound for the price. +Continue Reading

A Quick & Easy Auto Option: JunoPower JMPR


The JunoPower JUMPR looks like a lot of other backup batteries we’ve reviewed and it does a great job charging your tablet or smartphone. It aims to justify its $99 price by also coming with a pair of custom jumper cables that you can use to start a car with a dead battery. +Continue Reading

Capturing History Through the Roosevelts


Ken Burns’ 14-hour documentary The Roosevelts: An Intimate Portrait is in the midst of a 7-night run on PBS this week, but it’s also available now on Blu-ray and DVD. The documentary covers over a century of American history, from Theodore Roosevelt’s birth in 1858 to Eleanor Roosevelt’s death in 1962. In between, Burns uses the lives of Teddy, Eleanor and FDR to touch on the Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I and World War II. +Continue Reading

Director John Ealer Talks ‘The World Wars’


The History Channel’s 4 1/2 documentary film The World Wars is out now on Blu-ray and DVD with a wealth of added in-depth profiles, documentary featurettes and deleted scenes. The series connects the two 2oth-century conflicts by focusing on the personal stories of key WWII players like Hitler, Churchill, Mussolini, Patton and FDR, asserting that it was their experiences during the Great War that influenced their decisions in the latter era.

The series uses extensive reenactment of events from World War I (along with some reenactments of WWII events) and has two actors play younger and older versions of its main characters. The approach is novel enough to keep the interest of viewers who’ve seen dozens of documentaries on the topic, but it’s really a great starting point for anyone who doesn’t know much about 20th century history.

Director John Ealer talked to Military​.com about the series. +Continue Reading

Relive the ‘70s With ‘The Midnight Special’


Time-Life has just released a couple of new DVD box sets for legendary late-night music show The Midnight Special. There’s a 6-DVD set with 8 1/2 hours of performances and documentary footage that’s available in stores($59.95 list) and there’s an expanded 11-DVD set available for $99.95 at the Time-Life website with over 16 hours of viewing. +Continue Reading

‘Homeland’ Season 3 Comes to Home Video

homeland-season-3-blu-ray-and-dvd-FenceCD_K006_rgb copy

How careful are we supposed to be with Homeland spoilers at this point? Season 4 premieres October 5th on Showtime and season 3 is out now on Blu-ray and DVD+Continue Reading

Get Your Spy On With Swann’s HD PenCam


Swann is well-know for their home and commercial security camera systems (they claim to be the global #1 brand in DIY video surveillance). They also have a line of radio-controlled toys and a few miniature James Bond-style security products, headlined by the HD PenCam+Continue Reading

Tanks of ‘Fury’ #2: Panzer I


Second up in our Tanks of ‘Fury’ series is the German Panzer I. The Panzer I was developed as a training vehicle in the 1930s but was pressed into service on the European, North African and Soviet fronts during WWII. Due to its small size (5 tons, 13′ 2″ x  5′ 6″) and thinner armor (0.27 to 0.51 inches), the Panzer I wasn’t very effective in combat. The main armaments were 2 7.92mm machine guns and it could reach speeds up to 31mph. +Continue Reading