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Review: Cambridge Audio G2 Bluetooth Speaker

81rOQZAuKNL._SL1500_ copy

The Cambridge Audio G2 advertises itself as a mini portable bluetooth speaker. While it may be just a bit large to be called mini, it represents a real effort from the manufacturer to create a smaller, more portable and sturdier speaker without sacrificing too much in the audio quality department. +Continue Reading

The Finest Hours: Hollywood Discovers the Coast Guard


The Coast Guard has never gotten much attention or respect from Hollywood, but a new trailer for Disney’s The Finest Hours (due in theaters January 29, 2016) suggests that someone has finally figured out that sea rescues just might make an exciting movie. +Continue Reading

A Pair of Quality Bluetooth Adapters


If you’re looking to add a Bluetooth connection to electronic gear you already own, check out the Kinivo BTC450 car adapter kit and the Grace Digital 3play Bluetooth Receiver. Both get the job done for a reasonable price. +Continue Reading

Warplanes to Siberia: Recreating an Untold Story of WWII


Add this to World War II’s seemingly infinite supply of untold stories: Warplanes to Siberia will retrace the historic Alaska to Siberia route used to deliver American planes to the Soviet war effort through President Franklin Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease program. Wait, what? +Continue Reading

Transferring Consciousness in ‘Self/less’


Self/less stars Ben Kingsley as a construction billionaire who, upon finding out that he’s dying, makes a deal with a mysterious and shady scientist to transfer his consciousness into a young body that looks a whole lot like Ryan Reynolds. Evil scientist tells Kingsley that he grew the body in a lab, but weird flashbacks after the transfer suggest otherwise.

It’s old-fashioned paranoid ‘70s sci-fi, directed with a visual flair by Tarsem, best known for The Cell and R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion” video. The movie’s screenplay was written by brothers Alex and David Pastor. They talked to Military​.com about the movie, which opens in theaters this week. +Continue Reading

Spyball: How a Major League Catcher Help Win WWII

moeberg copy

Moe Berg played major league baseball for 15 seasons in a mostly undistinguished career. The Ivy League-educated lawyer made his real contribution in espionage, working with the U.S. government to help win World War II, helping to prove that the Nazis were failing to develop their own atomic bomb.

ESPN’s 30 for 30 series just debuted Spyball, a short film  that tells Berg’s amazing story. Watch the movie embedded below. If you like the movie, you can also check out The Catcher Was a Spy, Nicholas Dawidoff’s outstanding 1994 biography of the man that manager Casey Stengel called “the strangest man to ever play the game of baseball.” +Continue Reading

Get an Early Start With ‘World of Warships’



World of Warships has launched its long-anticipated Open Beta just in time for the holiday weekend. Warships is the latest in’s line of free-to-play military games that aim to combine historical accuracy with realistic gameplay: World of Tanks has been a worldwide phenomenon since 2010 and there’s been a lot of anticipation for this sequel.

We’ve got a lot to cover here: Wargaming hosted Military​.com and a host of other journalists last May in St. Petersburg, Russia for an early look at the game during a visit to developer Lesta Studios. +Continue Reading

Soen Transit: A Wireless Speaker That Makes a Perfect Gift

  • June 25, 2015
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The Soen Transit wireless Bluetooth speaker ($169.95) is an incredibly nice piece of gear. It’s beautifully designed. The box is beautifully designed. The Transit’s fit and finish makes it exactly the kind of electronic device that makes a perfect gift. +Continue Reading

What Movies and TV Shows Are ‘Got Your 6′ Certified?

American Sniper Bradley Cooper Sienna Miller

Got Your 6, the campaign that unites nonprofit, Hollywood, and government partners to promote veteran leadership in civilian life, has announced its first round of 6 Certified projects, as part of an overall effort to recognize content that accurately and responsibly portrays veterans in popular media.

That American Sniper tops the list should be no surprise, since the film about legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is the most successful military-themed movie of all time. You might be more surprised to find out they chose Amira & Sam, a remarkable romantic comedy written and directed by Army veteran Sean Mullin. You can read our interview with Sean and rent the film from iTunes or Amazon Video.

Check out a full list of honorees below and find how how Got Your 6 chose the winners. +Continue Reading

Sound Off: Does SEAL Team 6 Need Oversight?


On Sunday June 7th, the New York Times published an 8800-word epic article called SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines.” The online version of the piece features GIFs, maps, large photos, video set, a glossary, a video interview and no less than six reporter bylines. That’s a huge amount of information about a unit that doesn’t officially exist. +Continue Reading