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Modernize a Vintage Hi-Fi With the Mass Fidelity Relay

Relay_product_image2 copy

The Mass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC is a fantastic solution for anyone who’d like to stream music from a computer, tablet or smartphone but doesn’t want to replace their current audio system with a Sonos or other wireless speaker or even “upgrade” their vintage receiver or preamp to a new one with AirPlay or Bluetooth built in.

The Relay promises a one-minute setup and it delivers: you take it out of the box, screw the antenna into the back, plug in the power cord and plug the RCA jacks into an open slot on your receiver or preamp. Hit the power button, pair with your device and you’re playing music. It’s a $249 addition to your system, but look at it this way: that’s a lot less expensive than a top-end wireless speaker and definitely cheaper than a new receiver that you might not want anyway. +Continue Reading

Review: Cambridge Audio Go Wireless Speaker


The Cambridge Audio Go is an all-around improvement to the Cambridge Audio Minx Go portable Bluetooth speaker. You can start with the name: someone realized (or “realised,” since they’re British) that “minx” has some less-than-flattering slang connotations for women.

The Go retails for $179 and a fantastic-sounding speaker for the price. If you search for “Cambridge Audio Go” online, you’ll get a lot of links to buy the still-available Minx version. You want the new one. Click here to order the right version from Amazon via the Cambridge Audio website. +Continue Reading

Tickets for Troops With VetTix

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The Veteran Tickets Foundation is a military charity with a remarkably straightforward mission: they distribute tickets to concerts, sporting events, performing arts and other family activities to active duty military, veterans and their families (and the families of those killed in action) via their VetTix​.org website.

The organization works with promoters, artists and teams to pair seats that might otherwise go empty with its members. They also accept individual donations and provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences via their Hero’s Wish program. +Continue Reading

Review: A-Audio Legacy Headphones


The A-Audio Legacy headphones cost $299 direct and feature Active Noise Cancellation and a bass boost mode. There’s a lot of padding and a faux-skin carrying case. They’re blingy and they’ve received some rapturous reviews elsewhere online. +Continue Reading

The Partially Inspiring ‘Million Dollar Arm’


Million Dollar Arm (out now on Blu-ray and DVD) is almost one of those standard feel-good, overcome-the-odds sports movies but there’s just enough weird real-life twists to interest anyone not exactly looking to be inspired. The case says “From the Studio That Brought You Remember the Titans and Miracle,” but Million Dollar Arm (also based on a true story) doesn’t have the triumphant climax featured in those movies. +Continue Reading

Go Really Big With the Lumia 1520 Phone


The Lumia 1520 Windows phone is a monster with a 6″ screen and a 20 megapixel camera. It comes in red, yellow, green, black or white and never fails to start a conversation when you pull it out of your bag. It’s probably not going to fit into your pocket. As Tiny Elvis would say, that’s a huge phone.

Frequent Delta fliers might recognize the device. The airline just started issuing the 1520 to flight attendants as new Windows mobile devices. I’ve already seen one of these in action on a cross-country flight this month.

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Get a Great Deal on a Kodiak Waterproof Backup Battery


Outdoor Tech have launched an Indiegogo campaign for an expansion of their Kodiak Waterproof portable battery line. I’ve been using the currently available Kodiak 6000mAh model and it’s working fine, even after I threw it in the pond out back and left it there for a half hour.

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‘Fury’ Visits Fort Benning

"Fury" - Fort Benning Georgia Special Screening

Fury director David Ayer and cast members Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman and Michael Peña paid a visit to Fort Benning on October 16th to show the film to soldiers stationed there.  It was a beautiful day in Columbus, GA and the Army laid out an impressive tank display. +Continue Reading

Screenwriter Bob Gale Talks Spielberg’s ‘1941’

Steven Spielberg’s World War II comedy 1941 has just been released on Blu-ray for the first time as part of the new Steven Spielberg: Director’s Collection Blu-ray box set (also on DVD). Starring Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Tim Matheson, Robert Stack and Treat Williams, the movie got a mixed reception on its release in 1979, mostly because its loud comedy wasn’t what everyone expected from the guy whose two big movies were Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. +Continue Reading

‘X-Men’ Clean Out the Closet


X-Men: Days of Future Past (out now on Blu-ray and DVD) pulls off a great trick: the movie stays true to the overall storyline of the Marvel series and figures out a way to wipe out the plot disasters of X-Men: The Last Stand.

Bryan Singer is back as the director after Matthew Vaughn revived the series with X-Men: First Class in 2011. Singer and writer Simon Kinberg have come up with a time travel story that features both adult and young versions of most of the characters (except Wolverine. Wolverine always stays the same). +Continue Reading