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‘The Marine 4′: Checking In With The Miz & Summer Rae


WWE has carved out a movie business for itself, first producing The Marine starring Jon Cena back in 2006. We’re up to a third sequel and The Marine 4: Moving Target is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. WWWE wrestlers Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Summer Rae are back for another go-round, repeating their The Marine 3: Homefront roles as Jake Carter and Rachel Dawes.

This time, Jake has secured work as a private security contractor after leaving service and he’s tasked with protecting a woman set to testify in a criminal investigation against corrupt defense contractors. The bad guys want to take out the witness and Jake and Rachel have to take on an evil mercenary force to save the day. +Continue Reading

Exploring Families & Faith During Deployment in ‘Little Boy’


Little Boy (opening in theaters this weekend) tells the story of a small-town kid who wants to do whatever he can to bring his father home from World War II. He explores faith with his minister, gets guidance from an elderly Japanese man who ends up in an internment camp and tries to pick up a few tricks from a traveling magician.

The film has Mark Burnett and Roma Downey as producers and, like their recent faith-based projects like Son of God, it’s unapologetically pitched as a family film. The film attracted a strong cast that features Emily Watson, Michael Rapaport, Kevin James and Tom Wilkinson in supporting roles. Director  Alejandro Monteverde talked about the movie and the World War II inspirations for his film. +Continue Reading

Watch the ‘World of Tanks’ Grand Finals

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We’ve written about World of Tanks before. The massive mulitplayer online PC video game is an international phenomenon with over 110 million registered players worldwide. Its free-to-play model helped make the game a cultural phenomenon in Russia, Germany and throughout Eastern Europe. They’ve also carved out a large following in Asia. Game creator Wargaming (founded in Belarus, now located in Cyprus) has successfully launched sequel World of Warplanes in 2013 and World of Warships is set to follow later this year, but World of Tanks is still their #1 property.

Wargaming will hold the World of Tanks Grand Finals in Warsaw, Poland on April 25th and 26th. Twelve teams from around the globe will compete at Warsaw’s Expo XXI arena in front of a crowd of well over 12,000 people.  That sounds like a big crowd, but the real action is online: over 4.3 million viewers watch the Grand Finals last year and Wargaming is expecting that number to grow this year. I’m traveling to Warsaw to check out the competition live and interview Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi about the future of the game.   +Continue Reading

‘Last Days in Vietnam’ Comes to PBS


Last Days in Vietnam is the Academy Award-nominated documentary by filmmaker Rory Kennedy about the United States evacuation from South Vietnam in April 1975. The film has been available on DVD and Digital for a few months now, but PBS is broadcasting the film this month in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the operation. +Continue Reading

Naval Academy Grad Makes the Bigs

Mitch-Harris-Minnesota-Twins-v-St-Louis-Cardinals-v5Zolt9smMvl-600x400 copy

Pitcher Mitch Harris graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2008 and got drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. The Navy denied a waiver that would allow him to delay his service commitment to purse professional sports, so baseball had to wait. Mitch spent the next five years fulfilling his service obligation, criss-crossing the globe with service aboard the USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf, participating in drug stings in South America and on diplomatic assignment in Russia.

The odds that Mitch Harris would ever have a shot at a sports career declined every month he was away from the game, but the Cards let him have another shot two years ago in their minor league system. Harris fought his way through the minor league system and this week St. Louis called him up to the major league club. He’ll be on the roster for Tuesday’s series opener with the Washington Nationals tonight in DC. +Continue Reading

Sound Off: Are Veterans Losing Gun Rights?


As reported last week, Senator Chuck Grassley has rekindled a debate over whether veterans who cannot manage their own benefits should be considered “mentally defective” by the FBI and barred from buying guns. +Continue Reading

Hurry Up & Watch ‘Top Gun’


Life’s busy, there’s a million viral videos you need to check out, who’s got time to sit down and watch an entire movie? Fortunately, our friends at WeAreTheMighty​.com have created Hurry Up & Watch, a series that takes popular military movies and breaks them down in under three minutes. +Continue Reading

Cambridge Audio Enters the TV Speaker Market


Cambridge Audio gets into the speaker base market with the TV 5. It’s a massive platform that will support any flat screen TV whose base will fit on its 29″ wide x 12″ deep top and it delivers both the tasteful design and audio quality the brand is known for at a $399 list price. +Continue Reading

Army Vet Finds New Mission Fighting Poachers in East Africa


Kinessa Johnson served four years in the Army as a weapons instructor and mechanic and did one tour of duty in Afghanistan. When she got out and needed a job, she found an unexpected new mission, protecting animals in East Africa and fighting poachers with VETPAWS. +Continue Reading

QuickLock: Easy & Controlled Access

Padlock-Color-Options copy

The QuickLock is a new keyless padlock that can be opened via Bluetooth or NFC. The device was created by engineer Ryan Hyde, who also introduced the GunBox, a sleek gun safe with an RF-controlled lock and optional Biometric scanner. The new padlock brings a lot of the access control features from his earlier product to a device that can be used anywhere you’d install a regular lock.  +Continue Reading