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Satechi RideMate Bike Lights


Satechi RideMate series now offers the RideMate front bicycle light ($59.99 direct) and the Ride Mate taillight ($29.99 direct) to go with its line of smartphone bike mounts. +Continue Reading

Archie Takes a Bullet for a Gay Veteran

Archie Andrews

In the latest issue of Life With Archie, Archie Andrews dies when he steps in front of a bullet intended for his best friend Kevin Keller, the gay veteran and gun control advocated who’s launched a political career after his husband is the victim of a mall shooting.

Let’s pause a moment to let everyone who hasn’t seen an Archie comic since the 1970s to catch their breath. +Continue Reading

Did DeAngelo Williams Really Salute the Troops?



Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams caused quite a stir on Facebook Monday when he posted the above photo to his timeline.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Williams immediately got some negative feedback from the FB haters (“u seem to like being showy about it too”) but most followers applauded the gesture (“all I got to say is mad respect. Thanks for the support to vets”).

Then a few observers looked closely at the photograph. +Continue Reading

Why Veterans Miss the War

sebastianjungerted copy

By Ho Lin

There’s a scene in the very first episode of Sherlock, the modern version of the Sherlock Holmes myth, in which Dr. Watson, now a shell-shocked survivor of 21st century Afghanistan, is confronted by a shady power broker. The man notes that Watson’s hand, usually afflicted with the shakes, is now deadly still in the midst of their tense confrontation.  “You’re not haunted by the war, Dr. Watson,” the mystery man smirks. “You miss it.” +Continue Reading

Losing a Limb, Making a Point


By Ho Lin

We know about risking life and limb for a good cause, but an Army veteran who is actually losing a limb is taking it one step further. On the chat website reddit, Jody Williams, who is scheduled to have an amputation below the knee within the next two weeks, is telling his story about his injury, walking readers through the amputation process. The bottom line? He feels his original injury was misdiagnosed, leading to a worsening condition that left him no choice but to amputate below the knee. +Continue Reading

NASCAR Race Named for Green Beret

walding-hi-res-630x419 copy

Green Beret John Wayne Walding was announced as the winner of Crown Royal’s “Your Hero’s Name Here” contest during the 2014 CMT Music Awards broadcast. The program will rename the July 27th NASCAR race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway as the John Wayne Walding 400 at the Brickyard Powered by BigMachineRecords​.com. At the race, Walding will receive a VIP at-track experience and hand the trophy bearing his name to the race winner in Victory Lane. +Continue Reading

Rock Legend Meets Actual Hero at the White House


Marine Kyle Carpenter had a big day at the White House last Thursday. Not only did President Obama award him the Medal of Honor for using his body to shield another Marine from an explosion in Helmand Province in 2010, he ran into rock legend Dave Grohl roaming the halls of the White House. +Continue Reading

‘Wounded: The Battle Back Home’ — John: Operation Employ

Usenerbattle550 The Wounded Warrior Project is marking its tenth anniversary with a new documentary series called Wounded: The Battle Back Home. Episode 7 is called “John: Operation Employ” profiles Texas native John Usener as he recounts the harrowing war events that led to his PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI). A February 2007 insurgent attack targeting his Army truck convoy left Usener with severe injuries to his eyes and debilitating migraines. +Continue Reading

Dwayne Johnson’s #TeamHercules Workout


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson takes on the sword-and-sandal genre with a new Hercules movie that’s due in theaters on July 25. Directed by Brett Ratner (all three Rush Hour movies, X-Men: The Last Stand) features a lot of hand combat with mythological creatures and the trailer suggests absolutely zero interest in staying faithful to the ancient Greek literary sources. Which is good, since all those old Heracles/Hercules were pretty boring with too much “acting” and not enough action. +Continue Reading

Review: Grab-It! Universal Mount



If you’re going to use your smartphone as a GPS, you need a way to mount it in your car so that you can see and hear the directions and still keep it just enough out of reach that you’re not tempting to check your email at a stoplight. The Grab-It! Universal Mount gets the job done for a reasonable price. +Continue Reading