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Investigating Stolen Valor With Daniel Tosh

tosh0stolenvalor copy

Comedy Central’s Daniel Tosh investigated the Stolen Valor problem on his Tosh.0 program this week.  He compiled some particularly intense confrontation videos from around the Internet and wondered if the fakers aren’t heroes in their own way: “They’re out there risking possible embarrassment just to get free appetizers or a chick’s number. That’s courage in my book! What are the real soldiers even fighting for if not the freedom to impersonate them? Haven’t you ever heard of dressing for the job you want?” +Continue Reading

Noah Galloway’s DWTS Journey (So Far)


Army veteran Noah Galloway has proved himself a worthy competitor during the first five episodes of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Four contestants have already been sent home (including Suzanne Somers, former football player Michael Sam, Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl ad star Charlotte McKinney and Redfoo from musical comedy act LMFAO); Galloway and professional dancing partner Sharna Burgess still find themselves firmly in the middle of the pack, safe from elimination.

Galloway may not win the competition but he lost two limbs in a 2005 IED explosion in Iraq. He’s fought back to become a competitive runner and has carved out a career as a personal trainer and motivational speaker. Dancing With the Stars might not be the ratings juggernaut it once was, but millions of civilians are tuning in each week to see a wounded warrior as someone to be admired instead of someone to be pitied. +Continue Reading

Inventing the Webber Strut in ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2′


As anyone who’s spent a huge amount of time at a remote FOB, onboard a ship, living in a college dorm or traveling around on a tour bus can tell you, it’s not the well-reviewed Oscar movies that usually stand up to repeated viewings. Hot Tub Time Machine 2, an unapologetically dumb comedy, is out now on Digital HD (from iTunes, Amazon, all the usual sources) with Blu-ray and DVD coming on May 19.

We’ve got an exclusive clip from the bonus material below: Craig Robinson explains where he got the idea for his ridiculous “Webber Strut” video dance. Use this insight into the comedy process as inspiration for your own off-duty viral videos. Which you all should working on. We’re due for some good ones around here.  +Continue Reading

Gearing Up for BBQ Season

franklinbrisket copy

The snow has mostly melted and a lot of you are getting out the grill. We’re taking a look at a few products aimed to improving your barbecue. For the ambitious home smoker, we take a look a Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto, a new book from acclaimed Austin, TX chef Aaron Franklin. For home cooks looking to simulate the full smoke experience or at least make things a bit easier, we check out the GrillGrate, the BBQ Dragon, the A-Maze-N Smoker Tube and the Ribalizer. +Continue Reading

Edward Snowden Resurfaces (Again) on HBO

HT_SNOWDEN_150406_DG_16x9_992 copy

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden reignited the terror-supporting-traitor vs. freedom-loving-patriot debate last night when he made a surprise appearance on HBO’s comedy/news program Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. Oliver devoted the episode to U.S. government surveillance programs and the upcoming June 1st deadline for the renewal of the Patriot Act.

Oliver’s crew visited Times Square to find out if random tourists knew who Snowden is. Most didn’t and the few who had a clue mostly had him confused with the WikiLeaks guy, Julian Assange. +Continue Reading

34-Year-Old Army Vet Aims for NFL Career

boyer-story copy

On September 11, 2001, Nate Boyer was a 20-year-old at loose ends, living in a tiny Los Angeles apartment when an early-morning phone call from his mom alerted him to the terror attacks on the east coast. Like a lot of guys his age, those events eventually inspired him to enlist in the Army, where he became a Green Beret and served multiple tours in Afghanistan.

He enrolled at the University of Texas in 2009 and made the football team as a walk-on, playing in 38 games before he finished his college career. Before trying out for the Longhorns, Boyer had never played a game of organized football. +Continue Reading

Unraveling the Conspiracy in ‘American Odyssey’

Anna Friel in "American Odyssey"

NBC launches the new 12-episode series American Odyssey this Sunday at 10pm ET/PT. It’s a sprawling, ambitious tale that begins with a special forces unit tasked with taking out an al-Qaeda unit in Mali. We’ve got a slideshow of images from the premiere episode. +Continue Reading

9 Military Terms That Will Make You Sound Crazy Around Civilians



The military has its own language of insider phrases and slang terms, and if you use these unique phrases when you are out, civilians around you are probably not going to know what you are talking about.

It can be challenging to transition from the military to civilian life, but you should probably leave these phrases behind when you leave the military. Otherwise, you’re going to get some crazy looks and eye rolls. +Continue Reading

This Weekend’s Biggest Sporting Event is ‘Call of Duty’


Here’s a fact: this weekend’s #1 sporting event for the under-30 set isn’t the NCAA basketball Elite Eight. The Call of Duty Championship is taking place in Los Angeles this weekend, with 32 teams competing for a $1 million prize pool. The winning squad takes home $400,000. +Continue Reading

‘Nose of a Dog, Heart of a Marine’


Max (opening June 26th) tells the story of a Marine working dog who returns to the States after his trainer is killed in Afghanistan. Overcome with grief and unable to continue, Max seems unable to connect with anyone except Justin Wincott, the younger brother of Kyle, the Marine who trained Max. +Continue Reading