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‘Dad, It’s Just ISIS’

dakotajohnsonsnlisisparody copy

Someone in the Saturday Night Live writer’s room must have been reading our “10 Best Military Sketches on ‘Saturday Night Live’” post because the show returned last night with its first new episode since the 40th Anniversary Special and the program featured a prominent military-themed parody of the Toyota “My Bold Dad” Super Bowl commercial, the one where a father drops his daughter at the airport as she appears to head off to start her military service.

Except, well, the daughter (played by guest host Dakota Johnson) is joining ISIS and Dad (played by Taran Killam) sheds a tear has he hands his daughter over to a group of armed Jihadists in a pickup truck. It’s not a car commercial, it’s a recruitment video! Watch the sketch below: +Continue Reading

32 Terms Only Airmen Will Understand



As the youngest member of the U.S. armed forces, the Air Force gets a lot of flak from other branches, despite having the capacity to (arguably) destroy all life on Earth in 30 minutes. In its relative short history, its Airmen evolved a culture and language all their own. +Continue Reading

Army Vet Noah Galloway Dances With the Stars


Retired Army Sgt. Noah Galloway made a positive statement for injured veterans when he appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine last fall. Now the double amputee has joined the cast of the 20th season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Galloway, who lost his left arm and left leg while serving in Iraq, will be partnered with professional dancer Sharna Burgess.

Galloway hopes to follow in the footsteps of J.R. Martinez, the Army 101st veteran who won the competition back in 2011. Martinez, who was also wounded by an IED and suffered burns over 40% of his body, did a lot to raise awareness that men and women injured in battle can return and lead productive, well-adjusted lives. +Continue Reading

Bradley Cooper Says ‘Aloha’

219f0c_ALOHA_TRAILER copy

So how does Bradley Cooper follow up his Oscar-nominated role as Chris Kyle in American Sniper? He’s playing a military contractor who falls in love with an Air Force pilot played by Emma Stone (who’s also Oscar-nominated for Birdman) in Aloha, a romantic comedy from writer/director Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous). +Continue Reading

The Art of ‘Total War’

the art of total war 05

Fans of the Total War computer game series will want to check out The Art of Total War, a new limited-edition art book from Titan. The book has detailed images from the development of the series all the way back to Shogun: Total War in 2000 through the upcoming Total War: Attila (out next week) and the still-in-development Total War: Arena.

Check out our slideshow of images from the book below. +Continue Reading

4 Times Jon Stewart Stood Up for the Troops

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

Jon Stewart announced this week that he’s leaving The Daily Show later this year. His comedy-fueled takes on the news were often brutal to politicians and the powers that be, but Stewart has long gone out of his way to support the men and women who serve in uniform.

We’ve collected some of’s best Jon Stewart Daily Show videos. Check them out below. +Continue Reading

Nissan & Wounded Warrior Project Journey to Alaska

  • February 10, 2015
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nissanprojecttitan copy

In 2014, Nissan launched Project Titan in cooperation with the Wounded Warrior Project. Army veterans David Guzman and Kevin McMahon, two WWP alumni, were selected to take a trip through the Alaskan wilderness in an outfitted Nissan Titan truck. In September, they set out with a camera crew to document their journey and the resulting short film debuted on the History2 Channel last Veterans Day. The entire 21-minute film is worth watching and it’s embedded below.

The journey was suggested by journalist Joe Byers, who designed the trip after answering Nissan’s call for ideas at the 2014 SHOT Show. The company loved the concept and Byers joined Guzman and McMahon on the trip. Nissan executive Scot Cottick also participated in the project and Military​.com asked him to give us some insight into what he learned from the experience. +Continue Reading

The 9 Biggest Myths About Military Working Dogs


Military working dogs have been thrust into the media spotlight over the last few years, bringing awareness to the critical roles they play in the U.S. armed forces. While once considered “unsung heroes,” multiple books, television shows, and even a military working dog monument have brought attention to their service.

However, as with all stories that gain attention, sometimes facts being reported and perpetuated are either slightly inaccurate or even blatantly untrue. To handlers and advocates in the MWD community, it can be frustrating to read and hear about stories that not only are untrue, but are actually harmful. It’s important to understand what is myth vs reality.

Here are the 9 biggest myths about military working dogs.


386th ESFS military working dogs

Photo: US Air Force Staff Sgt. Jeremy Bowcock +Continue Reading

5 Hollywood Directors Who Served And Filmed Real Wars


Before Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper,” Hollywood directors “got it right” by serving in the military.

Here are five legendary Hollywood directors who served on the front lines with their cameras:

John Ford

John-Ford-imdb-e1422317370369 copy

Photo: IMDb
+Continue Reading

10 Iconic Movie Snipers


Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Chris Kyle in American Sniper seems guaranteed to stand as the most iconic sniper in motion picture history, but there are a few more memorable movie snipers who can round out our Top Ten. +Continue Reading