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Thanksgiving Greetings from Around the Military

happythankgsiving copy

As you sit down for dinner tomorrow, give thanks for the men and women stationed around the globe who are defending their country and preserving the liberty of all Americans back home in the States. They can’t be with their loved ones on this holiday but, in the video below, several of them send Thanksgiving greetings to the folks back home. Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers and all the men and women who serve.

A Special Forces Classic Gets an Update

Survival-Skills-with-Lofty-Wiseman copy

Since its first publication in 1986, the SAS Survival Handbook has sold millions of copies and become a worldwide classic. Sort of a special forces version of a Boy Scout manual, the book was written by John “Lofty” Wiseman, who served in the British Special Air Service as Chief Survival Instructor at the SAS Training School in Hereford, England.  Brits well tell you that the SAS boys are tougher than Navy SEALS. While that may not be exactly true, it’s safe to agree that the SAS are one of the most elite fighting units in the world. +Continue Reading

Share Memories of Earth With the ‘Interstellar’ Time Capsule

interstellar copy

Are we allowed to talk about the plot of Interstellar yet or is the ending still supposed to be a secret? The direct Christopher Nolan has partnered up with Google Play and Paramount Pictures to curate a time capsule short film that will chronicle life on earth as we live now. Made and produced by David Brodie and Angus Wall,  the film will compile photos, videos, songs, diary entries or anything else that might represent people of the world today into the modern version of a cave painting to represent our era to future generations. +Continue Reading

Ex-CIA Officers Make a TV Drama With ‘State of Affairs’

State of Affairs - Season Pilot

After a career in national service, most everyone still has to get out there and make a living. Former CIA counterterrorism head Henry Crumpton has found a new vocation in show business and he’s created a new NBC drama series called State of Affairs in association with Rodney Faraon, his partner at the Crumpton Group and a former CIA officer who was a member of the Daily Briefing Team for Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. +Continue Reading

Paralyzed Vet Walks Again on ‘WWE Smackdown’

ekso_pkg_110714 copy

On last Friday’s WWE Smackdown, the wrestling crew paid tribute to Sgt. Dan Rose, who served 10 years in the U.S. Army Reserves and was paralyzed from the chest down in 2011 by an IED while serving in Afghanistan. +Continue Reading

‘Ready to Serve’ on Disney Jr.‘s ‘Doc McStuffins’


Anyone with really young kids and a cable package knows about Disney Junior, the channel aimed at preschoolers. Doc McStuffins is a show about a little girl who fixes broken toys in her backyard with the help of her friends Lambie, Stuffy, Hallie, Chilly and Bronty. None of this is likely to make sense to anyone who’s never had kids, but ask a three-year-old: they can give you the full rundown on the premise and the plots and  the power dynamics between all the characters. +Continue Reading

Remembering Louis Zamperini for Veterans Day

Louis Zamperini at Midland Army Airfield, 1941

Each year, the American Legion Magazine publishes a list of America’s Most Beloved Veterans. The name most likely to be added to that list in 2015 is Louis Zamperini, the former Olympic athlete who survived incarceration in a Japanese POW camp after enlisting in the Army Air Corps. His inspirational story was chronicled in Laura Hillenbrand’s 2010 bestseller Unbroken and that book is now the basis for a new movie directed by Angelina Jolie. +Continue Reading

10 Gun Safety Fails

10gunsafetyfails copy

Guns are awesome when you know how to use them, but not everyone follows the rules or bothers to learn what they are. The lawyers insist that we’re supposed to always say that gun safety is a deadly serious matter, but that doesn’t make these ten gun safety fails any less hilarious.

Chris Rock Jokes About the Freedom Tower

chrisrock911snl copy

Chris Rock hosted Saturday Night Live this week and really shook things up with an opening monologue that featured jokes about the Boston Marathon and the 9/11 memorial Freedom Tower. Rock asked if the building’s corporate sponsor was “Target” before going on a long rant about how he’d never go into the building, not even“if Scarlett Johansson is buck naked on the 89th floor in a plate of ribs.” He ended the bit with some jokes about the commercialization of Christmas that somehow managed not to seem stale.

Of course, Twitter exploded with folks upset that the comic used the two terrorist attacks as the basis for a standup routine. Check out the entire performance below and decide for yourself. +Continue Reading

‘Lone Survivor’ Team Returns With ‘Call of Duty’ Spot


Lone Survivor director Peter Berg and star Taylor Kitsch (who played Lt. Michael Murphy in the film) have teamed up again for a new commercial that shows off the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which launches next week for PC, both XBoxes and both PlayStations.

You get a first person view as Kitsch guides you through a Lagos, Nigeria war zone in 2059. The commercial represents yet another episode in Berg and Kitsch’s professional relationship. The actor got his big break starring in Berg’s Friday Night Lights and they both bravely soldiered together through the Battleship movie experience a couple of years back.

The commercial tries to focus on the new twists that are supposed to keep the game fresh. In an interview with Variety, Berg said, ““We wanted to replicate what you’ll see when you play it. It was important to Activision that the game was accurate and not promising something that it isn’t. We didn’t want to overpromise what the game could deliver. Everything we designed, we designed with the game guys there.” +Continue Reading