How the Army Invaded the Grocery Store

Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, author of Combat-Ready Kitchen: How the US Military Shapes the Way You Eat, wrote one of our most popular posts in…


A New Look at JFK in ‘PT 109’

On October 6th, author William Doyle will publish PT 109: An American Epic of War, Survival, and the Destiny of John F. Kennedy, a new book…


Korea: A Dozen Question Test

Best attempted by those Who Served in Korea After Vietnam and Before Desert Storm by DAVID OSTERHOUT I joined the Army in 1976 the nation’s bicentennial….


11 Awesome Things Drill Sergeants Say

Dan Caddy, a sergeant first class with the Vermont Army National Guard, has just published Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said: Wit and Wisdom from America’s…

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The Birth of the Texas Rangers

On Memorial Day, the History Channel is launching Texas Rising, a new dramatic series about the Texas Rangers and the rise of the Lone Star…