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Call of Duty: How Far Are You Willing to Go?

callofdutyblackop3teaser copy


Ready for more Black Ops action? Treyarch keeps up the yearly pace with a new teaser for their latest title:Call of Duty: Black Ops III. With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare going through its DLC phase, this year will see the return of everyone’s favorite black ops group. The teaser for the trailer (embedded below) doesn’t provide many clues to what’s in store for fans, but the swirling, digital marquee of symbols and echoing dialogue ripped from previous Black Ops titles indicates a continuation of the tightly-woven narrative fans have come to expect over the years. The ominous ending soundbite (“the only thing holding us back is how far we are willing to go”) hints at a story that keeps up the tradition of moral complexity and dark government secrets. +Continue Reading

This Weekend’s Biggest Sporting Event is ‘Call of Duty’


Here’s a fact: this weekend’s #1 sporting event for the under-30 set isn’t the NCAA basketball Elite Eight. The Call of Duty Championship is taking place in Los Angeles this weekend, with 32 teams competing for a $1 million prize pool. The winning squad takes home $400,000. +Continue Reading

5 Games to Play Before Summer

  • March 11, 2015
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By Travis McKnight

The first fiscal quarter of 2015 is drawing to a close, and that means video game publishers are ramping up their release schedule. It’s no secret that video games are expensive and time consuming, and the first quarter of the year is typically a bust. Most publishers save their best games for late Q2 and early Q3. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything worth playing this spring. Although everybody’s preferences are different, these five games are what I recommend diving into before summer releases swing into full force. +Continue Reading

The Art of ‘Total War’

the art of total war 05

Fans of the Total War computer game series will want to check out The Art of Total War, a new limited-edition art book from Titan. The book has detailed images from the development of the series all the way back to Shogun: Total War in 2000 through the upcoming Total War: Attila (out next week) and the still-in-development Total War: Arena.

Check out our slideshow of images from the book below. +Continue Reading

‘Company of Heroes’ Adds the Battle of the Bulge

  • November 20, 2014
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CompanyOfHeroes2ArdennesAssault copy

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault

Finally, fans of Company of Heroes 2 can depict one of the most famous engagements in World War II: the Battle of the Bulge. The latest expansion, “Ardennes Assault” adds new content to single and multiplayer. Players will be able to watch the Battle of the Bulge take place through the perspective of three unique officers as they vie for the crucial region of Ardennes.

“Ardennes Assault” includes Monte Durante, Captain of Fox Company. This fourth company features special abilities like M83 Cluster Bombs, Pinpoint Accurate Artillery, and elite Fox Company Rangers. Each company featured in “Ardennes Assault” has their own unique units, upgradeable abilities, specializations, and play styles.

Fans should enjoy the expansion as it further explores the Western European front of World War II. While “The Western Front Armies” was only a multiplayer expansion to Company of Heroes 2, “Ardennes Assault” brings home one of the most critical and lauded engagements of the war. Check out the trailer below. +Continue Reading

‘Lone Survivor’ Team Returns With ‘Call of Duty’ Spot

  • October 31, 2014
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Lone Survivor director Peter Berg and star Taylor Kitsch (who played Lt. Michael Murphy in the film) have teamed up again for a new commercial that shows off the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which launches next week for PC, both XBoxes and both PlayStations.

You get a first person view as Kitsch guides you through a Lagos, Nigeria war zone in 2059. The commercial represents yet another episode in Berg and Kitsch’s professional relationship. The actor got his big break starring in Berg’s Friday Night Lights and they both bravely soldiered together through the Battleship movie experience a couple of years back.

The commercial tries to focus on the new twists that are supposed to keep the game fresh. In an interview with Variety, Berg said, ““We wanted to replicate what you’ll see when you play it. It was important to Activision that the game was accurate and not promising something that it isn’t. We didn’t want to overpromise what the game could deliver. Everything we designed, we designed with the game guys there.” +Continue Reading

Noriega Sues ‘Call of Duty’


Raise your hand if you remembered that former Panamanian dictator (and object of 1989’s Operation Just Cause) Manuel Noriega was still alive? President Bush launched the invasion to take down our former ally after his drug-dealing ways became too embarrassing for the United States.

After Navy SEALs destroyed Noriega’s boat and jet in Operation Nifty Package, the “Panamanian Strongman” hid out in the Vatican embassy and the U.S.A. either embarked on a psy-ops terror campaign to smoke him out by turning giant speakers towards his hideout and playing Van Halen’s “Panama” on an endless loop or just shared normal Armed Forces radio programming with Noriega.

The dictator surrendered after a couple of weeks, got hauled back to the United States and tried for drug dealing. He’s since served time here and been extradited to France where he was tried and served time for money laundering. In 2011, Noriega was shipped back to Panama and got locked up for human rights violations. +Continue Reading

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies Lands for PCs


It’s been one year since Company of Heroes 2 landed on PCs. Originally focusing on the Eastern European front, now fans get a chance to fight battles in the West with Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies. +Continue Reading

The Art of Watch Dogs


Watch Dogs is a rarity in the modern video games business: it’s a genuine hit that’s not a sequel to a game that everyone’s been playing for years. Delayed for what seemed like eons, it finally came out last month and Titan Books has released The Art of Watch Dogs, a book that explores extensive concept and development art with detailed creator commentary.  +Continue Reading

PMCs Take Over in ‘Call of Duty’


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes out November 4th and Activision has figured out a new approach to keep the world’s most successful shooter game in the public eye. Not only did they hire Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey to provide voice talent for the game, they convinced him to pair that voice with a video avatar of himself. +Continue Reading