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Titanfall — Cheaters Beware!


By Daniel Reeder

Titanfall (for Xbox One and PC) is one of the most anticipated games in a long time. It’s an FPS where you play a free-running, jetpack-wearing, futuristic armored soldier who can call down (and jump into) a mech (the Titan), which has more firepower than a modern armored platoon, extra subwoofers and a gyroscopic drink holder that protects your slushy when you’re falling from orbit? What’s not to like? +Continue Reading

Operation Supply Drop – Stephen Machuga


If you’ve ever heard the phrase “hurry up and wait,” you know that serving in the military can be as boring as it is pulse-pounding. Sometimes a piece of entertainment can make a world of difference in the quality of life of a deployed service member. Stephen Machuga, an Army veteran, began Operation Supply Drop in 2010 to provide engaging entertainment so service members deployed overseas. After years of hard work, Operation Supply Drop is now receiving backing from big names in the video game industry including ASTRO Gaming, Rooster Teeth, Wargaming​.net, and Naughty Dog. To help push their efforts, Operation Supply Drop is now running 8-Bit Salute: a 24 hour gaming marathon that will take place in May to raise funds for the charity. +Continue Reading

Battlefield Promotions in WoW — Boost to 90

WoW Battlefield Promotions - Boost straight to 90

by Daniel Reeder

NERDWARNORD: This video may go down at some point. I’m pretty sure it was leaked. You certainly can’t preorder yet on the Blizzard page.

BLUF — When you preorder the new World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, you will be able to boost any one character straight to level 90. This way you and your friends will all be the same level and all prepared for the new content, raids, dungeons, quests, etc. at the same time. If the character you’re boosting is over level 60 already, it will receive a commensurate boost to its primary two professions and first aid, taking them all straight to the maximum profession level (which is currently 600 in “Mists of Pandaria”; you will no doubt be able to keep leveling once within Warlords of Draenor). +Continue Reading

$300,000 Lost by Thousands of Gamers in Online War

Taken by rooksandkings on imgur.

War doesn’t always start with a carefully planned attack – sometimes all it takes is a single mistake. On the afternoon of January 27th, 2014, a single pilot in the game “EVE Online” forgot to pay rent on a space station in a strategically valuable star system. His negligence started one of the biggest battles in the history of online gaming, lasted 21 hours, involved over seven thousand players and saw $300,000 worth of ships destroyed. +Continue Reading

Win an Alienware Desktop With ‘Warplanes’ Update


World of Warplanes has been out for a couple of months now and Wargaming​.net has just released its 1.1 update. Highlights include two new battle arenas and a whole new line of fourteen aircraft from the Focke-Wulf lineage.

As an incentive to get gamers to try their free-to-play game, the company is giving away an Alienware Aurora Gaming Desktop PC to one winner and ten additional randomly chosen winners will get the games’ new German tier V Premium plane, the Messerschmitt Me 209 V. +Continue Reading

BlizzCon is Upon Us

by Daniel Reeder

“For two epic days, Blizzard fans from around the world descend on Anaheim to play and celebrate their passion for all things Warcraft®…”

That’s the tag line from the BlizzCon website. BlizzCon 2013 is this year’s annual convention for all of Blizzard Entertainment’s nerdy goodness. Don’t know who Blizzard Entertainment is? What, have you been living under a rock for the past nineteen years? Lucky for you I’m here to explain. Blizzard Entertainment is one of the gaming giants of the industry. They are responsible such games as the Warcraft series, the StarCraft series, and the Diablo series. +Continue Reading

‘Battlefield 4′: New Game or Big Expansion?

by Daniel Reeder

That’s the official  multiplayer launch trailer for Battlefield 4. It was just released here in the US and already tens of thousands of gamers have tuned out of the real world to get their war on. +Continue Reading

‘Torchlight II’ Revisited

by Daniel Reeder

Friday was the one year anniversary of the release of Torchlight II, which I picked up recently as a part of a Humble Bundle weekly sale. I’m glad it did, because to be honest I think I badly underestimated the game when it first came out. Turns out this thing kick’s Diablo III’s ass. +Continue Reading

Get a ‘Call of Duty’ Fix on Your iPad


Activision seems to have surprised most everyone with the release of Call of Duty: Strike Team, an all-new game built from the ground up for iOS. Set in 2020, the U.S finds itself at war with an unknown enemy and your mission is to lead a Joint Special Operations Team in a global effort to track down those responsible for a surprise attack. +Continue Reading

‘World War III Online’ Imagines a Different End to the Cold War


The developers behind the upcoming game World War III Online wants everyone to play “What if?” What if the Soviet military staged a coup in 1989 and prevented the fall of the Berlin Wall? What if the Red Army decided to forcibly put down the freedom movements in the Soviet satellite states? What if that action led to another World War?

The game will be a multiplayer, free-to-play FPS PC game when it launches. This one’s a true indie and it’s being made without the massive resources that the big guys throw at Call of Duty or Splinter Cell. Check out the videos below. If the execution matches the excellent premise, WW3 Online might be a winner along the lines of World of Tanks. If you’re interested, follow the game’s development on Twitter or Facebook. +Continue Reading