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Rebecca Ferguson Explains Why You Should See ‘Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation’


Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation opens this Friday in theaters. We’ve already seen video of Tom Cruise’s incredible stunt work in the picture. Today, costar Rebecca Ferguson talks to us about her role in MI5.

In the new movie, Ethan Hunt and his crew realize that a shadow organization has matched its skills and plans to destroy the IMF. Alec Baldwin plays the head of the CIA who simultaneously wants to shut down operations and Cruise must save the world and the IMF all at the same time.

Ferguson hails from Sweden and got her start in English-language productions as Queen Elizabeth in the BBC series The White Queen and has played Ergenia in Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules. She spoke with us in late April when visiting the USA to promote the new movie.

You had a big part in Hercules last summer, but Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is your first Hollywood movie set in modern times. Tell us about your character in the film.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is about the team trying to neutralize the Syndicate, who themselves are trying to destroy the IMF.

We meet my character in a dungeon where Ethan Hunt is in a tight spot. She is a disavowed British agent, undercover and ruthless. We find out that Ethan Hunt and Ilsa fight very well together. They move as if they’ve never done anything else better than that.

She joins Ethan and the team for an incredible mission to break down the Syndicate. She’s sort of Ethan Hunt’s equal and matches him in skill.


Talk about the fight scenes.

Well, it took some training to be able to create that. I think we trained for about a month and a half, up to two months before shooting. I was training five, six hours a day, six days a week, to be able to handle these incredible fighting moves. And it was all from holding our breath under water and I had far to go to be able to handle that. It was kind of intense.

Your costar, Tom Cruise, has always had a reputation as a guy who wanted to do as many as his own stunts as possible.

You know what, I don’t think actually wanted to. I think he’s famous for actually doing it. This man does all his stunts. So it was challenging and fun to work and see him in action because it made me feel that it’s possible. I mean if you have a great team and you feel supported and you feel safe, it’s just passing that threshold of fear. And doing it.


This movie was directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who worked with Tom on “Jack Reacher.”

I was beautiful, the way that Tom and Chris worked together, because they’ve had years of friendship and collaboration, it just works the way they think and they talk. They help each other end sentences. Then you bring in Wade Eastwood, who is the stunt coordinator, and he breaks it down to reality and makes it as authentic as possible. And then they just train us to be able to do it. It works beautifully.


What did you enjoy about working on this film?

What I loved was trying to find that specific way of fighting for my character. Tom as Ethan Hunt has his own way of fighting. It’s just not falling into each other’s movements, you want to be able to stand out and find your own movements. That was so much fun creating it for my character. I mean she’s not as tall and strong as these other guys, so she has to be quick and smart and she’ll use momentum and motion to be able to jump up around the neck and wrap her legs around and quickly break their necks. We did that with Pilates and regular training and stunts. Tthere’s so much that goes into it. For me, it’s a dance, because I’ve danced quite a lot. I use a lot of dance motions to be able to make it graceful as well.

What’s up next for you?

My next film is going to be Florence Foster Jenkins and it’s opposite Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant. Directed by Stephen Frears. So that’s like an 180 turn from high action to 1940’s story about an opera singer who can’t sing.

The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi


Director Michael Bay plans to get right into the middle of the 2016 elections with the release of 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, which hits theaters on January 15th, 2 1/2 weeks before the Iowa Caucus.

The movie is based on Mitchell Zuckoff’s book Thirteen Hours: A Firsthand Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi, a moment-by-moment account beloved by Washington types who believe the CIA order the security officers to “stand down” during the crisis.

Bay, who gets a lot of flak from critics for action pictures like Transformers: Age of Extinction and Pain & Gain, isn’t known for taking on highly-charged political topics in his movies but Paramount has decided to release 13 Hours on the same January weekend that’s proved so successful for military-themed movies like Zero Dark Thirty, Lone Survivor and American Sniper.

The movie details the story of the private contractors hired to protect State Department personnel during the September 11, 2012 attacks on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.

Bay gets into the political thriller game with Jim and Roy from The Office (John Krasinski and David Denman) in lead roles. The film also stars Max Martini (Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips) Pablo Schreiber (The Wire, Orange is the New Black), Toby Stephens (Black Sails, Die Another Day) and James Badge Dale (The Pacific).

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you plan to see 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

Bond Confronts the Past (Again) in ‘SPECTRE’


SPECTRE, the latest James Bond thriller and rumored to be the last starring Daniel Craig, opens in theaters November 6th and the producers have just released the first full-length trailer for the movie. Watch it below and check out a few of the things it reveals. +Continue Reading

Left for Dead in ‘The Revenant’


Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu follows up his Oscar-winning movie Birdman this Christmas with The Revenant, starring Leonard DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. The just– released trailer for this based-on-true-events film makes it look like the kind of classic revenge western that Clint Eastwood used to make. +Continue Reading

The Finest Hours: Hollywood Discovers the Coast Guard


The Coast Guard has never gotten much attention or respect from Hollywood, but a new trailer for Disney’s The Finest Hours (due in theaters January 29, 2016) suggests that someone has finally figured out that sea rescues just might make an exciting movie. +Continue Reading

Tom Cruise: What a Drag It Is Getting Old


Tom Cruise plays super spy Ethan Hunt for a fifth time in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, due in theaters July 31st. Maverick is now 53 years old and he’s looking for ways to stay relevant with the kids for as long as possible before getting shipped off to the Sly Stallone/Arnold Schwarzenegger Old Guy category.

For the new movie, Tom decided to do his own stunt work when the script called for Ethan Hunt to grab onto an open airplane door and hang on as the plane took off. No stunt man, no CGI: it’s all Tom flying through the air and the behind-the-scenes video below claims they did eight takes. +Continue Reading

Transferring Consciousness in ‘Self/less’


Self/less stars Ben Kingsley as a construction billionaire who, upon finding out that he’s dying, makes a deal with a mysterious and shady scientist to transfer his consciousness into a young body that looks a whole lot like Ryan Reynolds. Evil scientist tells Kingsley that he grew the body in a lab, but weird flashbacks after the transfer suggest otherwise.

It’s old-fashioned paranoid ‘70s sci-fi, directed with a visual flair by Tarsem, best known for The Cell and R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion” video. The movie’s screenplay was written by brothers Alex and David Pastor. They talked to Military​.com about the movie, which opens in theaters this week. +Continue Reading

Snowden: The Most Wanted Man in the World


The first trailer for Oliver Stone’s movie Snowden has premiered online and you can watch it below. Scheduled for release December 25th, the film tells the life story of Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who leaked a massive amount of classified material to journalists two years ago in June 2013. +Continue Reading

Fort McPherson Gets New Life as a Movie Studio


Georgia’s Fort McPherson, the historic Army base that operated in suburban Atlanta from 1885–2011, has been sold to filmmaker Tyler Perry, who plans to redevelop the facility as movie studio.

Perry will control 330 of the facility’s 448 acres and has plans to build up to 16 soundstages. His $30 million purchase includes the post’s former golf course, key office buildings and the fort’s historic parade grounds and officers’ quarters. +Continue Reading

‘Max’ — Military Dogs Get Their Hollywood Moment


Max tells the story of a military service dog who returns stateside after his handler is killed in combat. It’s a PG-rated action thriller, the kind of family-friendly movie our commenters (repeatedly) say that want Hollywood to make. +Continue Reading