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Director Claudia Myers Talks ‘Fort Bliss’


Most military-themed movies we cover around here either celebrate the actual awesomeness of special forces and their missions or are really just low-budget action ‘80s-style movies with some United States military logos slapped on for credibility. Fort Bliss aims to tell a story far more connected to the everyday reality faced by most of the men and women who serve.

Michelle Monaghan plays Maggie Swann, an Army medic who’s also a single mother. She returns from duty in Afghanistan to discover that her ex-husband is getting remarried and that her five-year-old son doesn’t remember his mother. The movie portrays her efforts to reconnect with her son and balance her family obligations with the love of her job.

Maggie makes career decisions no different than the ones made by thousands of men who serve but the sacrifices that go into those decisions are intensified by the fact she’s a mother instead of a father. The film doesn’t delve into the breakdown of her marriage, treating a dissolved relationship in a matter-of-fact way that’s probably closer to the life experiences of a lot of divorced people. There are flashbacks to sexual harassment in Afghanistan and a surprise redeployment that exacerbates her family issues. +Continue Reading

Tanks of ‘Fury’ #6: Tiger I


The Germans used the Tiger I tank on the North African, Soviet and European fronts. Weighing a massive 120,000 lbs. and measuring 27 ft 9 in. long by 9 ft 10 in. tall, this heavy tank struck fear in its enemies. It was expensive to maintain and operate, leading to its replacement by the Tiger II in 1944. Its main armament was a 88mm gun backed up by two 7.92mm machine guns.

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Mark Wahlberg, Average Guy

markwahlbergaverageguytransformers copy

Transformers: Age of Extinction is out today as a Digital Download (Blu-ray and DVD will follow on September 30th). The latest in Michael Bay’s movie series is sort of a reboot, with Mark Wahlberg cast as new lead character Cade Yeager. In our exclusive bonus clip (below), the filmmakers talk about Wahlberg’s average-guy appeal and how his character provides a contrast to the wealthy corporate owners who aim to control the Transformer technology. +Continue Reading

Tanks of ‘Fury’ #5: M3 Grant/Lee


The M3 Grant/Lee is the latest in our series of WWII tanks from Fury. Used by the Allies in the European, North African and Pacific theaters, the tank was 18 ft. 6 in. long and 10 ft, 3 in. tall and weighed in at 12 tons. There were two main armaments, a 75mm gun and  a 37mm gun, along with 4 .30 Browning machine guns. While the tank provided above-average protection to its crew, the M3 Grant/Lee did not perform well off-road and was replaced by the M4 Sherman. +Continue Reading

Tanks of ‘Fury’ #4: Panzer IV


The Panzer IV is the latest in our  Tanks of Fury series. The Germans used the sturdy and reliable vehicle on the European, Soviet and North African fronts. Its main armament was a 75mm gun and it also came with two 7.92mm machine guns on board. The tank weighed over 50,000 pounds and measured 23 ft. long by 8 ft. 10 in. tall. By the end of the war, half of the tanks still in service were Panzer IVs.

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Tanks of ‘Fury’ #3: M3 Stuart


The next Allied tank in our Tanks of Fury series is the M3 Stuart, which holds the distinction of being the first World War II tanks run by Americans. The tank measures 14 ft. 2 in. long and 7 ft. 6 in. tall and weighed around 33K lbs. The main armament is a 37mm gun and the secondary armaments are 3 .30 Browning machine guns. +Continue Reading

Stream ‘To Remember’ For a Limited Time


To Remember, a documentary film co-directed by Military​.com alum Glen Osten Anderson and co-produced by current reporter and editor Amy Bushatz, chronicles the personal journeys of men and women whose family members were killed in action in 2009. The complete film is streaming online until September 19th and Amy has written the following piece about her experiences making the film. Check out the film and Amy’s thoughts below. +Continue Reading

Tanks of ‘Fury’ #2: Panzer I


Second up in our Tanks of ‘Fury’ series is the German Panzer I. The Panzer I was developed as a training vehicle in the 1930s but was pressed into service on the European, North African and Soviet fronts during WWII. Due to its small size (5 tons, 13′ 2″ x  5′ 6″) and thinner armor (0.27 to 0.51 inches), the Panzer I wasn’t very effective in combat. The main armaments were 2 7.92mm machine guns and it could reach speeds up to 31mph. +Continue Reading

Faith-Based Horror in ‘The Remaining’


The Remaining, written and directed by Casey LaScala, takes the tropes of the modern horror movie (found footage, attractive young cast getting killed off one by one) and uses them to tell the story of the Rapture from the Book of Revelations. Except anyone who doesn’t already know about the Rapture can watch the movie without getting tangled up in the details of a Bible story.

It’s a bold experiment: will the expanding faith-based movie fan base embrace a movie that’s inspired by a genre that most of them avoid at all costs? Will horror fans accept a PG-13 movie in a genre whose movies routinely push the boundaries of an R rating?

The movie opens at a wedding. Most of the guests drop dead and our young protagonists are left to piece together what happened. There are demons afoot and a lot of deaths in the aftermath of the Rapture. The cast’s most recognizable face is Alex Vega, the girl from Spy Kids all grown up. The rest of the lead actors (Johnny Pacar, Italia Ricci, Shaun Sipos, Bryan Dechart) might be familiar to viewers of the CW or ABC family, but they’re mostly young performers looking for their big Hollywood break. +Continue Reading

Tanks of ‘Fury’ #1: M4 Sherman


Fury, the World War II tank movie written and directed by David Ayer and starring Brad Pitt, arrives in theaters October 17. Set in the final days of the European conflict in April 1945, the film follows a Sherman tank and her crew on a mission behind enemy lines.

When we visited the set last fall, Ayer and his crew talked a lot about their efforts to get the details right. Over the next few weeks, we’ll post images of eight tanks that appear in the film, starting today with the M4 Sherman. +Continue Reading