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Could Bill Clinton Have Prevented 9/11?


In a speech he gave on September 10, 2011, President Bill Clinton told Australian businessmen that he had a chance to kill Osama bin Laden in 1998 but passed because it would have required taking out an Afghan village and killing women and children. An audio recording of the speech surfaced this week and his comments are transcribed below. +Continue Reading

Unstolen Valor! Bolden Was a Marine


It all started when NFL player DeAngelo Williams gave up his first class airline seat for an elderly veteran and took a picture of the man. It sounds like the beginning of a heart-warming story, but the Internet started buzzing about whether or not the veteran in question, James Wesley Bolden, had actually served in the U.S. military. The answer seems to be yes, but the truth is, as always, kind of complicated.

With so many service members transitioning into civilian life and the ease of technology, the Internet is filled with stories of stolen valor. For various reasons, civilians sometimes find and wear military uniforms. Sometimes these civilians actively attempt to pass themselves off as a veteran, but it doesn’t take much for a true veteran to spot the discrepancies in their uniforms and stories. This usually leads to a video showing an imposter shying away from an irate veteran. +Continue Reading

Controversy Erupts Over Spouse’s Comparison to Terrorist


A West Virginia mother and military wife recently came under fire for tweeting a string of pictures in which she proudly displays her conservative ideals. Holly Fisher and her husband were recently eating Chick-fil-A near a Hobby Lobby building while Fisher wore a pro-life shirt. The couple decided to take a picture and post it online. Fisher’s tweet came with this warning: “ATTENTION LIBERALS: do NOT look at this picture. Your head will most likely explode.” Their actions came soon after a ruling allowing companies to refuse certain types of contraceptives in insurance plans due to religious beliefs. +Continue Reading

Marcus Luttrell Needs National Anthem Singers


Former Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor author Marcus Luttrell is one the most genuinely good guys we’ve had a chance to interview around here, someone who’s determined to use his celebrity to honor the memory of the men who died in Operation Redwings. That humility was an obvious influence and inspiration for everyone who worked on the Lone Survivor movie.

There are still a lot of folks who want to hear what Marcus has to say and, rather than just stick with the corporate speaking route, he’s created the Patriot Tour to highlight the stories of other notable men and women who’ve served their country. +Continue Reading

New SI Swimsuit Model’s Parents Were Both Marines

Hannah Ferguson

First-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson revealed that her parents met while both served in the Marines. Dad was a sniper and mom was a drill instructor.

Growing up in small town San Angelo, TX, Ferguson long had aspirations to model for SI. She told Reuters, “My Dad has Sports Illustrated calendars in his shop. I would always flip through them and look at them and daydream about one day being able to do that. I never thought it would come true.” +Continue Reading

From Petty Officer to Pin-Up


Kelli Serio served as a Petty Officer in the Navy. Since her honorable discharge in 2012, she’s started school in California and found a new role as a model for Pin-Ups for Vets. +Continue Reading

A Former Crewman’s Memories of JFK

109crew2-1 copy


By John W. Flores

The young, skinny Navy officer walked along the dock at a South Pacific base and met his new crewmen for the first time, as they stood on the sun-drenched deck of a nondescript, navy green torpedo boat.

Some of the men on board were crusty old sailors and war veterans, others just young and cocky “swabbies” new to the U.S. Navy’s war against the vaunted and feared Japanese Imperial Navy. Some of the guys aboard heard the scuttlebutt—the rampant rumors—that this new captain of the 80-foot torpedo boat, Lt.(junior grade) John Kennedy, was the son of ultra-wealthy Joe Kennedy of Boston. +Continue Reading

WWII Medal of Honor Stamps On Sale Now


The United States Postal Service is marking Veterans Day with the issue of its new World War II Medal of Honor Forever stamps. Of the more than 16 million Americans who served in the armed forces during that conflict, only 464 were awarded the medal and almost half of those received the honor posthumously. +Continue Reading

Pin-Ups For Vets 2014 Features Actual Veterans


The 2014 Pin-Ups For Vets Calendar is available for pre-order and we’ve got a few images shared by founder and lead model Gina Elise, including the one featuring the male veterans they found through an open casting call.

Jayson Adler (Army), Phillip Gomez (USCG), Alex Minsky (Marines), PJ Walsh (Navy), Chris Crane (USAF) join Gina Elise on the November calendar page (in honor of Veterans Day). This year’s calendar also features Mylee YC, a female Army veteran (and breast cancer survior) and Kelly Serio, a female Navy vet. Returning from 2013 are UFC tonight host Leeann Tweeden and the first female NBA scout Bonnie-Jill Laflin. +Continue Reading

Orb Audio Mini-T: Huge Sound from a Small System


If you’re looking to upgrade your computer audio setup, the Orb Mini-T Amplifier & Speaker Package offers outstanding sound at a surprising price.  The version I tested would also be a great home audio setup if you’re looking for something that can do double duty.

You might not have heard of Orb. They’re an American company that manufactures their speakers here in the States and only sells their gear online at their website and via Amazon. That means your can’t buy their products at Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club or any high-end audio dealers. The retail markup on hi-fi gear is notoriously high and Orb aims to offer high-quality gear at a reasonable price by selling direct.

Of course, there’s a risk there: how can you sell high-end audio gear without a demonstration? Isn’t that like trying to sell cars without a showroom? Orb’s relying on word of mouth, reviews in non-traditional media (like this one) and offering a 30-day home trial for the curious.

So, what are you getting with Orb? The idea was that I’d be testing this system with an eye towards using it as a desktop computer and PC gaming setup. Does it work for that? Yes, but the actual experience listening to the system was a bit more complicated and interesting than I was expecting. +Continue Reading