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This May 19, 2014 photo shows a  a sign in front of the Veterans Affairs building in Washington, DC. The VA and Secretary Eric Shinseki are under fire amid reports by former and current VA employees that up to 40 patients may have died because of delayed treatment at an agency hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. AFP PHOTO / Karen BLEIER        (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Sound Off: Should the U.S. Privatize the VA?

Everyone knows that Department of Veterans Affairs medical care needs a lot of improvement. Thousands of veterans can’t get care as quickly as they need it and…

View of the strip  in Las Vegas.

Military Travel: Las Vegas

We can all agree that certain things that go down in Las Vegas should probably follow us to the grave. That said, we rounded up…

Got Your 6 Get Out the Vote PSA

Thank a Veteran in the Voting Booth

Got Your 6, the nonprofit organization that aims to inject the veteran perspective into Hollywood and popular culture, has an idea about what civilians can…


Post-Traumatic Stress Becomes a Campaign Issue

It’s one month until election day and the political rhetoric is heating up. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to the Retired American Warriors PAC in…


Own a Piece of the Normandy Tank Museum

The Normandy Tank Museum opened to much fanfare back in 2013, hoping to attract the tourists who visited the D-Day landing site at Utah beach….


Meet Team Rubicon

Crazy Good Turns is a new podcast that aims to celebrate people who do good turns for other people. Their first episode profiles Marine veteran…

RichardSoto copy

1st CivDiv: Richard Soto, Chef

In this series, Combat-Ready Kitchen author Anastacia Marx de Salcedo talks to veterans about how they made the transition to their civilian careers. Check out her website here or follow her…