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Sound Off: Would You Feel Safe in an Osprey?

Osprey in flight

Would you feel safe in an Osprey? Most U.S. Marines would probably say no. In a tragic moment of vindication, on May 15th an MV-22 Osprey flying in Hawaii made a hard landing which killed one Marine and sent 21 others to the hospital. Pervasive among comments of respect for the fallen and injured Marines is a tangible frustration with the Osprey’s safety and reliability. +Continue Reading

Families Meet 70 Years After Fathers Fought on WWII Battlefield

IMG_4875 copy

By Patrice O’Shaughnessy

The gray February day made the dining room of John Lozito’s home in New Rochelle, N.Y. seem even more like a memorial.

The table was laid out with a battered canteen, an old grenade and other battlefield artifacts from 70 years ago. An olive green jacket with a red, yellow and blue shoulder patch with the insignia of the 9th Armored Division– a tank with a lightning bolt through it—was on display. +Continue Reading

Sound Off: Will the Troops Invade Texas?

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As reported here at Military​.com, Chuck Norris, the beloved and legendary veteran,  has some serious concerns about the upcoming Jade Helm 15 training exercises in Texas and wonders aloud in a WND commentary if the operations just might be a cover for a U.S. military invasion of Texas. +Continue Reading

Sound Off: Mothball A-10s or F-16s?


It was quite a struggle, but thanks to pressure from numerous advocates, the A-10 will last for at least a few more years in active service. But, according to the Air Force, that will come with a hefty price. In a recent piece by Kris Osborn, Air Force officials told Miltiary​.com that keeping the A-10 would require “retiring an unspecified number of F-16 fighter aircraft or delaying the deployment of the F-35 by at least a year.”

+Continue Reading

Sound Off: Are Veterans Losing Gun Rights?


As reported last week, Senator Chuck Grassley has rekindled a debate over whether veterans who cannot manage their own benefits should be considered “mentally defective” by the FBI and barred from buying guns. +Continue Reading

Sound Off: Should Women be Eligible for Special Operations Roles?

1st Special Forces Group

The Pentagon lifted its ban on women entering military combat roles in 2012, but the effects of that decision are still rolling out. Each branch with combat-oriented positions must open those positions to women before 2016 or make a strong case why they shouldn’t be required to do so. That means more than a few tough decisions for our Armed Forces.

The current controversy is centered on Special Operations. With the 2016 deadline looming, there isn’t much time left to make a decision. Recent polls suggest that there is a lot of opposition to women taking on special operations roles. +Continue Reading

Sound Off: Should the Military Change How Troops are Promoted?

Ashton Carter

How does the military know when a service member is ready for promotion? For most ranks and rates, a big chunk of the answer is simply time spent serving in the military. Defense Secretary Ash Carter thinks it’s time to change the process. In a recent address, Carter argued that promotions for service members should be based mostly on merit, not time served. +Continue Reading

Share Your Story: Veterans Legacies Project Launches Ambitious Program to Preserve and Share the Stories of our Veterans

Normandy Parade

The nonprofit organization Historical Outreach Foundation has launched an ambitious program to preserve and share the stories of our nation’s veterans. “The Veterans Legacies Project was born from a need to preserve the history of our WWII and Korean veterans before they are all gone,” said Jonathan Sanford, executive director of the project. +Continue Reading

Readers React: Sean Penn Playing a Veteran?!


When we first dropped news about Sean Penn portraying a veteran in The Gunman, we did not predict the type of reaction the article received. A divisive figure, Sean Penn has been an outspoken, left-leaning political activist for a very long time. He protested against the Iraq war before it even began, is vocally anti-gun, and advocates for same-sex marriage. More controversially, Penn has openly defended former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and even proclaimed that anyone who called Chavez a dictator should be arrested.

Considering his staunch political stances, the idea of Penn portraying a veteran of the U.S. military is unsettling to a few of our readers. Would you see The Gunman in spite of Penn’s politics, or is his association distasteful enough for you to forego the move entirely? +Continue Reading

Sound Off: Lower Drinking Age for Troops?

Beer glass on table

The U.S. is an outlier when it comes to drinking age. There are very few countries that set the legal age of purchase at 21, and most opt for 18. But, Maryland State Sen. Ron Young is trying to get Maryland lawmakers to let service members imbibe at an earlier age. +Continue Reading