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5 ‘I Don’t Get Paid Enough for This’ Military Experiences


Anyone who signed up because “it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure” has probably suffered a few moments that were a little too heavy on the “adventure” and thought, “I don’t get paid enough to do this.” It might have been a harrowing maneuver around a Chinook or shoveling a thick layer of sheep poop, but the feeling of disdain and frustration is the same. Check out what a few soldiers online say was the moment they realized they didn’t get paid enough for what they put up with. +Continue Reading

Which SEAL Can Inspire Your Team to Victory?

TwoSEALsFootball copy

Former SEALS Marcus Luttrell and Robert O’Neill love them some football.

If you’re a football coach selling that “football is war” metaphor to your team, which high-profile SEAL veteran do you want to deliver that pregame motivational speech? The one wrote a book about his heroism under orders from the brass or the one who some say broke the code by going on TV to announce that he was the guy who took out Osama bin Laden?

Last Saturday, Lone Survivor author Marcus Luttrell gave a pregame speech to the University of Alabama Crimson Tide before they took on the #1 Mississippi State Bulldogs. The Washington Redskins brought in the newly famous Robert O’Neill on Saturday night to inspire the squad before their Sunday home game against the woeful 1–8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Guess what happened. +Continue Reading

10 Weak Excuses for Not Joining the Military

recruitoath-lead copy

Whether you’re a veteran or still actively serving, you know that conversations with civilians can sometimes lead to the phrase, “I would have joined, but…” The prestige of service with the U.S. military can have strange, albeit predictable, effects on civilians including a need to explain why they never joined. Whether they feel like they needed to prove something to themselves or are simply intimidated by veterans and service members, excuses from those who offer them unprovoked can range from weak to hilarious. Here are the top ten collected from soldiers online. +Continue Reading

10 Gun Safety Fails

10gunsafetyfails copy

Guns are awesome when you know how to use them, but not everyone follows the rules or bothers to learn what they are. The lawyers insist that we’re supposed to always say that gun safety is a deadly serious matter, but that doesn’t make these ten gun safety fails any less hilarious.

Tickets for Troops With VetTix

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The Veteran Tickets Foundation is a military charity with a remarkably straightforward mission: they distribute tickets to concerts, sporting events, performing arts and other family activities to active duty military, veterans and their families (and the families of those killed in action) via their VetTix​.org website.

The organization works with promoters, artists and teams to pair seats that might otherwise go empty with its members. They also accept individual donations and provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences via their Hero’s Wish program. +Continue Reading

Go All Veteran With the ‘Pin-ups For Vets’ 2015 Calendar


Gina Elise’s Pin-Ups For Vets calendar has just published its 2015 edition with a new twist: all twelve models are veterans who represent four branches of the U.S. military. +Continue Reading

Sailor Treated for Addiction to Google Glass


Ever since Google Glass was released, it has inspired excitement and invited controversy. Consumer and critic opinions have run the gamut from despising to adoring the inventive, wearable computer.  However, an unidentified Sailor has experienced a very negative side effect of using the device: addiction. +Continue Reading

Amputee Army Veteran on the Cover of ‘Men’s Health’


As far as icons of health and beauty go, people with noticeable disabilities rarely make the list. However, a double amputee was featured on the November cover of Men’s Health magazine. He lost his left arm and left leg overseas while deployed in Iraq, but that didn’t stop him from getting fit and staying in remarkable shape. A former Sergeant in the U.S. Army, Noah Galloway’s story will resonate with most veterans who suffered injury during their service. +Continue Reading

Kid Sees Mom, Ignores Protocol


Young Cooper Waldvogel has no use for military protocol. When his mom Kathryn Waldvogel returned with Minnesota National Guard’s Chisholm-based 114th Transportation Company from a nine-month tour of Afghanistan, Cooper ran across the auditorium at the Inver Heights Training Center and leapt into his mother’s arms even though soldiers had been ordered not to greet their families until they’d been dismissed.

TV station KARE was there and captured the moment. Check out the video below. +Continue Reading

Little Girl Beats ROTC Marine in Push-Up Competition

girlrotcpushup copy

It’s one of the simplest workouts to pull off, but it takes form and endurance: two qualities a young lady displayed in full when she trounced a Marine Corps ROTC cadet in a push-up competition. The contest took place during a fundraising event for Active Heroes, a charity geared to help military families with therapy, home repairs, financial assistance, and other points of stress in daily life.  +Continue Reading