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6 Pieces of Gear You Won’t Believe the Military Used


Military budgets can contain some surprising items. These six pieces of gear probably raised some eyebrows when they were purchased. +Continue Reading

One Newspaper’s Spectacular Nazi Cremation Fail


The Millard Family Funeral Chapels in Missouri just wanted to advertise its cremation services with an image of a soldier and asked the Jefferson City News Tribune to create an advertisement that highlighted its “cremation with integrity.”

Some low-level employee in the advertising department puts “soldier” in the search engine for their photo service and randomly picks a guy in a helmet, a guy who turns out to be a German Nazi soldier from World War II. +Continue Reading

Watch a Replica WWII Spitfire Land Without Wheels


A replica of a World War II RAF Spitfire plane made an emergency landing this past Sunday in central England and the incident was captured on video. +Continue Reading

8 Military Terms Civilians Always Get Wrong


We know it’s hard to keep track of military lingo and technical terms, that’s why we’ve published so many guides (Air Force, Marine Corps, Army, Navy). But there are some terms that the media — especially Hollywood — just can’t stop getting wrong when referring to the military.

1. Bazooka


Photo: US Army Signal Corps

Bazooka refers specifically to a series of anti-tank rocket launchers used from World War II through the Vietnam War. American troops today do not fire bazookas. There are modern rocket launchers that do the job the bazooka was once used for, but they have their own names, like the “AT-4” and the “SMAW.” +Continue Reading

Warplanes to Siberia: Recreating an Untold Story of WWII


Add this to World War II’s seemingly infinite supply of untold stories: Warplanes to Siberia will retrace the historic Alaska to Siberia route used to deliver American planes to the Soviet war effort through President Franklin Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease program. Wait, what? +Continue Reading

The 6 Most Shocking Military Impostors Ever


There’s stolen valor and then there’s you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me-stolen-and-savaged valor. Check out the faux military cred antics of these guys: +Continue Reading

9 Essential Items Soldiers Should Have in Their Barracks Rooms



1. Water filter


Photo: Youtube​.com

Soldiers drink enough crappy water in the field when a lieutenant decides the platoon needs to practice using iodine tablets. While relaxing in the barracks, they need a decent filter. Pitcher filters allow the water to chill in the fridge, but faucet-mounted units provide water on demand. +Continue Reading

7 Things That Make You Stick Out in the US Military



The military is one of those work environments where it’s generally best to blend in. Sure, you want to stand out during promotion boards or advancement exams, but the rest of the time it’s best for troops to keep their heads down.

Unfortunately, some people are cursed with traits that make that impossible. Here are 7 things that are guaranteed to draw extra attention. +Continue Reading

15 Common Phrases Civilians Stole From the US Military



The military is full of interesting lingo. The Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army all have their own unique phrases. Some of these are so good, the civilian world just can’t resist picking them up when it hears them. Here are 15 phrases that jumped from the military ranks to the civilian sphere. +Continue Reading

Sound Off: ‘The Most Decorated Veteran in American History’?


What would you do for backstage passes at a Rolling Stones concert? For Navy veteran and former SEAL Robert O’Neill, that experience is worth letting Kid Rock bring you out onstage in Ohio and introducing you as “the most decorated veteran in American history.” You might remember O’Neill as the guy who told the world that he took the kill shot on Osama bin Laden and he’s used his newfound celebrity to make friends with the rap/rock superstart

Don’t believe Rob would let that happen? Check out the video below: +Continue Reading