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9 Essential Items Soldiers Should Have in Their Barracks Rooms



1. Water filter


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Soldiers drink enough crappy water in the field when a lieutenant decides the platoon needs to practice using iodine tablets. While relaxing in the barracks, they need a decent filter. Pitcher filters allow the water to chill in the fridge, but faucet-mounted units provide water on demand. +Continue Reading

7 Things That Make You Stick Out in the US Military



The military is one of those work environments where it’s generally best to blend in. Sure, you want to stand out during promotion boards or advancement exams, but the rest of the time it’s best for troops to keep their heads down.

Unfortunately, some people are cursed with traits that make that impossible. Here are 7 things that are guaranteed to draw extra attention. +Continue Reading

15 Common Phrases Civilians Stole From the US Military



The military is full of interesting lingo. The Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army all have their own unique phrases. Some of these are so good, the civilian world just can’t resist picking them up when it hears them. Here are 15 phrases that jumped from the military ranks to the civilian sphere. +Continue Reading

Sound Off: ‘The Most Decorated Veteran in American History’?


What would you do for backstage passes at a Rolling Stones concert? For Navy veteran and former SEAL Robert O’Neill, that experience is worth letting Kid Rock bring you out onstage in Ohio and introducing you as “the most decorated veteran in American history.” You might remember O’Neill as the guy who told the world that he took the kill shot on Osama bin Laden and he’s used his newfound celebrity to make friends with the rap/rock superstart

Don’t believe Rob would let that happen? Check out the video below: +Continue Reading

The VA is Curious About Your Sex Life

sexhygiene copy

While scouring the Veterans Administration website for the kind of information we share on’s excellent and essential Benefits channel, one of our editors came across this curious blog post: “Sexual health: it’s time to talk about it.

“Every clinician should be asking their Veteran patients about sexuality,” said Dr. Linda Mona, who’s spent the last nine years running an intimacy clinic at the Long Beach VA. “There are many Veterans struggling with this part of their life, which means there are so many families struggling with this issue.” +Continue Reading

13 Lessons You Learn While Traveling in the US Military



Military travel: it’s like civilian travel with more red tape. Here are 13 things every constant military traveler knows. +Continue Reading

Definitive Guide to US Special Ops



You’ve heard about the men who come in the night, the badasses, the snake eaters. These are the rough and tumble soldiers who spill out of helicopters and kick in doors, neutralizing a high value target and egressing before locals get a clue. These are the gritty recon Marines who stalk through the underbrush before taking down a terrorist camp.

But special ops isn’t one thing; it’s a bunch of different things. Operators from different units conduct missions in very different ways.

Check out this handy WATM guide that covers the basics of special ops: +Continue Reading

9 Lies Soldiers Tell Their Loved Ones While in Combat

Sgt.-Michael-J.-MacLeod copy


Sure, in theory it would be nice to tell loved ones the truth, but there are plenty of times when it’s probably a bad idea. Or maybe the truth doesn’t live up to loved ones’ expectations. Either way, here are 9 lies that usually do the trick: +Continue Reading

The SecDef “Replies” to Senator Ted


Over at the Huffington Post, Jason Stanford posted an article called “The Pentagon’s Response to Ted Cruz Regarding Jade Helm 15″ that purports to be a letter from Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to the Texas senator. It’s not. It’s a joke. But it’s a pretty funny joke. +Continue Reading

37 Been-There-Done-That Nicknames for Military Gear

U.S. Army soldiers stare at each other's glasses during field training at Fort Jackson, S.C., on June 15, 2006.

U.S. Army soldiers stare at each other’s glasses during field training at Fort Jackson, S.C., on June 15, 2006.


At the pointy end of the spear (and in the rear with the gear) there are official nomenclatures that you’ll find on procurement documents and supply forms and then there are the names that troops really use to identify something. Here are 37 terms that fleet players use to refer to the some of the stuff they use every day: +Continue Reading