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Kid Sees Mom, Ignores Protocol


Young Cooper Waldvogel has no use for military protocol. When his mom Kathryn Waldvogel returned with Minnesota National Guard’s Chisholm-based 114th Transportation Company from a nine-month tour of Afghanistan, Cooper ran across the auditorium at the Inver Heights Training Center and leapt into his mother’s arms even though soldiers had been ordered not to greet their families until they’d been dismissed.

TV station KARE was there and captured the moment. Check out the video below. +Continue Reading

Little Girl Beats ROTC Marine in Push-Up Competition

girlrotcpushup copy

It’s one of the simplest workouts to pull off, but it takes form and endurance: two qualities a young lady displayed in full when she trounced a Marine Corps ROTC cadet in a push-up competition. The contest took place during a fundraising event for Active Heroes, a charity geared to help military families with therapy, home repairs, financial assistance, and other points of stress in daily life.  +Continue Reading

Free Falling With the Leap Frogs

The U.S. Navy Parachute Team (a/k/a the “Leap Frogs”) is made up of Navy SEAL frogmen on loan from their team or  NSW units. This video details their mission as one of the public faces of the United States Military.

Check out more great military videos at’s video channel.

Did DeAngelo Williams Really Salute the Troops?



Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams caused quite a stir on Facebook Monday when he posted the above photo to his timeline.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Williams immediately got some negative feedback from the FB haters (“u seem to like being showy about it too”) but most followers applauded the gesture (“all I got to say is mad respect. Thanks for the support to vets”).

Then a few observers looked closely at the photograph. +Continue Reading

‘Oops? What the F*@! You Mean Oops?’ Top Drone Pilot Quotes

Operation Enduring Freedom

Drone operators are in a unique position on the battlefield. They’re not physically present, but the UAVs they control are. Anyone who’s seen combat knows the type of chatter that comes with a firefight, but few know the unique, frustrated grunts of drone operators. Thanks to the Washington Post and a few captured lines from ground control station audio recordings, now we get the chance. +Continue Reading

Why Veterans Miss the War

sebastianjungerted copy

By Ho Lin

There’s a scene in the very first episode of Sherlock, the modern version of the Sherlock Holmes myth, in which Dr. Watson, now a shell-shocked survivor of 21st century Afghanistan, is confronted by a shady power broker. The man notes that Watson’s hand, usually afflicted with the shakes, is now deadly still in the midst of their tense confrontation.  “You’re not haunted by the war, Dr. Watson,” the mystery man smirks. “You miss it.” +Continue Reading

Losing a Limb, Making a Point


By Ho Lin

We know about risking life and limb for a good cause, but an Army veteran who is actually losing a limb is taking it one step further. On the chat website reddit, Jody Williams, who is scheduled to have an amputation below the knee within the next two weeks, is telling his story about his injury, walking readers through the amputation process. The bottom line? He feels his original injury was misdiagnosed, leading to a worsening condition that left him no choice but to amputate below the knee. +Continue Reading

Check Out National Geographic’s Dogs of War

© Adam Ferguson/National Geographic

Marine Cpl. John Dolezal poses with Cchaz, a Belgian Malinois, at Twentynine Palms in California. Dogs bred at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, the military’s primary canine facility, are given names that begin with a double letter.

The June 2014 issue of National Geographic magazine just came out and the cover story by Michael Paterniti is called “The Dogs of War” and takes an in-depth look at the role our canine friends play in the military. The magazine has allowed us to run an excerpt from the article, a video profile and a slideshow featuring highlights of Adam Ferguson’s photography. +Continue Reading

Help the TACPs win Mr. Valentine’s Day 2014

by Daniel Reeder

Betabrand is a clothing store in San Francisco. Apparently a couple of deployed TACPs want to win Betabrand’s 2ND Annual  Mr. Valentine’s Day contest. If they win, their faces will be painted on the side of the company’s delivery van. If they lose, it will be the face of some hipster in front of the Eiffel Tower. I, George Washington and every bald eagle that ever lived want you to go vote for the two TACPs. +Continue Reading

‘One on One’ With Wendy Diamond

  • September 30, 2013
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Wendy Diamond is well-known as a social entrepreneur, humanitarian, endangered animal and rescue advocate, a pet lifestyle expert, best-selling author and TV personality. Diamond started the Animal Fair Media in 1999 with one mission: to save animals from being euthanized in shelters and promote animal welfare and rescue, pet lifestyle and responsible breeding.  Now she has teamed up with K9s For Warriors which aims to help rehabiliate troops diagnosed with PTSD and traumatic brain injury.  Together the two hope to heal wounded warriors. +Continue Reading