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Help the TACPs win Mr. Valentine’s Day 2014

by Daniel Reeder

Betabrand is a clothing store in San Francisco. Apparently a couple of deployed TACPs want to win Betabrand’s 2ND Annual  Mr. Valentine’s Day contest. If they win, their faces will be painted on the side of the company’s delivery van. If they lose, it will be the face of some hipster in front of the Eiffel Tower. I, George Washington and every bald eagle that ever lived want you to go vote for the two TACPs. +Continue Reading

‘One on One’ With Wendy Diamond

  • September 30, 2013
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Wendy Diamond is well-known as a social entrepreneur, humanitarian, endangered animal and rescue advocate, a pet lifestyle expert, best-selling author and TV personality. Diamond started the Animal Fair Media in 1999 with one mission: to save animals from being euthanized in shelters and promote animal welfare and rescue, pet lifestyle and responsible breeding.  Now she has teamed up with K9s For Warriors which aims to help rehabiliate troops diagnosed with PTSD and traumatic brain injury.  Together the two hope to heal wounded warriors. +Continue Reading

An Eagle Eye View

GoPro footage of eagle flying

by Daniel Reeder

A video first spotted on Reddit has been making the rounds of the interwebz over the last few days. It’s an eagle with a GoPro mounted on it’s back. The footage is amazing. +Continue Reading

WWI Handicrafts for the Troops

  • September 12, 2013
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The Vault history blog over at Slate has an article about sweetheart pincushions made by British soldiers during World War I.

Yep, English fighting men took a break from inhaling mud in the trenches to make needlepoint mementos to send to their girls back home. The tradition started back in the 19th century at the suggestion of Queen Victoria, who thought the handicrafts would provide a welcome distraction for the troops.

Many of the projects used pre-printed panels that showcased their regiments. Check out the article for more examples and, before you laugh at the guys who made them,  realize that their handiwork is getting shown in museums while the high Xbox scores getting racked up by today’s troops in Afghanistan will just be vanish into the ether once everyone comes back home.

A Military Icon Turns 100


In 1913, the US Navy issued its first pullover, buttonless undershirts with elastic collars to sailors and the American t-shirt was born. There’s some dispute about the reason. There’s the popular story that they were inspired by European soldiers who had cotton undergarments to keep themselves cool under their wool uniforms but our colleagues at Military Times uncovered a story that claims that the Navy issued t-shirts to cover chest hair that was poking out of sailors’ V-neck uniforms.

Sears Ad

Of course, students of Army history will point out that the t-shirt as a popular outer garment can be traced to troops stationed in the South Pacific during World War II. Although the Army’s quarter-sleeve shirts were issued as undershirts, command eventually allowed soldiers to wear them minus the uniform shirts in the heat and humidity. Troops came home, started wearing them when they cut the lawn and worked on their cars in the driveway and eventually someone decided to start decorating them with slogans and logos.

Coast Guard

T-shirt printing company CustomInk has launched a tribute site called T-Shirt Birthday. They’re currently offering a custom Coast Guard t-shirt as a fundraiser for the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which supports recovering veterans and their families at Walter Reed Medical Center. If you missed out on previous designs for the Navy, Air Force, Army and Marines, all five designs will be available again starting in September.

‘I Am Bradley Manning’ Video ‘Leaks’ Online

Reader of the real news section around here know that Pfc. Bradley Manning is on trial for leaking “troves of material” to the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks. Even though Manning pleaded guilty to charges that would send him to prison for twenty years, the military and Obama administration are prosecuting him for aiding the enemy, a charge that could land him life in prison.

That prosecution doesn’t sit well with some people, so a curious collection of celebrities, reporters and other people that no one on the web seems able to identify have come out in support of Manning with a confusing video where they declare “I Am Bradley Manning.” +Continue Reading

Stay Safe With Bagram Batman

Now that Dark Knight trilogy is complete, Batman has a new gig promoting safety and situational awareness in Afghanistan at Bagram Airfield. +Continue Reading

YouTube’s Top Prank Videos

Miami Zombie Attack Prank

Here’s the facts: the editorial staff here at Under the Radar and at’s widely lauded Off Duty pages is really irritated with Google over the Google Reader shutdown, since it’s been the #1 tool we used to scour the Internet for the stories we cover.

So we’ve ignored all the April Fools pranks from the Google jokesters, including the YouTube shutdown and Google Nose search engine. And then this Miami Zombie Attack prank video showed up. It’s the most popular clip from YouTube’s #7 Most Popular Prankster channel and it’s good enough to post.

Click through for the most popular videos from the other nine channels in the Top Ten Prankster Channels. They’re all pretty funny, but they don’t begin to make up for the whole Reader thing. +Continue Reading

Jim Carrey Picks a Fight With the NRA

Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey from Jim Carrey

The fact that Jim Carrey’s career is deader than a doornail (raise your hand if you saw last week’s bomb The Incredible Burt Wonderstone) is not going to stop folks from getting exercised about this incredibly unfunny “parody” video that’s really just troll bait for the conservative blogs.

Carrey’s Charlton Heston impersonation is terrible and how can you parody Hee Haw if you’ve obviously never actually watched the show. Complain here below or at the usually entertaining Funny or Die! website.

Maxim for the Troops

According to the New York TimesMaxim Magazine “has become for today’s Army what Esquire was to soldiers fighting in World War II and Playboy was during the Vietnam War.” Apparently, the magazine’s not-quite-naked girls give it a leg up over Playboy and Penthouse for troops stationed in the Middle East.

We know  Maxim best as the other place where My Wingman Diana editor Diana Falzone appears online, but the magazine’s editor Dan Bova has seized an opportunity to cater to a military audience with their Maximum Warrior contest and its annual Salute to the Military issue. Check out Maxim here or read the article here.