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Bail Yourself Out With Last-Minute Tech Gift Ideas

Keyportcamo copy

If you’re still scrambling for some last-minute gifts, we’ve got a few tech ideas that might help save Christmas at your house.

1. The Keyport Slide 2.0 replaces a conventional keychain with individual blades that slide in and out of the case. You can get key blades (including ones with transponder chips), a flashlight, USB drives in several sizes starting at 4GB, bottle opener and even a ballpoint pen. +Continue Reading

Magnetic KNIFEdock: Better Storage, Fewer Germs

knifedock900 copy

If you’ve never cleaned that knife block in your kitchen, take comfort that you don’t really know how many germs are camped out way down in those slots. Almost no one really dries the blades as thoroughly as they should and those blocks are usually just a dank mess.

BASE4 has introduced the Magnetic KNIFEdock, a countertop replacement that’s really just a magnetized slab of wood with a stand that gives you easy access to knives and probably a billion fewer germs. +Continue Reading

Review: ZVOX SoundBase.670

x600-268 copy

The ZVOX SoundBase line is a great alternative to a soundbar for anyone who can’t get away with installing a proper 5.1 speaker system in their TV room. The company has launched an updated series that boasts more power, adds Bluetooth streaming capability and can support even larger flat-screen televisions.

There are three new models. The 570 ($399.99) supports 45″-60″ sets, the 670 ($499.99) supports 50″-70″ sets and the 770 ($699.99) can support massive 50″-85″ sets, although if you’re allowed to have an 85″ TV in your living room, it’s hard to imagine you can’t get away with a full speaker installation as well. +Continue Reading

Protect Your Vehicle From the Elements

empirecovers copy

EmpireCovers makes protective covers for just about vehicle you’d want to shield from the elements: cars, trucks. SUVs , boats and motorcycles are all featured on their website. All of the covers they sell are fitted to a specific make and model. That gives them a superior fit but that level of specialization also makes them pricier than the discount covers you might find down at the discount store. Are they worth the extra cost?

I tested out an American Armor model cover for a Mazda Miata. That’s the top end of the Empire line and they seem to be available for around $300 for most cars once you apply the available discounts.  +Continue Reading

Review: Kinivo Bluetooth Speakers

  • November 20, 2014
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Kinivo aims to make reasonably-priced alternatives to more expensive wireless audio products. The pocket-sized Kinivo BTX270 Wireless Speaker and the Kinivo BTX450 desktop speaker continue their string of well-reviewed audio devices:  their bluetooth headphones are a steal at $25 and these two offer their own solid level of value. +Continue Reading

Review: OGIO Throttle Backpack

  • November 18, 2014
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throttle_stealth copy


The Ogio Throttle Pack ($79.99) is a more economical alternative to their $125 All Elements backpack that we reviewed a few months back. If you aren’t using a backpack in the most extreme conditions, I actually found the Throttle to be more useful.

The padded computer sleeve is located in panel behind the straps. That makes for easy access to a few essential work items. While the main compartment does have a zip-up pocket near the top and a couple of mesh pockets just below, it’s mostly just a big space where you can cram your clothes or supplies. Maximum storage and minimal fuss. There’s a front access compartment and two side compartments that can handle a water bottle or keys and glasses. And there’s a fleece-lined compartment on the top for phones and other electronics, at least ones that you’ve got in a protective case. +Continue Reading

Remotely Control Your Dook Lock With Okidokeys

  • November 16, 2014
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OKIDOKEYS Smart-Lock and App

Whole-house, Internet-connected smart homes are coming at some point relatively soon. Unfortunately, “relatively soon” is hard to pinpoint: the killer system could come online next summer or we could be ten years away from something that works well. In the meantime, there’s the Okidokeys remote lock system, a device that aims to do one thing really well: replace your deadbolt with a remote control system that can both make your doors easier to lock and unlock, with the bonus that you can also remotely grant access to friends or service people via the Internet. +Continue Reading

Review: verykool RX 2 Rock Phone

  • November 13, 2014
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Bzn6uplIgAA4gYM.jpg-large copy

The verykool RX2 Rock is an Android smartphone designed to stand up to a lot of abuse and delivers on that front. It’s got an IP68 rating and a tempered glass screen and claims that it can be submerged in up to 5 meters of water for an hour. It feels great in your hand and it’s survived a lot of (mostly unintentional) abuse as I’ve used it over the last month.

It’s a great choice for some people. Pros and cons are listed below. +Continue Reading

Small Gadgets For Your Computer & iPhone

  • November 11, 2014
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IMG_1286 copy

Sometimes it’s the smaller tech accessories that make the biggest difference. Going through the pile on the office desk turned up something interesting options from NewerTech, Felix, Screensters, Juno Power and BodyGuardz. +Continue Reading

Navy Vet Tom Anstead Launches Oceanis Dive Watch


Navy veteran Tom Anstead is the bravest kind of entrepreneur: he launched a new watch company in a manufacturing field where many of the established players are hundreds of years old and some of the most beloved brands inspire intense loyalty in their customers. Anstead wanted to build a high quality dive watch and deliver it at a reasonable price. The second iteration of his Anstead Oceanis dive watch is now available for $499 for a limited time via Tom’s website.

The Oceanis is made from 316L stainless steel and comes with a Miyota 9015 movement. Anstead advertises water-resistance to 300 meters and 40 hours of power reserve, so you don’t have to wear the watch every day to keep it wound.  The hands and dial use a Super LumiNova coating for easy visibility and the 120-click unidirectional bezel offers more precise marker settings. +Continue Reading