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Soen Transit: A Wireless Speaker That Makes a Perfect Gift


The Soen Transit wireless Bluetooth speaker ($169.95) is an incredibly nice piece of gear. It’s beautifully designed. The box is beautifully designed. The Transit’s fit and finish makes it exactly the kind of electronic device that makes a perfect gift. +Continue Reading

Lifeworks’ Camo Computer Bag


Lifeworks makes a full line of computer and phone accessories: cases, covers, backup batteries, laptop sleeves, cables and bags. Aiming for an outdoors/military audience, they’ve created a camo design they’re using for a shoulder bag, backpack, 13″ laptop sleeve and go bag. We took a close look at the shoulder bag. +Continue Reading

Headphones With a Personality: Monster DNA Pro 2.0

monsterdnapro2.0 copy

Monster Audio’s DNA Pro 2.0 over-ear headphones ($299.95) are an all-around upgrade to the original model we reviewed last year. Monster makes a lot of blingy, trendy headphones, but the DNA line are their (successful) attempt to appeal to a more serious listener. +Continue Reading

Buckshot Pro: A Bluetooth Speaker for Cyclists


Outdoor Tech has Buckshot Pro, a combo Bluetooth speaker, flashlight and powerbank ($79.95) and the Kodiak Mini, a 2600mAh rechargeable battery ($24.95). Both feature the same rugged build quality and outstanding battery life that the company’s known for. +Continue Reading

OGIO’s Commuter Backpack

  • June 1, 2015
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apolloogio copy

We’ve looked at OGIO’s backpacks before, the waterproof Throttle and the extreme conditions All Elements. The Apollo is a much lighter pack, better suited to lugging papers, computers and other electronic gear than clothes and other outdoor gear. If you find yourself buying a new backpack once a year or more, the quality on this $79.99 pack is worth a look. +Continue Reading

Improve Your Phone’s Audio With HRT

  • May 28, 2015
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dSp and i-dSp-1

HRT has introduced two DAC devices designed to improve the sound of the music you’re listening to from your smartphone. The i-dsp ($69.99) is designed to work with iOS devices that use a Lightning connector (iPhone 5/5s/6/6 Plus and any iPad less than 3 years old) and the dsp ($69.99) works with Android phones running 5.0 or later and any laptop with a USB port. I tested out the i-dsp with an iPhone 6. +Continue Reading

Helix: A Protective iPhone Case Minus the Bulk

  • May 15, 2015
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switcheasyhelix copy

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are both decided upgrades from Apple’s earlier phones: they’re faster, the screens look better and, once you’ve used one for 5 minutes, the company’s earlier phones start to look ridiculously small. Unfortunately, finding a protective case for the new models has proven difficult. The upscaled designs from cases that worked so well for an iPhone 5/5s just look comically large and unwieledy. +Continue Reading

Xqisit’s Bluetooth LZ380 Headphones & xqB20 Speaker

  • May 7, 2015
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Xqisit is a German company that makes a full range of accessories for your portable electronic devices (cases, batteries, speakers, headphones). They’re trying to get a foothold in an incredibly crowded American market and they’re starting by introducing the LZ380 wireless Bluetooth headphones and the xqB20 portable Bluetooth speaker. +Continue Reading

Cambridge Audio Enters the TV Speaker Market

  • April 16, 2015
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Cambridge Audio gets into the speaker base market with the TV 5. It’s a massive platform that will support any flat screen TV whose base will fit on its 29″ wide x 12″ deep top and it delivers both the tasteful design and audio quality the brand is known for at a $399 list price. +Continue Reading

QuickLock: Easy & Controlled Access

  • April 14, 2015
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Padlock-Color-Options copy

The QuickLock is a new keyless padlock that can be opened via Bluetooth or NFC. The device was created by engineer Ryan Hyde, who also introduced the GunBox, a sleek gun safe with an RF-controlled lock and optional Biometric scanner. The new padlock brings a lot of the access control features from his earlier product to a device that can be used anywhere you’d install a regular lock.  +Continue Reading