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Revisit the Vietnam Era With Dick Cavett

Dick Cavetts Vietnam copy

Dick Cavett’s Vietnam premieres this week on PBS. The one-hour documentary features moments from his successful late-night talk show where visiting politicians and celebrities discuss the conflict in Southeast Asia.

What’s bound to shock anyone who grew up during our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is how much Vietnam was part of the national discussion: everyone had a opinion, many of those opinions were thoughtful, mostly because civilians were educated about the conflict and, because of the draft, almost everyone knew someone whose family was serving in the war.  Another shocking fact: people who really disagree with one another still manage to respect each other. The idea that you might not want to demonize people who disagree with you seems totally alien today.

Check out the promo trailer below or find out when it’s showing where you live by clicking here by entering you local station information on the right side of the page.




‘Last Days in Vietnam’ Comes to PBS


Last Days in Vietnam is the Academy Award-nominated documentary by filmmaker Rory Kennedy about the United States evacuation from South Vietnam in April 1975. The film has been available on DVD and Digital for a few months now, but PBS is broadcasting the film this month in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the operation. +Continue Reading

Investigating Stolen Valor With Daniel Tosh

tosh0stolenvalor copy

Comedy Central’s Daniel Tosh investigated the Stolen Valor problem on his Tosh.0 program this week.  He compiled some particularly intense confrontation videos from around the Internet and wondered if the fakers aren’t heroes in their own way: “They’re out there risking possible embarrassment just to get free appetizers or a chick’s number. That’s courage in my book! What are the real soldiers even fighting for if not the freedom to impersonate them? Haven’t you ever heard of dressing for the job you want?” +Continue Reading

Noah Galloway’s DWTS Journey (So Far)


Army veteran Noah Galloway has proved himself a worthy competitor during the first five episodes of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Four contestants have already been sent home (including Suzanne Somers, former football player Michael Sam, Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl ad star Charlotte McKinney and Redfoo from musical comedy act LMFAO); Galloway and professional dancing partner Sharna Burgess still find themselves firmly in the middle of the pack, safe from elimination.

Galloway may not win the competition but he lost two limbs in a 2005 IED explosion in Iraq. He’s fought back to become a competitive runner and has carved out a career as a personal trainer and motivational speaker. Dancing With the Stars might not be the ratings juggernaut it once was, but millions of civilians are tuning in each week to see a wounded warrior as someone to be admired instead of someone to be pitied. +Continue Reading

Edward Snowden Resurfaces (Again) on HBO

HT_SNOWDEN_150406_DG_16x9_992 copy

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden reignited the terror-supporting-traitor vs. freedom-loving-patriot debate last night when he made a surprise appearance on HBO’s comedy/news program Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. Oliver devoted the episode to U.S. government surveillance programs and the upcoming June 1st deadline for the renewal of the Patriot Act.

Oliver’s crew visited Times Square to find out if random tourists knew who Snowden is. Most didn’t and the few who had a clue mostly had him confused with the WikiLeaks guy, Julian Assange. +Continue Reading

Unraveling the Conspiracy in ‘American Odyssey’

Anna Friel in "American Odyssey"

NBC launches the new 12-episode series American Odyssey this Sunday at 10pm ET/PT. It’s a sprawling, ambitious tale that begins with a special forces unit tasked with taking out an al-Qaeda unit in Mali. We’ve got a slideshow of images from the premiere episode. +Continue Reading

Army Vet Makes His ‘DWTS’ Debut

Noah-Galloway-and-Sharna-Burgess-DWTS copy

Noah Galloway made a huge impression when he appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine last fall, so big that he’s been invited to appear on the latest series of Dancing With the Stars. The Army veteran (1st of the 502nd Infantry of the 101st Airborne Division) was severely injured by an IED explosion in Iraq in 2005 and lost his left arm and left leg. +Continue Reading

‘Watching the Hawks’ With Ventura & Stone copy

Jesse and Oliver aren’t actually hosting a show on RT America, the Kremlin-funded news network. It’s their sons, Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone, who promise to “give viewers a fresh perspective no matter what their political leanings are – from war hawks to isolationists – and, more importantly, every voice in between.” +Continue Reading

Army SSG Jeremy Gaynor Kills It on ‘The Voice’


Army Staff Sergeant Jeremy Gaynor, the lead singer in the West Point Band, auditioned for NBC’s The Voice last night and blew everyone away with his rendition of the old Carpenters hit “Superstar.”

His version was so smooth and powerful that all four judges (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell) judges hit their buttons and turned around during the Blind Audition phase of the competition. After all four made their pitch to Gaynor, he decided to go with Christina. She’s back from maternity leave and has never won the show as a coach. Gaynor may give her a real shot at victory. Check out his killer performance and the show’s “Meet Jeremy Gaynor” clip below. +Continue Reading

‘Dad, It’s Just ISIS’

dakotajohnsonsnlisisparody copy

Someone in the Saturday Night Live writer’s room must have been reading our “10 Best Military Sketches on ‘Saturday Night Live’” post because the show returned last night with its first new episode since the 40th Anniversary Special and the program featured a prominent military-themed parody of the Toyota “My Bold Dad” Super Bowl commercial, the one where a father drops his daughter at the airport as she appears to head off to start her military service.

Except, well, the daughter (played by guest host Dakota Johnson) is joining ISIS and Dad (played by Taran Killam) sheds a tear has he hands his daughter over to a group of armed Jihadists in a pickup truck. It’s not a car commercial, it’s a recruitment video! Watch the sketch below: +Continue Reading