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32 Terms Only Airmen Will Understand



As the youngest member of the U.S. armed forces, the Air Force gets a lot of flak from other branches, despite having the capacity to (arguably) destroy all life on Earth in 30 minutes. In its relative short history, its Airmen evolved a culture and language all their own. +Continue Reading

Bradley Cooper Says ‘Aloha’

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So how does Bradley Cooper follow up his Oscar-nominated role as Chris Kyle in American Sniper? He’s playing a military contractor who falls in love with an Air Force pilot played by Emma Stone (who’s also Oscar-nominated for Birdman) in Aloha, a romantic comedy from writer/director Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous). +Continue Reading

‘Inside Combat Rescue’ Returns to Afghanistan


The National Geographic Channel premieres Inside Combat Rescue: The Last Stand this Sunday June 15th at 9PM ET/PT. The tw0-hour special is a followup to the highly-rated 2013 series Inside Combat Rescue. +Continue Reading

Go ‘Inside Combat Rescue’

Inside Combat Rescue is a six-part series premiering on the National Geographic Channel next Monday February 18th at 10PM. The show chronicles an Afghanistan deployment for the Pararescuemen (a/k/a Para Jumpers a/k/a PJs), an elite Air Force Combat Rescue unit whose mission it is to extract and provide medical assistance to U.S. forces and our allies who are injured in combat.

The show’s producers have outfitted the PJs with cutting edge micro cameras attached to their chests, helmets and also strategically placed the flash drive cameras in locations the helicopters that fly the unit on its missions. What they’ve captured are detailed and realistic visions of combat missions that far surpass anything the public has seen before. +Continue Reading

A Jedi’s Return

“Danny, I am your father.”

USAF Col. Rob Kiebler had been training and on a tour of duty in Afghanistan for 14 months when he got an opportunity to come home early and surprise his son Danny, who loves Star Wars in that totally obsessed six-year-old way. Danny’s mom arranged for some Star Wars reenactors to show up at Danny’s birthday party and Rob got hold of a Jedi costume and joined the group, giving his son a huge surprise.

Say Yes, Tim

Your cynical team here at UTR had a rant all ready to go if the “Be My Date to the Military Ball” virus ever resurfaced by USAF Airman Jamie Walden is so charming and adorable here that we’re not going to call her out for asking Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow to take her to an April dance in Shreveport, LA.

But seriously, if we’re going to blackmail celebrities into “supporting the troops,” why not guilt them into throwing the spotlight on jobs programs for returning vets or better treatment options for wounded warriors?

Good news for Jamie, though: if Tim says yes, she won’t have to worry about putting out at the end of the night.

SSGT Angie Johnson Takes on The Voice

Air Force Staff Sergeant Angie Johnson is getting her big shot on NBC’s singing competition The Voice, mostly because of a YouTube video that featured her singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” with Air National Guard band Sidewinder on a tour of Iraq and Afghanistan last summer.

The Voice host Carson Daly saw the video (along with over a million other people) and decided to track her down on Twitter. That led to an invitation to audition on Sunday night’s program. +Continue Reading

Honored to Serve as Hollywood’s Newest Focus Group

After the surprising $55 million opening weekend of 2009’s GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie, Hollywood’s marketing geniuses decided that it must have been the advance screenings on military bases that created the buzz that sold the tickets, especially since most reviewers and bloggers had been dismissing the movie for months. +Continue Reading

Iron Man’s Visit to Edwards AFB

Iron Man 2, the most glamorous movie ever made about defense contractors, comes out on DVD September 28th. +Continue Reading