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Mission Complete With ‘Lone Survivor’

The movie based on Marcus Luttrell’s memoir  Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 is locked and ready for its December 27th release.

In this preview clip, director Peter Berg and Luttrell talk about the mission behind the movie and how the former SEAL has devoted the past few years to telling the story of the men he served with on Operation Redwing. +Continue Reading

First ‘Lone Survivor’ Trailer Debuts

Universal has released the first trailer for Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor movie. The movie is based on Marcus Luttrell’s memoir Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10Berg started development on the movie before he stepped in to direct Battleship for the studio, so we’re finally getting to see a movie based on the bestseller about Operation Redwing, the 2005 mission on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Eric Bana, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster and Taylor Kitsch as the Navy SEALs whose mission to either kill or capture a Taliban leader goes terribly wrong. The movie’s title takes away almost all of the suspense about the outcome, so the movie’s success will have to be gauged on how well they tell the story.

New Mexico subbed for Afghanistan when they filmed last fall, so that’s why the scenery might look unfamiliar to our readers who actually served over there. Lone Survivor is due in theaters December 27th.

Revisiting ‘Battleship’ on Blu-ray

Battleship has just been released on Blu-ray and DVD, so now maybe let’s separate the actual movie from the movie studio product that got flattened by The Avengers.

Our original review was positive and Battleship maybe even looks a little better a few months later if you watch the Blu-ray on a big TV if you’re willing to forgive a couple of things. +Continue Reading

Creating ‘Battleship’ Effects at ILM

Battleship is out this week on Blu-ray and DVD and we were invited to visit the special effects wizards at Industrial Light & Magic to talk about the cutting-edge technology they used to create some of the most realistic water effects and those awesome shredders that the aliens launch at us Earthlings in the battle sequences.

We were surprised how much we liked the movie when it opened it theaters last spring and, along with The Dark Knight Rises, it’s turned out to be one of the summer’s two big winners when it comes to SFX-heavy action. +Continue Reading

Did Battleship Sink G.I. Joe?

Not everyone liked Battleship as much as we did. The $209-million epic did only $25.3 million at the box office on opening weekend, just a few hundred thousand more than low-budget powerhouse Act of Valor. That crash-and-burn disaster might have given game-maker Hasbro and Paramount Pictures cold feet about this summer’s release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

The studio announced yesterday that they’ve canceled (sorry, delayed) the movie’s June 29th release so they can go back add convert the film to 3D. The new opening date for the action picture is March 29, 2013. +Continue Reading

Battleship Avoids Naval Disaster

Message to U.S. taxpayers: your pricey military technology may be no match for alien Master Chiefs from Planet Goldilocks. Also, Navy-approved commanders would likely get torched early in the conflict, making the world’s only hope a bunch of misfits who deserve to get kicked out of the service.

That’s the appropriate, Pentagon-approved message delivered in Peter Berg’s new movie Battleship, a Hollywood blockbuster with at least a passing connection to the Hasbro board game we all played as kids.

It’s not surprising that a movie who script was allegedly concocted on the fly is a giant mess, but it is surprising that the mess is a lot more entertaining that the sub–Transformers movie a lot of us expected. The free-spirit-who-learns-to-lead plotline is as hackneyed and boring as you’d expect and Taylor Kitsch (who also starred in that John Carter trainwreck) and former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker really can’t act a lick, but Berg (who also directed Friday Night Lights) makes sure the supporting cast has interesting things to do. +Continue Reading

Protecting the Pentagon Brand

Obviously, in a culture tasked with making life-and-death decisions about the fate of the free world, making decisions about Pentagon support of Hollywood movies doesn’t qualify as the most critical task on the national agenda. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly difficult. How can someone look at a few typed pages and maybe some concept drawings and decide which movies will reflect well on the men and women who serve our country?

When things turn out well, you get Act of Valor. It may not win a truckload of Oscars next spring, but the filmmakers did a great job of putting at a part of the Navy SEAL culture onscreen for regular Americans (and foreigners) to see.

And then you have Battleship and The Avengers. The Navy went all-in on one and the Pentagon passed on the other. Why? +Continue Reading

Battleship Advance Screenings

Battleship opens May 18th but you’ve got a few chances to see an advance screening if your base won the Eventful contest we covered last month. Or you could check out an early screening at the Sixth Annual GI Film Festival in Washington, DC May 14-20th.

Pretty much every trailer released so far makes it look like Liam Neeson gets vaporized by aliens in the first reel and Liam’s already given his definitive Naval performance (as the Soviet submarine captain in K-19: The Widowmaker), but Universal wants all the grownups to know they’ve cast a real actor in this one. None of us has seen the movie yet, but it seems like Taylor Kitsch is playing the Ben Affleck role from Pearl Harbor and he’ll have to mature on the battlefield if the Earth has any prayer of repelling alien attack. +Continue Reading

Demand Your Battleship!

Even though it’s already playing in other countries around the world, Hasbro’s epic Transformication of Battleship doesn’t hit U.S. theaters until May 18th. If that’s too long a wait, Universal Pictures and the Eventful website folks are teaming up to give service members a chance to win an advance screening at the movie theater closest to their base.

You have to go to the Eventful site and “demand” (a/k/a vote) for your base to win the screening. Eventful looks sort of like a concerts, movie screenings and sporting events version of Evite.  +Continue Reading

What’s Hot About Battleship

Don’t mind the giant spiked killer bowling balls. The Decepticons from Transformers 7 threw them at the shore to keep the troops busy while they argued with the Sentinels over who got to keep Raikes once they captured her.

Deadline New York called that attack scene ‘hot’, but it’s not really. This is hot: +Continue Reading