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Which SEAL Can Inspire Your Team to Victory?

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Former SEALS Marcus Luttrell and Robert O’Neill love them some football.

If you’re a football coach selling that “football is war” metaphor to your team, which high-profile SEAL veteran do you want to deliver that pregame motivational speech? The one wrote a book about his heroism under orders from the brass or the one who some say broke the code by going on TV to announce that he was the guy who took out Osama bin Laden?

Last Saturday, Lone Survivor author Marcus Luttrell gave a pregame speech to the University of Alabama Crimson Tide before they took on the #1 Mississippi State Bulldogs. The Washington Redskins brought in the newly famous Robert O’Neill on Saturday night to inspire the squad before their Sunday home game against the woeful 1–8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Guess what happened. +Continue Reading

Army Ranger Signs NFL Contract


The Philadelphia Eagles announced that they’ve signed 6-foot-9 Army vet Alejandro Villanueva to a rookie free-agent contract. Villanueva will come to training camp as a defensive linemen, although he played for the Army Black Knights as both a wide receiver and offensive left tackle.

Since his final college season in 2009, Villanueva has served three tours in Afghanistan and was recently promoted to captain. He earned the Bronze Star Medal for valor during his first tour for moving forward under enemy fire to pull wounded soldiers from an isolated position. +Continue Reading

Army Coach Rich Ellerson Gets the Boot


No one connected to the Black Knights football program seriously expects Army to compete with Florida State, Auburn or even Notre Dame, but a coach that can’t beat Navy isn’t going to be welcome in West Point. +Continue Reading

Army-Navy Football & Service After 9/11 in ‘All American’

  • October 31, 2013
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Sportswriter Steve Eubanks had a great idea: write a book that follows one player each from the Army and Navy football teams who participated in the 2001 game through their military careers. With some help from the Army and Navy SIDs, he chose Army QB Chad Jenkins and Navy LB Brian Stann and uses their stories as the basis for All American: Two Young Men, the 2001 Army-Navy Game and the War They Fought in Iraq. +Continue Reading

NCAA Bans Marine Vet From Playing Football


Steven Rhodes served his country for five years as a United States Marine. The 24-year-old has enrolled at Middle Tennessee University and joined the football team as a walk-on, playing wide receiver and defensive end.

The NCAA has decided that Steven isn’t eligible to play this season because he participated in a military-only recreational league in 2012. Even though it was a loosely-run league that sometimes went six weeks between games, the NCAA says that because the teams kept score and there were uniforms and referees, the league counts as “organized competition.”

UDPATE (Tuesday, 8/20): The NCAA heard the complaints and decided that Rhodes can play this season. Of course, you could point out that ignoring one of the organization’s own rules (no matter how misguided it might be) opens up all the other rules to challenges. Let’s not do that here and just be glad that Steven Rhodes get the shot he deserves.

+Continue Reading

Army Star Josh McNary Gets a Shot at the NFL

Former Army star defensive end/linebacker and current lieutenant Josh McNary has signed a free agent contract with the Indianapolis Colts. The team has placed him on the reserve-military list until he completes his military obligation on May 21st.

Army fans will remember McNary for his outstanding performance in the 2010 Armed Forces Bowl, where he returned a fumble 55 yards for a touchdown and sparked the Black Knights to a 16–14 win over Southern Methodist University. +Continue Reading

Army-Navy Game 2012

The Army-Navy game is the final regular season college football game of the 2012 season and CBS will broadcast the matchup this Saturday (12/8) at 3pm ET live from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. This is the fourth time the game has been played on the second Saturday in December, a date that keeps the game away from all the BCS hoopla that went down last week. If America wants some Division 1 (OK, FBS) football this Saturday, it’s all about the service academies. +Continue Reading

Batman for the Holidays

  • December 20, 2011
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Although no one around here could bring themselves to pay $15  to see the six-minute teaser than ran with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in a few IMAX theaters this weekend, some of us did see this mind-blowing trailer for The Dark Knight Rises (at Sherlock Holmes — if you think you might Robert Downey Jr’s second take on the detective, ignore the reviews and go). +Continue Reading

About That Airport Beatdown…

“Let’s go to the videotape.”

OK. How can you possibly make sense of this? What we have here is the airport security tape of Patti LaBelle’s security guards beating up West Point cadet (and Army football player) Richard King last month at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport.

After Houston police talked to West Point officials, King was suspended for a year and ordered to active duty. Now he’s left the academy and sued Patti LaBelle for assault. King claims she “ordered” her guys to beat him up.

We’re open to any theories or explanations or insider knowledge you may have. Either there’s a conspiracy between Army brass and 70s R&B singers or King must’ve done something pretty radical to provoke that beatdown. The comments are open. Please let us know.


College Football’s Artillery Problem

  • April 7, 2011
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In their never-ending pursuit of realism, the game developers at Electronic Arts want your help with the artillery in NCAA Football 12. +Continue Reading