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‘Zero Dark Thirty’: Everywhere & (Almost) Nowhere

It’s pretty hard to write about Zero Dark Thirty right now because very few people can actually see the movie yet. As of December 19th, it’s playing in NYC and LA but the film won’t open in the rest of the country for over three weeks (January 11th). Since folks who live in NYC and LA don’t really think much about the rest of the country and since most people who write about movies live in one of those two places, the media has already started slinging spoilers around like it’s no big thing.

If you do happen to live in NYC or LA, stop reading now and go see the movie before you get exposed to all the online “discussion” about a movie that very few people have seen. I got to see Zero Dark Thirty before the articles started showing up and it’s definitely the kind of movie best experienced before you  hear a lot of half-informed opinionated noise about what the filmmakers’ agenda.

If you can’t see the movie until January, there’s a lot of opinion flying around out there that might color your experience if you pay too much attention. There are a couple of debates worth looking at. +Continue Reading