Snoop Dogg: Good at Internet

To promote his upcoming show in Cardiff, Wales, Snoop Dogg had his people scour the news. They found a story about Ian Neale, a local…


Drug Catapult

Mexican drug dealers aren’t afraid of no stinking wall. They just built a medieval-style catapult to throw bundles over the U.S. border fence. They got…


The Weed Series Continues

Dallas sportscaster Newy Scruggs came to San Francisco for the World Series and was shocked to find out how much weed Giants fans are smoking.


Greenest World Series Ever

Our friends at TMZ report that San Francisco Giants fans will be getting even higher each time their team hits a home run during the…


Stoner Fantasy Comes to Life

“Man, if we could just hide weed in sodas and then drink it, no one would ever know.” California’s Proposition 19 would give local governments…