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J.D. Vance: What I Learned in the Marine Corps

Hillbilly Elegy is J.D. Vance’s #1 New York Times Bestseller memoir about growing up in Appalachian culture, his Marine Corps service and his eventual studies…


1st CivDiv: From Marine to Playboy Video Editor

In this series, Combat-Ready Kitchen author Anastacia Marx de Salcedo talks to veterans about how they made the transition to their civilian careers. Check out her website here or follow her…


The Hater’s Guide to the US Marine Corps

BY PAUL SZOLDRA — WEARETHEMIGHTY​.COM This is the second in a series about how branches of the military hate on each other. We’ll feature all branches of…

2nd Bn., 2nd Marines sight in on core infantry skills

23 Terms Only US Marines Will Understand

Photo: Cpl. Kirstin Merrimarahajara/USMC BY PAUL SZOLDRA — WEARETHEMIGHTY​.COM Marines speak a slightly-different language than the rest of the United States. While everyone in the Corps…


Under the Radar’s Top Stories in 2014

2014 was an intense year in Military news, and it brought to Under the Radar a number of moving pieces about our beloved veterans and…

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Should VA Disability Checks Be Used to Pay Alimony?

When a veteran returns home with a disability, they’re usually provided financial assistance through the Veteran’s Administration (VA). For Florida-based veteran Terry Lynn, his case was…


Unstolen Valor! Bolden Was a Marine

It all started when NFL player DeAngelo Williams gave up his first class airline seat for an elderly veteran and took a picture of the man….