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Rock Legend Meets Actual Hero at the White House


Marine Kyle Carpenter had a big day at the White House last Thursday. Not only did President Obama award him the Medal of Honor for using his body to shield another Marine from an explosion in Helmand Province in 2010, he ran into rock legend Dave Grohl roaming the halls of the White House. +Continue Reading

Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta Starts Now!

If you’ve got an Xbox 360, you can download the Multiplayer Beta version of Medal of Honor Warfighter now well in advance of the games October 23rd street date. Senior designer Daniel Wiksten gives details in the announcement trailer embedded below but offers no clues as to whether he worked closely with No Easy Day author “Mark Owen.”

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Osama bin Laden: Cash Cow

We’re about to find out just how much money Americans can make off the War Against Terror.

Last week, we learned that Medal of Honor Warfighter, the latest release in a game series that prides itself on authenticity, has hired retired Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette as a consultant on the game. Bissonnette is perhaps better known as “Mark Owen,” author of the runaway bestseller No Easy Day, the awesomely written but legally problematic account of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. +Continue Reading

No Easy Day for ‘Medal of Honor’

Word filtered out last week that “Mark Owen,” the author of No Easy Day is actually retired Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette. The upcoming memoir recounts Owen’s role in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden.

Now the LA Times quotes a source that says Bissonette’s post-retirement consulting firm Silent R has been working with Electronic Arts on the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter game. If you’re making a game that recreates Tier One operative missions, there’s not much more Tier One than the Abbottabad raid.

We’re still awaiting comment from the guys at OPSEC Education Fund about possible leaked information in the book or the game.

Problems on the Home Front?

  • August 2, 2012
  • Games
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Apparently, Medal of Honor Warfighter’s commitment to realism includes the opportunity to have a phone fight with your spouse just before she gets killed in an attack that looks a lot like the 2004 Madrid rail bombings.Then you get to take out the bad guys with whatever mix of guilt and vengeance that best fits your psychological profile.

This new campaign trailer introduces us to Preacher, who’s texting on a device that looks like an iPhone and remembering an argument with a woman who sounds like his wife. Preacher’s walking through the Madrid station to pick up his family when he spots a terrorist, then boom, then hospital, then wedding ring, then suit up for ass kicking. +Continue Reading

Medal of Honor Heads to the Jungle

After all the nice things we said about Medal of Honor: Warfighter, we’re a little disappointed that we don’t get a pull quote in the new multiplayer Fire Team trailer. Once you get past our hurt feelings, you gotta admit this Tungawan jungle setting in the Philippines looks pretty killer. Warfighter comes out October 23rd.

Medal of Honor: Pay Attention

All of you with short attention spans need to focus here because we’re going to talk about Medal of Honor: Warfighter and get into some gray and not-so-gray areas about war gaming. One of the coolest things we saw at E3 last week was the preview version of the new game but not everyone in the media understands how awesome Warfighter should be when it hits stores in October.

The backstory for you newcomers: Medal of Honor was originally a sort-of-square WWII game inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. It got a modern Afghanistan-set reboot in 2010. Warfighter continues that theme but adds 12 different Tier One units from 10 different countries to the multiplayer version. +Continue Reading

Medal of Honor Warfighter: Realism, But in Perspective

There’s been a lotta hype about the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter game (available October 23rd), and rightly so. It really does look like it’s going to be a visually stunning game. Until technology advances to the point a game can afflict your other senses, with the grit of sand in your rack to the smell of burn-shitter smoke and that piquant mix of JP8 and diesel, then visuals are all we’ll have. Frostbite 2 damn sure delivers on that score.

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Medal of Honor Makers Also Loved Act of Valor

Electronic Arts has announced that Medal of Honor Warfighter, the latest sequel in the popular game series, will hit stores on October 23rd in versions for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Looks like the game designers have seen Act of Valor a few times, because this trailer looks a whole lot like outtakes from the movie. Plus, the game promises to look at the “heartbreaking side of war, told through the eyes of military families.” The real warfighters in our midst probably have a few words to say about how well a video game can capture the actual experience of risking your life on a mission, but, like Act of Valor, the game is supposed to be based on the real-life experiences of Tier 1 Operators from the United States, Australia, Germany, Poland and more.

Medal of Honor Leaves a Message After the Tone

Electronic Arts really hits home with the trailers for its reboot of the Medal of Honor first-person shooter game.

EA consulted with Tier 1 Operators from US Special Operations Command in developing the game, which is scheduled for release on October 12th. You can see a trailer with more action over at Gamespot.