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Get the Bad Guys With ‘American Sniper’

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American Sniper, Clint Eastwood’s movie about the legendary Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, has almost completed its theatrical run and it’s officially the #1 movie of 2014 with a total box office gross of just under $348 million. That’s more than Guardians of the Galaxy, more than The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 and almost $100 million more than #4 movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Most of what Americans know about the war in Iraq comes from Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Kyle. +Continue Reading

Hard-Won Wisdom from a Navy SEAL

  • March 19, 2015
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Eric Greitens served as a Navy SEAL. He’s considering a run to become Governor of Missouri. He’s also a motivational speaker with a new book called Resilience.

In 2o12, Greitens was contacted by Zach Walker, a brother SEAL who’d been struggling with PTSD and a drinking problem after leaving the Navy. Eric and Zach started communicating every day and Eric has compiled his letters to Zach in this new book. +Continue Reading

Hollywood’s in the Sniper Business

Is Nick Irving’s new memoir The Reaper helping American Sniper’s Oscar chances?


Studio head Harvey Weinstein might be the best Oscar campaigner ever. He’s the guy who engineered the notorious upset when Shakespeare in Love beat out Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture 1998. His movies get nominated every year and he’s behind a string of other Best Picture winners: The English Patient, The King’s Speech, The Artist and Chicago. +Continue Reading

‘Sniper’ Shocks Hollywood With Massive Box Office Weekend


American Sniper broke all kinds of box office records this weekend, with a $90.2 million weekend haul. Warner Bros. estimates its Oscar nominee for Best Picture will have made $105 million once the four-day MLK holiday weekend is over.

It’s the largest MLK weekend opening ever, more than doubling the old record held by Ride Along. It’s the largest January weekend ever, a a record previously held by Avatar with $68.5 million in 2010. It’s the opening ever for a drama, bettering the $83.8 million that Passion of the Christ made in 2004. It’s the biggest R-rated opening of all time and it’s by far the biggest opening of director Clint Eastwood’s storied career, more than tripling the $29.5 million that Gran Torino made opening weekend in 2008. +Continue Reading

‘American Sniper’ Storms the Oscars With 6 Nominations


American Sniper made a strong showing today with six nominations for the 87th Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

Screenwriter Jason Hall got the movie’s other high-profile nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, evidence that the writer’s branch of the academy realized just how much balance and nuance Hall added to Kyle’s book when writing his screenplay. Jason Hall told Military​.com the amazing story of the film’s development in this interview last month.   +Continue Reading

SEALs: More Than Just Snipers

After your friends and family see the new American Sniper movie this weekend, have them check out this video as a reminder that Navy SEALs do a lot more than just long-range shooting. Whether the mission is on sea, air or land, Navy Special Operations play a critical role in the United States’ first line of defense.

Civilians sometimes have incredibly short term memory about just how the military works and a lot of them probably don’t remember that SEALs carried out the operations depicted in movies like Lone Survivor, Zero Dark Thirty and even Act of Valor. You can also send them to watch the PBS documentary Navy SEALs — Their Untold Story or read ex-SEAL Dick Couch’s excellent book that’s a companion to the series.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Sniper Rifles

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American Sniper opens in movie theaters everywhere this Friday. Director Clint Eastwood delivers heart-stopping action in the Iraq battle scenes, but he’s just as interested in Chris Kyle’s marriage to wife Taya (played by Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, respectively).

What you don’t get from the movie is a focused discussion and examination of a Navy SEAL sniper’s gear. We’ve got some details here in “5 Things You Don’t Know About: Sniper Rifles,” an exclusive video that breaks down the differences between the weapons and cartridges used by various branches of the military. The clip below is the first episode of 5 Things You Don’t Know About, a new Military​.com series produced in cooperation with Lou Reda Productions.   +Continue Reading

Searching for the Real Chris Kyle in ‘American Sniper’


American Sniper, Clint Eastwood’s new movie starring Bradley Cooper as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, has been playing in New York and Los Angeles since Christmas Day to qualify for Oscar nominations but it finally opens in the rest of the country next Friday January 16th.

The movie shares its title with Kyle’s bestselling memoir but the finished film portrays his life with a big dose of his wife Taya’s perspective, since she started working closely with the filmmakers after Chris’ murder in early 2013.

Warner Bros. has just released a new featurette about the film’s efforts to portray Chris Kyle the man, showcasing interviews with Eastwood, Cooper, Taya Kyle and Sienna Miller, who plays Taya in the movie. American Sniper is the first contemporary mainstream movie that’s tried to portray both the experiences of troops deployed overseas and the effect that service has on their families back home. Check out the clip below and check back here next week for our exclusive interview with Taya Kyle. +Continue Reading

Under the Radar’s Top Stories in 2014


2014 was an intense year in Military news, and it brought to Under the Radar a number of moving pieces about our beloved veterans and a few that were zany, ridiculous, and strange. Here we like to broadcast and comment on everything from movies to not-so-fond military memories, and we were able to dig those up droves. Showing a bit of the off-beat side of the military, here are the top 10 Under the Radar stories from 2014.

+Continue Reading

American Sniper Gets It Right for Veterans: Why That Matters

  • December 16, 2014
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By Chris Marvin

Managing Director, Got Your 6

There’s something unique about American Sniper. If this were just another modern war movie, Chris Kyle might be portrayed as a replica of the hollowed out versions of the soldiers we often see splashed across the big screen. Their faces smeared with sand and eyes void of emotion. Their only value derived from acts of courage during a heated battle scene. But this movie goes deeper and delivers an important lesson.

American Sniper — directed by Clint Eastwood and opening in limited theaters on Dec. 25 — is based on the true story of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, portrayed impressively by Bradley Cooper. The film shares the story of a man who, even as a boy, saw himself as someone bound to protect those around him. Kyle lived by a simple code that drove his dedication to the men he served alongside, a sentiment that binds together many of us who have served. Kyle’s infectious passion to accomplish a mission took him through four tours in Iraq and 160 confirmed kills, earning him the nickname “Legend.”

Over the past decade, many, through cinema, have experienced the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through explosions and gunfire. Yet, there is no realization of the lives that our service members and veterans live in between the battlefield and the home front. American Sniper takes the audience through the complexities of war and the families who have lived through it. There are noble struggles for hardened souls and the quest to find a sense of normalcy, which Eastwood and Cooper have found a way to accurately portray.

Kyle, with pinpoint precision, quells the threat of enemies hiding in alleys waiting to ambush American convoys. His dedication to the mission causes the sounds of war to echo at home as he contemplates the lives he could have saved. In the same manner, the responsibilities of life and family are ever present for him on the battlefield. It’s through this journey that we see the depth of the man, once the uniform comes off. In the movie, a SEAL says, “You can’t shoot what you can’t see,” yet somehow Eastwood has managed to capture the dichotomy of traveling home from the battlefield and back again like no director has before.

When Eastwood and Cooper move beyond the reputation of Kyle, we begin to understand the true value of a battle-tested veteran. As Kyle helps his fellow veterans cope with loss of limbs and reintegration challenges, he is able to exorcise his own demons. “Why do you do it?” a veteran asks Kyle as they shoot at a range. His response: “We take care of each other, right?”

I have spoken with many veterans who have screened American Sniper, and they all say the same thing: this movie gets it right. American Sniper is in a new breed of Hollywood war films. It is an inspiration for how to properly and thoughtfully showcase veterans and the reintegration process — a model the entertainment industry should adopt more often.

American Sniper is also the quintessential example of the types of portrayals of veterans that Got Your 6 — a coalition of 30 veteran-focused nonprofits — is promoting in film and television as a way to demonstrate the nuance of the veteran experience. As Hollywood continues to tell the stories of those who have served, deployed, and returned home, depictions like these help bridge the civilian-military divide. American Sniper is the story of a man who ultimately succeeded on the battlefield and at home –and we all have responsibility to recount it.

Chris Marvin is a retired Army Black Hawk helicopter pilot, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, and the managing director of the Got Your 6 campaign.

Follow Chris Marvin on Twitter: www​.twitter​.com/​C​h​r​i​s​M​M​a​r​vin

This article originally was originally published by The Huffington Post.