Special Forces


Definitive Guide to US Special Ops

BY DAVID NYE — WEARETHEMIGHTY​.COM You’ve heard about the men who come in the night, the badasses, the snake eaters. These are the rough and tumble…

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Sniper Rifles

American Sniper opens in movie theaters everywhere this Friday. Director Clint Eastwood delivers heart-stopping action in the Iraq battle scenes, but he’s just as interested…

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A Special Forces Classic Gets an Update

Since its first publication in 1986, the SAS Survival Handbook has sold millions of copies and become a worldwide classic. Sort of a special forces…


Reality is Overrated: ‘SEAL Team 8’

We get a lot of pitches around here that emphasize just how real the military action sequences are in Hollywood movies. Studios emphasize the badass…


Jason Redman Talks ‘The Trident’

Some of our readers know former Navy SEAL Jason Redman because they’ve seen photos of a sign he posted outside his door at the National…


‘Return to Mogadishu’ 20 Years Later

Recently, U.S. Army Best Ranger Jeff Struecker returned to Somalia twenty years after he fought in the battle that inspired the book and movie Black…

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‘One on One’ With Chris Ashworth

Chris Ashworth is best known for his role as Sergei Malatov in the hit series The Wire. Although he enjoys a successful Hollywood career, he…


From Nirvana to Special Forces

A new article in the New York Times Magazine details the mindblowing journey of Jason Everman, who went from being the guy who got kicked…


Go ‘Inside Combat Rescue’

Inside Combat Rescue is a six-part series premiering on the National Geographic Channel next Monday February 18th at 10PM. The show chronicles an Afghanistan deployment…


How Your ‘Alpha Dogs’ Get Trained

Raise your hand if it ever occurred to you that United States military and law enforcement would outsource at least some of their dog training….


Should Some Stars Avoid Stripes?

So, Stars Earn Stripes Week 2. The weirdest thing about this reality shows is that they’re shot and edited to look like live sporting events…


Should Stars Earn Stripes?

Stars Earns Stripes premiered this week and it begs a pretty important question: just exactly what does it mean to “support the troops” these days?…