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10 Great Cold War Spy Movies

‘Bridge of Spies’ by DreamWorks Studios.

Steven Spielberg’s latest movie Bridge of Spies opens in theaters this weekend. Tom Hanks plays James Donovan, an NYC attorney who previously served as a prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials. He’s asked to represent spy Rudolf Abel in a gesture designed to prove to the Soviet government that Americans take their principles seriously. Donovan takes that task a little too seriously for everyone involved and manages to save Abel by getting him a 30-year sentence instead of the execution the public wants to see.

Donovan realizes that Abel can be a bargaining chip and eventually is brought in to engineer a trade for downed U-2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers, also gaining the release of an American student arrested by the East Germans as part of the deal. +Continue Reading

Making Sense of Snowden in ‘Citizenfour’


There are several reasons you should watch Citizenfour, the Oscar-winning documentary about Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor whose 2013 leak of classified documents to journalists set off a massive debate about privacy and government surveillance. The film is out this week on Blu-ray and DVD with an array of fascinating special features. It doesn’t matter if you decide that Snowden is a traitor, a patriot or some hard-to-define combination of both, this is a compelling and important film about the business of protecting the United States and the debate over security vs. privacy we all face. +Continue Reading

Rebecca Ferguson Explains Why You Should See ‘Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation’


Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation opens this Friday in theaters. We’ve already seen video of Tom Cruise’s incredible stunt work in the picture. Today, costar Rebecca Ferguson talks to us about her role in MI5.

In the new movie, Ethan Hunt and his crew realize that a shadow organization has matched its skills and plans to destroy the IMF. Alec Baldwin plays the head of the CIA who simultaneously wants to shut down operations and Cruise must save the world and the IMF all at the same time.

Ferguson hails from Sweden and got her start in English-language productions as Queen Elizabeth in the BBC series The White Queen and has played Ergenia in Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules. She spoke with us in late April when visiting the USA to promote the new movie. +Continue Reading

Old Guys With Guns, Again

November Man

Pierce Brosnan went out and secured the rights to Bill Granger’s Peter Devereaux spy novels and he’s attempted to launch a new movie franchise for himself with The November Man (out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD). You know the drill: Devereaux’s an aging CIA agent who’s called the November man because everything’s dead after he comes to call. He wants out of the game but they pull him back in to extract his (secret) wife from a Russian mission gone wrong. +Continue Reading

Nazi Spies from the Archives


Fox is digging deep into their vaults with the Cinema Archives series, reissuing titles that either haven’t been widely seen in years. There are quite a few espionage and war movies in the catalog and two World War II-era titles, 5 Fingers and Margin for Error have just been released on DVD. +Continue Reading

Admitted Spy Shows Up for Oscars – and Wins


And the winner is … Arnon Milchan!

Anyone watching the Oscars on Sunday – or reading/watching news Monday morning – knows that 12 Years a Slave earned the Academy Award for Best Picture.

But when the star-studded cast and director crowded the stage at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre to accept their trophies, it was evident that film producer and Israeli spy Arnon Milchan – who stood with them – also won big. +Continue Reading

The Friends of James Bond


By Max Allan Collins

Editor’s Note: COMPLEX 90 was an unfinished Mike Hammer novel by Mickey Spillane that was recently completed by noted author Max Allan Collins, whom Spillane asked to finish the book before is death in 2006. In the just-released book, Hammer travels to Russia on a fact-finding mission and gets entangled in an espionage incident with the KGB. Since the novel was originally inspired by the ‘60s spy craze, Collins decided to reflect on the influence of James Bond for us.

The recent publication of COMPLEX 90 got me reflecting on that special time in the ‘60s when James Bond first exploded onto the American scene.  This is in part because I’m the lucky writer who completed Mickey Spillane’s unfinished 1964 manuscript of his “lost Mike Hammer Cold War thriller”; but also because I was in high school when Bond and the Beatles led the British Invasion, and have warm, vivid memories of the spy craze. +Continue Reading

‘The Americans’ Brings Back the Cold War

During the Cold War, was the USA packed with Soviet agents who lived as regular American families, spying on their neighbors and radioing the intel to Kremlin analysts? For anyone too young to remember the era, does that sound remotely possible? +Continue Reading

What Would Archer Do?

Not sure why we’ve never posted about Archer before but it’s definitely one of those things that end up watching four episodes in a row in the middle of the night and wonder why you haven’t programmed your DVR to catch every episode.

The world’s most self-involved secret agent has some holiday tips. Make sure you follow his lead and catch the new season on FX starting in January. +Continue Reading

Andy McNab: No Tears For the Dead

  • December 1, 2010
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Andy McNab (not his real name) is the most decorated soldier in the British Army since the Second World War and the author of the Nick Stone thriller series. He’s also a total badass according to this great interview over at HMForces​.co​.uk.