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Star Wars: Debut of the First Order

A new Korean trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted online this week and it offers our first glimpse of The First Order. Set…


How SEALs Could Fix Hollywood

Wired just enlisted SEAL Team Six trainer Don Mann (author of the The U.S. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook) to explain how the SEALs would handle…


A Jedi’s Return

“Danny, I am your father.” USAF Col. Rob Kiebler had been training and on a tour of duty in Afghanistan for 14 months when he…

Don't forget the reason for the Comic-Con season.

A Visit to Comic-Con

Pro Tip: Click once on the photo above and they’ll open up into a large slideshow. If you read about San Diego’s Comic-Con at most…


Lockout Delivers

Featuring an impossible rescue from an outer-space prison and lead characters who seem like blatant Han Solo and Princes Leia knockoffs, Lockout seems like a movie…


Red Tails Plays It Straight

Red Tails is an action picture about the Tuskegee Airmen that feels more like a movie made in 1944 than the kind of nuanced and…


George Lucas Strikes Back

Be prepared for a few unpleasant surprises if you bought the new  Star Wars Blu-ray box set. Of course, some people just can’t believe that…


The Death Star Boondoggle

With the Star Wars Blu-ray box set due for release on Friday, there has been a flood of new articles about George Lucas’ movie cycle….


Scarface: Say Hello to Blu-ray

  Brian De Palma’s Scarface remake has finally been released on Blu-ray and the results are spectacular. The high-def transfer gives the movie’s over-the-top art…


The Star Wars Dilemma

How many times can George Lucas get you to buy the three original (real) Star Wars movies? No matter how much you tell yourself that…


Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer

We need some guidance from our readers. At this point in history, are new Star Wars products just unnecessary cash-grabs trying to prop up a…


Darth Vader Vanquishes a Terrorist

OK, not everyone will think this pitch-perfect parody of the New York Times coverage of bin Laden’s death is funny, especially since it equates Osama…


What Happened to the Star Wars Kid?

Ghyslain Raza unwittingly became the first Internet video superstar when some classmates uploaded some stolen video of Raza practicing his light saber moves. So what…