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Stars Earn Stripes: Girls With Guns

Stars Earn Stripes wrapped up its run on NBC and it turns out that the “celebrities” who fared best in the competition were actually athletes. That’s probably not a surprise to anyone who’s watched Dancing With the Stars but it turns out that those athletes also happened to be women. There’s a lot of online discussion online about whether women make better snipers than men but it’s pretty apparent that at least some women can handle a weapon better than an Ivy League football player and a four-time Iron Dog champion. +Continue Reading

Stars Earn Stripes: Heaven With a .50 Cal

On this week’s Stars Earn Strips, retired Green Beret Grady Powell let us know that his idea of heaven: a hot girl with a .50 cal machine gun, specifically WWE wrestler Eve Torres. Both Grady and Eve played for the winning team this week alongside actor Dean Cain and SEAL memoirist Chris Kyle.

This week’s episode felt a lot less solemn, less about “honoring the troops” and more about the fun of blowing up targets. Maybe everyone had settled into filming the show or maybe the machine gun got everyone’s adrenalin pumping. It’s too bad that didn’t really happen much in the first two episodes, because the ratings haven’t been what the network was looking for: NBC announced last night at the end of the episode that they’re combining the last two episodes and finishing up the series next Monday night. +Continue Reading

Should Some Stars Avoid Stripes?

So, Stars Earn Stripes Week 2. The weirdest thing about this reality shows is that they’re shot and edited to look like live sporting events but the fact is that the entire series was shot before the first episode aired. So it’s impossible to incorporate the excellent feedback our readers offered in the comments section on last week’s post.

Now that we’re past the introduction stage, NBC doesn’t need two hours to set up the challenge, so things moved a lot faster. The celebrities had to jump out of a helicopter onto a rooftop, take out some targets, rappel down the side of the eight-story building, meet their operative partners, take out some more targets and meet their extraction pickup truck.

Stop reading now if you don’t want to find out what happened in the challenge/competition/mission. +Continue Reading

Should Stars Earn Stripes?

Stars Earns Stripes premiered this week and it begs a pretty important question: just exactly what does it mean to “support the troops” these days? Because everyone on camera in this show believes they’re paying tribute to the men and women who fight to protect our country.

Retired General Wesley Clark (a guy who once believed, for at least a couple of weeks, that he might be the President of the United States) oversees a pretend training facility where celebrities are paired with military-trained operatives and compete in events based on actual training missions. Every celeb is playing to win donations to military charities that deserve the support. +Continue Reading

The ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ Veterans Jobs Plan

NBC has announced a few more details about its competition reality show Stars Earn Stripes. Set to premiere August 13th, the show will be hosted by Ret. General Wesley Clark and will gather nine celebrities at a secret training facility where they will be “challenged to execute complicated missions inspired by real military exercises.”

The “celebrities” include former Alaska First Husband Todd Palin, former Jessica Simpson husband Nick Lachey, former Superman Dean Cain, former Olympic skier Picabo Street and a few more folks you might recognize if you watch more TV than we do. The big news this week is the announcement of the veterans who have been hired to train the celebs and compete alongside them to win the big prize. +Continue Reading