Top Gun


Hurry Up & Watch ‘Top Gun’

Life’s busy, there’s a million viral videos you need to check out, who’s got time to sit down and watch an entire movie? Fortunately, our…


Fox Axes Planned ‘Wild Blue’ TV Series

The Fox network had big plans for its Wild Blue drama series, which aimed to describe life on a Navy aircraft carrier from an “upstairs/downstairs”…


Top Gun 3D, Now at Home

The Top Gun 3D conversion arrives on Blu-ray this week, just a couple of weeks after it had a run in IMAX movie theaters and our…

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Free ‘Top Gun’ IMAX 3D Screenings

If you’re in Jacksonville or Virginia Beach this week and want to see the new IMAX 3D version of Top Gun, Paramount has 5 pairs…


‘Top Gun’ Lives in 3D IMAX

Not only Top Gun is the Citizen Kane of Naval aviator movies, it’s the picture that invented (or at least perfected) the conventions of the…


The Lost Top Gun Auditions

Here are the missing audition tapes from the massive 25th anniversary Blu-ray edition of Top Gun, featuring Tony Danza, Al Pacino, Alan Alda, Crispin Glover,…


Top Gun Turns 25

2011 is the 25th anniversary of Top Gun and Paramount has released a Blu-ray + Digital Copy edition. Top Gun is still a complete contradiction….

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Happy Birthday Top Gun

Last week I tried to get a rise out of our editor Ward Carroll by sending him a link to this incredibly long story* in…


China Goes Maverick

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep a global perspective here at UTR, today we have a Russian TV news story on how the…