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An Army Vet Faces a Decision on ‘The Briefcase’

The Briefcase

Army veteran Dave Bronson and his wife Cara are featured on the new CBS reality show The Briefcase, premiering on Wednesday May 28 at 8pm ET/PT. Dave was injured in Iraq when an IED destroyed his Humvee and now he uses a prosthetic leg. The couple lives in Manchester, NH and, when the program was filmed, were building a new home using VA grants and expecting their second child.

The show’s premise is pretty tough: families who are dealing with financial issues are given a briefcase containing $101,000 and they’re given 72 hours to decide what to do with the money. They can keep all of it for themselves or give some or all of the cash to another family in need. Everything gets filmed and America gets to watch. +Continue Reading

Army Vet Finds New Mission Fighting Poachers in East Africa


Kinessa Johnson served four years in the Army as a weapons instructor and mechanic and did one tour of duty in Afghanistan. When she got out and needed a job, she found an unexpected new mission, protecting animals in East Africa and fighting poachers with VETPAWS. +Continue Reading

Share Your Story: Veterans Legacies Project Launches Ambitious Program to Preserve and Share the Stories of our Veterans

Normandy Parade

The nonprofit organization Historical Outreach Foundation has launched an ambitious program to preserve and share the stories of our nation’s veterans. “The Veterans Legacies Project was born from a need to preserve the history of our WWII and Korean veterans before they are all gone,” said Jonathan Sanford, executive director of the project. +Continue Reading

Veteran Jayson Floyd Talks About PTSD & ‘TWILDM’

TWILDM_Website_11 copy

Military​.com has partnered with TakePart​.com, Participant Media’s digital magazine and social action platform to present a powerful documentary, That Which I Love Destroys Me. The film offers a candid look at PTSD through the eyes of two Special Operations veterans –Tyler Grey and Jayson Floyd – and charts their journeys toward healing through their struggles to rebuild relationships with family and exploring their trauma up close.

You can watch the entire film here through the end of March. Jayson Floyd talked with us about his experiences making the film and how talking about his issues really has helped him manage and work thr0ugh his PTSD. +Continue Reading

A Vietnam Vet Story from Director Errol Morris

  • March 5, 2015
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johndicarlosubterraneanstadium copy

First off, apologies to director Errol Morris for giving away the slowly-revealed point of his new short movie Subterranean Stadium, streaming now at ESPN’s Grantland website as part of their Errol Morris Week and his “It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports” film series. On the surface, it’s a profile of a bunch of guys in upstate New York who are obsessed with playing electric football, the primitive tabletop predecessor to video games.

It’s really a movie about a Vietnam veteran who’s struggled with health issues related to Agent Orange exposure and how his connections with family and friends helped him cope. Electric football is just the pastime he used to make those connections. Go here to watch the movie, as ESPN still hasn’t fixed its embeddable video to work on our publishing platform (a/k/a the world’s most popular). +Continue Reading

Army Vet Noah Galloway Dances With the Stars


Retired Army Sgt. Noah Galloway made a positive statement for injured veterans when he appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine last fall. Now the double amputee has joined the cast of the 20th season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Galloway, who lost his left arm and left leg while serving in Iraq, will be partnered with professional dancer Sharna Burgess.

Galloway hopes to follow in the footsteps of J.R. Martinez, the Army 101st veteran who won the competition back in 2011. Martinez, who was also wounded by an IED and suffered burns over 40% of his body, did a lot to raise awareness that men and women injured in battle can return and lead productive, well-adjusted lives. +Continue Reading

Army Vet Sean Mullin Talks About ‘Amira & Sam’


Writer/director Sean Mullin went to West Point and served at Ground Zero in the early days after 9/11. He makes his feature film debut with Amira & Sam, a romantic comedy about an Iraq war veteran who returns home and tries to make sense of a country that seems to have no sense of or connection to the wars it’s asking its military to fight. Sean talked to us about his military career, the ideas behind the movie, special forces guys as “buff nerds” and what it’s like to pitch military-themed pictures in Hollywood.

The movie is playing in theaters around the country this weekend. If you’re into the trailer and really want to support a veteran’s movie, you can get yourself to the movie house and buy a ticket. Check this list to see where it’s playing. If you don’t live in a city that’s showing the movie or if you just can’t get a sitter to get out of the house, you can also buy or rent it digitally from a long list on online providers (including Amazon Instant Video, Google Play and iTunes). It’s even available On Demand from most of the big cable and both of the big satellite providers. They’ve made it easy for you to see this movie. +Continue Reading

Military Date Night With ‘Amira & Sam’


West Point graduate Sean Mullin served as the Officer in Charge of the soldiers stationed at Ground Zero after 9/11 as a Captain in the Army National Guard. He’s gone on to perform stand-up comedy and now he’s written and directed Amira & Sam, a feature film about Army vet Sam Seneca (played by Martin Starr) home from service in Iraq.

It’s a romantic comedy, so nothing gets too heavy, but Sam tries to make sense of an America that doesn’t have much connection to the wars it’s fighting and the people who served. He gets involved with his cousin’s Wall Street schemes (Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries) and falls in love with Amira (played by Dina Shahibi), the niece of an Iraqi translator now living in New York. Amira’s here illegally and they try to sort out their romance while she’s facing deportation. Spoiler: love wins in the end. This is a rare leading role for Starr, an underrated actor who’s given consistently first-rate performances in movies and TV shows like Freaks & Geeks, Silicon Valley, Knocked Up, Party Down, Superbad and This is the End.

Distributor Alamo Drafthouse Films is promoting the movie with a Military Date Night deal for service members this weekend. Check out a trailer for the movie and complete details about the promotion below.

Bonus: this is an excellent movie (along with Fort Blissto recommend to all your friends and neighbors who are suddenly aware of veterans issues now that they’ve seen American Sniper.

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Under the Radar’s Top Stories in 2014


2014 was an intense year in Military news, and it brought to Under the Radar a number of moving pieces about our beloved veterans and a few that were zany, ridiculous, and strange. Here we like to broadcast and comment on everything from movies to not-so-fond military memories, and we were able to dig those up droves. Showing a bit of the off-beat side of the military, here are the top 10 Under the Radar stories from 2014.

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Former SEAL Kristin Beck Describes Her Journey


Lady Valor is a documentary film about Kristin Beck, a former Navy SEAL who came out as a transgendered woman on Anderson Cooper’s CNN program in 2013. The network then commissioned this film, aired it last month and now it’s available on VOD and DVD from Wolfe Video. Kristin Beck comes off as exactly the sort of badass you’d expect a special ops warrior to be. Over the course of an interview about her Navy career as Christopher Beck, she calmly describes her resumé and it’s spectacular.

The movie is aimed at everyone who’s not predisposed to understand or accept Kristin Beck’s transformation and highlights the role the United States Military has historically played in changing mainstream America’s attitudes about race, religion, national origin and sexuality. Beck thinks transgendered Americans can and will serve their country as well as anyone else. +Continue Reading