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Archie Takes a Bullet for a Gay Veteran

Archie Andrews

In the latest issue of Life With Archie, Archie Andrews dies when he steps in front of a bullet intended for his best friend Kevin Keller, the gay veteran and gun control advocated who’s launched a political career after his husband is the victim of a mall shooting.

Let’s pause a moment to let everyone who hasn’t seen an Archie comic since the 1970s to catch their breath. +Continue Reading

Why Veterans Miss the War

sebastianjungerted copy

By Ho Lin

There’s a scene in the very first episode of Sherlock, the modern version of the Sherlock Holmes myth, in which Dr. Watson, now a shell-shocked survivor of 21st century Afghanistan, is confronted by a shady power broker. The man notes that Watson’s hand, usually afflicted with the shakes, is now deadly still in the midst of their tense confrontation.  “You’re not haunted by the war, Dr. Watson,” the mystery man smirks. “You miss it.” +Continue Reading

Wes Moore Talks About His PBS Series ‘Coming Back’


Coming Back With Wes Moore is a three-part series starting Tuesday May 13th on PBS stations around the country. The program attempts to present the experiences of the men and women who have served overseas in a more realistic context for the vast majority of Americans who don’t have any direct connect to the military, to move beyond the rote “Thank you for your service” greetings men and women in uniform are used to hearing. +Continue Reading

Navy Vet Invents the BakBone, a Better Way to Hold an iPad


Navy veteran and physician Paul Webber wanted an easy way to hold his iPad when doing bedside data entry, but he couldn’t find a device that was also easily sterilized to use in a hospital environment. That inspired him to invent the BakBone, a ring that attaches to the back of a tablet computer. +Continue Reading

‘One on One’ With Griffin House


Griffin House is a songwriter’s songwriter.  Unlike so many commercialized pop acts of today, the Ohio native crafts a story rather than just a catchy chorus. House has a deep appreciation for those that serve and have served in our nation’s Armed Forces.  He talked with me about what inspires his songs and his life. +Continue Reading

Pin-Ups For Vets 2014 Features Actual Veterans


The 2014 Pin-Ups For Vets Calendar is available for pre-order and we’ve got a few images shared by founder and lead model Gina Elise, including the one featuring the male veterans they found through an open casting call.

Jayson Adler (Army), Phillip Gomez (USCG), Alex Minsky (Marines), PJ Walsh (Navy), Chris Crane (USAF) join Gina Elise on the November calendar page (in honor of Veterans Day). This year’s calendar also features Mylee YC, a female Army veteran (and breast cancer survior) and Kelly Serio, a female Navy vet. Returning from 2013 are UFC tonight host Leeann Tweeden and the first female NBA scout Bonnie-Jill Laflin. +Continue Reading

Pin-Ups for Vets is Looking for a Few Good Men


Gina Elise and her team at the veterans charity Pin-Ups for Vets are putting together their 2014 calendar and they’ve put out a casting call for male Veterans (one from each branch) to appear in a group photo with Gina for one month in next year’s edition. +Continue Reading

Panic in the Twilight Room

Folks need their stories. With the long, slow demise of TV soap operas, writers and actors are trying to reinvent the format online. While plans to reinvent All My Children and One Live to Live as online-only shows didn’t quite pan out, lots of other people are taking a go at bringing the serial drama into the 21st century.Hollywood veteran and Fried Green Tomatoes director Jon Avnet joined with Albert Nobbs director Rodrigo Garcia to launch the WIGS channel on YouTube. +Continue Reading

‘Savages’ Blu-ray & the Business of ‘Military Consultants’

Until everyone got distracted by senior commend skirt chasing, it sure felt like the national discussion this week was going to be all about the role of military advisers in the entertainment industry. Oliver Stone’s Savages (out now on a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy/UltraViolet 4-way combo pack) and the studio sent us “Military Consultants” clip from the Bly-ray. It features actor and Army vet Jake McLaughlin and military consultant, stunt coordinator and retired Navy SEAL Keith Woulard talking about how they contributed their real-life expertise to the movie.

Stone has never been shy about his own service in Vietnam and used that experience to great ends in Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July. He’s also maintained that background gives him extra insight when he’s floated the elaborate conspiracy theories that fueled JFK and his new TV series Untold History of the United States. Savages, based on the excellent novel by Don Winslow, feels a hell of a lot more like his genre crime movies Natural Born Killers and U Turn. +Continue Reading

‘Least Among Saints’ Review

Hollywood has yet to make a movie that has the same impact on issues for returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans that Coming Home had for Vietnam vets, but they sure keep trying. Who remembers Stop-Loss? The Lucky One? The Lucky Ones (different movie)?

Writer/director Martin Papazian’s Least Among Saints is the latest movie to take on the subject and represents the best effort so far. You might remember Papazian’s performance as Brian Dettman in Sam Mendes’ excellent Jarhead and he plays the lead role of Marine vet Anthony Hayward, a man who’s finding it difficult to adjust to life back home. +Continue Reading