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Surprised by ‘World At Arms’

  • December 5, 2012
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By Spawn of Shooter

BLUF: I went into this expecting to hate the game. At first glance it looked like a carbon copy of other games I’ve really enjoyed, with some of the disadvantages of playing a phone-based game added in. I wasn’t just wrong, I was way wrong. I’ve been playing this game as close to non-stop as I can get away with for nearly two weeks.

So I was expecting World of Arms from Gameloft to be your basic RTS (Real Time Strategy) or TBS (Turn Based Strategy) game, but it’s not, not really anyway. There’s more of an element of chance to it, influenced by how you play the game and how you use power-ups on the field. Having more advanced weaponry allows you to kill your enemies more efficiently, obviously. You get advanced weaponry with in game currency gained by leveling or you can purchase things with premium currency (which is bought irl with actual money). It’s not a new idea, but it’s a good one. Once you’re sucked in you’re going to want to use some of that allowance to buy a ‘Charger’ tank. +Continue Reading