The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 11/18/15


Did everyone enjoy their freebies on Veteran’s Day? Congrats! Now enjoy these memes for free!

1. What’s better than getting a bunch of free food on Veteran’s Day? (via Coast Guard Memes).


Getting free food while collecting a bunch of Facebook love. +Continue Reading

Sound Off: Should the US Commit Ground Troops to Fight ISIS?


The Paris attacks made it clear that United States efforts to bomb ISIS out of existence aren’t working.

Now members of Congress want us to invade Syria and engage in ground combat against a group that calls itself a state but, in reality, functions more like a marauding gang than an actual government that provides services and protection for its citizens. +Continue Reading

The Bataclan Murders are an Attack on American Values


Eagles of Death Metal onstage at La Bataclan Paris before the attacks

Make no mistake: the terror attack on the Eagles of Death Metal concert at Paris’ Bataclan Theatre is an attack on American culture and values. Granted, the American values embraced by a stoner-rock band from Palm Desert, CA might not exactly line up with the values embraced by some of our readers, but it’s part of our national heritage that no matter how strongly we disagree about the particulars we believe that diversity of political, religious or cultural views is essential to our national identity.

As news about the attacks has emerged over the weekend, it’s become obvious that the concert attracted young men and women from a myriad of nationalities and cultural backgrounds: tourists, exchange students, music lovers from all over the world. That’s what pissed off ISIS. Their post-attack propaganda makes its clear: “The targets included the Bataclan theatre for exhibitions, where hundreds of pagans gathered for a concert of prostitution and vice.” +Continue Reading

MEE M7P: Getting Value in Your Workout Audio



I’ve given up on the idea that investing in workout headphones is a good idea. I’m not particularly rough on anything I’ve used, but sweat and getting crammed in a bag seems to take a huge toll. A $150 investment in a pair that’s going to last a year seems like a bad idea. If headphones are going to break, what’s a good price point? The MEE Audio M7P Secure-Fit Sports Earphones get the job done and list for $39.99.

They’re much higher quality than the $15 pairs on offer at the discount store, they stay in your ears and sound good for the price. +Continue Reading

The Complete Hater’s Guide to the US Navy


Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series about how branches of the military hate on each other. We’ll feature all branches of the U.S. military, written by veterans of that branch being brutally honest with themselves and their services.

The branches of the U.S. military are like a very large family. They deal with one another because they have to, not because they always get along.

The differences don’t stop at uniforms. Each branch has its own goals, mission, and its own internal culture. At the upper levels of the services, they compete for funds and favor from civilians in DoD. In the lower ranks, they compete for fun and favor from civilians in bars and strip clubs (especially in North Carolina). The branches are like siblings, competing for the intangible title of who’s “the best” from no one in particular.

“The Soviets are our adversary. Our enemy is the Navy.” —Gen. Curtis LeMay, U.S. Air Force

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Sound Off: China’s Military Presence in Syria


At Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate, candidate Ben Carson asserted that China has a military presence in Syria and his advisor late doubled down, claiming access to special intelligence “from people on the ground” that confirmed “the Chinese are there.”

This, of course, comes as a surprise to anyone who’s been following the news coverage of the conflict here on Military​.com. +Continue Reading

It’s a Long Story — ‘Love the Coopers’


Love the Coopers is one of those sprawling films where everyone comes home for the holidays, confronts some family drama and grows closer when they rediscover the spirit of the season. It opens in theaters this weekend for what’s designed to be a long run through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Diane Keaton and John Goodman star as the parents, Ed Helms is their son going through a divorce and Olivia Wilde is their free-spirited daughter. She’s the character of interest here because Wilde’s character Eleanor hangs out in an airport bar and meets Joe, a soldier played by the excellent Jake Lacy. Eleanor convinces Joe to come home with her and pretend to be her boyfriend. If you can’t figure what happens next, then maybe you should avoid going to the movies altogether. +Continue Reading

Making Things Right for LA’s Homeless Veterans


Today, Veteran’s Day, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced an initiative asking the nation to join together and cover the final move-in costs for 500 homeless veterans. This funding, in partnership with Home For Good/United Way and various nonprofits, will assist veterans who have federal rental subsidies and a place to live but need some cash to cover their final move in expenses. Donations will help provide a home to a significant backlog of veterans currently living on the streets.  

With donations of $11 and up, all funds will be used to directly pay for security deposits, credit checks and even basic furniture that will convert a house into a true home for these veterans and their families. The campaign will run through 12/31/2015. You can help give these vets the keys to a new life.

Make a donation here: www​.Mayorsfundla​.org/​H​o​m​e​s​f​o​r​H​e​r​oes

Designing Future War in ‘Terminator Genisys’


Terminator Genisys brings Arnold Schwarzenegger back to the role that made him the biggest movie star of the ‘90s. The movie is out this week on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. There are exclusive package from various retailers: links to buy the movie in every imaginable format are here.

We’ve got a video about the movie’s design of the future war between Skynet and the John Connor-led resistance. James Cameron made the two original movies on far more limited budgets that only allowed him to suggest the scale of the conflict, but the new film goes all in on battle scenes that last on a short time at the beginning of the movie. +Continue Reading

The 13 Funniest Military Memes of the Week 11/11/15


Awesome memes from around the interwebs. Share your favorites on our Facebook page.

1. Look, when the Army started giving the Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle to more units, soldiers got excited about it (via Team Non-Rec).


“‘Murica! ‘Murica! God share his armory with thee-ee! +Continue Reading