‘Lone Survivor’ Team Returns With ‘Call of Duty’ Spot


Lone Survivor director Peter Berg and star Taylor Kitsch (who played Lt. Michael Murphy in the film) have teamed up again for a new commercial that shows off the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which launches next week for PC, both XBoxes and both PlayStations.

You get a first person view as Kitsch guides you through a Lagos, Nigeria war zone in 2059. The commercial represents yet another episode in Berg and Kitsch’s professional relationship. The actor got his big break starring in Berg’s Friday Night Lights and they both bravely soldiered together through the Battleship movie experience a couple of years back.

The commercial tries to focus on the new twists that are supposed to keep the game fresh. In an interview with Variety, Berg said, ““We wanted to replicate what you’ll see when you play it. It was important to Activision that the game was accurate and not promising something that it isn’t. We didn’t want to overpromise what the game could deliver. Everything we designed, we designed with the game guys there.” +Continue Reading

Former Marine Banned from Daughter’s School


On October 28th, Kevin Wood received an unexpected no-trespass order from La Plata High School where his daughter is currently in the 11th grade. A former Marine Corporal with eight years of service, Wood felt wronged and claims the order is unjust. Before receiving the order, Wood had appeared at La Plata High school to contest his daughter’s latest assignment: writing a three-page paper about the five pillars of Islam.

According to the Daily Caller, the school felt that Wood had made threatening remarks and the order is warranted. School district spokeswoman Katie O’Malley-Simpson claimed that Wood openly promised to cause problems for the school if they did not allow his daughter to complete an alternate assignment. However, O’Malley-Simpson did not specify what the threats entailed. “Safety comes first,” she said. “We don’t allow disruptions at the schools, especially if we’re forewarned of them.” +Continue Reading

Monster Up Your Phone for Halloween

610283_bild copy

It’s probably too late to track down one of these for a Halloween party, but the holiday gives us an excuse to run this excellent photo of the SwitchEasy Monsters case, which is available for the iPhone 5/5s ($19.99) and 5c ($24.99), the iPod Touch 5G ($19.99) and the Samsung Galaxy S4 ($9.99).  +Continue Reading

Modernize a Vintage Hi-Fi With the Mass Fidelity Relay

Relay_product_image2 copy

The Mass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC is a fantastic solution for anyone who’d like to stream music from a computer, tablet or smartphone but doesn’t want to replace their current audio system with a Sonos or other wireless speaker or even “upgrade” their vintage receiver or preamp to a new one with AirPlay or Bluetooth built in.

The Relay promises a one-minute setup and it delivers: you take it out of the box, screw the antenna into the back, plug in the power cord and plug the RCA jacks into an open slot on your receiver or preamp. Hit the power button, pair with your device and you’re playing music. It’s a $249 addition to your system, but look at it this way: that’s a lot less expensive than a top-end wireless speaker and definitely cheaper than a new receiver that you might not want anyway. +Continue Reading

How a Veteran MC Inspired a Zombie Novel

veteransallegiance1 copy

Author Dana Fredsti recently published Plague World, the latest in her series of Ashley Parker zombie novels. She’s previously written for us about her experiences watching war movies with her dad and the research that went into getting her zombies right.

This time she talks about how she created characters inspired by the Veterans’ Allegiance VMC Motorcycle club and how she got their permission to use them in her novel. +Continue Reading

Jumping From the Edge of Space

alaneustace copy

Alan Eustace shocked everyone last week when he broke Felix Baumgartner’s free-fall altitude record, breaking the speed of sound and falling over 25 miles in 15 minutes. That’s just crazy, and it’s even harder to believe when you learn that Eustace didn’t use a space capsule like Baumgartner did: he went up in a small balloon that allowed him to perform his feat for a fraction of the cost.

Eustace has a day job as “senior vice president of knowledge” at Google and, at 57, he’s pretty old for an extreme athlete. There were a lot of engineering innovations to mitigate the risk, but testing only gets you so far. +Continue Reading

Review: Cambridge Audio Go Wireless Speaker


The Cambridge Audio Go is an all-around improvement to the Cambridge Audio Minx Go portable Bluetooth speaker. You can start with the name: someone realized (or “realised,” since they’re British) that “minx” has some less-than-flattering slang connotations for women.

The Go retails for $179 and a fantastic-sounding speaker for the price. If you search for “Cambridge Audio Go” online, you’ll get a lot of links to buy the still-available Minx version. You want the new one. Click here to order the right version from Amazon via the Cambridge Audio website. +Continue Reading

Tickets for Troops With VetTix

thankyou97 copy

The Veteran Tickets Foundation is a military charity with a remarkably straightforward mission: they distribute tickets to concerts, sporting events, performing arts and other family activities to active duty military, veterans and their families (and the families of those killed in action) via their VetTix​.org website.

The organization works with promoters, artists and teams to pair seats that might otherwise go empty with its members. They also accept individual donations and provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences via their Hero’s Wish program. +Continue Reading

Watch the Trailer for A&E Network’s ‘Dogs of War’


Dogs of War is a new A&E documentary series that follows PTSD veterans as they are paired with shelter dogs who help in their rehabilitation. Premiering on Veterans Day at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central, the show follows Jim and Lindsey Stanek, the founders of the Paws and Stripes, a charity that trains adopted dogs and pairs them with veterans at little or no cost. +Continue Reading

‘Wounded: The Battle Back Home’ — Operation Honor


The Wounded Warrior Project is marking its tenth anniversary with a new documentary series called Wounded: The Battle Back Home. The series wraps up with a final episode featuring Marine Corps veteran Jamel Daniels. +Continue Reading