Return to Korengal Valley in ‘Restrepo’ Sequel


Filmmaker and journalist Sebastian Junger has announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund a theatrical release for Korengal, his new documentary that’s a sequel to Restrepo, the Academy Award-nominated film he made with the late photojournalist Tim Hetherington back in 2010.

Hetherington was killed while covering the Libyan civil war in 2011 and Junger subsequently made the HBO documentary Which Way is the Front Line from Here? as a tribute to his fallen colleague. Junger and Hetherington shot over 150 hours of footage during the year they spent with a U.S. Army platoon in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley and used that as the basis for Restrepo. +Continue Reading

iBattz Battstation Optimus: iPhone Power in a Crisis


The ibattz Mobile Battstation Optimus features a massive 20400mAh battery to recharge your mobile devices in a crisis, promising to recharge your smartphone up to 8 times on a single charge and two full charges for a tablet device.

The Optimus retails for $129.95. There are a lot of smaller backup batteries that fit more easily into a backpack for quick on-the-go charging. While the battery itself fits into a compact 5.5″ by 2.8″ by 0.87″ case, the device weighs a hefty 12.5 ounces. +Continue Reading

iSport Victory: In-Ear Headphones That Are Actually Comfortable

isport1 copy

I’ve got a drawer full of earbuds and in-ear headphones, all of which I bought with the belief that I’d finally found a pair that I could stand to have stuck in my ears. And all of which got abandoned in favor of something cheap that tended to fall out but didn’t drive me crazy after a 10 minutes stuck in my ear.

The Monster iSport Victory headphones ($149.95) are the first pair of in-ear monitors I’ve ever enjoyed using. They don’t fall out, they stay comfortable during a workout and they allow in just enough ambient noise so they you won’t feel like you’re trapped in a oil drum. There’s extra bass thump, more than I’d like for serious listening but absolutely welcome in the middle of exercise. +Continue Reading

‘Ride Along’ With Ice Cube

Ride Along

How much you enjoy Ride Along depends on how much you like Kevin Hart. America thinks Kevin is hilarious: Ride Along (out now on Blu-ray and DVD) was a giant hit in theaters and the biggest hit ever with Ice Cube in a lead role. +Continue Reading

Nuguard KX iPhone Case and Screen Protection


The NuGuard KX iPhone case is the latest we’ve received that proclaims that it’s MILITARY DROP TESTED (a/k/a conforms to MIL-STD-810). NuGuard advertises “X-Orbing gel” technology that allows their case to offer that protection without a complicated set of parts that need careful assembly. +Continue Reading

‘Fargo’ Remastered & Reissued


Fargo, Joel & Ethan Coen’s classic Minnesota crime picture, has just been remastered for Blu-ray as part of MGM’s 90th anniversary. Never mind that the Coen Brothers made the movie for the PolyGram back in 1996, MGM bought the rights at some point and they get to take the credit now.

+Continue Reading

Titanfall — Cheaters Beware!


By Daniel Reeder

Titanfall (for Xbox One and PC) is one of the most anticipated games in a long time. It’s an FPS where you play a free-running, jetpack-wearing, futuristic armored soldier who can call down (and jump into) a mech (the Titan), which has more firepower than a modern armored platoon, extra subwoofers and a gyroscopic drink holder that protects your slushy when you’re falling from orbit? What’s not to like? +Continue Reading

Review: Monster DNA Pro Headphones


Right up front: if you want a pair of over-ear headphones that work well with your iPhone but sound good when plugged into your home stereo, the Monster DNA Pro is a serious contender in the under-$300 division ($279.99 direct from the manufacturer but you can find them for $249 online if you shop around online.

Monster has backed off the bass-heavy sound that was the signature back when they collaborated on the Beats brand. Dr. Dre took his brand elsewhere and Monster has worked to define its own identity by branding their headphones with the Pure Monster Sound tagline.  +Continue Reading

Get a Job With KISS & Def Leppard


As discussed here before, KISS and Def Leppard are touring together this summer and are looking to hire two military veterans to work on the road crew (one for each band). You can get all the details on’s information page if you click on this link. +Continue Reading

A Pair of Con Jobs on DVD


Both David O. Russell’s American Hustle and Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street were surprisingly shut out at the Oscars last month right before both landed on Blu-ray (Hustle/Wolf) and DVD (Hustle/Wolf). Maybe they split the “degenerate con man” vote, but both movies are (depending on your interest in/tolerance for on-screen depravity) a lot more engaging than 12 Years a Slave and a bit more substantial than Gravity. +Continue Reading