New Directions Veterans Choir Rocks America’s Got Talent


“It’s okay for a warrior to seek help.”

America’s Got Talent may have enjoyed a Susan Boyle moment with this week’s powerful debut by  New Directions Choir.

Comprised of formerly homeless sailors, soldiers, airmen and Marines, the choir was formed at the New Directions center in Los Angeles, an organization that provides support services to military veterans struggling with homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness and post-traumatic stress.

Their awesome performance suggests that New Directions has what it takes to win the competition and we’ll keep up with their appearances as the show airs this summer.

This 2006 documentary gives some more background on the group.


    I have followed this particular choir for over 10 years and they are AWESOME. Coming from so many different backgrounds, a single thread wove them together into what you see today! God and New Directions just helped them acheive all the good they have coming! The director is one of the most humble men I’ve met in my life and inspires me to continue down the road of life daily no matter what the day may bring!

  • dennis

    Wow, that was powerful. I was tearing watching these brave people ,who served our country, continuing to show their bravery as singers, performers, and humble human beings. Wow they were great. They are the brave.


  • Love your story and love your music. Please let us know if we can purchase your CD’s. Would love to book your group some day. Our chilren need to know your story and your victory. We do Rodeo Christan Camps for kids and try to bring in World Champions to inspire them to seek Jesus. But you guys are the real Champions.

    JO Goertz-Hague

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