GI Joe Retaliation: Good Gear…Good Movie?


The new GI Joe movie GI JOE RETALIATION looks like it may – may – be better than the first one. As you’re already aware, assuming you have half the brains God gave the common dog, the first movie was an abomination. Look, for obvious reasons we have a vested interest in making sure the GI Joes (and any action figures, for that matter) are properly represented in film and fiction. All copies of that first movie should be burned and it’s memory utterly extirpated from living memory. (Grunts: extirpate.) With The Rock, Bruce Willis, Ray Stevenson, Jonathan Pryce, Channing Tatum (and, gosh, Rza or RZA or whatever the hell it is), it may actually be decent. We’ll see.

It does appear that they’re getting the gear right, which is a plus but no guarantee. They ordered a large number Line of Fire Grip System “Point Man” gloves for the cast (we wrote about them before over on Kit Up!), they’re purportedly using the Lion Individual EOD kit for a scene in Korea, and it sure looks like Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson) is rockin’ a G-Code holster there (pun intended). That’s three pieces of excellent kit, and we haven’t even started discussing all the FN firearms.

Under the Radar: The Rock and a G-Code holster.

The Rock, foreground, has a G-Code holster on his thigh rig.







Under the Radar: The Rock and a G-Code holster.

Maybe if they have a decent technical advisor he'll actually be able to move the holster from position to position like it's intended. It's the little tactical details so may of us crave.









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The Mad Duo outside the Missouri Highway Patrol Crime Lab

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  • Well besides the Mad Duo rocking like rock stars, The Rock is looking good. Yes technical adviser would help but between Dwayne and Bruce it will work itself out.
    Thanks boys glad to see you are back safe from Amman, Jordan!

  • Grayson

    With the kind permission of the Mad Duo, I would like to offer some insight, if I may.

    The first GI Joe movie was disappointing (for me) because the producers effectively turned it into a special effects fest. This is the kind of thing that no tech adviser can reasonably hope to prevent; if the people putting the movie together think that throwing in a chorus line of dancing girls will make it more appealing (meaning it will put more butts in the seats of a movie theater), then that’s what you’re going to see.
    Realism and accuracy come a distant second place compared with the financial bottom line.

    Second: the best technical adviser actually has next to NO authority on the set. He or she can tell the director, 1st assistant director, head costumer, production manager, etc. ‘this is the right way to do such-and-such’ and be overruled right on the spot. The reason for not getting the details correct can be anything from ‘sorry, the camera rolls in 45 seconds and we don’t have time for such-and-such’, or ‘the gear he’s wearing looks fine to me’, or ‘he’s the star and you NEVER tell him what to do if you’re not the director’, or ‘how much does such-and-such cost? Really? Forget it’, or my favorite: ‘how DARE you try to tell me what to do, you filthy sack of peon ****?!! Get off my film set NOW!’

    And by the way, that last one is a verbatim quote from a production that shall remain nameless, as the experience still spikes my blood pressure something fierce.

    In my considered opinion, this second movie will almost certainly be better than the first – opening day will tell – if they ditch the ultra-tech special effects whizzbang toys (“Mark 6 Accellerater Suit”? say fracking what?) and stick with reliable, battle tested gear (and that, Mad Duo, is YOUR field of expertise for damnsure!).

    There. I said it. Whew.

    A last little piece of advice, fellas: DO ABSOLUTELY NOT go near a movie set if you are allergic to ego driven ignorance or stupidity. You probably will experience something bad enough to result in your being shown on the Six O’clock international news, with the headlines showing the words, ‘Rampage’, ‘Destruction’, ‘Massacre’, ‘Up to Their Asses in Lawyers’, et cetera.

    (and as you’re no doubt aware, I have a slightly twisted sense of humour. See the comments over at the entry for ‘Battleship’ to dispell any skepticism).


  • From a retired Army field medic –
    Clerk 1st AVN BDE Mekong Delta 1971
    Desert Storm CMB attached to 1st ID 1991

    Hollyweird seldom gets it right. You guys need to link up with Dale Dye’s’ Warrior’s Inc ‘ whenever you can. Otherwise, your frustration factor will continue to rise exponentially.