Say Yes, Tim


Your cynical team here at UTR had a rant all ready to go if the “Be My Date to the Military Ball” virus ever resurfaced by USAF Airman Jamie Walden is so charming and adorable here that we’re not going to call her out for asking Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow to take her to an April dance in Shreveport, LA.

But seriously, if we’re going to blackmail celebrities into “supporting the troops,” why not guilt them into throwing the spotlight on jobs programs for returning vets or better treatment options for wounded warriors?

Good news for Jamie, though: if Tim says yes, she won’t have to worry about putting out at the end of the night.

  • Phillip

    This is getting out of hand.

  • Patrick

    While I agree it is getting out of hand, if the star in question does go, good for them. The Service member gets something they can tell their grandkids about.

  • bill

    When are the gays going to start asking for dates?

    • Trevor

      Probably when you stop being a stupid ****.

      • Trevor

        **** = ****

      • bill

        Trevor as a gay person I’m used to getting called names so your post doesn’t upset me. There’s gay celebreities who support all troops and I was just asking when will a gay troop ask somebody. Go put your hate hat back on and mind your own unhappy life . . . stupid.

  • Chuck

    Pretty cold saying she won’t have to put out at the end of the date. I thought this site had more class than that.

  • Ed

    @Chuck.,.I completely agree with you. Also, of all the stars with persuasive power, Tebow is one that does a lot of charity work and supportive of the troops as well. All other athletes I know of are just talkers but very seldom doers.

  • Movie Star Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan in “Forest Gump”) is a proven friend of the military. He is 100% genuine in his deeply-held respect for the military. He shows it time and time again. Just last week he was in Martinsville, Virginia at the Martinsville Speedway (NASCAR) for a fundraiser to purchase a home for a triple-amputee U.S. Marine. Talk about a class act: Gary (and the wonderful marine) are the epitome of what it is all about.

    Denzel Washington is another true friend of the military.

    Tim Tebow has set a benchmark for integrity and honesty that sports & movie celebrities everywhere can and should aim to follow.

    I’m sure there are any number of good-hearted souls in various public fields who do a lot of good for the military, but do it quietly and in the background.

    God bless all of those who are more than talkers, but are DOERS.

  • Would it make a difference if he showed up with a USO troupe…she is serving in the AF, and for that she is special. AIM HIGH and have fun Jamie!

  • Roland

    Well I hope they will have a good time.

  • Just Sayin

    This is getting quite ridiculous. Military members should NEVER use their military status for personal gain. It is conduct unbecoming a military member. It is not cute and it is rather embarrassing. It just reaches a new level of unprofessionalism. Using public scrutiny coupled with hoping for sympathy over something you volunteered to sign up for is low. The military has bigger things going on than your dating life.

    • phill


  • Barry

    I have to agree with Chuck and Ed about your comment that at least she will not have to put out. This is a classless statement and stinks of chauvinism. Other than that, I hope she has a good time with Tim at the ball.

  • Richard

    The last comment about “putting out” was not necessary and shows lack of respect, or in other words, lack of class on the part of the writer.

    I hope the date happens. There’s nothing wrong in that.

  • Randall

    To the writer of the article, I have to agree with Chuck; your comment about putting out at the end of the night was both low-class and unwarrented.
    To “Just Sayin,” if she can get a date with Tim Tebow, “Good onya Mate!” It is on her off time and has nothing to do with the mission at hand. Quit trying to rain on someone else’s parade.

  • Booker T

    If i ask Maria Menunous would she say yes? I only want a date, and Maria is beautiful!! TIM SAY YES. She’s adorable..damn i would go..

  • PETE C.

    When I was an airman, if we had done anything as remotely public as this young girl or any of the others asking dates out have done, we would have been reprimanded. Why do people think that using the uniform “to guilt”, “to coerce”, or “for personal gain” is becoming of a military member. I’m ashamed for the military that this is going on and you don’t hear of any action from the military against it. I hope Tim respectfully denies this young girl and does the right thing by not putting a spotlight of foolishness on the military.

  • Retired TSgt

    There weren’t many stars who supported the GI’s back when I was in, except those who accompanied Bob Hope on his USO tours and I don’t think getting a date with any of them was possible. There is one I definitely would not have dated Hanoi Jane.

  • Jene Melton Sgt. USA

    I think the “Wise-guy” that wrote up this article needs to be held accountable for thee “gay” crack and for being “cute”. This is a military newsletter not the “STAR” magazine, and he or she owes an apology to both Tim Teabow and the young Airman Jamir Walden for that “wise-***” sensationalism crack infering that Tim is gay. I would suggest you clean up your act and clean up your writing or resign from the Military newsletter.

    • Uh, Tim Tebow is a very famous virgin who’s publicly said he’s waiting for marraige. Not sure where you get the gay stuff. That’s in your own head.

  • CallmeMom

    Tim Tebow might say, “Wow, I’m being asked?”
    Yet, knowing his upbringing, I have a very strong suspicion that a gentleman does the asking.
    And IF he would respond in the negative, it would not in any way reduce his respect and support for the military nor his love for his country.

  • Go to the site and Vote for AirWoman Jamie!!!

  • I think your coment about not having to “Put OUT at the end of the nite” Is the most degrading desprectful word to Airmen Walden and should give an imediat appolegy. put you *** on the firing line big brave talker and insult our tropes some more hope you are stupis enough to do it to there face. Larry

  • john kiote

    I agree with the author of this article about the not putting out part. Tim Tebow is a piece of trash in my book. Wearing your religion on his sleve has its place, it is called Church, not a football field. Him forcing his religion down my throat everytime he plays is about as useful as celebrities forcing their political opinions down our throats at every chance they get.
    Furthermore, Tebow keeps forgetting one important factor when he shovels his belief each game, God. He mentions Jesus more then Ricky Bobby. But not once did I hear him talking about God.
    Oh and as for the gay date presented earlier, chalk this one up vfor that. A football player not interested in a woman is gay. Especially if he is the quarterback.

  • Say No Tim

    Say NO Tim.., when a military member uses the heriocs, valor, and sacrifices of countless veterans before her/him just to get a date…, it is a blight on those of us (I am a disabled Viet Nam combat veteran) who carved out the meaning of patriotism, honor, and the pride of being a member of the best armed forces cadre in the world.

  • Please Say Yes Tim!!!!

  • Sgt Z

    About those B.A.Seals was showing the world jus a little too much those F***King terrorist,do not need to know how their getting their F***king asses get KICK!and who they are!But great movie! A. O .V.Hooah!!!!!!