Zero Dark Thirty

Kathryn Bigelow Shooting For Zero Dark Thirty

Director Kathryn Bigelow (who won a Best Director Oscar for The Hurt Locker) has started production on her movie about the hunt for Osama bin  Laden.

The movie, which has the working title Zero Dark Thirty, was originally scheduled to shoot in Jordan, the country where Bigelow filmed Hurt Locker but unnamed sources close to the production told the Hollywood Reporter that they were “forced to leave Jordan abruptly” and now they’re filming in the city of Chandigarh in northern India.

Building sets that make an Indian city look like Pakistan turns out not to be such a good idea, considering the ongoing hostilities between the two countries. The Reporter tells that right-wing Hindu groups have disrupted filming and there’s been talk of returning the filming to Jordan.

If Bigelow and company can stay on schedule, the movie is scheduled for release on December 19th.

  • Bruce

    In thirty some years in or working for the military it has never been called Zero Dark Thirty, in the military the standing joke is O dark thirty when talking about starting at some point in the middle of the night when most civilians are fast asleep snug and warm in their beds while grunts, Army or Marine, are out in all types of weather training or in combat where few civilians have or will ever be!

  • WRG01

    Kathryn Bigalow is a pogue.
    All war movies are for civilians.

  • Shooting of Kathryn Bigelow’s film ZD-30 is currently underway in my city Chandigarh at the Punjab Engineering College (PEC). The main building in the PEC campus has been converted into the U.S. embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. The rear area also houses the “C.I.A. office” with a board fixed above the doorway showing “Restricted Access”. Inside, large, portrait-sized, framed photos of previous U.S. presidents hang in the corridors, those of John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan can be seen. There is also a photo of Bill Clinton with Benazir Bhutto, the slain ex-P.M. of Pakistan, another one shows George Bush with Pervez Musharraf. The notice boards inside the college building are full of posters and notices of USAID, English language learning programmes, “Al Hamra” American film festival featuring films of Errol Flynn, “Gunga Din” (a Cary Grant classic) etc.

  • jumper

    As Bruce said; “Zero Dark Thirty” is not even a euphemism used by the military, at least not in any unit I’ve ever served. That aside, I expect this movie to be no better than the steaming pile of stupid that Hurt Locker was… actually I expect worse, this will be a 120 minute campaign ad for the current President released just in time for the election.

  • TyC

    Great, she isnt done misrepresenting American service members difficult jobs with her own ridiculous brand of Hollywood stupidity. If she wants to make a movie like this the least she could do is honor the people she portrays by accurately depicting their difficult jobs, but instead she uses her own brilliant version. I cant stand this idiot and anything she touches. I don’t expect this to be any different from the Hurt Locker.

    • Def90
  • tricia

    marines and navy use the word “zero” when referring to a numeric “O”. we like to distinguish our numbers from letters. whereas the army refers to zero as “O” phenectically, “Oh”. i served two tours in the marines and have always used “zero dark thirty”.

  • Roguesgallery

    The election is in November *******…Movie comes out in Dec…

  • Oscar

    Pleaase, what stand for the title “Zero darkThirty” in Spanish.

  • Pete A

    Maybe so, but my old man, a drill instructor at Parris Is., had been using ‘Oh-dark thirty’ since I could lift the lid on my own footlocker and for another 50 years after that.

  • Todd
  • Todd
  • azul60
  • Andy
  • Def90
  • Mike

    What a joke! In the 1960’s Army – at least in the fifth ID and artillery units, any time after dusk was “oh dark thirty” and party time or ambush time – ” Zero dark thirty” is yet another distortion by drug adled Hollywood wannabees. You folks should get out there and experience life instead of making up idiotic parallel universes

  • Steve

    Thank you! USN – 1986-90, never ever would have heard the term “zero” used in this context. Quoting every Master Chief, with 30 years on me back then, – o dark thirty is correct. The title alone makes me not want to see this movie. I would suspect other inaccuracies.

  • AL

    Tomato, potato, zero, or OH. Does it really matter? It was a good movie. There are always so called perfectionists on everything, so deal with it, you know exactly what it means. If you don’t want to see the movie, stay home and watch reruns of “Tour of Duty”. Now there was a “right out of the book” series.