Stars Earn Stripes

It’s almost been a whole year since the Osama bin Laden takedown and now we’re getting down to the real cultural legacy of Seal Team Six. NBC has announced a new reality show called Stars Earn Stripes, where “nine celebrities from music, sports and Hollywood will be paired with trainers at a top-notch, secret training facility” and “will face weekly challenges such as hostage-rescue exercises or placing a laser target atop a mountain.”

First, let’s hope vets are getting paid some big bucks to show their faces on TV and drag these divas through their training exercises. It’s difficult to imagine that whatever they’re doing will be that dangerous or challenging because these are the kind of folks who break down crying on Dancing With the Stars.

Still, there’s hope: Stars Earn Stripes is a coproduction between Survivor‘s Mark Burnett and Law & Order creator Dick Wolf. Those guys know how to make TV that doesn’t suck.

Aside from high-profile aspiring Marine Katy Perry, who should NBC cast on this show and what challenges should they face?

  • Wes

    I love to put those panty waist thru basic training

    • Slag


  • Chris

    Why would I want to watch a show about “pretend” heroes. Especially potrayed by rich Hollywood Stars. Many of whom are outright anti-militaryto begin with. What a waste of time.

  • Logic Mine

    If they wish so badly to test themselves of their character and their abilities, I suggest they walk in to their nearest military recruiting office and sign up for a minimum of 4 years.

    The cameras can still come and check up on them from time to time.

    Oh, and one last thing, ….. they must not be allowed to have access to their ‘millions’ back home, until they get out. Let them experience living on military pay.

    Then and only then will they have the FULL EXPERIENCE of military life.

    Somehow, if they ever dared to take me up on this offer, I can forsee military movies changing forever.

  • Mike

    I agree with Chris about pretend heroes. The real heroes are those young men&women who are serving in our military,defending our country. Our local first responders are also real heroes, those who volunteer to help their communities in the fire dept& ambulance corps.

  • Dog Soldier

    I can see right now the “Spot Weld” on the rifle stock is in error, & the helmet is blocking her vision; not too mention the “gritting of the teeth” is gonna be a reason for a Dental Visit!
    Must be a “On The Beach Sand Flea” style taught by a “Hollywood USMC”.

  • Destroyer Sailor

    I’m sure the Recruiters would be more than happy to talk to these folks.

  • Gene

    Personally, I’d like to see some of these so called “action heroes”, that believe their own B.S., like Steven Seagal, have to perform without scripts and editing, in crap conditions.

  • afella

    Lead vehicle hit by an IED, one KIA, 2 critically urgent wounded. Complex attack, RPG’s and small arms fire, with secondary IED’s. Air support available, QRF is on the ready, and a 5 vehicle tactical convoy. No BS they make the wrong move they are done, that’s what I wanna see.

  • Slag

    Be sure & place taser like contacts in their gear to simulate getting hit by flak & projectiles, for a more “realistic” touch, just so the folks back home can sympathyse

  • Nicole

    I can’t say I’d watch this but, I think Michelle Rodriguez would be a good choice.

  • Chris

    Why would anyone want to watch a show like this one being pitched? “Reality Shows” aren’t anything like reality! It’s pure BS and if they truly want to be part of the military and carry out “Top Secret” missions join up and of their part. It is disgusting how these people can
    “play” military and sleep at night knowing that another person (man / woman) is actually doing a mission in some forsaken place.

  • Last “reality” show I watched was “Combat Missions” and that because I knew some of the guys personally. It, of course, died at Season One. I can’t imagine this will be as good.

  • jerry brown

    As a retired soldier, I’m not interested in seeing anyone do this unless you make all “Alex Baldwin-types” step up and get just a little taste of what our warrriors go through. Find video of every “star and starlet” who says they, “support our military” and make them participate. They can’t refuse and they cannot quit. That’s the show I’ll watch!

    STUPID idea.

  • Brian

    I got to agree with you, Chris. Why don’t they film the Ranger Challenge live then stretch it out over the TV season. It’s real action & shows everything you’re training for. Who cares about putting a laser target on a mountain top, at least put them through Airborne school & do the COMPLETE training. The one reason I see them wanting celebrities is just like in “Act of Valor” military personal can’t accept pay. (Unless your a Full-Bird Colonel hired when doing their motivational speeches to civilian company. Now that’s hearsay but it’s odd when a one star is pulling in more than a four.) I think I will write a book on the truth of how senior NCOs treat the young soldiers & civilians will then understand why suicide rate is higher in the military (little secret- it’s not cuz their homesick!) That’s just one part, 2nd would be abusing their rank to rape women in combat or just a simple field exercise then that young female or male has no one to go to cuz Mr. Staff Sergeant threatens them. That would be a very good reality show for America to see how the soldiers of Sergeant down to private truly are treated by the senior NCOs- DISGUSTING! Civilians will then really be dropping their mouths to the floor.

  • Brian

    I love the idea, Gene! Seagal vs. Marine Recon! Heck, even do like a bracket style reality 16 “action heroes” vs. 16 “real reality heroes”. That would be something to look forward to every week. Lastly, the final 4 are shown live but before they fight they have to parachute in, do a 4-point “land nav course” with NO GPS ASSIST (done the old school way – map, paper, pencil & azimuth compass) & that’s where you fight! The first to show keeps fighting until he’s taken out until there’s only one man standing! No point system or some stupid rules to end the fight except by submission or knock-out of the volunteer players. I know getting 16 military personal would take no time. I like it… Maybe I’ll produce it! Anyone think they would watch & get into it? Thanks for the support… lol

  • ratbert

    Lamar Odom and Kloe Kardashian are available now.

    • Jeff

      They’re disqualified. They already had Marine “training”. Did you miss that episode?

  • KoaKai

    It’s easy to bust on so called celebrities as most everyone online does it, you eToughGuys here aren’t impressive.

    There are a lot of solid people in the entertainment indutry and not all of their jobs is being followed around by a $250 video camera doing ******* things. There are plenty of regular guys/gals who are massive supporters of the military.

    Any 17 or 18 year old kid that walks into a recruiting office is no more qualified, intelligent, or as strong as someone in the entertainment industry, college, or working at your local grocery store bagging vegetables. And making it through basic training isn’t that hard, just do as you’re told and you’ll be fine. In fact, anyone who’s played a competitive sport at the high school level will tell you that football and wresting is a heck of a lot more physically demanding than Air Force, Navy, or Army basic.

    What I think America will get out of this is every couch patatoe who has never played competitive sports or served in the military will watch these regular people go through training and get a sense of how challenging it would be for them too. What the military instructors will get out of this is a nation full of Americans – maybe not all Marine or SEAL types – that will gain an appreciation for what our country’s best dedicate themselves to.

  • mike

    who the **** wants to watch someone do an ftx? especially someone who doesn’t know what the **** they’re doing?

  • Drew

    I completely agree with you, unfortunately alot of people always want to hate on others, especially on successful people.

  • Hoskin

    Are you from Atlanta? SMW grad?

  • John

    I find this is an insult to the men and women who really serve this country. Maybe they can do a real Survivor and ship their butts to Afganistan.