Black Ops 2 Final Countdown


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 won’t be in stores until November 13th, but they’re gone ahead and posted the official launch trailer. Since the game is set in the year 2025 (a detail that unfortunately reminds us of this song), they’ve invented some weapons from the future, including remote control surveillance bugs that are actual mechanical bugs, jet packs and wrist-mounted grappling hooks.

Here’s a real question. Even though some of you made fun of Medal of Honor: Warfighter for hiring a band that hasn’t had a real hit in almost a decade (Linkin Park) to promote the game, CoD seems to prefer a song that was released before 90% of the game’s players were even born. Sure it’s “Back in Black,” but couldn’t Activision at least talk to a band that’s released a new album this decade?

The other big news is that Call of Duty Elite will be free with the new game, a gesture that goes a long way to recognizing the loyalty of the gamers who’ve made CoD the biggest game in the world

  • Chris

    “Sure it’s “Back in Black,” but couldn’t Activision at least talk to a band that’s released a new album this decade?”

    Black Ice? Released 3 or 4 years ago? Ringing any bells?

    • Tim

      ACDC fan since 1976. “Back In Black” makes more sense than “Black Ice”. First time I listened to ACDC was in the back of a Ford Pinto listening to “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and was hooked. Went to the Black Ice tour concert and had a blast!!
      This game should play nothing like MW3. MW3 had no dedicated servers and it would randomly pick who was going to be host. Creators were Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer which they failed at. Black Ops 2 creators are Treyarch and published by Activision. A much much better developer team. Servers are dedicated and monitored by Treyarch. The lag issues will not be even close to how bad MW3 is.

  • Steve

    Never heard of Black Ice, other than not to drive on it in the wunter.

  • WOB

    I just hope they have addressed the lag issue they’ve had with MW3. I’m tired of paying a hefty monthly fee for faster IP service only to have the game’s software “level the playing field” and leaving me with a 1-2 second delta between what the computer “sees” and what I’m seeing on my screen. I’ve been shot/stabbed/blown up by foes that I never see, or that I catch just a brief glimpse (an eye blink) of before I’m dead. Then to watch it on replay and the game showing that the person who killed me had rounded the corner, or had come out of a side door/room, and had lined up a shot while I’m running or standing (taking a couple of seconds to do so), totally oblivious that they are there. I’ve also had a number of times when I fired an automatic weapon, see tag marks, and “BAM!” I’m dead. The replay shows me not having even brought my weapon up, much less having fired. THAT takes a lot of fun out of the game.