Joss Whedon Endorses Romney


The Avengers director breaks with Liberal Hollywood to support the candidate he believes is most qualified to bring on the Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Chris

    Josef Goebbels would be proud. Talk about selling BS.

    • Bob

      Hahahaha talk about an overreaction. It’s a joke, man. Get with it. No need for Nazi comparisons.

  • Jimbo

    Whedon is corect. As soon as the government ****** is cut off, the zombies (i.e. the Takers) will go on the warpath, looking for mo’ of what b’ dere rights.

  • LOVE IT!!! Cannot agree more!!!

  • Joshua

    the funny thing is, that is how liberals think. the end of the world if you do not swallow their kool-aide/

    • carlos

      Joshua u mean the kind of cool aid the pastoras in the pews provide to the sheep and brain wash them. u are so full of c***. Amen

  • jumper

    Whedon should stick to the only thing he understands; fantasy and make-believe. Although, I do so love it when some Hollywood elite hypocrite, who has already made an obscene amount of money, decides that now we somehow want to know what he thinks the rest of us should have. Tell you what Joss, once you’ve given ALL your assets to the less fortunate (and I’m talking EVERYTHING, all income and liquidate your assets and move into a two bedroom walk-up in N. Hollywood) THEN you can try and tell the rest of us how to vote and how to live you sanctimonious pr***.

    • TripWire

      Agreed, these Hollywood types live in a fantasy land filled with progressive propaganda and do as they say not as they do agenda, just like their ********** in chief, Barry Obama. They are all hypocrites in the first order. Take John Travolta, he stars in a green power ad campaign while he has a fleet of jets literally parked in his driveway/runway just in case he wants to fly the family to Bora Bora. They don’t live in our world and never will. I tallied up how much I pay a year in taxes, all taxes (sales, property, capitol gains, etc) and it came out to darn near $45,000. On a $94,000/year salary. That is what made up my mind to vote for Romney. Obama’s spending is out of control and if he gets reelected he will be emboldened to tax and spend even more and the economy won’t be any better. The elites in this country want to make all of your decisions for you, telling you how much pop you can drink, what kind of gun that you can own, etc. I want to be a man and make my own decisions for myself and my family. Vote out the liberal left!!!

  • Adam

    Haha, that is awesome! It is probably the most honest Romney ad I’ve seen all year

  • Big Daddy

    That’s nice but which Romney is he voting for, there are so many. The more liberal Gov Romney, the ultra right wing Mitt Romney, the I agree with you president Obama, mitt. Which one? And remember Mitt rhymes with….***, so which bull does he ride on today? Can’t say I like everything Obama has done and I can’t say I agree with everything he does but at least he has proven to be honest as politicians go. And I understand what he believes in and is trying to do. As far as Romney goes as a non-combat disabled vet I fall into that 47% I guess. I still cannot repeat exactly what and how he’s going to put in place that 5 point plan and build so many warships in one year yet balance the budget. I guess it will start with cutting my meager benefits. It all sounds like Bull Mitt to me.

  • Joss…You’re backing the wrong Hoss,Joss.