High-Tech Secrets of the World’s Greatest Manhunt

High-Tech Secrets Ground

The folks promoting Zero Dark Thirty have created some massive infographics detailing the cutting-edge military tech required in the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Since we’re the blog at Military.com that really likes the movie, we got tasked with posting them for your examination. The graphics have been vetted by people who know what they’re talking about, so you can check them out for yourselves below and get a rundown on all the tech before you see the movie this weekend.



  • jose s muro

    the muzzle velocity of the m16 is 3,100 fps

    so why is the HK416 muzzle velocity 2395fps

    which is lower the the M16???

  • Mohammed Abubakar

    The manhunt of confirmed terrorists would zero

    down the incidence of a full pledge war on a community or country.Terrorists use civilians as human shield to continue their nefarious acts.High Tech facilities should be developed to specifically to target the culprits with precision to minimise destruction of the neighborhood or innocent souls.