HBO & VICE Reimagine the News


HBO is taking a risk with a newsmagazine series made by the kids at VICE, a hipster magazine turned website turned alternative news source. The website has long featured the kind of immersive, participatory journalism you never, ever see on the major broadcast or cable networks.

The reporters head to hotspots around the world in an attempt to shed some light on the underground web of arms dealers, warmakers and mercenaries who exist outside of the usual American sight lines. The VICE founders are Canadian-born and they don’t seem to find much daylight between the agendas at FOX and MSNBC, carving out an approach that’s likely to shock anyone who’s been getting their news from Wolf Blitzer.

VICE are the guys who took former NBA star Dennis Rodman to North Korea to meet Kim Jong-un, making the Worm the first high-profile American to meet with the new leader. VICE and HBO haven’t said exactly when they’ll run that footage but it’ll will probably come near the end of the eight-episode series. Expect lots of guns and lots of trips to exotic places and a perspective that’s sure to irritate anyone looking for news designed to confirm whatever status quo they’ve been getting from their usual cable news source.

  • Rosalee

    I applaud the article title ‘reimagine’ the news. They often did that during the Vietnam WAR, I do not call it a conflict

    as many in Washington did………..

    It is one reason I have NO respect for the major

    network news……

  • Leon Suchorski

    The other side of the story? Maybe? They say that there are two sides to every story, but maybe there are actually three, or more.

  • Jeff

    Vice is such a garbage magazine. I remember reading them for music reviews and thinking “have these people actually heard underground music?” As a fan of underground music, and politics for two decades I can tell you they are no “Under the Volcano,” or “NME.”