Investigating Stolen Valor With Daniel Tosh

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tosh0stolenvalor copy

Comedy Central’s Daniel Tosh investigated the Stolen Valor problem on his Tosh.0 program this week.  He compiled some particularly intense confrontation videos from around the Internet and wondered if the fakers aren’t heroes in their own way: “They’re out there risking possible embarrassment just to get free appetizers or a chick’s number. That’s courage in my book! What are the real soldiers even fighting for if not the freedom to impersonate them? Haven’t you ever heard of dressing for the job you want?”


Tosh invents the Golden Chicken Heart medal as the highest honor the Fake Military can bestow and shows a few choice clips of doofuses getting outed. “If a meatball sandwich can be called a hero, then so can this guy. I’m pretty sure he just finished 12 tours at the food court. No one comes off well, but the guy getting a Starbucks discount who claims his clothes were dirty so he borrowed a uniform out of his stepson’s closet is particularly choice.

Tosh puts on a British redcoat to get free restaurant appetizers and gets confronted for his own stolen valor has he tries to claim he fought under Paul Revere in the Revolutionary War. His interrogator peppers him with questions about uniform details and how to load a musket. Tosh doesn’t have any answers and eventually runs away.

As usual, Tosh tries to operate on multiple levels here. He’s definitely making fun of guys who play dress up and tell themselves they’re American heroes, but he’s not totally sympathetic to those men compelled to hunt down and expose the Valor Thieves.

Check out the segment and let us know what you think. Is Dwayne Johnson stealing valor when he plays soldier in G.I. Joe? What about little kids dressed in military gear at Halloween? Can BABIES steal valor? Are those sweet military discounts really worth the hassle? Is that free USO coffee at the airport really worth the risk?

  • R May

    Those who have never taken the oath, fought with and had a friend die next to them in the middle of a firefight, have no friggin right to claim they were there or earned a reward they didn’t come close to earning.. TOSH.O needs to remember who died so he has the right to blather his nonsense. I personally will not fail to out a poser when and where I see them. Children and Actors are not claiming they earned anything. Very bad comparison.

    • Not your friend

      So what your saying is that even though I am currently serving, I cannot claim to have served unless I also know someone who died. Do you see the flaw in what you’re saying. You should also understand the Satire in the skit.

      • James

        That’s not what he said, you did take the oath,right?

    • Guest

      They have every right to express themselves. That is what you served for. Your statement sounds like you served in a communist country in which the Military determines what you can and can not say. Apparently you took a different oath than the rest of us military member. We served to defend the Constitution. We did not take an oath saying you will serve in the Army to have rights in America. We served to defend those rights. Tosh O. does not need to remember anything. Servicemen died and fought because it was their pleasure to serve this nation. They did not do it for a special segment on Tosh.O. Your comments belittle our servicemen. American’s have the freedom of speech due to those who serve. You do not have to die to be a veteran and you do not have to have a dead friend to be a veteran. If you truly were in the military you would know being deployed is simply a draw of the luck, often if you get hit by a bullet or not also falls under the draw of luck. Yes training and skill plays a large part, but so does luck. Your friend did not make it back, but that does not make the service of those who did any less honorable. Nor did their deployment take away any honor from any soldier that served honorably state side. I don’t know what branch you served in, but the Army does not ask soldiers where they would like to go. They deploy your unit or they don’t. Thus a deployed soldier is not any more courageous than state side soldiers, it is the draw of luck. And no, I was never a state side soldier. 7% of American’s will ever wear a military uniform (and that includes the Coast Guard, NOAA and Public Health Service). Thus 7% have a brotherhood that the other 93% will never understand. But my service was to defend the rights of 100 % of Americans. There is no military test to determine who has rights in America. I served to defend everyone’s rights, and hope you did too.

      • Leon Suchorski

        Now this is where people are getting the train off of the tracks. Stolen Valor is not about putting on the uniform to honor those who have served, but rather for going after those who would reap profits from putting on the uniform that we wore with honor for this country. If they put the uniform on to get a free meal, and never served, that is wrong. They chose to deceive those who would honor our troops with a free meal for having worn the uniform in service of this country, and by doing so, degrade those that did wear it with honor. Personally, I have gone and gotten only one free meal in all of the years that I have known of this gratitude being bestowed on people who have served, and that ONE will probably be the only one that I will ever go to get. I would rather stay at home and remember those that I served with, or visit the graves of the few that I know where they are buried. For those of you that choose to go and receive those meals, the more to you for accepting them, because these people did not have to make the offer in the first place. There are many places that do not make the offer, and some who have stopped making the offer for reasons of their own. SEMPER FI.

      • RunsWithScissors

        Well said.

    • Russ

      Really??? no sense of humor, I served, I find this funny as hell, almost as funny as your reply… remove stick from thy ass!!

  • jr

    I fought and was wounded I dont go around and interrogate everyone who has a medal on I myself do not want free coffee or discounts that to me is not right I did my Job and I was paid with my honor its like cops why the hell do they get free meals they get paid thats enough they should be ashamed of filling their big bellies when people with no money can’t eat free .

    • Guest

      That you for your service jr. Spoken like a true gentlemen and true serviceman

    • Joelle

      Thank you for your service. Your words show the honor that many who have and haven’t served lack. Salute Soldier.

    • afvetokie

      well said young man

  • Mark G

    “Is Dwayne Johnson stealing valor when he plays soldier in G.I. Joe?”

    I really hope that’s a tongue-in-cheek question. I can’t possibly fathom how you could otherwise think that’s a valid question.

    “What about little kids dressed in military gear at Halloween?”

    See previous comment.

  • Master Sergeant

    Tosh O, is an Idiot. And to those who don’t think it’s a big deal, try serving your country for a change. Get to know the real honor of serving your country, the Pride you feel when you put on the uniform you have earned and know that you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.
    To have someone fake that for a discount on dinner, or at a mall are a piece of shit in my book.

    Signed- A very pissed off Master Sergeant

    • Derek

      i didn’t serve but i know the feeling of pride after putting a earned uniform on,i was a young marine when i was younger and i enjoyed it,i took those years in the young marines as a prelude to me actually joining the marines,unfortunately i injured my knees and developed flat feet so that screwed everything up,i agree with ya sir. I would never wear a uniform out of disrespect or to get free stuff. thanks for your service. PS. i have a whole family history of military service from my great grandfather to my grandfather and aunts n uncles.

    • Sgt. Rock

      While I agree, one NCO to another, going against popular social media elites wont get you any popularity votes, hence your comment down votes. The idiots we defend in this country won’t like it.

  • John Remington

    This is ridiculous there not taking away any honor of serving your country and I personally don’t care if they do it on one hand, but it is s federal offense and it shows the integrity these people have, but it’s ultimately these peoples decision and it’s not any skin off my back

    • D. Emery

      It’s actually only a federal offense to impersonate anything related to direct combat. Just wearing the uniform doesn’t constitute as “stolen valor”. That’s how it was originally but back in 2013 it was changed.
      “Stolen Valor Act of 2013 – Amends the federal criminal code to rewrite provisions relating to fraudulent claims about military service to subject to a fine, imprisonment for not more than one year, or both an individual who, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit, fraudulently holds himself or herself out to be a recipient of:

      a Congressional Medal of Honor,
      a distinguished-service cross,
      a Navy cross,
      an Air Force cross,
      a silver star,
      a Purple Heart,
      a Combat Infantryman’s Badge,
      a Combat Action Badge,
      a Combat Medical Badge,
      a Combat Action Ribbon,
      a Combat Action Medal, or
      any replacement or duplicate medal for such medal as authorized by law.”

      As an Active Duty Marine I disagree with the way the law is written because under the UCMJ a service member can’t wear an unrated award or badge or whatever whether it be a combat or non-combat award. Yet the civilians can. But that’s just the nature of the beast, there is nothing that can be done about it since we have to support the laws and rules established by our government. In this case, military members need to “shut up and color” you aren’t going to change anything so why waste your time fighting a losing battle.

  • Roy

    Everyone getting ticked off at tosh needs to understand a few things about him. He is making fun of people who go and steal valor, but he is also making fun of people who go and look for people who steal valor, not soldiers who serve or anything else. If this upsets you then I dunno what else to say?

  • M.T. Majors

    Ah Daniel Tosh! The man could the poster for the modern, sensitive military. My kids used to watch him and I personally have never found him funny. Disturbing yes, but not funny. He is welcome to take exception to some of these folks that aggressively confront some of these wannabees, he has a right to free speech after all. But I certainly do not expect a half baked wannabee comedian like him to understand why someone that actually wore the country’s uniform would be angry at these cowardly posers.

  • K Gambill

    Tosh.0 does understand what stolen valor is, and that’s why he’s doing a segment on it. It’s not humiliate or degenerate the US Military but to highlight the losers out there that wear the uniform and do not have enough common sense to wear it right- and then pretend to be with prestigious units, and make false claims just for personal gain.

  • James

    1. It’s comedy central, folks.
    2. The expose is intended to draw attention not only to the issue of those pretending to have been in the service to receive the accolades (and the popular discounts available to service members) but also to the sometimes overboard reactions of those who have served towards those who are guilty of the crime (it is a crime, folks) of stolen valor.
    3. So lighten up, folks!

  • Michael

    Funny? Perhaps
    Bad taste and disrespectful? For sure
    Another dumb actor mouthing off about nothing he knows, just ignore him.

  • SteveB

    Daniel Tosh is the funniest stand up comedian on the planet right now, and has been for several years.

    • Mark Johnson

      Daniel Tosh – Who???? On the planet no….In America probably……never heard of this person let alone what he does……please don’t speak for the rest of us humans on this planet.

  • CombatCrewman

    Bunch of whiners…this was funny as hell!

  • Sergeant Fist Class

    I also served my nation just as many of you have too. I am proud to have served and suffered with the men of my units in combat. I don’t think I am special, nor do I think I am wrong to confront someone impersonating a service member. I not going to call them out like so many of the videos on line do but, I can understand them for behaving in such a manner. Tosh.o he has never served this nation. He has no perspective of the sacrifice that going into harms way really is. He like many idea of combat/ service is what he sees in a movie. I am retired now and serve my community as a Police Officer, I don’t get free food, I can get free coffee but I don’t. But it stills anger me to see the panhandler at the end of the road holding the signs saying “homeless Vet please help” when I know that they are neither homeless or Vets. But this is American and they have the right to be fucken lying assholes. And tosh.o also has the right to earn a living being an insensitive idiot.

  • Lionheart

    Yes, stolen valor is wrong and a Federal crime – but, isn’t it also just as wrong to invade a persons personal privacy? One doesn’t know what underlying reason a person may have for wearing the uniform or making claims that probably aren’t true but there are many vets with TBI or other illnesses that cloud the mind and even though they are dressed in uniform and might not have it quite right, who made us the official valor police?
    Jesus once made the statement, “He who is without sin let him cast the first stone.” Frankly don’t most of us have enough to do without going out of our way to publicly embarrass someone else, who, by the way, might be just unstable enough that the public humiliation might just be the straw that causes this person to commit suicide? Is that something you want to see every night when you go to bed? I still don’t sleep because of faces I see from 15+ years ago. I certainly don’t want to add another; but you perfect people go on out there and rid the world of posers while the rest of us concentrate on the real bad guys our government is opening doors for right now.
    Oh, by the way, one of those “posers” might just kick your a%# for making them look bad so you can have your 15-minutes.

  • afvetokie

    I also find this TOSH bit funny as hell…if you every watch TOSH he spares no one……its part of this bit…I served for 24 years….and take my service seriously …but I can also laugh at them…That dude in the Army hat Air Force shirt and the Marine Wallet was funny….This is about reaping benefits for stolen valor not wearing a uniform or pieces of it. For those that get rid of uniforms remember to remove all the patches I have walked into to many Good Will Shops and Salvation Army Stores and seen complete uniforms hanging on the racks…

  • pat

    I actually read everyone’s posts. Some people need to lighten up! Tosh is a comedian! If you don’t like his act, don’t watch him. Don’t post your opinion either. He wants a reaction from everyone. He got it! Suckers!!!
    Stolen valor is about PROFITING about alleged military service. Some active duty soldiers were just busted for wearing qualifications they didn’t earn. Liars usually get caught, because they can’t remember their lies. So lighten up people! By the way, I served with the 10th SF and 20th SF. did my part. was a good citizen.

  • David A Farrow

    Where in Hell is everyone getting all this free stuff? Hell I can’t get anything out of the VA that I earned let alone anything free from someone else!

    • Jeff Humes

      Amen, Served in the navy, retired disabled in 98 after a little over 18yrs.. still fighting for the benefits I should have gotten when I retired.

  • artymgysgt

    Prior to my third tour in Vietnam I had the honor of going through staging battalion. One of the Marines we were putting through a private was injured and hospitalized . We had to inventory his locker and pack his gear. We discovered ribbons including the Silver Star , Bronze Star Purple Heart etc. A quick check found no regulation or order stating that one could not purchase these items in the P.X. All we knew was that it was illegal to wear ribbons not earned. Don’t think we ever saw him again and hope he did not try and wear them ifnot earned

  • MSG Infantry

    The skit was very funny, the issue is real, the lengths someone would go to save a few bucks, it’s insane, as for the guys who go out of there way to expose them REALLY!! The question I would ask them is Why? If its freebies or discounts you want? Cut coupons or simply enlist. Why go through the embarrassment if and when you get caught, and if your going to play soldier at least take the time to research your lie. I always tell my buddies my medals won’t buy me a cup of coffee I guess I was wrong

  • Guest

    I haven’t seen the skit but the comments are in many ways disturbing. Yes it might be free speech but it is fraud to accept an emolument under false conditions; BUT, it is worst preying upon the guilt of the feather merchants. This because as a limited quantity it is being drawn down to provide charity that did not put up with being called baby killer, murder father raper, or liter bug. Yes I like ‘Alices Restaurant’ but at the same time I recognize survivor’s guilt when someone you know, trained with ,or teamed with now is KIA or MIA. Do you want to give your resources to someone who had never the dubious honor of listening to killer bees flying by. Then too consider the community and the values that were imbrued with, do not these people take from this community by indicating that they, the home community, has turned it back on those who went forth to protect the feather merchant.

  • A Marine

    Everybody just calm the f down… Daniel tosh is an idiot…
    The people defending those who commit stolen Valor are idiots…
    I love this country and my countrymen but it seems that stupidity is becoming more common among us. Wearing a uniform to honor the military and wearing the uniform to reap benefits are two different things. If you don’t know the difference then go do something useful on the Internet instead of opening your suckhole first.

  • Benny

    Tosh may or may not be funny to you but understand he is using the same rhetoric we encountered in the military: sarcasm! The last part clearly illustrates that! Seriously, how do you all NOT get the fact that he is NOT defending these posers?!? This crap about “he doesn’t know, he doesn’t get it, these idiots…yadda yadda yadda,”… go pound sand. You have the smarts of a sandbag and the wit of an ammo box.

  • Benny

    The comment posted by “A Marine” was by me, a former Army Soldier. How the heck did this website change ” Benny” to that? I know it wasn’t auto-correct!

  • Benny

    Disregard. Maybe my phone is on crack as it now shows the right name!

  • 1/38ImjinScout

    Oh well! I guess I will remove that Distinguished Service Silver Typewriter medal from my sock drawer. I am keeping my Good Conduct Medal with the Peach Pecker clasp (for never catching an STD in “The Turkey Farm” ). “Chairborne! All the Way!” Life is to short to worry about some fat ass walking around in fatigues pretending he is the second coming of Audie Murphy. It don’t mean nuthin’! I remember a full colonel getting a Silver Star for having a photo taken of him standing on a knocked out NVA tank years ago. He was hunting for his brigadiers star but I think I remember he got into deep shit over all that. I got a free oil change last Veterans Day by showing an old ID card. First time I ever went for any freebie. Never went to the all you can eat choke and pukes for a free meal however. Do you know the difference between a war story and a fairy tale? answer: The war story begins “No Shit!” Life is to short!

  • Guest

    I’m serving right now in the Army I’m an 89D (EOD) but I don’t find this offensive he’s a comedian he’s a fool he’s like a kings jesters pretty much, if comdey offends what will? I mean it’s a joke he’s making fun of people who put on the uniform and say that they served to get a chicks number or a free meal or just something. Seriously like back off he’s a comedian and just chill that’s all, he’s pretty much calling people who impressanate veterans or serving members “chickens” I find him extremely funny and I love Danile Tosh in all honestly. I totally laughed and had a kick and so did my unit when I showed him these yes we all did agree that people who “steal valor” are pretty much cowards or idiots. If they’re intentions are to be glorify or have free shit. If for Halloween or something like that no way I don’t care dress up, as a kid I dressed up as a Army guy and I didn’t rep anything. Today when I get sent home if after PT or some occasion why I’m wearing my uniform I simply go somewhere to eat and I don’t ask for a discount or anything I NEVER show off my Military ID for discounts or what not it’s not because I’m all rich and what now but due to the fact that I don’t want other people to think that I’m some God or something. I’m just me and that’s it. So seriously lighten up, I mean I’m 19 years old I act way more mature than officers or people above me that been enlisted for years and years. It’s just a joke to make fun of people who are “stealing valor” not for people who are serving.

  • Jim

    I would imagine that since the advent of war by cavemen, that someone has faked being a warrior. This certainly can not be a new idea with all the wars we have had over the vast centuries the human race has peopled this planet. Simply put WHO CARES? It won’t change a thing in the long run and in 30-40 years who will remember the poser? What we should all, by that I mean ALL true Veterans is how we get our own government to acknowledge all the wrongs they did to troops in all wars we have had and then kinds of turn their face away and “don’t know us anymore”. NOW THAT HURTS US. I spent 27 years in uniform and apprehended many active duty personnel who could not wear their uniform correctly even when following the current uniform guide regulations, so just how are we so sure the person we see in uniform is not just another dumb ass?
    Regarding “free meals” and the like, THAT is something that is strictly up to the business who is offering them to control and by use of their own requirements to receive them. Each place I go that does have such a discount, in my humble opinion should ask for a CURRENT military ID card, even if the person is in uniform. I always show my RETIRED ID card even if it is not required by that business. Heck, I once got a 50% discount at a Dairy Queen near Orlando, FL for an order I placed for my entire family just because I was wearing one of my AF Association ball caps. I was astonished when that happened. I had, in fact, given money to my daughter to purchase everything while I was gassing up my car. When I walked over to the DQ, she said the man in the window, pointing at him, told her to give me the money back and then I was to come to the window. She did and I did. He asked me if I was in the military because of my hat and I said “No, I am RETIRED”. He said “good enough” hand me the money and then said I was getting a 50% discount as a THANK YOU for my service. I told him, thanks, but I really did not serve to get such a deal and he said “No, I am giving it to you, and I am the Owner/Manager here. I thanked him again for his very nice gesture.
    If a business if offering a discount, accept with grace and simply say thank you. They are trying to honor you in their own way. It might not be your way or the right way, or even the wrong way; but it is their way.
    Further, also be a now retired Law Enforcement Officer, I NEVER accepted a discount or anything FREE when I served Actively and I DO NOT do so now Retired. That was completely unacceptable practice by ANY Agency I worked for and was not condoned at all. I still live by that creed, as I am pretty sure most LEOs do now.
    an AF SrNCO (Retired) and Civilian LEO (Retired)