Noah Galloway Falls Short on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

noalgallowaysharnaburgessdwtsfinals copy

noalgallowaysharnaburgessdwtsfinals copy

Army veteran Noah Galloway came oh-so-close to winning this series of Dancing With the Stars but, in the end, early favorite Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) proved just too talented a dance to be defeated by a talented and charismatic guy who lost an arm and a leg to an IED in Iraq.

At the end of the day, Galloway credited his fans’ support with helping him make it so far in the competition. “You know … I thought, three weeks at the most I’d be here,” he said, standing next to pro partner Sharna Burgess. “I made it to third place and I’m so happy with that and it’s because of all the support.”

Check out his final freestyle performance below.

  • XB-70

    Hats off to Noah Galloway. God bless him and his family.

  • Leon Suchorski

    What do you mean FALLS SHORT? Someone has to win, and the others do not win, that is the way it is. With different judges, the results might have been different. He danced his heart out, and it was just not meant to be that day. A VERY WELL DONE.

  • Vietnam Vet

    After Bruce Willis shed those big alligator tears on live camera, it was a done deal. Great effort from a Veteran that did all Veterans proud.

  • galloglas

    Noah did not fall long or short, he did what many cannot do, placed in the top three of a dance contest.
    Noah did good.

  • Biong Boing

    Fall Short… 1. He looked a lot better than many quadra-limbed dancers on the show. He certainly can out maneuver me on the dance floor. 2. This man’s strength to perform lifts and throws was better than a majority of the contestants. 3. Knowing the challenge before him, he charged straight in with an attitude for success, creativeness to overcome obstacles normal “quads’ have extreme difficulty.

    Fall Short…. He blew away my expectations. I would say: “Great performance and Charge On! NEXT.”

  • Homer

    Yes he didn’t come in first. He was one of the last three after all the others were dropped. I wonder who would have won, if all the last three had the same limits that Noah had. He had the odds against him from the start. Yes he didn’t achieve the highest placing on the show, but look what he did. He just goes to show what a person can do and wasn’t afraid to enter a contest where most people would have not. He is a real Hero in my book.