Casting Call for American Military Families



Does your military family need a helping hand? Do you know a military family who needs support? Leftfield Entertainment, the production company who brought you Pawn Stars, American Restoration and Counting Cars, is casting a new “major broadcast network” show that’s “dedicated to thanking American Military families across the country for their service, while showcasing the brotherhood that makes our armed forces the finest in the world.”

Major broadcast network = ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox. Or it could be the CW. Leftfield is definitely a legit operation, with a website and everything. Check out their pitch below. If you’re sold already, you can email to apply for the show. If you do make contact, let us know in the comments below.


From the Producers who brought you “Pawn Stars,” “American Restoration,” and “Counting Cars”…


Do you or someone you know have a family member in the military – active duty or a veteran?

Have you or your community been fighting a battle on the homefront?

Has the family business or farm been struggling?

Has an unexpected crisis, such as a major storm or natural disaster, occurred in your community while your loved one has been serving or since they have returned?

Do you or a service member you know need a helping hand?

In this heart warming new docu-series, our task force of military veterans will work to make the lives of service members, veterans, and their families a little easier back home. The goal of the program is to showcase that soldiers are soldiers for life and no matter what happens, they have one another’s backs. Our task force will alleviate some of the family’s worries, so they can live out the American Dream they gave up so much to protect. If your family or a military family you know needs a helping hand, we want to hear from you!

Our military families are some of the strongest and most resilient people there are. However sometimes, an unexpected crisis can occur at home; the family business is struggling because of an economic collapse, a huge storm causes massive damage to a neighborhood, a drought is threatening the family farm, etc. In this heartwarming new docu-series, our task force of Military Veterans will work hand in hand with local communities to help the families of America’s Armed Forces – both active and non-active. The task force will tackle a major mission to provide support to a military family and/or their community at large, making the lives of our home front heroes a little easier. The goal of this project is to alleviate some of the worries of our military members and their families’ so they can live out the American dream that they fought for. If your family or a military family you know needs a helping hand, we want to hear from you!

To nominate someone or for more information and to speak with a Casting Producer, please email with your name, location, a brief description of your family and situation. Be sure to include a few recent pics of you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Sqwerty

    “Leftfield is definitely a legit operation, with a website and everything. ”

    Sheesh … the bar is set pretty low for legitimacy these days. Apparently all you need is a website ….

  • Leon Suchorski

    Thank heaven that they are including ALL VETERANS. There are so many Nam vets that are behind that proverbial eight ball that have needed help for years, but were denied it for one reason or another. If anyone knows a Nam vet, that is in bad shape, please help to get them some help. There is no worse feeling in this world than if you have risked your life for the people of this country, and then to be shoved to the side as for help when you need it. I say this, because so many of us Nam vets that I know of, fought for years to get help and were denied it. And then some ended up on the streets, or in jail just trying to get by. So if you know of one, please try once more to get them some help.

  • Wtf

    Dumb reality show. How about they just find and help veterans, instead of making a show about it. Our society is going down the drain. Hey! The “legit” show might be picked up by they same company, abc, who made becoming us. That garbage show about a dad who wants to get a sex change and how it effects his family. Wtf is wrong with America?

  • Lia

    Worst idea ever. This is not the time for military families to identify. Our enemies have plans of targeting military families and you want to put them on TV?

  • artymgysgt

    I’d guess that they will select a same sex couple so they can cover some of the problems that they encounter.

  • debra jenkins

    My husband is a Vietnam Marine he has Agent Orange we are living in a old travel trailer so yes we need help really bad but no one will help us but I thank God every day for my husband and men and women like him. God bless you all

  • JoAnn clemenson

    My husband is a disabled veteran and has major back problems. Our rental home is dangerous as we have stairs and he has fallen down them several times. Our car has also been repossessed only at we had. Please help!

  • Frank Blair

    I’m the vet that needs help I’m a Gulf War Combat vet but I’m not in need of financial help I’m in need of medical and mental health care that I’m not getting from VA but I do and will take any help before my brothers in need of help before me. I have PTSD and many different health problems I think I have Gulf War Illness I have everything on the list for it but can’t get any doctors to say that’s what it is. I’m 53 and haven’t been able to work in 4 years because of my health please only pick me if you can’t find any vet that needs your help first thank you

  • Mrs. Johnson

    I think it is a nice idea to help our veterans and their families. My husband passed in 2013 leaving me with a huge house payment very little income to survive on. If I could get out there and work I would. But at 57 the only jobs are low paying. I have a number of conditions that keep me from doing a job and survive on my social security and DIC income and a small special funded check from the government since losing my SBP. The mobile home I live in my father in law purchased and passed shortly after he came to live with us. my husband was paying the bill for that and with on life insurance and a drastic drop in income, a mortgage company that doesn’t wont to work with me I am on the verge of losing it and my land. With all that said I would proudly give it all up to be sure that a more needy veteran and his family received the benefits that this show could give them.

  • mww usnr/ret

    WOW!!! This makes my case even worth more now, being forced to retire due to a spinal cord disease, but do you think the VA would even give me a 75% ating when it states spinal cord injuries/disease are automatically rated at 100 disability yet still as of today I am still rated at 0000% because my condition was not a result of injury or battle field injury. I went on to work in law enforcement for another 17 years, and still no rating even after social security gave me a 100% disability rating the VA is still dragging their heels and not helping a veteran in need.

    I have been told if I was back on the East Coast I would of gotten an 100% but not in Colorado!!!

    • garoundtrip

      so you retired from naval reserve, then went on to work in law enforcement for another 17 years, and receive 100% social security. sounds like you have a good case. (mental of course) quit whining you admit that you worked 17 years in law enforcement after you retired. ssi is all you get.