Sound Off: Is John McCain a War Hero?


Republican presidential candidate and billionaire rabble rouser Donald J. Trump took a direct shot at Senator John McCain this past Saturday at an Iowa campaign rally: “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”


Navy airman John McCain was flying a bombing mission over North Vietnam in his A-4E Skyhawk when he was shot down and captured on October 23, 1967. McCain was imprisoned in the notorious Hanoi Hilton and declined an early release once his captors figured out that he was the son of Admiral John McCain, commander of all U.S. forces in Vietnam. Things got rough once he refused to go along with the North Vietnamese propaganda ploy, but McCain never cracked under interrogation and endured 5 1/2 years of torture and incarceration before his 1973 release. His wartime injuries left him permanently incapable of lifting his arms over his head.

According to a takedown in today’s Washington Post, young Donald Trump received four student deferments from the draft during the Vietnam War while he earned an Ivy League degree at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He was the son of wealthy real estate developer Fred Trump and he had an easy path into the family business.

The Republican establishment has been quick to condemn Trump’s comments and Secretary of State (and Vietnam veteran) John Kerry took direct aim at The Donald: “John McCain is a hero, a man of grit and guts and character personified. He served and bled and endured unspeakable acts of torture. His captors broke his bones, but they couldn’t break his spirit, which is why he refused early release when he had the chance. That’s heroism, pure and simple, and it is unimpeachable.”

Faced with the enormous waves of criticism, Trump refused to back down or apologize on Sunday: “People that fought hard and weren’t captured and went through a lot, they get no credit,” he said. “Nobody even talks about them. They’re like forgotten, and I think that’s a shame, if you want to know the truth.”

Trump and McCain have a longstanding political feud, mostly because Donald thinks the senator is soft on illegal immigration. Of course, it was Trump’s comments about the perceived dangers of Mexican immigration that have both fueled his rise to the top of the primary polls and led to him losing a wide array of business contracts, including his TV deals for The Apprentice and the Miss Universe pageant.

So many questions: Is John McCain’s war service off limits in a political feud? Does Donald have a point? Do POWs get too a large a share of the spotlight when other men who served in Vietnam deserve more recognition? If you supported Trump’s candidacy before he made this comments, do you still plan to vote for him? Sound off!

  • itemplet

    How could we not see John McCain as a hero!! Trump has a lot of encouraging words fro our country; however, his vision is blurred if he cannot tell the difference between a hero and a coward.

    • R Wall

      John McCain is a HERO.
      I was in his former Hanoi Hilton prison room in 2004 and saw the scene he had to see every morning he woke up – A guillotine in the adjoining courtyard w/blade attached.
      I don’t think Mr Tromp has ever awoken to see this sight.
      I saw where he was shot down – Landing in a lake in the center of Hanoi and the NVA military broke his arms and beat him silly before placing him in his cell.
      Senator has already spent his TIME IN HELL – Mr Trump spent his time making CASH – Just my opinion.

    • Joe mortenson

      Any military member ( male or female) that is held captive, is a war hero, they stood and took their eneimes beatings and did not give out any information. Trump has no idea what he is talking about. He owes a great apology to all veterans past, present and future. If it wasn’t for all veterans he would not be living the way he does, it’s the veterans that keep our country free to do and say what you want.

      • x01877

        Not everybody in captivity is a war hero. Your behavior while in captivity is what makes you a war hero. Look at Bergdahl or Staff Sgt. Joseph Subic, Jr.

    • George

      Not saying he was a coward but certainly does not classify him as a hero..Heris don’t turn on their oarty either..he sure lets the dorms shove him around…trump is correct…not a coward but no hero..

    • Bob

      Heros are not one of the handful who sight phony war crimes confessions

    • Dan

      You be sure didn’t mention that everybody that serve in the military is a hero

    • SFC john L Neal Jr

      He is a DAV veteran.I took the oath in the DAV when I join not to talk bad about a veteran. No comment.

    • Dave

      No, he isn’t, but as Senator McCain has said “he served in the company your hero’s”. Which I recall was a simple quote from a veteran who lived through the battle of the bulge, and can be heard at the end of the mini series “band of brothers” HBO. Humble, selfless, honorable but no hero and I know that’s exactly the way he would have it.

    • brooklyn15

      While McCain in office, has never advanced any bills that would benifit our veterans.

  • rover411

    Yes Sir John McCain showed guts and kept the faith by refusing an early release from Hanoi Hilton. Broken bones that still cause pain, flying into the SAM Sites bombing our enemy, Yes Sir he is a hero, he did his duty with Honor!

    • Guest

      mcCain is not a war hero. He did the job he was task to do. Concerning his imprisonment, he conducted himself per his training. Nothing in his background points to being a war hero.

      • WiViG92

        I don’t think you’re being fair to Mr. McCain. If you had been captured maybe you would have a better understanding of terror & lack of nutrition for survival. Yes, he is a War Hero. You are not. We are Desert Storm Veterans.

    • 8950331

      Mr. John McCain is, most certainly, a most courageous military war hero, who served this great nation at the expense of great physical & psychological pain & suffering, at the hands of our enemy. His military experience & record of the time, should not be relevant to his elected political career. While many may disagree with his stances & votes in the Senate of Congress; apparently he is voting the will of his constituents in Arizona, as they continue to vote him into office. If he is voting the will of his constituency; then he is fulfilling his Constitutional duty to them. Apparently, there is a lot for Donald Trump to learn…especially the true & complete definition of the word, “hero”…All military veterans are heroes, to a more or less degree, just for swearing the oath to this country, & serving it, Honorably…Amen….

  • seabeeskcm

    He is one of the pompous elite who has no business commenting on John McCain. He can’t even shine John McCain’s shoes. Go away Mr’ Trump. Just take off your weighted shoes and float away.

    • K9USAFRet

      Sorry Seabee, McCain is just as pompous as both a political elite and a socialite. He collects his Senate salary, his VA disability as a POW, his military retirement pay (probably CRSC), and is married to the 4th richest woman in the US if not the world.

      As far as his Senate record, he holds enlisted personnel in distain and is one of the biggest reasons our military retirement, medical benefits, and other benefits are in jeopardy, he supports the SES in the VA as well as the totally BS program of Veterans Choice, which is so ridiculously restricted it is useless, he is a progressive, supporting anti-gun legislation, pro-amnesty immigration policies, etc., etc.

      As far as a war hero, the greatest Vietnam war hero (Bud Day) has not a word of praise for him.

  • guest

    Ira Hays was just as big a hero in WW2, and look how the country treated him after the war. It’s what you do after the way that counts, and Sen. McCain’s tenure in congress has been less than heroic.

    • Joe Birchill

      Did McCain get a free ride for the remainder of his life? He has said and done a lot of things during the remainder of his post Military life that have alienated the country toward him.

      In 1993 and 1994, McCain voted to confirm President Clinton’s nominees Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg whom he considered to be qualified for the U.S. Supreme Court. He would later explain that “under our Constitution, it is the president’s call to make.” [With the advice and consent of the Senate though.]

      In March 2002, McCain-Feingold passed in both Houses of Congress and was signed into law by President Bush.[115][152] Seven years in the making, it was McCain’s greatest legislative achievement.
      McCain-Feingold’s devastating legacy

      In October 2003, McCain and Lieberman co-sponsored the Climate Stewardship Act that would have introduced a cap and trade system aimed at returning greenhouse gas emissions to 2000 levels; the bill was defeated with 55 votes to 43 in the Senate.

    • RIpete

      Ira Hays family was not a “prestige” Military family with a bunch of bucks.

    • bob paulso

      So has many other tenures such as Pelosi and Boxer and Schumer.

    • DMac_357

      I don’t agree with McCain’s politics but he’s still a hero. It’s not what you do after the war but during that makes you a hero. What if I come home from war and don’t do anything? Does that diminish my wartime service? No it does not. McCain’s heroism in Vietnam is separate from his time in Congress.

    • David Ret USAF

      I’m with you!
      McCain was doing his job and is no more a war hero than any of the other Vet’s that endured capture and what about the vets that came/come home with their problems, aren’t they just as much hero’s as McCain? What a person does with his life after words does make a difference. Hero is an awful big word. A Hero is usually given the distinguished Medal of Honor. Did McCain receive it?

  • mike

    I think in the end its trumps opinion. and every one is allowed that, if you don’t like it don’t listen. im neither for or against the guy either of them. but trump is right about one thing. macain hasn’t had to suffer through our va like u, he’s privileged. He should have been doing a lot more for us in his what 28 years there in the senate or how many there were.

    • Leon Suchorski

      I disagree. Listen, because this sounds like he wants to divide the vets into two camps, the ones that survived, and those that died.

    • Motive25

      Neither has Trump. He has zero credibility when it comes to veterans’ issues or military service.

    • Edward Perez

      True but he is still a war Hero.In my book.

  • SDog1

    I think McCain is a war hero for what he went through, but I also do NOT think that his military service gives him a free ride for the rest of his life in terms of criticism of his political activities and beliefs. He has caved so many times on clutch votes, he’s crossed the aisle a WHOLE BUNCH of times when we needed him on the conservative side of things, and he is unpredictable and unreliable. I’m a retired 24-year Mustang Navy veteran, and I’d love to hear sea stories from McCain all day long. As a politician though, especially one who claims to be conservative, he has been a miserable failure. I just wish he’d go away.

    • catahoulagill

      Same view as mine.
      Trump threw a punch back at McCain with an inappropriate comment of McCain’s military service.
      Maybe he should have just stated that McCain doesn’t govern like a hero.
      On some of his votes in the Senate, he was a hero to the Dems, though.
      Because of Trump’s comments, Dems might be forced to defend McCain’s record. When McCain ran for President, many Dems were commenting how his record did not matter. It was about hope and change ideas, and military service was small potatoes in comparison.
      With the right question, Obama, Hillary, and many Dems would have to defend McCain over Trump’s remarks. That would be funny to hear.
      Good job there, Trump!

    • Docmike

      Thank you, I think you nailed it. Hero yes. Politician yes but sucks at it and time it retire.

    • Jim Lynch

      Yes sir, right on! Heroic action in war does not provide lifetime shield against critique and criticism. John McCain has not done anything heroic that I’m aware of during his time in the Senate, and in fact, has been a net negative for Veterans as well as plain ol’ citizens.

  • Ronald

    Yes, he is a war hero but sucks as a conservative. I do have a problem with the way our wartime dead’s families are cared for. After 911 millions were given to the families (even extended families) while our combat dead’s families are forgotten. Our wartime disabled are put out with poor medical care and only pennies to live on. And McCain does little to help these folks.

  • dockrick

    at lease he speaks his own mind, not afraid of pc police, as far as mccain he was a pow , if you want to call him a hero OK.but better heros have done more.

    • swjdsmith

      One thing people have forgotten about McCain. When he returned from VN he divorced his wife who stood by him the whole time he was on cruise and as a POW. The reason for the divorce was she did not have the political standing nor money he needed/wanted for his own political ambitions, to be a US Senator. What does this say about him? In my book not much.

      • dockrick

        yes i remember now, don’t like the guy, just another politician ,, was this his first flight in war??

  • Texrep

    He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” Really??? What is take on Illegal immigrants that crossed our border and did not get “captured”. Does he consider them heroes? What a RICHARD WEED.

  • George

    I served proudly for 32 years & Retired from the U.S. Army as a CSM. I was serving well into the year of 1967 when Sen McCain was shit down, as a Combat Soldier I personally was impressed that he did not provide the NVA any sensitive info but keep his Honor to God & Country. Your Damn right he’s a Hero, a Class “A” Horoscope at that. Don’t get your self mixed up about how well he has done or not done as a U.S. Senator but be brave enough to Show your Respect to this fine Old Veteran who has done a Great Service to his country.

    • Marine Corps VET

      Well said!!! thanks!

      • CWO3USNRET


    • Russell

      George, thank you for your service first off before I ask your opinion. I have been trying to do my own investigating on the candidates instead of relying on the media’s bullsh*t. I have discovered conflicting stories and interviews of other POW’s that were captured with McCain. Some praise him and others tell a very different story. Some referred to him as the “canary” because he supposedly gave many top secret strategies away to the enemy. they claim they can back this up by facts that incorporated the downfall of the American effort in the war. There are video’s interviewing these POW’s in which they are stating these things. You said you were serving at the same time that all of this was going down? Do you remember any negative comments about McCain at the time? I’m just trying to educate myself with the facts and not fluff.

      • Eyecarehawaii

        Just how many “top secret strategies” would a junior naval pilot know?

        All prisoners in captivity were tortured. It wasn’t a question of “if” a person would break but “when”. You can not fault any POW for breaking under the circumstances they were under. McCain, and many other great former POWS from that era carry the aftereffects of their torture to this day. The best you could be expected to do was to hold out as long as you could and minimize what you said when they broke you.

        Do you think they were kinder to McCain when they discovered who his dad was? If anything, they pressed him harder to denounce to war just for the propoganda value.

        Make no mistake. You’re in captivity behind enemy lines, you’re lucky if you even make it up to Hanoi (many captives were tortured/killed enroute to Hanoi and never made it), you were paraded in front if a hostile population, you were malnourished, thirsty and sleep deprived, you had minimal if any medical care aside from what you or your fellow captives could provide, you were interrogated and beaten daily if not many times a day, you had no word from home nor did you know whether anyone at home even knew you were a POW, you didn’t know when or if the war would ever end and you might have a chance to go home, you didn’t know if you would survive another day.. the list goes on. You do not want to be a POW – ever.

      • Jonathon Denike

        People these days have no idea about torture. What we did at Abu Graib and elsewhere, harsh as it was and as unlawful as much of it was…NOTHING compared to what a hardcore Communist regime would have done in the 1960’s and ’70s during the height of the Cold War, no 8th Amendment of the Constitution to even slow them down, you were the “Evil Imperialist” and therefore subhuman…

        Within this discussion – initiated by this idiotic narcissistic self-important billionaire who somehow thinks he has the right to run this country through is outrageously simplistic bombasts (just imagine his foreign policy!!!), from what I have heard and read, John McCain went though hell and back during his captivity and refused special privileges, including early release. If you want to argue, I think you need to have been shot down/captured YOURSELF and then you can tell us all about it. If he was and you WEREN’T you shouldn’t really have anything to say, period.


      • George

        I served in the Army from Mar 64 thru Sep 98, during all of my years I did not hear or see any thing negative about Sen John McCain, a True American Vietnam War Hero.

      • Eileen

        Senator McCain traitor has info on the war strikes. Apparently our bombers and pilots were shot down over 60% more after McCain was captured? That sounds pretty suspicious and a whole bunch of other POWs said McCain was given preferential treatment by Viet Cong.

  • Jack

    No doubt about it!!! I do not agree with all of his political ideals, but he will always be a hero. Donald Trump CROSSED the line when he questioned John McCain’s heroism. It was not the act of being captured, it was the living in hell for five years, and not accepting preferential treatment because he was an admiral’s son.

  • Grayskull

    Yes Senator McCain is a HERO. From the Vietnam war and afterwards. Lets see Crump go 24 hours w/ his hairstyle. Thats what he’d call suffering. Doubt he could do it. Hey Don I CHALLENGE YOU 24 HRS WITH MESSED UP HAIR !

  • mkantzler

    “Hero” has to be the most abused word in the American lexicon. It is used to describe sports figures, none of whom are real heros for anything they ever did or will do on the playing field, to Sully Sullenberger, for safely landing an airliner in the Hudson. He made the right decisions and used his experience and skill, doing his job, as he was well trained to do it, and the only thing he could do to save his passengers and himself. Even he, rightly, refuses the label for this.

    Trump’s removal of the label from McCain may be correct, or it may not. It is true that neither McCain nor any other soldier is a hero simply because they survived capture and a term as prisoners of war. Examples of what defines a “hero” in that circumstance would be a prisoner who risked his or her safety and/or life to protect other prisoners from the enemy, or a prisoner who suffered unimaginable torture and yet refused to divulge information that would risk other lives or aid the enemy. Every person has a breaking point, and a “hero,” would be one who surpassed that expectation.

    The fact that McCain served shows he is a patriot and a responsible citizen, not a hero. If he earned the Bronze or Silver Star, or the CGMH, or DFC, or NC, then he is a hero as well. Did John McCain ever do any of these or other actions to so distinguish himself as a prisoner of war? Yes, he did, providing leadership and example, and refusing early release for the sake of his comrades in arms, while also enduring bone-breaking torture, and all of these actions, as a prisoner, were heroic.

    Trump has no record to stand in judgement of veterans, though he certainly has a skill for crudeness, but not for explicit communication, and it is probably the abuse of the term to which he points when he says McCain is no “hero,” as well as his standard opposition to McCain. But the record of McCain’s actions as a prisoner stand to say Trump is dead wrong. McCain is a heroic example because of how he served as a Navy-pilot prisoner of war, if not for his other actions in combat while in service.

    • Ben

      John McCain: Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Bronze Star 3 Times.
      Now is he a hero?

      • mkantzler

        No doubt.

    • Jonathon

      Let’s not, ever, forget what Donald Trump is about: DONALD TRUMP. He’ll say WHATEVER it takes to get the vote, because well, it’s all about him, and NOBODY ELSE. I severely doubt he cares anything about veterans or the average middle-class working man (or woman), why ANYONE would think a billionaire would care about them as a human being and not just a SOURCE OF INCOME is beyond me…maybe why we didn’t elect Ross Perot in 1992??


  • John

    I don’t like McCain and agree he is to much the dove on too many issues. He has expressed disrespect for individuals in uniform during various hearings in the Hill when they offered contrary opinions to his views. But that said his decision as a POW was worthy of honor and respect.

    • JOHN


  • gunnartheviking

    Of course he is a hero. It’s politics as usual. Trump does have some good points but I think he is just an actor (cheesy one). If the Donald ever had a chance at real run he is just $issing people off on both sides.

  • Muttling

    More proof that Trump is nothing more that a reality TV show drama queen, definitely not CIC material.

    • USMarine64

      Keep in mind neither was/is Obama. Wagging lips can get idiots a long ways toward living in the WH.

  • sgtnam67

    Mc Cain wore the uniform & spent 51/2 yrs as a POW while Trump never donned a uniform. I didn’t like when Mc Cain suggested raising the premiums of Tricare. While he receives his health coverage from a congressional policy. Trump for someone with a lot of money needs a better hairdo.

  • Disappointed

    yes I believe Sen McCain is a hero, but lost his love for the military along with Sen Reed (RI) they both voted to cut veteran benifits

  • phillip smith

    Trump was wrong in what he said. Just because you got captured does not mean you are a coward.

    • Scooter_Mech

      Apparently Trump is completely unaware of the circumstances surrounding McCain’s capture. Either that or he is a complete idiot.

      • Jonathon DeNike

        How about FOUR deferments??? Spells c-o-w-a-r-d to me, Donald!!


    • Stacy Johnson

      It is not a question of either hero or coward, McCain is neither. The word hero is way over used these days. Hero applies to 1/2 of 1 percent of the people it is being applied to.

  • Guest

    Thanks but I Vote for the Man that really wants to protect our Southern Borders. I’m tired of
    political hacks like John McCain, they have a long History of failure.

    The illegals are Bankrupting our Hospitals, filling up our Prison Systems and turning our
    Public School Systems to mush. McCain should Retire!

    • GUEST

      Damn right he should retire. He would be a HERO if he used his power for good. We have tooo many Vets from “conflict” that can’t get medical care because of his budgets and terrible oversite of how these funds are spent. we just wasted 1.5 million dollars last month at our local VA because we were being inspected for a certification to be an accredited hospital or some other B.S. One week later the Secritary of the VA comes to town and we spend at least 3/4 of a million to kiss his ass. now we can talk about spending. Has he helped HELL NO. He is one of the problems

      • George

        I agree with you, he should Retire and he is worthless as a Politician and he could care less about other fellow Veterans, you can see it in how he votes. He is one of those Veterans who feels that I’ve got my Cushy Lifetime Position and VA Benefits, and Sorry about Your’s.

    • sirshaheed

      Donald Trump is saying something that many are not. And it’s the immigration crisis. Not that it’s immigration because there were immigrants from Ireland that came to America in droves. But’s the illegal immigrants and how they are given fair and good treatment. They migrate from one of the richest countries in the world! America’s system is hurting as a result of illegal immigration. Donald Trump has my vote and he needs to do something regarding this major problem. Our country is overcrowded and our system is being weakened as a result of illegal immigration.

  • Bill

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion…that is the treason captured or uncapured warriors fight.
    Thank all you who have served to give me the ability to express my opinion – which is – Trump is an asshole.

    • bob de

      hs also right. as a us citizen I am thankful lfor the senators military service on barder and vets not so much. its time for the good senator to back off and let the new guys duke it out

  • beslagsmed

    For every door there are two sides:

  • Scooter_Mech

    McCain is a hero. He stood by his comrades at arms in the hell hole that was the Hanoi Hilton when he could have accepted preferential treatment and early release.

    • G. M. hicks

      I hate to post this but some of it is available in the Congressional Record ; and it isn’t flattering one iota. I was sorely disappointed.

    • Randal Blue

      McCain is a lying scumbag

    • Old Soldier

      John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home.
      Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men buried as classified documents.
      Like the saying goes. Read it and then YOU decide.
      I am a retired Army officer. I served three tours in Vietnam in Special Forces. I have served in the company of REAL heroes. John McCain is no hero.

  • shipfixr

    Just a note on Trump and his ‘opinion’….it’s a direct take-off of a Chris Rock comedy appearance when he was supporting Obama over McCain (big surprise)in 2008. Very little of what Trump says is original if one only looks. As for McCain being a hero; among other things he holds the Bronze Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and Air Medals for his Vietnam service…..what does Trump have other than all this college deferments and a final medical classification probably engineered by his daddy?

    • Jonathon

      Spell it like this:


      Like we need another of those…


    • Gabby

      Yeah for McCain, I believe that all our military and civilian personnell that have come to the call of duty to defend our freedom are heros.

  • JohnD

    Everyone who,served,honorably in the service of our country is a hero! Many are never recognized and may not have fired a shot in anger but they were there when others hid at hime, hid behind multiple,deferments or weaseled out in other ways! Now with the volunteer military, the service is magnified in status!

    • JohnF

      wholeheartedly agree!

  • USN Retired

    His actions as a POW say more about his character than any other event. He is a war hero. Trump stated he was against the war, and his actions of deferring the draft show his character. His thoughts on military service show that he is unfit to lead the military.

  • Johnny G STG

    Trump is a duche bag. Sorry, I have nothing else good to say about him. McCain is a true man who put it up, and kept it up. Trump is an egotistical asshole, who should be parachuted into North Korea and forgotten. Or at least sacrifice his nuts to a squirrel somewhere.

  • Mike T USN Retired

    As you all will soon see. The real Fact about the Admirals son/John McCain are already on Facebook and have the actual story about all of McCain’s service and capture. The admirals both Grand pa and Dad hushed and covered up a lot that the public will now read. Accounts given by McCain’s fellow Navy pilots. I won’t ruin it for you, you need to read it for your self. God Bless You All.

    • Jeff H USN Ret

      I agree and from some of the stories I have heard from relatives that served in Nam, I’m not impressed with McCain at all.

  • Wags

    if you haven’t served how can he understand what a Vet has to go though, Semper fi to my hero among all the Vets out their that are all hero’s like John Macain from one Vet to another. And Mr Trump before you speak think first “how can you Serve Our Country” either love it or leave it!

  • Rudy Griffin

    Trump’s self- serving act of flagellation against McCain backfired against him.

  • MA1

    Sen. McCain is a war hero, scumbag Trump is a zero.

    I am however pissed off with Sen. McCain over his propensity to cut VA benefits. He of all people should understand why we need to repair our vets, and not make cuts at this point.

  • Thomas M Quirk

    There is no other classification for John McCain but hero.

  • The word “Hero” is flipped around rather casually I think….I don’t know if it applies to McCain, it really is not for me to say. I do know McCain is a wounded POW war veteran. I am quite stunned by the vile hate filled comments that are streamed toward him. Trump is low life narcissistic piece of garbage IMHO….not worthy of carrying McCain’s jock.

  • Taxpayer

    (1) Yes, “The Donald” crossed the line on McCain. We use the label “hero” far too easily, starting with all the 911 related firemen and police. The guys who went up into the buildings are heroes. The other are just serving. Just serving in the military doesn’t make you a hero. It’s your responsibility and duty as a citizen.

    (2) Yes, McCain passed on an early release, staying with his comrades in the Hanoi Hilton, granted because his dad was PACOM. But, that came later. As I recall, he DID break early on with all those beatings, and signed a confession. Can’t fault him for that, given that he made up for it by staying in prison.

  • Steve Strickland

    I’ll take a huge risk here. John McCain is a huge disappointment. He missed by less than 10 being the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. He crashed two fighters, training and otherwise, and did several other foolish things that cost tons of money. He should not have been given his wings. He had a father and grandfather that were highly decorated Navy Admirals. McCain was a “hotdog” pilot and didn’t follow procedures while flying over Nam. He stayed in the prison when he was told to leave by his commander. I guess that’s what many call “hero”. Brave maybe, but hero is not my definition. I was in the Air Force during Viet Nam, but didn’t go to the Nam. I was invited but orders were never correct until my wife was within the No Ship period of pregnancy. I was discharged early for completing college which I did. I hid my uniforms when I got home. Colleges were burning and ROTC met at night. It was the worst of times. My military time was not anything special to anyone. It was get your time done and get out. It was never my intent to protest nor go to Canada. McCain served his time but had the misfortune to get shot down. He has since shown that he is not the best thing to military men and women. He was a hero to some, maybe his wife who was stateside and badly injured in an auto accident while he was in prison. She was torn up in the accident. Upon John’s return and seeing his once beautiful wife looking way less than beautiful, he sought a divorce. He then married Cindy the beauty queen and wealthy at that. I would never doubt his love for either of his wives. I would not label it hero though. John served and suffered so that’s what many call hero. Honorable is more like it to me. He’s done his duty and now he should exit the stage, take his retirement and be done with politics. He’s no hero there.

    • George

      That’s Damn well disgusting, John McCain is an American War “Hero” of the Vietnam War Get over it. Hiding your uniforms is that what you call patriotic?

  • WoodstockMarine

    McCain served honorably – endured captivity – was not outstanding in either capacity. But, even if he was heroic then it does not give him a pass for lifetime to have everyone bow to him as a hero. Remember he stood shoulder to shoulder with John Kerry when the Select Committee was investigating the possibility of remaining POW/MIA in VN. He even walked out of a hearing/meeting so it could not take place.

    For many of us VN vets – McCain is just another vet. And he was born into as much privilege as Trump. I wouldn’t vote for either of them. But for reasons different than expressed in most places I have no pity for McCain.

    • George

      You need to go back and review what ethics is all about. It high time that former SMs get in step with what this Country is all about. Freedom, John McCain is A Vietnam War Hero. Period…..

  • Ed C

    I don’t think his capture and subsequent imprisonment is what made him a hero, it was before that after the Forrestal fire when he popped right onto and other ship and got back into combat. I don’t agree with most things he does and is one of the worst RINO’s in Congress…but the guy is a real hero as opposed to John Kerry…that’s not even a race.

  • Mike Borno

    Never critize a warrior UNTIL you have walked a mile in his shoes.

  • Lber

    I respect john McCain for his service and devotion to country…But I don’t respect his actions lately as a Senator who does what his twisted mind thinks, not what is right for America. He claims to be GOP, but is a RINO who votes more Liberal than many Dems.
    So what Trump said is both right and wrong. Respect him for his service. The majority of Service Members are Hero’s in the sense that they sacrificed for our country.
    Was McCain smart…no, finished last in class and probably would not have finished had it not been for his father and grandfather who both were Chief of Naval Operations.
    He has done good things for our country, but has also done some dumbchit things.

  • LeRoy

    The term hero has been over used of late. A real hero, in my opinion, is one who places him/her self at risk In order to save or protect someone else directly. Sen McCain’s time as a POW is admirable in it’s self, but was more a matter of self-survival than an act of heroism.
    My idea of a real hero can be found in the citations which accompany the award of the Medal of Honor (and some other medals) where a person places themselves in extreme danger and risk of personal harm to attempt to save/rescue a fellow warrior.

  • Retired AF

    Every body critizes Trump, yet if he would be elected he would certainly be better than whats in the white house now. That guy doesn’t have a clue about the military. So anyone of the canidates would be better than him. Right now Trump is saying what all the others are afraid to say. Trump cuts through all the political correctness.

  • Vietnam Vet

    John McCain is a Hero. McCain is one of many Veterans that paid for Trump’s right to sound off and speak his mind without fear of persecution.

    • George


  • Ralph

    My hope is that voters will not reject Trump based on his off the cuff comments on McCain. McCain served our country with honor but I reject him politically because he has failed in his support of our veterans and border security plus immigration policies. He is a typical politician who says enough to get reelected. Trump, if elected, will at least shake things up in DC regardless of politics.

  • Fred Arnold

    After glancing at the comments I could only find one which points out that McCain had it pretty easy through out life until flying in Viet Nam. Try reviewing some facts before stating that Trump had it made while McCain’s history is neglected.
    Yes McCain suffered through out his ordeal and probably could be called a hero .
    Trump will be ‘MY” hero if he is elected and straightens out the bad things occurring in our country or influences any other politician to do so.
    Fred A. – 21 years riding diesel and nuc subs with 7 FBM patrols during the turbulent times of the 60’s and 70’s

  • steve

    John McCain is a war hero by all definitions. It was not that he just captured after being shot down. He was offered to be freed because his Dad was a four star admiral at the time. He said only if his fellow POWs were also freed. That one thing says tons about his character as a man. One may disagree with his politics but no one can dispute the facts about him, his fellow POWs, and the Hanoi Hilton.

    • Bob Chambers

      A hero is someone who sacrifices for the country or for his mates. John McCain fits that image. Trump seems to by quite interested in himself.

  • Ralph

    We need a President who is not afraid to tell it like it is; Trump fits that bill. He also has more than enough experience and know-how in the financial world to get our fiscal house in order, secure our border, institute policies on immigration and not pussy foot around with other world leaders who denigrate us even after we provide many with billions in aide. Hillary does not have the balls or where-with-all to do the job necessary to be President.

  • USAFBen

    The term “hero” is overused these days. A fireman runs into a burning building and saves a little girl. Is he a hero? No. That’s his job. A police officer confronts an armed suspect and takes him out. Is he a hero? No. That’s his job. You’re not a hero if you’re just doing your job. A hero is someone who performs above and beyond the call of duty. John McCain was flying a bombing mission over North Vietnam. He got out of his warm bed on the carrier. Had some hot breakfast. Went to the ready room for his strike brief. He left the carrier on the way to his target. Unfortunately, he was shot down by North Vietnamese anti-aircraft fire and taken prisoner. As a flyer, that’s one thing that you hope never happens but it’s a risk for which you signed up for. As a POW, he was tortured and subjected to extreme cruelty. He resisted his captors — but that’s a POW’s job…to resist.

    A true hero is someone who goes far above and beyond the call of duty. A marine who throws himself on a grenade to save his squad is a hero. The AC-47 crewman who throws himself on a burning magnesium flare that was rolling around 19,000 rounds of ammunition is a hero.

    John McCain was awarded the Silver Star for his actions as a POW. He also received the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star with V device.

    John McCain is a patriot and a credit to his service and Nation. He is not a hero. Very few are heroes.

  • Joe

    Mr. McCain is without doubt an American and a military leader who endured horrendous conditions and torture during captivity. He is a prisoner of war survivor, but is he a hero? My answer is No. What Mr. McCain did is exactly what we were trained, taught, and expected to do during that era. It was drilled in us NEVER surrender if there is the will to resist, take no prisoners, and NEVER leave behind a fallen comrade. I think Mr. McCain is a great man, although I disagree with 99 percent of his political views. Because he was captured, injured, and tortured does not elevate him head and shoulder above every other service member who did the exactly what Mr. McCain did for this country. Mr. McCain deserves the utmost respect. He earned it as well as every other POW. He stands among a very elite group of service members, but he is no hero.

  • Iraq War Vet

    Definition of Hero:
    noun: hero; plural noun: heroes; noun: hero sandwich; plural noun: hero sandwiches
    a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
    “a war hero”
    synonyms; brave person, brave man/woman, man/woman of courage, man/woman of the hour, lionheart, warrior, knight; champion, victor, conqueror
    “the heroes of the American Civl War”
    star, superstar, megastar, idol, celebrity, luminary;
    ideal, paragon, shining example, demigod;
    favorite, darling;
    “a football hero”
    antonyms:coward, loser, unknown, nobody
    the chief male character in a book, play, or movie, who is typically identified with good qualities, and with whom the reader is expected to sympathize.
    synonyms: (male) protagonist, principal (male) character, principal (male) role, main character, title character, starring role, star part; More
    (male) lead, lead actor, leading man
    “the hero of the film”
    antonyms: villain, supporting character, supporting role
    (in mythology and folklore) a person of superhuman qualities and often semidivine origin, in particular one of those whose exploits and dealings with the gods were the subject of ancient Greek myths and legends.
    another term for submarine sandwich.
    …according to this definition, yes, he is a war hero, and yes, there’s a lot unrecognized war hero’s, just like me!

    • Taxpayer

      There are NO “football heroes.” It’s a boys game played by men who don’t want to work for a living or contribute to society in any meaningful way. That’s part of the problem with our American society. We worship the wrong people. Try nurses and teachers.

  • Niels Slater

    I was never a fan of Donald Trump. An individual who received 4 deferments to attend college rather than get drafted has no business running for President.

  • ldajnowski

    Who really cares if McCain is a hero or not. Yes he is a hero since he survived being a POW for a long time but what does that have to do with what he has done as Senator? Stop living in the past and concentrate on now and the future. McCain should retire and let someone else take his place who will strengthen the border (Arizona does border Mexico as you all should well know) and will do something about the VA which is not yet cleaned up sufficiently. Right now the VA is kicking the can down the road and hopes the investigations, etc will simply go away with time. No one forced McCain to become a Senator show since he wanted the job he is obligated to do more for the Vets, more to protect this country and more to stop the Obama/Hillary onslaught.



  • Bob

    Just a question How do we Know that his bones were broken by his captors. The picture posted shows him after the crash . If we have no other Information than that picture then he was injured doing his Job. Nothing here to suggest Hero.

  • Rob

    Everyone who volunteers to serve is a hero!

  • Eyecarehawaii

    It isn’t the fact that someone became a POW that makes him a hero. It is their conduct while he was a POW that does this. Based on what I know of his captivity I believe he is as much a hero as the others who were prisoners with him and who behaved honorably under extremely difficult circumstances.

    Does anyone know whether Donald Trump ever bothered to serve his country in b the military? Based on his record, Trump doesn’t appear to get involved in anything if he can’t make money out of it.

    • Jonathon

      BINGO!!! With The Donald, it’s all about the $$$, including the Presidency, no doubt…

      Can anyone really imagine this country being run by an incredibly loud-mouthed, self-important, narcissistic billionaire who is ultimately about $$$$$$$$$??? Like he really has the good of the country in mind?? Somehow I just don’t share the Donald’s vision…guess I’m just not greedy enough…


  • retsam369

    As a politician I detest McCain. However, I think that all of you should watch this clip before deciding on an answer to the question posed.

    You’ll have to copy and paste this address into your browser/search bar. If this piece is actually factual and correct, I believe that McCain has to provide some answers. I await your comments after watching the clip! Title of the clip on you tube: John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

  • sniper6

    john mccain was a spoiled admirals son,, got into Anapolis,, no great performance there,, flight school,, smart ass in the navy,, carrier ,, always a problem,, flew a mission,, shot down,, prisoner,, largely because of his own carelessness,, and a hero,, I THINK NOT,,

  • retsam369

    Why was my comment deleted?

  • retsam369

    FYI: I’m a retired SFC (111.07) with a total 27 years. My comment didn’t contain any profanities but it did pose a question. Can’t this site handle people that think for themselves? If you don’t post my comment, be kind enough to at least tell me why not.

  • sniper6

    mccain,, colaborating with the enemy,, as a pilot, he had little information to give..

  • artymgysgt

    I voted for McCain as president but always thought he was a poor candidate and politician but he really served and performed heroically in combat and as a POW.

  • Bill McCullough

    what I got out of what the Sen. made a statement that Mr. Trump made the crazy in AR his state rise up
    and then that got an answer from Mr. Trump back to the Sen. which wasn’t clear from all the media it
    seems that the media jumps on any part of a statement made by people they seem to pick and chose
    what they think will make them ahead of all the rest of the reporters that try to get it right and then some reporters don’t even verify the truth.

  • ApacheBlue

    As has been said, McCain stayed in captivity with his comrades. That was an act of heroism. Being captured was not, just bad luck. I was wounded in Vietnam. That was not heroism either. However, too many of us read what the critics say Trump said, rather than what Trump said and how he said it. I would like to see those with military combat experience, in the government or in congress, find money in the corrupt and wasteful bureaucracy before looking at active and retired paychecks of current and former service members. They would not be heros for doing this, just doing their jobs.


    Dump-da-Trump! He was born with a silver spoon up his whazoo, and probably would be a NYC taxi driver if it hadn’t been for his father’s money.
    As for McCain, yes, he and every POW were heros, along with every man and woman who has served this nation honorably. Trump had the money to stay in school, and get deferments so he didn’t have to move to Canada. I just can’t understand why the 99% would ever vote (or be enthralled) buy this 1% schister?

    • Jonathon

      Oh, they like the “straight talk” that he gives! So say my, shall I say, less politically sophisticated friends…yeah, that “straight-from-the-hip” works SO well in diplomacy, you know like when you’re actually trying to get other countries to go along with your military adventures…kiss our NATO and other allies good-bye if this oaf were to get into office (not likely, too many toes stepped on already…)


  • Homer

    Yes McCain was in a POW camp for years, so we’re others. I don’t think you can call someone a hero for wanting to live. I servd in-country also and I sure would not call me a hero. My True Heros were the 58,000+ who didn’t come back alive. I also don’t think he really gives a shit about the vets either.

  • Capt Parker AF,Ret

    No more than any other GI who was a POW! For that matter no more than ANY GI who serves his country. He just has become a loser Senator.

  • Guest

    McCain is a military hero. He endured his time as a POW with honor and courage. Trump never should have questioned McCain’s military service.

    Now as a Senator I think McCain has been pretty weak. His status as a military hero does not put him above criticism as a politician. But the criticism should be focused on his political activities and not his military history. What Trump said was idiotic, but even so McCain is still just a typical Washington politician who doesn’t really stand for any principles, but will do whatever is best for his political future. He and others like him are part of the current problem with our country.

  • Chuck

    Bi matter what you think of Senator McCains job in the Senate. He is a hero. I see here some comparing him to Ira Hayes yes he was a hero too just as all the other Marines and Sailors on Iwo. But Sen McCain endured 5 1/2 years of improsuoment in Hanoi where he was tortured and his wounds were not treated. I’ve seen in the jungles of Vietnam the “tiger cages” where our troops were kept. I don’t care who a members family is, when they swear the oath they become a hero and if by circumstance they become a POW, well my hat is off to them.

  • Jarvais

    Trump what branch did you serve in ?

    • guest

      Cub Scouts “Weblos”.. Had Fun

  • Iraq War Vet

    Ignorance is evil Mr.Trump.
    Talk is CHEAP!
    No one knows and can talk unless you were there!
    Don’t care what anybody says, He is a war Hero, his war story documented matches the “Hero” definition by google

  • mike platt

    Yes john was a hero. And trump being a draft dogger is trash, when anyone has a lot of money and buy his way out of theservice, he is trash. I spent 33yrs in the service and would like to talk with trump. And explane how we fell.

  • Toscano

    What made McCain a hero? His family’s background and entry into politics!! I’m not detracting from his patriotic deeds and labors but in entitling him with the laurel of “hero” placed the hundreds more troops who had to live the same cruel abuse into the shadows of non-recognition. Weren’t they also heroic?

    • Iraq War Vet

      Most of us are unrecognized war Heroes.
      And yes, I think his case got more recognition because of his family background.

  • Erich

    Even though I protested the government for dragging the U.S. into a war with no end game all for politics and big business, I always felt for the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. John McCain was most assuredly a war hero for the many acts of bravery he did to keep the men at the Hanoi Hilton alive and sane. No better valor and pissed at Trump. He is a developer and has no feeling for anyone and would even steal the last dollar out of a veterans pocket. He is a liar. and will bankrupt the U.S. and then join ISIS.

  • Rob

    I had a high school teacher who was a WWII Marine Corps veteran, a Bataan Death March survivor who endured some three years of hard labor in a Japanese POW camp; he was interred at Arlington in 1984. I had the great honor of visiting his gravesite a few weeks ago. He was a tough old SOB, and not many students liked him; however, there isn’t a person I know of who had him as a teacher who doesn’t call him a hero. He had some flaws, but that in no way takes away from his service and sacrifice for his country. I would say the exact same thing about John McCain! Too bad a man like Donald Trump doesn’t know about an ideal as basic as that.

  • Bill

    Holy crap! I agree with John Kerry!?!?

  • Frank

    What ever happened to the other POWs that were with McCain? They must be heros also but are probably fighting the VA for benefits that McCain voted against

  • john coppinger

    What happened to our spy ship the Liberty.Who was the investigating officer.

  • TTom5005

    Its has been my privileged to know some Americans hero in my lifetime. Even to make recommendations for meritorious service awards to two in the Army that risked their lives to move a burning munitions trailer from a convoy. To make a presentation to a three Star General, who unit in WWII had the most officers to make General grade. He was also in Korea and Vet Nam. My passed father holds the bronze star. I think John McCain is a hero.

    I say this not just because I have frequently had communication with Senator McCain in the past. All of it replied. Not just because I worked in his 2008 Presidential campaign as a researcher/writer. John McCain took everything that the NV could hand out during his captivity. He kept his faith, in his God and in his Country and and in his fellow prisoners. If that is not a definition of a American hero? What is?

  • Wayne

    I think anyone who serves in the military is a hero. I did 4 years in the Navy during VietNam and my family considers me a hero. I think Mr Trump should see what sacrifices military personnel and their families make. No silver spoons !

  • Johnny5

    There is no crime in not serving in Viet Nam. We had troops scattered across the globe that didn’t go, and the schools were full of people who didn’t enlist.

    Look at the things that matter, McCain has been in office for most of my kids life and the government is bankrupt, they print funny money and my savings have gone to pot. 100 dollars that I inherited from my father is worth 4 dollars today, there is no honor there, and McCain sat right there and let it happen.

    Ill stick with Trump, if this country can be turned around, he has the best shot to do it.

  • Maniac

    Usually war heroes don’t make it back from combat keeping your mouth shut is your duty a war hero is someone who action are above and beyond normal duties only the other pow’s can say if sen McCain actions were heroic

  • Maniac

    Also I think mcain left the forrestal as it burned in flames what happened to going down with the ship squids

  • Chuck

    Folks seem to have a very loose definition of hero. A man is a hero because of what he does, not because of what is done to him. McCain did his military job well, as did thousands of others during the same period. Are they ALL heroes? McCain suffered greatly during his captivity. Does that make him a hero? There were hundreds, even thousands, of true heroes in the VN war who received NO recognition.

  • james

    trump is a two faced coward and a back stabber .trump needs to go home and play with his money .if somebody starts shooting he will hide behind somebody else. McCain is a hero trump is trash

  • George N Roll

    Senator McCain earned many decorations during his military service including three Bronze Stars, the Silver Star, Air Medals and I believe the Leagon of Merit He kept on his bomb run even after his aircraft was hit. His performance while a prisoner in the Hanoi Hilton was most certainly heroic. As a political figure he has always voted his conscious. He may not always have voted the party line but he always has taken on tough issues and done his best. He is honest and a Patriot. I don’t always agree with any of our political leaders but I can’t in any way denigrate Senator McCain’s courage He is a Hero!
    George N Roll, Ltc. (ret) USAF

  • I am a combat vet and can’t imagine the horrors McCain endured in capture. However, that doesn’t mean he was a great officer. This is from Wikipedia with footnotes eliminated:

    “While there [Pensacola], he earned a reputation as a partying man. He completed flight school in 1960, and became a naval pilot of ground-attack aircraft, assigned to A-1 Skyraider squadrons aboard the aircraft carriers USS Intrepid and USS Enterprise in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas. McCain began as a sub-par flier who was at times careless and reckless; during the early to mid-1960s, the planes he was flying crashed twice and once collided with power lines, but he received no major injuries. His aviation skills improved over time, and he was seen as a good pilot, albeit one who tended to “push the envelope” in his flying”.

    It is as likely, as not, his behaviour was tolerated due to his father being an active duty Admiral.

    Upon his discharge in 1981 he received a 100% VA Disability award for life (which is tax free – currently about $36000 a year). However, many veteran groups feel he has not done very much for their plight with the VA. The Pheonix scandal whistleblowers had written to McCain and were ignored.

  • David Johnson

    Everyone who puts on the uniform and answers the call is a hero!
    While our Constitution gives freedom of speech to voice our opinions, does not make them correct. The positive that can be taken from it is we can take positive forward action

  • Dennis Reiley

    Only someone without military experience wouldn’t consider McCain a hero. When you put it all on the line you’re a hero. Something that Trump has never done.

  • Iraq War Vet

    The subject is not about him, but Mr Trump: You should never went there,
    first with the Mexicans,
    now with the Disabled Combat Vet Senator. What a shame you dumb head.
    You have a diarrhea problem in your mouth!
    McCain is a Disabled Combat War Hero just performing horrible in the Senate. No one is perfect

  • Nunzu

    I disagree with much of what Senator McCain has done politically I still recognize him as a war ,hero.. He piloted an A-4 Skyhawk over North Vietnam through a barrage of enemy antiaircraft fire and SAM missiles on bombing missions. Just doing that qualifies him as a war hero. His bad luck at being shot down does not disqualify him. His conduct as a POW and his refusal to be released before any of his fellow prisoners who had been captured before him makes him a very special war hero. Donald Trump owes John McCain an apology. I just hope Trump’s enormous ego doesn’t get in the way of him doing just that.

  • Ron

    I believe McCain is was a hero who lost focus on what he sent through and what he could be doing for the Vets. When I left for Vietnam I was told if we were captured it was name rank and number, next was to escape. If he had a chance to go home couldn’t he have given information that could have helped?

  • Jonathon DeNike

    FOUR deferments so he could complete his business degree. I signed up right out of High School at 17. Donald would have shit his drawers the first time the Drill Sargent got in his face. Spoiled POS!!!


  • Major S

    McCain is a traitor, NOT a hero. He gave classified information to the enemy when captured and signed a letter (which was published in the North Vietnamese news papers) saying the US was guilty of war crimes. That is NOT the makings of a hero, that is a traitorous act.

  • G M Hicks

    There are a lot of people who tend to jump to conclusions without consideration because they trust the “group think” reflex. The alternative is to use the admonition of Ronald Reagan regarding the negotiation of missile treaties with the old Soviet Union; “Trust but verify”.
    That being said, wouldn’t it be logical to do the same regarding the seemingly outrageous statement by Mr. Trump?
    I would suggest stepping away from the “group think” and follow Reagan’s example because if the Donald is wrong in his pronouncements what say you to the men who were held prisoner with McCain in the Hanoi Hilton? Or the elected representatives to Congress using far more serious indictments? Are they to be criticized for their statements? Were they unworthy to hold the offices the people elected them to because of their alleged slander of a seemingly universally recognized icon. Their comments and testimony were far more damning than anything Mr. Trump has espoused. Did those members of Congress suffer at the alter of “group think? I think not.
    Don’t be afraid to open your eyes to another reality which was presented long before Mr. Trump was a household name. Considering what is on film here I am not insulted by Mr. Trump. I feel sorry for LCDR McCain. He obviously hasn’t told his daughter and if she sees the rest on YouTube it may well affect her negatively, Honesty is the best policy.

  • Alan K.

    Is McCain a prisoner of war survivor? Yes. Would I have wanted to go through what he did? No. But a true war hero? No. A lot of gallant war stories of those saving others lives, some by giving there own. Those are true war heroes. Not McCain.

  • Joseph James

    I think what Mister Trump said was taken out of context. I am a Vietnam veteran and if I was on patrol and I happened to get captured and imprisoned did I do anything heroic by being at the wrong place at the wrong time and having no choice in the matter? Even if he was tortured it was the norm for prisoners at that time. Had he volunteered to be tortured in exchange for the release of others perhaps that would be a hero.

  • E.W.Davis

    ‘Yes! Senator McCain is a bonefide ‘Hero’ Trump just needs to feel important, he needs his Face in the News to further his Legacies, he knows he’s not going to even REALLY! come close to being President except for his own Businesses! I’am a Veteran and I Support John, he’s done ALOT! to help the Veterans of this Great Country and I feel sorry for Trump…especially when he needs to stoop so low to attack someone that was Captured during War! Where was Trump? did he ever Serve his Country? has he done ANYTHING!? to help a Soldier in need? Why? are we giving him this much PRESS! its embarrassing as a USA Citizen and a Proud American Veteran! that other Countries sees this kind of Crap!…..HOAH!

  • Bruce

    Being a veteran who served during the Vietnam fiasco, I thing Trump would be a terrible president. Hopefully, people will see through that smoke and mirrors and not elect this clown.

  • proudvetee

    ‘HOAH! I’am a ‘PROUD American Veteran’ and YES! Senator McCain is a Hero! why are we even, giving him any attention? Has he ever served in the Military? or was he in Canada? I wonder, what he would be doing if he didn’t have all that Money? has his kids ever served, He is in the Greatest Country in the World and this is where he has amassed all his riches! McCain has done a lot for Veterans and is still fighting for us! Trump will get his just desserts soon enough! From this moment on I refuse to give him any Power! (Everyone is making Money off this) NO! SHAME! HOAH! Senator McCain

  • Thomas

    Read the book “AWOL” by Frank Schaeffer it tells all about people like Trump who never had to serve! Semper Fi

  • JGinSC

    There is more to a naval career than confinement.

    Does anyone recognize that Sen. McCain ‘lost’ four of the airplanes he flew, three before being shot down? Does anyone believe the ‘good ol boys club’ exists within the ranks of the US Navy? Would the fact that McCain’s father and grandfather before him were admirals in the US Navy have anything to do with his service record and the various awards he received? Has anyone ever taken a look at his record while at the US Naval Academy? How did the man even receive a commission with a record like that?

    Now, as a US Senator ——- other commentators have covered that aspect of his government service well enough, no need for me to go there.

  • Denny Cronin

    All veterans gave some, some gave all. John McCain is no hero. The only reason he was in Annapolis was both his father & grandfather were Admirals. John McCain came out 894 out of 899 in his class. If not for his family name. he should have been last, or booted out. He crashed 2 planes, flew 1 into power lines Set fire to the “Ticondaroga” destroying men, and equipment. Was shot down. For 51/2 years he caused no damage to his country. The real heros came back forever changed or in a coffin. (Yes, I did serve)

  • forgottenvet

    Trump hit the nail on the head. McCain is The Manchurian Candidate.

  • Iraq War Vet

    Do POWs get too a large a share of the spotlight when other men who served in Vietnam deserve more recognition?

    Brave servicemembers and civilians serving in combat zones deserves recognition regardless of MOS.
    Just a hand full of scared soldiers that refused to participate in Combat missions should not be recognized.

    POW’s deserves more recognition automatically because of their status

    just my opinion, I could be wrong. .

    • Iraq War Vet

      Now, some POW’s having more recognition than others or called “heroes” should depends on individual achievements and not by influence.

  • Tom Keifer USNA58

    McCain gave up a chance to return Stateside when because of a flight deck accident the carrier he was on was damaged and had to return for repairs. The other carrier because of losses was short of A-4 pilots and asked for volunteers to transfer to his ship. McCain did and was subsequently shot down over Hanoi. He not only refused to be sent home when the North Vietnamese realized who he was but he also refused to go home ahead of the other POW’s who had been prisoners longer than him had gone home. Would Trump have acted like John did he have ran for home and the hell with the other POW’s. I should point out that I was in the same Company with John at the Naval Academy for 4 years and graduated with him on 4 June 1958 ,so I know what kind of man he is and in any kind of fight would be pleased to have him at my back. Who would say that about Trump.

  • Iraq War Vet

    Is John McCain’s war service off limits in a political feud?

    Any servicemember war service should be off limits in a political feud.

    Knowing that this political feud was against a Decorated DISABLED Combat Veteran Senator, regarless of his performance in the War and the Senate, is very disrespectful and out of bounds, Trump just crossed the line, maybe without thinking, but I think he meant every word. He’s just creating more enemies.
    What kind of a person this presidential candidate is, that cross this line for a political feud? It is not just stupid,is ignorance and evil.

    We all combat vets deserve respect and recognition. No matter the rank, we spend days without shower,only MRE food, wired up for days supporting the mission, thinking frequently if you will survive the next mission, but there is no time to think, exposed to roadside bombs, enemy fire, friendly fire, weapons jamming and failing because of the weather, abrahams tanks overheating, using fragmentation body armor instead bullet proof vests, Jet fuel ignited burn pits, oil well fires, sand fleas, sand storms, scorpions, lizards, temps over 110 degrees, we had to burn our shit with jet fuel every day, you can’t sleep, you feel hypnotized, just to name a few. Soldiers in my unit lost limbs and lifes by enemy fire and IED’S in Iraq, on the same roads we used everyday in our missions around Baghdad and the Kuwait dessert. We serve in War, followed orders, risked our lifes, took injuries and looses, and returned home like “ZOMBIES”. You don’t have a minimum idea of what Im talking about Mr Trump.
    As a Disabled Combat Vet, I feel very offended by Mr.Trump comments. He owe McCain and all of us an apology, and while he’s there, a few free mortgage properties to Disabled Combat Veterans!

  • Bill Hannah

    . John McCain is a Hero. God help America if Trump win the Election. He should win Biggest Jerk of the Century Award

  • j wisdom

    McCain was pow but refusing to leave when could makes him an idiot

    Sure as hell done nothing for VA or for border protection

    Trumps words were little out shape but at least he has balls to speak

    Not what we have now in office can be no worse

    we have now most useless law makers ever and cry baby media

  • Reis R. Kash

    I have read credible reports that McCain wrongfully appropriated an aircraft and flew to an Army-Navy game, wrecking the plan in the process but got off because his father and grandfather were admirals. I have also read credible reports that McCain’s aircraft on his carrier caught fire and caused casualties on his aircraft, but have seen no evidence as to whether the fire was McCain’s fault. There is no doubt that McCain flew missions over North Korea, which constitutes in my mind, heroic behavior and was injured when shot down. There are also credible reports that McCain was offered and accepted early return from the POW officials, but did not accept the offer, not because of his heroism but because he was ordered not to leave until all the POWs left by the US Camp commander. As a two-war vet, I don’t think he is a hero and do think he is a jerk and a half because of the way he capitalizes on his military career and because of his two-faced behavior as a senator.

    • Tomas

      Uh dude north Korea, man you need to quit smoking that shit, it’s rotting your brain

  • Seeker6j

    Were the Prisoners in the German concentration camps war Heroes?

  • Tomas

    My problem with McCain is I have heard he was shot down multiple times, and that he recklessly landed a damaged plane on a carrier rather than ejecting, and in the process killed up to twenty American sailors. I have not researched this, so can not verify, but if so was he just a poor pilot, or we’re they very dangerous missions?

  • Tomas

    Oh, I forgot to say that everyone know trump is nothing but a delusional loudmouth, cretin

    • Tomas

      They didn’t print my first post. On mc Cain was he just a poor pilot, or was he on very dangerous missions. I understand that he lost multiple aircraft during his service. I have also heard, but have not verified that he landed a damaged aircraft on a carrier rather than ejecting and in the process killed multiple American servicemen! I would like to see his actual unaltered service record, and talk to people who knew him, because since his father was in charge of all navy in Vietnam, I would not fully trust even official records. Yes he was a POW, but I would also like to know if he refused orders to be repatriated. Yes he was tortured, well maybe bush and our CIA would deny he was tortured, but he does deserve his va disability pension. Hero! That’ s a word that gets thrown around a lot, so it is very open to individual determination.

  • B52B1chief

    Mr. Trump is totally wrong. However he is entitled to his opinion even though it may be way off base. What Senator McCain did while held captive is more heroic than anything Mr. Trump could ever do. However, as a politician he has left a lot to be desired. HERO, absofrickinglutely McCain is a HERO!!!!!!!!

  • Former E6, W2 & O5

    If you have not been in McCain’s shoes you do not have the right to comment. So keep your mouth shut. Trump does not have the right to comment on McCain’s military history or any ones military profile.
    Mr. Trump, You are a non military person with out the right to comment about the military at all.

  • William hall

    How come we can comment on john McCain but after reading the article on the chatannoogah shooter there was no comment section below??????? Politely correctness again ?

  • Larry scott

    I don’t believe that John McCain has ever said that he was
    A war hero…. Other people put that label on him..
    Audie Murphy was a war hero.

  • Jose

    Trump, must be out his mind…he needs to withdrawn from the race he is a disgrace to the Republican Party.

  • Bob J

    Of course McCain is a war hero-he put his ass in harm’s way watching peers getting killed to his left and right and went out for every mission into the same danger, got shot down (which is in no way surrendering) and conducted himself bravely while tortured while seriously injured, refused early release (he was a 4-star admiral’s son and it was offered) and stood his time in line on release, which was doe by date of capture. Trump took a deferment (not illegal), but then somehow managed to avoid the draft after his deferment ran out and now grabs the cloak of the brave by paying for veteran’s events with excess money he can easily miss. He is shameless and I am disappointed that our system allows clowns like him gum up the democratic system of government. My hope is that the system will toss him on his ass where he belongs once the novelty wears off and the citizens like McCain (and myself, for that matter) will be honored for our service by serious Americans electing proper candidates.

  • TonkinGulf

    First off let me thank this post for letting me get this off my chest. Here goes-Enough noise. Of all the groups not to argue valor, right cause or anything related to service, it would be the Vietnam Vets. I believe this is part of what John meant when he suggested Donald owed Vets an apology. Well as a Vietnam Vet, I would like to ask this society to forget about us. All this analysis of service is only poking at dead meat for the aggrandizement of the speakers. We have been well informed as to what type of baby killers we are. Just place a nice footnote in a history book stating that 600,000 suicidal individuals went off on a misguided adventure to a land they didn’t know. This offer does require that you forget us in your future. We’re so numb from the fanny kickings we don’t even respond. In the case of Vets that are carrying a Trump for President placard, maybe they want another round of abuse. Who knows?

  • Lt Roger Wilco

    All of the mindless hoi poloi sound off–all the fat stupid “veterans” who pushed pencils and never saw combat and wear their Vietnam Veteran hats and put decals on their cars since it was the only thing in their useless WalMart lives that they can claim and vow that McCain was a hero, is a hero. He is not a hero. Donald Trump is right. McCain is a chump who got shot down. The heroes did not get shot down; or they escaped and went back north on missions. McCain is not much and his freaky sick daughter is even less.

    • George

      What a shame that you are not fully engaged in the history of Vietnam. Read the congressional record for Sen John McCain, A true Vietnam War Hero..

  • Clyde

    wHe may have been & is a “War” hero however due to his attitude & lack of support for Vets I feel that he may have been brain washed to a degree by the North Vietnamese while in captivity. I therefore say yes he WAS a “WAR” hero but he has not been a hero since nor has he fully kept his oath or loyalty to the service & people of the USA.
    Raised in French Indochina {parents were spooks so lived with the local not associating with Americans although was US citizen and passed off as French} US Navy 20+ & retired 8404 Field/combat Med 8407 surface Nuc & 8425 Independent Duty Med.

    • George

      Stay focused, surely you understand politics, We are not talking. About his Congressional record but his Military service to this Great Country. He IS a Great American Hero, & the American people should not forget that..

  • truth_is_honor

    Read the WND article mccain-and-the-pow-cover-up, Trump was wrong to disparage POWs as a group, but McCain has turned his back on other POWs. From war hero to loathsome politician.

  • USN Retired

    Refusing early release from a POW camp doesn’t make him a hero. The code of conduct was written to guide us so we could return home with honor. Also he would most likely would have had to answer for not following the articles. Just a thought.

  • George Furlong

    John McCain is a true hero . Shot down over enemy lines and captured and imprisoned for 5+ years. The insults by Donald Trump are an insult to all who served in Vietnam especially the ones the ones that were wounded and captured. I salute John McCain. Col. George Furlong

  • Sgt Dave

    McCain is a hero because he didn’t give in under torture, and also because he flew his A4 in the way he did. Trump is just a drama queen; don’t let his BS distract us from the real issues. Trump has given many contributions to liberal Democrat politicians; his stuff can make conservatives look bad. The real issues are related to long-term benefits to the country, such as building character, self-reliance, belief in “will not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those who do”. Those are way way more important.

  • Dekela

    The term hero has lost all it’s meaning. I wore a US Navy ball cap into a store and walking down the walkways I was call a hero. I served in Vietnam for 19 months, which does not make me a hero, I was an employee of the US Department of Defense, that’s all.

  • RAC

    I’m not a political supporter of John McCain, and I don’t know him personally. However, in my Air Force career. I have personally known several former POWs. What they endured is beyond immagination. This had to be the closest thing to a living Hell that could be found on Earth. John McCain was offered the special privilege of leaving ahead of his felow servicemen. Rather than leave early, he insisted on staying until it was his turn under prescribed post-war protocol. How can someone like that not be a hero?

    As for Donald Trump: If I had the chance to speak to him face-to-face, I would ask him, “Have you no sense decency, sir, at long last, have you left no sense of decency?” That was originally said by Joseph N Welch to Senator Joseph McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy hearing. Welch was a lawyer representing the Army and was responding to MCarthy’s attack of a United States Army soldier. That was the beginning of the end of McCarthy’s political career. So, Mr Trump, have you no sense decency, sir, at long last, have you left no sense of decency?

  • David SMSGT Ret.

    I salute John McCain as a hero and a fellow vet. even though I don’t agree with him on some political points. Trump has no room to comment since he took the rich draft dodger ploy of school deferments, somewhat like a former President did. I think Trump owes McCain an apology as well as all former POW’s. I would not vote for Trump if he was running alone for views like these.

  • John

    Donald Trump is a pompus, toupée-wearing, outspoken bully, period!. John McCain, on the other hand, is definitely a hero. He didn’t break in his 5-plus years as a POW. And, as a US senator, he has stood firm on many military issues that I think are wise and would agree with. Many times he has been the driving force behind what is best for the US military. He is a model military example. Tough and controversial, yes. But I would foillow him in to war, no questions asked. As a retired senior military officer, I cannot think otherwise. On the other hand, Trump is gruff, brash, and bullish. Would I want him for a commander-in-chief? HELL NO!! He has no military experience. Moreover, He is NOT presidential material!!!!! He has “big money” and a big mouth, one that he usuually has his foot in. Over time, it will finally expand ;large enough that he might be able to put an elephant’s foot in, rather than his own..

  • Chuck J

    Is John McCain a hero? In my opinion he is. He served and endured a torturous 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton, He turned down early release. Donny decided to get multiple deferments from serving. Both men had choices to make. Its the choices one makes that determine their character. One chose to serve, one chose to whine and dine. Either way, I as a retired USN Corpsman served to give everyone the freedom to express their opinion, its called free speech. We also have a voting process that Donny may find on primary day he wont fare as well as the so called polls predict. No one has asked me via poll what I think. I am not voting for the dude. He doesn’t deserve credit for his prep boy rabble rousing today. God Bless

  • Leonard Corwin

    Is McCain any more a hero than General Benedict Arnold? Both men once earned that status, however, later, erased that record by their traitorous activities later in life. John McCain has been a self made disaster to this nation since serving as a U.S. senamored by his voting record. He, has singlehandedly done everything he could to prevent any increase in assistance, pay and benefits to serving military and veterans. It appears that his attitude is, “I’ve got mine, to hell with anyone else. I agree with Donald Trump. He may have been a hero long ago. He hasn’t been for decades.

  • Sheila

    John McCain is not a hero. His record of service is now coming out, after of course, having to go to court. He had investigations to the whereabouts of POWs sealed while on the Armed services committee. He was pardoned after 30+ propaganda videos he did. Investigations into the almost sinking of the USS Forrestall puts him as the front running for causing it by hotdogging instead of the static spark I was told for years. He left behind thousands of POWs to cover his own butt. He has stood in the way of legislation for VA, veterans and the military leaving other members of the armed services committee trying to figure out why this so called hero would block it. All this hoopla about McCain was nothing more than to not embarrass his father and grandfather who both were admirals. John McCain is no hero. If you think so, raise your standards.

  • John Holtrop

    Yes, Senator McCain most certainly is a war hero.

  • marko

    Well the media calls everyone a hero lately if they served in the military. I served 20+ years, and I’m no hero. I don’t think he’s a hero for getting captured, but he wasn’t a coward either. He did exactly what the military trains its soldiers who are captured to do, not accept bribes or favors. Had he accepted the release and left his fellow prisoners there, he would certainly have been a coward. His tenure in Congress is what needs to be looked at, and the way he rides the political tide vote after vote looks anything but heroic.

  • Robert Clark

    It took some intestinal fortitude to do what McCain did after being shot down over N. Vietnam. However, there were plenty of other Pilots there as well, whom nobody even remembers. If anyone cares to recall, McCain was the darling of the liberal media every time he opposed his party in the Senate, but was summarily dumped by them when he ran against Barack Obama. He also supports benefit cuts for active duty personnel and retirees at every turn. If he actually cared about veterans this fiasco called the VA didn’t just happen overnight. Why didn’t he address these issues years ago?

  • Jim Young

    Spec. 4 Jessica Lynch was lost with her convoy in Iraq in 2003, knocked unconscious by a blast, captured, and rescued by Navy Seals. She was awarded the Bronze Star for being captured!
    Senator McCain is to be honored and respected, but being captured does not make one a hero.

  • George

    any person in uniform is a Hero!

  • Allen Johnson

    McCain wasn’t even in the war- he flew a jet propelled aircraft and dropped stuff without even slowing down. He got shot down by a Jane Fonda anti aircraft gun. Then in 2007 he said in an interview on national TV that Vietnam was a civil war that we should have stayed out of. That told every parent, brother, sister, and wife of a brave Vietnam soldier who was killed in combat that his death and service was useless, wasted and wrong. In truth by committing ground troops to Vietnam to stop the spread of communism it enabled other nations in SE Asia to deal with their communist insurgents and remain free. The problem with that war was that it was micro managed by politicians who were clueless then as now.

    • Iraq War Vet

      As a OIF Combat Vet, I can tell you that we should have stay out Iraq.
      Our death’s,injuries and service was useless,wasted and wrong.
      But, war is great business for many pepole in politics, ask vice pres Cheney’s KBR mafia in the middle east back then…
      Everyone on OIF-1 knows what I’m talking about…

  • 45k20

    I like Trump in the fact that he is ruffling everyone’s feathers, calling people out, and being blunt. We need some of that.

    …that’s not saying he’d be a good president, or that I’d vote for him. I just like it when people are unafraid to speak their mind in the ultra-PC era.

  • Randal Blue

    The Songbird of Hanoi Hilton.
    Trained the North Vietnamese on how to shoot down American aircraft resulting in the loss of 60 aircraft.
    Made 30 films denouncing America.
    Was to be tried for treason upon returning to America. Got out of that politically.
    Soon as he got elected had the films he had made classified.
    Has dam near ruined the VA.
    YEA HE IS A hero.

  • perplexed

    To be a “War Hero” you must have fought in a war. VietNam was not a war, but rather a military conflict run by both McNamara and LBJ. The Heroes of VietNam are those who have their name engraved on the Wall in Washington DC. McCain may be a hero for his service to his country and I admire anyone who endured the hell of Hanoi Hilton, but as a Senator his time has passed and he should step down. Like others have said, the Hero tag has been diluted beyond belief. Everyone in uniform is now a Hero and VietNam is being taught to students as a war because that is what is in current text books. Got to love revised history.

    • guest

      Good God Almighty, your are still living in the 20th century. Look at the history of the Vietnam WAR,& then tell the survivors that it wasn’t, a War.

  • American Veteran

    It saddens me that we as Americans even have to ask or answer this question. It shows we really do not understand what our men and women do for our country in protecting our rights to express these opinions.

    YES! John McCain is a hero. No more or less than any other of our men and women who have served, are serving, and will serve to keep this nation free. No more so than the police, firefighters, and countless others of our great nation who volunteer, protect, and stand up and voice their opinions.

  • Bill Sheff

    As a 20 year retiree with two tours in Vietnam, I don’t really know what heroism means. Being on the front lines and not shirking your duty while in danger? Spending hardship tours without family? Working for a much lower salary than almost any other civilian job? Constant re-locations? Are those heroic? I think that answering those questions in the affirmative would tend to define them as the meaning of heroism. I was always told ‘consider the source’, and being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and getting multiple deferments is the antithesis of heroic. Let he who is without hippocracy throw the first slander.

  • R HarGraves, USN Ret

    I’m not a fan of John McCain in his current roll. However, I also a retired Navy vet who also served during the Vietnam Nam conflict, John McCain is a hero for what he did and endured during this conflict.
    Donald Trump has no business running for Presidnet of the United States. He is an arrogant pompous individual.

  • Whiz

    Not only is John McCain NOT a hero, he is a traitor to the American people. He and John Kerry left American POWS in Vietnam and Cambodia then passed a bill to seal all records. Read the book, An Enormous Crime and see for yourself. He is the worse kind of person and will have to answer for his crimes. Why doesn’t the liberal media publish this? McCain is not fighting back because he doesn’t want the American people to know. Ask the PO families how he treated them!

  • Gary

    By golly I must be a war hero like McCain; for, I did 12 months of boots on the ground in Vietnam versus flying over the country. However, when I returned from Vietnam in the summer of 1966 I certainly wasn’t treated like a war hero. Maybe if I and the other military members who did time in Vietnam were politicians the United States Government would call us Vietnam vets a WAR Hero.

    What about the 58,000 troops who lost their lives in Vietnam, what would they call McCain would it be a jet jockey or would they call him a war hero. I would call him a jet jockey. Ergo, stay the course Donald Trump and continue telling it like it is without kissing anyone’s ass.

  • USA Ret

    Define hero; not PC, Webster
    POW – no
    DFC. – yes
    SS – yes
    Trump’s comments were directed towards the POW issue.
    The press use “hero” as an alternative to an education.

  • Keith Morgan

    John McCain is a War Hero just as Ralph Gaither and Gary Thorton are. Their experiences all founded teaching soldiers sailors and airmen that even in the most brutal situations you can and will survive. Their sharing experiences created SERE school which has trained thousands to survive until you can get home. Though Donald Trump has made valid points about the VA and the lack of action by Congress to safeguard all of our Veterans, he was in error to attempt to defame John McCain for his service during Viet Nam. Donald has accomplished many things in his life except the willingness to sign that blank check called an enlistment contract, until he or any other Candidate is willing to do so they have no understanding of being a Veteran or a hero. 7 years in a POW Camp, rallying courage daily just keep going each day.In my opinion John McCain is a war hero and I am grateful for his service.


    OSC SW USN Ret.

  • Iraq War Vet

    I tell you what: If Mr McCain destroyed an entire fleet of birds, has been the worst Senator, and even if he is not a “Hero” it doesn’t matter.
    Mr. Trump crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Disabled Combat Veterans deserves respect, and more him that was in POW status for 5+ years
    We never heard or read anywhere Mr.McCain bragging or saying that he is a war Hero. Is what’s people think about him. Trump talking like that about a Veteran is a complete mix of emotions, specially between us, Disabled Combat Veterans, because Mr.Trump decided to attack a Disabled Combat vet Senator and his past status as POW in a political feud. I think he speaks with his heart, without thinking about repercussions and that could be a very dangerous President.

  • guest vet

    Trump has made a statement that is excessive limits of the American emotions. True that Mr.McCain is not Audie Murphy but has shown true courage as an American serviceman doing his duty. Mr. Trump also has some merit in his statement about some border crossing illegal immigrants-but not all of them. A wall would not stop the tunnels. Greed among the drug dealers as well as the greed of politicians have destroyed our fine country.

  • Chief2001ret

    John McCain is am hero, there is no doubt about that but as Trump said McCain has done nothing for the veterans of this country, he even tried to hide the VA Hosp. scandal with Bernie Sanders, Sen. McCain is more Dem than Rep and still does nothing for us Vets

  • ipsprez

    Personally I do not see what Senator McCain suffered as properly defined as heroic. If it is than we owe a great many captured, injured and killed warriors a massive apology. In my mind hero is a quality that someone like Audie Murphy exemplified. We have made hero too cheap these days. Reminds me of our inability to tell a child in school that they are not doing well so we do away with a grading system. But, I am not a hero so maybe should leave the decision to someone who is.

    • George

      You need to keep reading young man, you appear to be educated enough to voice your thoughts about a political issue, perhaps you should attempt to be as factual as possible. Sen John McCain is an American Vietnam War Hero. Get over it!

  • texan2driver

    No, McCain isn’t a hero. The last heroic thing McCain did was volunteer to go to combat. Getting shot down isn’t heroic. By McCain’s own words, his arms and leg were injured during his ejection from his stricken aircraft. Many of the men who were in the Hanoi Hilton when McCain arrived said he was tortured very little because he was singing like a bird from the moment he got there. In fact, the North Vietnamese called McCain “The Canary,” and McCain made more than 30 propaganda films for the North Vietnamese. Is that heroic? Nope. To his credit, McCain did refuse an early release. Since his return, and entry to public life, what has McCain done that could be considered heroic? He stonewalled the formation of a commission that would look into POWs and MIAs. He was then responsible for classifying much of the information on his own ‘exploits’ during the war, as well as preventing other POWs from reviewing their own testimonies. As a politician, he has claimed to be a conservative, but regularly stabbed his own party in the back. McCain is now hero. He’s a self serving hack.

    • Iraq War Vet

      Maybe Bipolar Disorder is one of his disabilities?

  • Rivrat1970

    Actually the gunsights have been shifted off the real question or target. Unless a real meltdown, it’s Hillary vs. _________ .

    McCain aside, every Veteran President (except Reagan) has screwed the pooch re. the military. Except for Ike, there isn’t a reader of this blog who has not had a sitting politician elected, or followed a death, as President.

    I never thought I’d say it, but Trump , with all his “Irish pennants,” is looking better as days go by. The McCain kerfluffle is a sideshow. We may well need somebody who’s dangerous in the Oval Office for a time. Something akin to “Mav.” The isn’t any other person in the field who has the fire in the belly and the negotiating skills and “cajones.”

    • Iraq War Vet

      With all due respect, my opinion is that Mr Trump is just a businessman and could be a very dangerous president because of his wealth and arrogance. He’s over his head now, imagine as Chief in Command.

  • MarkE8Ret

    Our society tosses around the word “hero” more than the word hello. A policeman or fireman doing their JOB, the one they train and get paid for… does that make them a hero? Someone raises money for a cancer patient… hero?

    Is any servicemember who served a hero? (I did 27 active duty). One who get shot down, or taken POW?

    Trump isn’t necessarily wrong, but he is still an arrogant, narcisstic @$$hole.

  • Rod462

    Donald, YOU’RE FIRED!! How can a man who never even served his country in any way, shape or form (other than writing checks) even know what a military hero is?? John McCain went to hell and back to help sustain Trump’s right to speak openly (although stupidly). Trump has no place in the Whitehouse or any other position in politics.

  • DMac_357

    John McCain is a hero. His service during the Vietnam War make him a hero. It’s not about what he’s done while in Congress. His service in Vietnam and his service in Congress are two separate periods. I don’t think you have to run away from him though when it comes to military issues. He’s not the expert on all things military because of his being a POW. I served 21 years and retired and although I was never a POW, neither me nor other retirees are considered experts on all things military. We know alot about the jobs that we held and our experiences count for something but that still does not make us experts and McCain is no military expert on all things either. I think he does get a pass on military issues but that’s probably because the people criticizing him never served in the military. Trump definitely has no business criticizing McCain’s war service when he was able to use his wealth to dodge the draft.

  • Delta 22

    I’m a double amputee from Vietnam. I’m no hero, nor is anyone who walks among us. I lost five friends just days before I was hit. “Heroes” are Wylie, Richard, Leslie, William & Cook. “Heroes have their names etched on granite walls. They don’t walk among us, but live forever within us.”

  • Wyattjr

    Hell no! He is not,

  • George L Torres

    McCain is and always will be a Hero. No matter what anybody says.

  • Francis Bedard

    yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John McCain is a hero. My dad was a B-17 pilot. He flew 35 missions over Germany. His plane was forced down once. If he had been shot down on the first mission and spent the rest of the war as a prisoner, would he have been any less a hero? NO.

  • Iraq War Vet

    If you supported Trump’s candidacy before he made this comments, do you still plan to vote for him?

    No. He can’t control his mouth, he is way over his head, out of control and hurting the Republican party, he is too arrogant, is not a peoples person, no service background, is not a man, a man accepts mistakes, apologize and move on, he may have some balls to shake things around a bit, but we don’t need a millionaire arrogant President to do that. Obamas, Clintons, The Bushes, all of them millionaries, and never heard one of them talking like Mr.Trump in a political feud.
    Very good at his big mouth skills, he can convice…
    Imagine him as a POW?
    No, this entire family will not vote for him,
    nor we wish him good luck

  • Stacy Johnson

    McCain is not a hero simply because he stayed with his comrades in the Hanoi Hilton, leaving would have made him a coward. We are all expected to maintain faith with our fellow soldiers, that is a given, a responsibility and our duty. Doing that which is expected of you, even required of you does not warrant special attention. John McCain has not kept faith with his fellow veterans. He has voted to cut our benefits on numerous occasions. John McCain has even been censured by his own party, in his home state of AZ. He has milked that sore arm at the expense of veterans for far too long. Donald Trump while not right in many of his assertions, is not completely wrong. John has fallen far short of what is expected of him. I supported him during his presidential campaign, but when he failed to produce he was to quick to dump the blame on Sarah Palin. He chose her and he needs to admit to his own failings, if he wants to be respected. The entire crop of Republican hopefuls are like a bowl of cold oatmeal, bland and tasteless. Trump is at least outspoken, and spicy. I’m tired of lukewarm. Forget about all the old washed up loser hopefuls. They have realized their only hope is to get Trump out of the picture. They are in panic mode crying foul, if it wasn’t Trump it would be each other.


    TRUMP WALK IN THE MANS SHOES FIRST!!!!!!!! OH WAIT!!!!!!!! YOUR NOT A MAN BUT A PUNK WHO RAN FROM DUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gyrene

    Any service member who goes toe to toe with the enemy is a combat veteran, ergo a “hero”. Regardless of what his politics have become, he did what he did and that should be enough. Needless to say, any combat veteran should not be attacked by a gutless draft dodger like the silver spoon Trump!

  • wild bill

    Senator McCain was courageous and honorable during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton. He definitely is a survivor; there is no doubt about that. If you research his time at Annapolis (anchorman of his graduating class) and his reputation as a pilot before being shot down you will find that many who served with him were not so impressed. Some considered him a bit wild as a pilot and others think that he accidentally released his napalm bombs while scrambling out of his aircraft causing a catastrophic fire aboard the USS Forrestal. A fire had already started with the aircraft beside him but when his bombs were released, the fire became catastrophic and many lives were lost. His finest hour came while he was a POW in Hanoi. However, as a senator and as a presidential candidate, he was and has been very disappointing.
    Donald Trump has added some life to the ‘race to the white house’. He stumbled through a terrible choice of words when confronted about John McCain. I think he has great respect for the military and our veterans. I don’t know who will be the republican nominee but there are 5 or 6 that I think would do a much better job as president than anyone the democratic party will provide.

  • Gerald Bothwell

    McCain is a war veteran, former POW, a soldier who did his job just like the 100+ POWs’ did during that time. Is he a hero depends on your interpretation on the definition of hero.
    1 a : a mythological or legendary figure of great strength or ability b : an outstanding warrior or soldier c : a person admired for achievements and qualities d : one that shows great courage 2 : the chief male figure in a literary work or in an event or period
    3 plural heros : 2SUBMARINE 2
    I for one cannot contest to his courage, only those that were with him as a POW can do that. His military record shows he was average if not below average sailor. He is not a mythological or legendary figure. a person admired for achievements and qualities well he is no different then the other POWs that no one is currently calling hero. I do know this Trump, as person who has not served, should never dish a person who has and that is the only thing that should have been thrown back at Trump.

  • BOB


  • Just one thing seals it for me: That John McCain, who grew up as military royalty, refused early release while his comrades still suffered makes him a man of impeccable credentials. McCain would tell you he’s not a hero, and that’s what they all say. but IMHO, he truly is.

    Trump can’t even remember which foot it was that gave him his deferment. So that makes him the pathological liar most thinking people know him to be. That the idiots who use words like “Lamestream media”, and call Americans “sheeple” would follow that guy is ironic, and would be hilarious, if it weren’t so tragic.

  • OJD

    Ridiculous. Since when does being captured award you the immediate badge of “hero”? When I was in, we all knew we were never going to be taken alive. Period. End of story. This “glamour” of being a hero because your a prisoner of war started with Nixon. Before the Vietnam War, the code was “Never be captured, fight to the death!” Look it up! There was a HUGE stigma against you when you were captured in Korea and WW2. Now your a “hero”…go ahead and surrender, its ok…you will be a hero when you get released.

    P.S. Somebody should tell that idiot McCain that he should have tucked his legs in. Dummy forgot that a Martin-Baker Ejection seat does not forgive a mistake.

  • ho chin obama

    songbird nuff said

  • T.J.Collier

    So far, I have chosen not to share any opinion concerning anything with anyone on face book. I have kept my posts limited to forwarding cute animal pictures and Indian Motor Cycles, and not to be forgotten, the Slingshot (Oh and I really do want one). And of course, Golf. By the way, that is not me sending Game Requests on face book; that is my lovely wife. I will have you know that I am too busy doing nothing and don’t have any spare time to waste spending it playing games.

    However, recent events have forced me to utter an opinion. I want to thank all of those who have shared their opinions concerning many things, but mostly their views concerning their political leanings. And I truly respect that you have voiced your opinions, because it helps me understand your positions more, and it helps me see both sides of the argument or position.

    To all my friends and family on face book, I have something share with all of you. My Opinion; you may not agree with it and that is fine.

    I don’t know much, but I know this:

    Mr. Donald Trump is not qualified to be President of the United States! Now that being said, I’m sure this is where Mr. Trump would call me a loser. And he may be right about that as I really can’t deny that I have probably overachieved at underachieving more than most. And if Sloth was a capital offense, instead of just one of the 7 deadly sins, I would have been executed years ago.

    However, to make the statements that Senator McCain is not a War Hero because he was a prisoner of war, and preferring those who were not captured to those who were, is disrespectful not only to every Veteran who served during the Viet Nam era, but mostly to everyone of the 58,000 men and women who gave their lives fighting this war. Not to mention all of the prisoners of war that suffered inhuman treatment at the hands of the Vietnamese. As a US Air Force veteran of that era, I find Mr. Trump’s statements repugnant. Not one of us wanted to be there. And I’m positive, beyond a shadow of a doubt that not one of those 58,000 wanted to die there. And I would venture to guess that some of the prisoners of war had the thought run through their mind, more than once, that they wished they had been among the 58,000 who gave their life instead of being held prisoner and tortured for 6 years. So, was Senator McCain a War Hero? Yes, to me, he was. End of argument. There is nothing else to discuss, other than the Fact that Mr. Trump was not a war hero. And, let’s be clear, there is no other position on that. Four deferments, do not qualify as a War Hero. It only qualifies as outsourcing to the poor, or those who were less fortunate to be able to get out of their duty to our Country.

    And for Christ’s sake, can anyone tell me what the Viet Nam War was about? Because, I sure as hell don’t know what it was about. Forty Five years later, I still haven’t been provided a reason for why we were even there. Does anyone know? All I know is that from the time I was 12 years old and in 7th grade, I got up every day thinking that there was a possibility that one day I would have to serve in the Armed Forces in Southeast Asia for some reason I could not comprehend and did not understand. So, for the next 7 years that thought was there until that day happened and by the way, this was the only Lottery I ever won. Out of 125 numbers chosen in ’70 my number was, yes you guessed it Number 125.

    But those of us who followed our orders and served our Country we were losers in the eyes of Mr. Trump. So the question I have is, if Senator McCain had died and was among the 58,000 who gave up their lives for our county, instead of, by the Grace of God, was kept alive for those 6 unbearable years, be considered a War Hero in the eyes of Mr. Trump? So if being shot out of the sky and being held prisoner for 6 years doesn’t make a War Hero, I don’t know what does.

    So I thought I would get this opinion out there, before Mr. Trump becomes irrelevant and I go back to forwarding cute puppy pictures.

    Oh, and I don’t want to mislead you to think that I was a War Hero. I wasn’t. The closest I got to Vietnam was Thailand for 6 months during the Christmas bombing in ’72 though the March ’73 when the Truce was signed. The true Hero’s are the one’s who served “In Country” Viet Nam.

    The rest of my Service to our County was spent in Las Vegas. I know you are all laughing right now, but, in my Heart of Hearts, I know that if Las Vegas wasn’t where my Country needed me, they wouldn’t have put me there. Furthermore, I will have you know, that while I was protecting my Country and Las Vegas, Not One Vietnamese Aircraft got past Pahrump. Coming soon, Trump of Pahrump!

    (joke courtesy of George Goble, while appearing on the Tonight show,(classic) updated by TJC, George’s joke referenced WWII.) BMT.

    Trump aaa pum pum…Me & My Drum!

    Your Friend, Cousin, Brother, Uncle and Brother in Arms


  • Michael Routson

    Yes McCain is a hero just for surviving


    McCain WAS a hero, but he is not now, since he has joined O’bama on almost all issues. He has turned to the dark side. Cannot be trusted.

  • Emmet M.

    Okay, look, although surviving five years as a POW anywhere gives one the well deserved stature of ‘hero’ it might also be worth noting here that while imprisoned in North Vietnam John McCain did, in fact, sign a war crimes confession. “I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pirate,” McCain wrote in his confession. “I almost died and the Vietnamese people saved my life, thanks to the doctors.” And while I might well have done the same thing, considering how severely he was injured and medical treatment dependent on his compliance, still it was, I believe, a direct violation of the military code of conduct for prisoners of war; a court martial offense. “I am a war criminal,” McCain later said on a CBS ’60 Minutes’ interview in 1997. “I bombed innocent women and children.” So, does he deserve kudos for what he endured during his time as a POW? Yes….yes he does. Is he a war hero?

  • jim smith

    Yes John McCain is a war hero, but I could not vote for him when Obama made his first run for the WH. I voted third party in that election. John McCain is not conservative enough for me

  • Shawn McFadden

    This was one battle Trump should not have picked. McCain served this country in war, and was a Prisoner of War, and had to endure years of torture. That is something I would not wish on my enemy. Trump’s comments not only disrespected McCain, but every Service-member past, present, and future.

  • Heroes don’t get paid!

  • Kurt

    I don’t like McCain and I very much disapprove of the way he works as a Senator. With that said I still don’t want to believe he was a collaborator and traitor against America and his fellow POWs. I don’t know what to make of the following video… It sounds pretty damning but in this modern day of edits, half-truths and outright forgeries it’s hard to believe most anything anymore unless you see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears. I would like to hear from his fellow POWs directly if he did the things alleged here.

  • CTOCS77

    Depends on your definition of War Hero.

  • BixlerB

    Chump Trump says if you’re captured you’re not a hero. There’s no fool like an old fool.

  • Ron

    Hero? That hard to say, POW yes that he was but a Hero I don’t see that. A Military Person who is capture is required by the code to tried to escape and to help others to escape. It is true that he endured for5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war and endured a lot of pain , but what about all the others that were captures during that war are they Hero’s to. I think that the real Hero’s of that war are the ones that did not come back. They are the ones that we as a grateful Nation should Honor every single day of our lives

  • RonR

    No he is not a hero he is a traitor to veterans for all the bills he voted against veterans. Coward traitor.

  • Socket Buster

    A man with no military experience, not combat exposure, who never risked even a principled conscientious objection to war, but who instead worked the system to stay off the draft lists while others took his place on the front lines, this jello bowl of a man now dismisses a man who met the enemy face to face on a daily basis in conditions of torture, looking in the eye day after day some of the worst that one man can do to another with the intent to break your body, and steal your soul. Shame on you, Donald Trump. You have nothing but your own lack of guts and weak character to explain before sending others into deadly combat.

  • Wally J.

    Yes he is !

  • Fred USA Retired

    I am glad Trump never served in my Military, he wouldn’t of made me proud of my service and all other Veterans and Retirees. I served for 24 years and I admire and respect the service and sacrifice of my Brothers and Sisters in arms. Some folks serve their country better by getting deferments and not serving. Thank you Mr. Trump for being a coward and blowhard.

  • sirshaheed

    Since I’m a Republican, I support many candidates. But I support Trump because he can put a stop to illegal folks coming across the border. I can speak on it because my father immigrated here and my brother never got his green card till years later after he joined the Army. So I’m against illegal immigration and want D.T. to rock with his agenda.

  • sirshaheed

    Oh and whether John McCain is a hero or not….he served. Enough said.

  • Joe

    A POW is a war hero, just by the fact that he served his country. POW did not ask or seek to become a POW. In John McCain have a choice of becoming a POW. But, this country place a great to live and it is realizing that it it is only because of our Armed Forces. We honor those who serve and served, with a spacial respect for the woman and man who gave their lives. As it should be in the great nation. But, there is still a group a Veterans that receive very little of the respect that they deserve, This group is the Disable Veteran, To show my point just look at the large backlog of of Vet seeking help and care from the VA. A hero like John McCain is a true hero because not what is says but what he gave to this country. Yes, I am a USAF Vet (Vietnam) and a DAV (serve-connected).

  • bigfatduke

    Yes, John McCain is very much a war hero like so many others, as a politico he is a jerk.


    I WAS THERE 10/68-1069.