Sound Off: Scott Walker Joins the Stolen Valor Fight



Governor (and newly announced candidate for the Republican presidential nomination) Scott Walker signed a bill last week that makes falsely claiming military service or honors in pursuit of financial gain or some other tangible benefit a crime in the state of Wisconsin.

The federal government originally enacted a Stolen Valor law in 2005, but that version was struck down because it didn’t specify that the faker had to make false claims in pursuit of tangible gain. President Obama signed a revised version two years that punishes offenders with a fine and up to a year in jail.

Offenders in Wisconsin can be sentenced up to 9 months in jail and fined up to $10,000. The crime is a misdemeanor unless committed in conjunction with another crime, at which point it becomes a felony.

Several other states (including Massachusetts and New Jersey) have enacted laws that their legislatures believe make it easier to prosecute folks who commit this crime. Wisconsin is the latest state to join the parade.

Here’s the question: Should states get involved in policing stolen valor? Isn’t the military the one federal agency that even the most ardent states rights advocate agrees with? Should the federal government handle this crime? Or do we need backup? Sound off!


  • titanmondo

    why is he even being mentioned, for, to mention this guy is like saying we don’t endorse this GOP nut job running for POTUS……………politics BS

    • RHagen


  • David

    Why does this need to be complicated? If you are wearing awards and decorations which you did not earn or represent yourself as a vet when you never served is called lying, not freedom of speech. Second, why can’t any law enforcement agent arrest those who violate any Stolen Valor law? We don’t need to assign an agency to be responsible for enforcing it. Ugh!

  • Why does financial gain have to be the element to justify about they have a military uniform on and it’s not Halloween then your guilty!

  • jimc

    Recent experience shows that the federal government may or may not enforce the law. With that fact in mind it certainly seems reasonable that the states should be prepared to cover such federal malfeasance.

  • USN Retired

    Handle the crimes at the lowest appropriate level.

  • Jorgy1

    As a Wisconsin resident, I can tell you the Scott, alias scooter, word depends on which way the wind blows, how much money you give to him and will stab you in the back in a heart beat. He has wrecked the state for the middle and lower class with his policies!

    • ironbutttom

      Just like any politician, wake up smell the coffee……

  • artymgysgt

    Where did Walker serve that he now supports Stole Valor?

    • bbabbitt

      Do you need to be a veteran to support veteran issues or stolen valor? Give the man his due. He’s on our side.

      • Doubtom

        What side is that? He’s sucking up to the military vote, can’t you see that?

  • bbabbitt

    Governor Walker is making all the right sounds and moves.

  • David Koshalek

    Walker has done nothing for the veterans of WI.Now he’s just trying to pick up vet vote! He’ s a snake and bad news for veterans! From Viet Nam vet-’67-68 and lifetime wi resident. Thank you!

    • Doubtom

      Agree, he’s a low down dirt bag, who’s trying to get as many military votes as possible. also a Vietnam Vet 67/68 with Rivflot-1.