Sound Off: Should President Bush Charge a Fee to Support Wounded Vets?



Word broke yesterday that former President George W. Bush charged a $100,000 fee to speak at a 2012 benefit gala for the wounded veteran charity Helping a Hero (“Empowering Wounded Heroes, One at a Time”). Former First Lady Laura Bush pocketed $50K for speaking at the 2011 event. The organization also spent $20,000 to book a private jet to fly the president to Houston for the event.

Let’s consider this: a President who oversaw the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan requires payment to speak at a fundraiser for an organization that’s designed to serve men and women injured in those conflicts.

Meredith Iler, the former chairman of the charity, told ABC News that she thought the deal was a bargain, saying “It was great because he reduced his normal fee of $250,000 down to $100,000.” Politico disagrees, reporting that Bush’s standard speaking fee ranged from $100-$175K during this period.

Marine Eddie Wright, who lost both hands in a rocket attack in Fallujah in 2004, disagrees: “For him to be paid money to raise money for veterans wounded in combat under his orders, I don’t think that’s right. You sent me to war. I was doing what you told me to do, gladly for you and our country and I have no regrets. But it’s kind of a slap in the face.

Since President Reagan pioneered the practice, former presidents have cleaned up on the speaking circuit after they’ve left office. President Clinton is rumored to have collected over $100 million in fees, but his office says he “has never received” payment for speaking to a veterans’ group. President Carter often donates his speaking fees to the Carter Center.

Here’s the question: should President Bush request a fee to speak to a charity? Is it somehow worse that the charity supports men and women who fought under his command? Or do we live in a free country where even former presidents have a right to make cash however they see fit? Sound off!

  • CAPT Pete

    I stand with my fellow vets. I voted for GW and am ashamed that he’s taking fees to support wounded warriors.

    • Marty Stewart

      Thank You Pete….My Sentiments as well! I voted for the Twit as well.

    • Crash5437

      And you’re free to feel that way. Before you go and get all butt hurt, look at the speaking fee the way the charity does. It’s an investment, and the charity will probably get a 200%-300% return on their investment. If they didn’t make money from the guest speaker, then they wouldn’t be paying the fee. So, there’s no need to feel ashamed. You can stow that crap. Have a nice weekend.

      • mark14five

        We all know that Geo W Bush is a imbecile, inept in every sense of the meaning and had no business being the president of the USA in the first and second place,anyway.
        He is the perpetrator that put our troops in a war in Iraq under falsified evidence of weapons of mass destruction.
        He has no genuine speaking skills, he is not articulate in the language, lacks spontaneity of thought, Expression and vocabulary and his appearance and power of persuasion is uninspiring.
        He was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard during he Viet Nam war, with no accountability.
        The individuals that agreed to pay him a fee for his appearance at that fund raiser are more than likely in cahoots with him and the republican party.
        Bottom line: he lacks the honor, integrity and accountability to stand in front of and address honorable veterans at such events.
        Bush and his cronies actually capitalized on the backs of the very veterans he put in harms way while him and his cronies capitalized on profits from Oil Revenues and the Military industrial Complex.
        The Bushes, Cheney’s and Rumsfeld and other republican collaborators all made incredible capital gains from the wars and now Bush is exploiting the Veterans to capitalize on their plight..
        His and other speakers’ appearances should be purely “Pro Bono!”.
        That’a Mighty Magnanimous of you Georgie Boy, You’re a hel’ova Guy!! Way to GO!

      • Jim Darrough

        Speak for yourself and stop with the “We all know” crap. Just because you have a controversial negative opinion about someone, don’t presume that everyone does. I don’t feel that he was an imbecile at all, and neither did General Tommy Frank or members of his Cabinet.

        I am ambivilent on the fees however.

    • Judy

      you don’t really believe something that came from ABC do you. but like most he probably gave it right back to the charity, most of them do except the Clintons and Obamas, Bidens, Sharptons, Jacksons,

    • now for the rest of the story; Mr Bush donated all the money back unlike any democrat would ever do!

    • Tom V

      You should also be ashamed for voting for the jerk

    • stokeslk

      Actually, the organization took in over $2.5 million whereas the next year they barely made $1.0 million from the same event. I wonder how much his expenses were for travel and security detail besides the one he gets as a former US President?

    • Capt Stokes

      Sorry Capt. Pete. Interestingly enough the organization was happy with 43’s reduced rate that helped them earn over $2.5 million on the event. The next year they barely made $1.0 million. $100,000 for a speaking fee when he had to cover his own travel expenses (including an additional security detail and entourage). This man does things to assist vets that never get mentioned by the media. And contrary to popular opinion – the Bush family is not the wealthiest presidential family around – Bill Clinton’s (and Hillary) worth is three times that of the Bush’s – as was Presidents Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy. I would guess that the $100,000 went to fund more of the events that the Bush family hosts for wounded vets. Pretty hard to do those things without funding. Bush 43 is still a “working” president. Give him the credit due!

      Read more:
      Under the Radar

      • Mike

        Ooh Rah Capt. Stokes. Johnson, Nixon & Congress screwed the Viet Nam veteran. Congress tried to screw the Iraq vets but Bush protected them from Congress (Democrats).

    • Earl

      I suppose if one fails to acknowledge the donations his speech attracted…ignored the significant amount of effort he has spent while president and since supporting Veterans one might be ashamed. Personally…I am not.

    • charles

      yes he getting pay already for doing noing and they paying all those s.service to watch them any pred. who leave office should do like other fine a job

    • col jim rogers

      I had $300,000 in my estate plan to give to the wounded warriors the key word here was had. My respect for George W Bush has dropped to zero. I put him with Hillary and Bill enough already

  • dennis kelly

    HELL NO! Typical greedy republician

    • Patrice Foley

      We agree completely at the Foley Rez.

    • Dave

      I wholeheartedly agree with dennis, they are rich enough after Bushs tour as prez he and his old lady are rich enough. It is downright undignified for the Bushs to make any cash from vets or otherwise.

      • Crash5437

        Man, I’ve never see a bigger bunch of haters as I have seen on here today. I guarantee if any of you were in the same position, you would be doing the same thing. It’s easy to say that someone shouldn’t be paid for something when it’s not you. If it was the other way around, you would be getting paid to speak, so quit all the whining.

      • tm3194

        Well here’s the thing too Crash, if everyone would READ about it instead of complaining about it they would have noticed that the amount for travel and to speak was in fact underwritten by a private donor.

    • James

      But the Clinton’s are not greedy Democrats pocketing millions for speaking, making millions from the Clinton foundations taking money from third world dictators for influence pedaling????
      Indeed they are. George W invites wounded vets to his ranch all the time for barbeques and bike rides. Visits them in the hospital all the time. Donates large sums of money to wounded warriors so you don’t know what your talking about.

      • Steve

        Right on

    • steve

      what kind of dope are you smoking? try greedy obuma and your liberal democrats that have fuck up this country.

    • Earl

      Please don’t take a look at your party’s representatives…Hillary & Bill. Might ruin your day.

    • Carl

      Apparently, you have not been paying attention to hillary clinton.


      WRONG – Typical greedy POLITICIAN!!!

  • Gary

    We might just wait for all the facts…. Before we break out the pitchforks and torches

    • Marty Stewart

      Gary – If the story is accurate what more facts do you need????? Giving them a break on the Fee for a War he started is pitiful to say the least!

      • FrankS.

        You said it yourself: IF the story is accurate. I have my doubts..

      • MoniD

        Presidents don’t start wars. Congress does.

    • viceroyjones

      What more fact do you need.

    • wtf?

      The pitch forks and fire should been out 12 years ago. Sorry Gary your a De de dee

    • bill

      we should of had all the facts before we went to war. [with bush the draft dodger phoney service record] name
      bill anderson nam vet [no charge]

    • Arthur

      Do not believe the Media under any circumstances.

    • mtbeau

      The facts are already in!

    • Proud American

      ….and would you give the sane advice to those who hammer President Obama without evidence?

    • Joe Lewis

      Did you service and the Fact is if he got paid for it Is it not part of his job to look after the American people who put him in office

    • ad_ebay

      According to the bio listed for Charles “Chuck” W. Jenness, Co-Chairman Emeritus (whatever that is) for this organization, “Charles “Chuck” Jenness has been an integral part of Helping A Hero’s leadership team since January 2011…Helping A Hero raised over $2.1 million at the 2011 National Gala where Mrs. Laura Bush was the keynote speaker. Chuck asked his close friend, former President George W. Bush, to recieve the Helping A Hero Patriot Award at the 2012 National Gala, where Helping A Hero raised over $3.2 million with over 2,300 people in attendance.”
      Was this even listed as a “non-profit” yet?
      Was the President even asked to help or “show and speak”?
      Did the President even know this was a fundraiser?
      What did “Chuck” pull down as a salary or was he a “consul-tick”?

      There are a lot of questions to answer before coming down on both sides.
      The phrasing of this survey was loaded from the start.

    • Sam G -retired vet-

      I agree, I have no problem with GW accepting a small fee to cover his expenses for travel and lodging, but when I read he was given a private jet and provided food and lodging, and a stipend for his entourage. I think it could be a low blow if he was paid a fee after all his expenses were accommodated.

      The devil is in the details and without all the info, I can’t say one way or the other if it was right nor wrong.

    • diane

      Facts you say, as a person who spent a decade planning events honoring Veterans, I csn name numerous celebrities who charged nothing for participating. Occasionally we had to fund their travel to the events, but I can only think of one we actually paid, and that was a small honorariam. SHame on Bush for his greed especially when he and his administration sent these military members into a needless war based on falsified intelligence.

    • Art

      Wait for what…he’s already cashed the checks

  • Pop

    It is his choice. If he didn’t, it would give the perception that other organizations that he charges for are less important.

    • Marty Stewart

      Say What????

      • Pop

        If the argument is he shouldn’t be paid to speak at a fund raiser for wounded vets, the argument should me made he shouldn’t get paid to speak at any event. That is his choice to earn & spend his money.

      • Jay Slay

        Seriously, and what will he get paid to say? Opportunity to say “I’m sorry”!

  • We haven’t heard the WHOLE story.
    We need to hear President Bush’s side of the story, since he is the one under fire.

    • guest

      Good point……but I do not think we will hear a peep from W….do you? :-)

      • Geri warrington USNSeal

        no you won’t hear from W because he had rather spend time working for the vets and Wounded Warriors than disputed a bunch of asses who don’t bother with the whole story.

      • mtbeau

        Oh Really? Get real! This is what Bush did. Period! You really think he cares about Vets?

      • Proud American

        While charging those who were wounded under his command money to hear him speak? Think of those he could have helped by donating money to them instead of charging them.

    • Eddie

      It would be nice if we could see it as it is without politics.He didn’t give anything. He enriched himself.

    • You are right, we should wait and find out what the whole story is, the media has a way of shitting on every thing that is right! Bush and there family has always stood by Veterans, I am a veteran also.

    • talkdoc

      Actually the ones under fire were the veterans he sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • Gary mootz

      How much do you think he’ll charge to tell his side?

      • Proud American

        $250, 000 because we are not worthy of his discount. I am a veteran, too, by the way.

    • Mike Straub

      so Bush can lie again. You can bet if he was innocent, he would be all over the airwaves denying it. He committed treason when he sent our brothers and sisters to war over lies, that he should have known were not true. All these scum from Giuliani, he wouldn’t support the radios requested and hundreds of firemen and police lost their lives, now he is suddenly the terrorist expert; I used to see Chaney, before he was elected, drunk on his huge (He sits on 2 barstools) fat azz in Naples, FL, and we all know he was the real orchestrator of the war in Iraq. Now he’s getting fat off all the money he and his cronies have ripped our country off for.

  • Yellow Devil

    What if he gives the money to charity?

    I always say this, no matter who the speaker is. Whether it is Bush, Reagan, Carter, Clinton, or soon to be Obama (you know he’s going to be banking on this), I don’t blame the individual for taking the money. I blame the organizations that are willing to pay for it.

    • Ray

      Well put! I was thinking the same thing. At this point it is his “career” or “job”. This is what he does for a living. If an organization is willing to pay then it is on them. It would have been nice to see him do it for free but I don’t go to work every day for free either.

  • Big Daddy

    Morally he should not take the money or give it to charity. But America is what it is thank goodness and he’s free to do what he wants to.

  • Bobby Watkins

    How much money is enough when you have more money than you could ever spend.The greed of politicans is evil.We know where these people will go.Hell.!!!!!!Presidents,who started the war ,should speak to every veterans group for free.And pay his own expenses.They got screwed when they went to war,and after being wounded,they got screwed again.While their lives are completely changed forever,the president runs around fit and healthy,charging 100 to 250 thousand dollars and smiling all the way to the bank.Shame,shame,shame on thesepeople.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sabatino Frigone

      If going to war is the problem here then why did you serve. There’s always that chance when your in the military no matter who the president is it’s your job.

  • USMC

    Donate the money. Even above 50 percent of it would be good to Wounded Warrior project. Being an Desert Storm era Marine myself, I am astonished that he would do this without a donation.

    • mstmarine

      Semper Fi Marines everywhere I too fought for this great country against little yellow rice farmers in Vietnam am only partially physically disabled and a big part mentally BUT I do not get any payment for it!! why should an elected representative the highest of the high who gets paid big money for the rest of his life along with secret service and the library etc etc get paid to speak for or to the men and women he PERSONALLY DAMAGED FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES for which IF THEY ARE LUCKY will get compensation for??? I guess our lives are just not THAT IMPORTANT AND CAN JUST BE TOSSED OUT!!!!!

      • Wtf

        Unfortunately, Wounded warrior is not a non for profit.

    • Dothe RightThing.

      Should donate 100 per cent.

    • jay

      May want to look into Wounded Warrior Project itself!!!! Do your own research…

    • Guest

      Wounded Warrior Project is a scam…only about 58% of the money raised goes to veterans.

  • Pop

    Before casting stones, I ask you “What support do give to wounded vets?”

    • conradswims

      Your comment is a fallacy of logic!

      • Pop

        “Do as I say not as I do” is hypocritical. That was the point I was striving to make.

    • flying ducthman

      A monthly donation to wounded warrior project and time to veterans causes.
      Its all I can afford since I am retired E7 and 73 years old. Is that good enough????

      • Take a good look at the Wounded Warrior Project financials. After I researched I wouldn’t wouldn’t piss in their mouth if they were dieing of thirst.

      • Pop

        I commend you for “doing” what you think is right. To many opinions without action was my point. Thank you for your service!

    • shipfixr

      As we castigate Bush without even knowing the details; let’s take a look at the fabled ‘wounded warriors’ project that collects millions of $$ tax free to help our veterans……how much of every dollar collected actually goes to help veterans? It’s measured in pennies!!! Comes to that, why do we NEED such an organization…..isn’t that the job of the military and the VA??

    • Proud American

      I donate every year according to my abilities. Time and money.

  • Guest

    Disgraceful, taking $100,000 to speak at a Charity for wounded Vets.
    Knowing full well that Bush’s Iraq War was senseless and unnecessary.

    • Dave

      Sucks, don’t they have enough money they bilked while screwing up the government.

  • conradswims

    President Truman is rolling over in his grave

    • Ron

      Nah – he still has General MacArthur – “I told you so!” ringing in his ears. Still wonder how a US President can legally fire a United Nation’s Supreme Commander

      • guest

        Well, to stop wondering, you may read the founding notes on the United Nations, who started them, and who PAYS THE MOST to keep them in business. That would be a good start for you. I just hate to see people wondering for decades!….It is a waste of energy :-).

  • conradswims

    This piece of foul garbage orders our warriors into Iraq in violation of the constitution then takes money to give a speech to raise money to fix the ones he got broken. Arrest this criminal!

    • james

      There was no violation of the Constitution what so ever. President Bush took the matter before congress and it was voted on. And a yes vote was given by your darling Hillary Clinton? and John Carey voted for the war before he voted against it.

      • Larry Barrier


      • Dave J

        True as can be.

  • Foley, Patrice

    Neither Bush nor anyone in his family needs more money. Why do the orgs. pay the huge fees he asks? Or any fee at all? The first thing one does to support a worthy cause is to donate money, time, or materiel to address the physical needs of the recipients of the charity.

    • Crash5437

      Really? You’re an idiot. Who are you to say someone does or does not need to get paid for what they do? Since you obviously can’t grasp the whole concept, I’ll break it down for you. Look at the speaking fee as an investment. The big name speaker comes to the function, draws the big donors, and then said big donors donate money. Lots of it. The charity usually makes 2 or 3 times what they pay the speaker, so it is well worth it to have them come speak. And if there was no fee at all, you get what you pay for. The whole point of a charity is to raise funds to support their cause. If they were relying on Foley, Patrice to come speak at their charity event and raise money, then they might as well go ahead and shut her down. You will not have the draw that a big name speaker will have. It’s all about the money, and big names bring it in. I hope this has made it easier for you to grasp the speaking fee concept. Have a great weekend!

  • Bob

    Hillary and Bill Clinton would get more….what is the big deal!!!!

    • Proud American

      Neither President nor Secretary Clinton started a useless war that ended up with thousands of our people dead.

    • Larry

      Hillary and Bill didn’t start a war, that killed and wounded service men and women. He sure as hell should not expect to be paid to speak to them. He should be ashamed of him self and his family.

  • guest

    His charges are chump change compared to what the Clintons’ charge. Even Chelsea charges something like $10K a minute to speak.

    • Jim Campbell

      Still doesn’t make it right …

      • Guest

        That may be true, then get after the Clintons for all they have taken from the American people and continue today through the Clinton foundation. Levy it fair across the board and be fair about how you approach any ex POTUS or Flotus. Bush does more for Veterans than you will ever see from the clown in the white house now or any Clinton.

      • Crash5437

        Oh man, if you think the Clintons walk around with their hands out, just wait until Obama is out of office and on the speaking circuit. The way that family has gotten used to living over the past 7 years, he’s going to have to work full time to keep that up.

      • zrie014

        Oh yes, Bush has done more for the vets so he has the right for the money. The Clinton does not take any money for their work in their foundation and they are bad. You are the typical republican that accepts whatever they do and criticize the other side without any facts. Bush really took care of our soldiers. He sent them in harms way over a lie and now he want to get paid to speak to them when the vets our support to help them to recover for a war that should never have been fought. You are the fool!!!

      • Fredrick Rehders

        Please be reminded, that a Demonrat Congress voted to go into Iraq, and even NY Senator Hilliary was on board with it.

    • Crash5437

      Chelsea spoke for 10 minutes, did photos for like 15 minutes and had a 20 minute Q&A session and was paid $60k. Of course she wasn’t paid for that, it went to the family “foundation”.

      • Dave J

        Which is simply another Clinton pocket.

    • zrue014

      I guess to you, the Clintons are guilty because of their name. It is alright for Bush to do it and not right for Clinton when they have not done it!!

  • bud

    Why don’t we wait for the full story…..betting he donated or will donate to a veterans cause. At least he is speaking to Americans. What did we get (or better yet…what did the Saudis get) for Bill Clinton’s $500,000.00 speaking fee in Saudi Arabia?

    • wtf?

      Wait for the full story? Really? When the United States of America is harboring a war criminal called George worthless bush!!!!!!! Who takes money from wounded soldiers when his stupid plan to go to war was an epic failure from the start then Bud your a De de de!!!!

    • Jim Campbell

      I do believe he’ll just put it in the bank …donate to a veterans cause? Get real.

    • wtpworrier

      G-DUB, or none of the bush family as far as that matters, are in the business of giving money to charity, they are too greedy for that. The best he could do is cut his fee in half, hell, he should pay the troops.

    • vince markton

      fuck the saudis, who are they compared to wounded warriors? not even same universe

      • vince markton

        this was in response to a question of what did the saudis get from clinton for x amount…but somehow posted all alone and out of context

    • Arthur

      The Media is always hiding the real story.

      • zrie014

        I agree with you. It might be even worst about Bush!!

    • zrie014

      What did the vets get for the $120k it cost them to have Bush to speak to them!!! If Bush was going to donate it for vet causes, why did he accept the money.

    • Proud American

      Which essentially means President Clinton is bringing money into America while Dubya is charging the very people he sent into battle to hear him speak. I will take Clinton’s actions over Bush’s in thus case any day.


      Bill Clinton talking to the Saudis and charging a fee, what does that have to do with Bush charging a fee for speaking at a Wounded Warriors Event? NOTHING? As a President of the USA it should be his obligation to speak in support of his Wounded Warriors that he sent to war or not, they fought for the USA to keep it free, safe, from foreign enemies, to obey the orders of their Commander in Chief, to death due us part?

  • J Johnson

    I fought to protect the freedoms of all Americans with the hope that one day others could enjoy that freedom as well. This includes Former President Bush, he has the freedom, the right to collect a fee for speaking to Veterans groups, but just because he has that right doesn’t mean he should be doing it. I think he should re-think his policy of charging to speak to veterans, wounded or not. If the event id primarily for veterans he should do it at the accepted rate for travel, lodging, and food. One economy coach ticket, lodging, per diem, and acceptable incidentals. That works out to an average around 150$ for food and lodging daily plus his plane ticket.

    • Misanthrope2

      Who was it that you fought to protect our freedoms? I don’t recall a hostile force threatening to invade our shores. The US had no enemies in the middle east until we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which had anything to do with 9-11. We don’t need to fight other countries to protect our freedoms. Our enemies are for the most part domestic – not foreign. My friend, what you fought for was to increase the profits of the Military-Industrial-Banker-Complex. All of the carnage that has been inflicted on Arab countries is the result of phony wars perpetrated by Bush and his handlers. Unfortunately the US did not expect the sort of retaliation from the Arab world and we are experiencing Blow Back for the evil we perpetrated against a supposed enemy that did not exist. Our military did not initiate these wars to “protect our freedoms”. Our purpose for going to war was to take away the freedoms of other, mostly innocent people.

      • Crash5437

        Misanthrope2, conspiracy theory much? Military-Industrial-Banker-Complex? Really, you need to get back on the meds, like yesterday. We had no enemies in the middle east? Are you high? Ignoring Iran, where do you think the 9/11 hijackers came from? There is no coexisting with the muslim extremists. If you’re not muslim, then you have to die. You can’t reason with people like that, you can only kill them. And as for the “mostly innocent people”, what freedom are you talking about? If you think there was freedom in Iraq under Saddam, or in Afghanistan under the Taliban, then you’re a major league idiot.

    • Crash5437

      Ok, you should have just stopped at saying he had the right to get a fee for speaking. Seriously, a coach ticket? Get real. We’re talking about a former president that has a protection detail. if former presidents flew commercial, it would be beyond painful for everyone on the flight. It’s great how you have it worked out how much he should be paid. It’s always so easy for people to say how much others should make when it doesn’t affect them. Hey, I know. I think you should be paid $75 a day. That seems fair and reasonable, right? Yeah, that’s about as dumb as what you said President Bush should be paid.

    • Beck

      All veterans are wounded..some scars are invisible.

      • David

        Not all veterans are wounded. I know plenty of REMF’s whose entire careers were spent behind a desk or in a shop. Yes, some injuries are invisible, such as PTSD and TBI, but we all are no wounded.

  • phoenix57


  • LIAM

    there is capatilism…then there is capitalism gone mad…this is going over the top…OFF the reservation, and a whole list of other things which I will not say in this forum…speaking fees for THIS??? NO!!

    • Crash5437

      Get over it, it’s the way things work. No one is making charities or other groups pay the speaking fees. They know what they’re doing.

  • seabeeskcm

    This is big business for former Presidents on the lecture circuit. I would think he would modify his fee and donate the rest to charity.

    • USMarine64

      There should be no fee considering that he was a former Commander in Chief. He should speak in support of the troops that HE put in harms way. It shows a lack of leadership.

    • Jim Campbell

      The idea of him doing that is just plain funny …

  • Phillip Smith

    I would be fine with it if he gave the money to charity to help VETS

    • Guest

      Bush took the $100,000.00 in 2012, for speaking at a Vet Charity event. Bush actually wanted
      more then $100,000 but then agreed to the lower amount. Bush’s wife made $50,000 off the
      wounded Vets Charity. If this isn’t disgraceful, I don’t know what is!

  • 11CP5

    My question is “would not the Charity be better off using the speech money on the vets?” Seems to me they could have found someone else who would speak for free. I will wait to see what is done with the money he got. It is America whether we like what he did or not. I for one don’t like it. For that matter I don’t like folks getting paid to just run their mouth.

    • USMarine64

      He probably gave it to Jeb for his election.

      • Crash5437

        Ok, that’s just dumb.

    • guest

      Yes, the charity would have been better off spending the money on vets needs. What could THIS GUY say to the troops to help their life? Really now. I would like to read a transcript of his speech out of curiosity. And, I don’t like it either!!

      • Crash5437

        It’s all about raising money. Without donors, you don’t have anything to spend on vet’s needs. Look at the speaking fee as an investment. Maybe that will make it easier for you to understand. I wouldn’t be surprised if the charity made 2 or 3 times the amount they paid for President Bush to speak. Charities understand that to bring in the big donors, you need big name speakers. If they didn’t think it was worth the investment, then they wouldn’t pay the speaking fee.

    • Jim Campbell

      The cash will go straight to his bank account … If he’d planned to donate all or part of the fee, then the article would have said. He’s making a living off the backs of the young men and women he ordered into combat, and I reckon that’s just plain wrong.

    • Crash5437

      11CP5, that’s a negative Ghostrider. You get what you pay for. The point of having a big name speaker is to raise money for the charity. No name speaker = no big donors. People aren’t going to pony up money to hear bubba from down the street speak at a charity event. And yeah Jim, he’s “making a living off the backs of the young men and women he ordered into combat”.
      You seriously can’t believe that.

    • RDW,Sr

      YOU are 100% ON and I completely AGREE with you

  • Eamonn

    Actually another article bout this stated then when bill Clinton spoken to veteran groups he charged nothing

    • Crash5437

      Yeah, I’m sure. The Clintons do NOTHING for free. If he didn’t get paid, it’s because the payment technically went to his foundation, which in turn gives the money to him.

    • Guest

      did you find this on MSNBC? no data to track it as usual and there isn’t any mention to the truth of what Bush does for Veterans daily, is there? Clinton doesn’t seem to mind taking all kinds of money for his foundation illegally and supplying it to his spouse in her campaign efforts. Maybe you should look into that. Be fair or be offended, that’s the new thing right?

  • I Think it shows how they feel about me and The Rest of War Veterans

    • wtf?

      That picture of bush and the wounded soldier should be titled “welcome to jackass”

      • Guest

        Only if if they could have a photo of Barry and Miss-hell in front of the vets…only THEN woul it qualify as jackass-istan.

    • Crash5437

      Seriously? Get over yourself.

      • Proud American

        Why? He is correct.

  • 671soldier

    Hell no!! Troops are injured because he ordered them to go into harms way for him and our country. The troops did what he wanted so please tell us WHY George would do this…., greedy SOB

  • Combat Vet

    I think it would be prudent to know all the facts before rushing to judgement.

  • cathy

    A- He’s a Bush, money’s the last thing he needs.
    B- He’s a vet. Accepting money from something that benefits your own really not cool.
    C – He was the CIC who got them injured in the 1st place, a double not cool.
    D – A+B+C = Really, really tacky

    • Proud American

      Your point B is questionable.

  • USMarine64

    Bush should be paying to support wounded vets. It is appalling for him or his wife to be paid to speak for wounded vets. He and Obama are the cause for those wounds and for the dead warriors. He needs to return the money and should be glad to speak on wounded vets behalf as their former Commander in Chief.

    • Proud American

      How is Obama responsible for a war that started before he was president? Sorry, but this one is all Bush’s.

    • Robin

      I agree. I m a vet, and I said what, he should be proud to be there for us….

  • Ron

    We don’t know the rest of the story. is taking its clue from the media – layout some of the facts or make them up then stir the pot. We are nothing but pot stirrers for this question. The editor must be laughing his or her butt off at these meaningless sound-offs without having to provide details or input from President Bush.

    • Paul

      A Bush spokesman confirmed he took the money. So far they have failed to respond in any other way. Don’t let partisanship break your moral compass.

  • GMG2BB63

    Not just Bush but any president for that matter. I don’t think they should charge or accept a fee for doing this kind of thing. If they do collect a fee then I think they should donate it right back.

  • mkantzler

    For Bush and his wife to have profited from veteran injuries for which he is directly responsible is no surprise. It mirrors his amoral performance as a member of the National Guard, and reinforces his and his wife’s stupidity and delusion that they don’t view his actions, which needlessly killed near 5,000 troops in Iraq and wounded tens upon tens of thousands, as culpable. His poor management and unnecessary extension of the Afghan war he back-burnered also added to the death and maimed tolls there. Taking the money instead of donating it back is the remorseless, uncaring, ignorant act of a remorseless, uncaring, ignorant couple, not to mention their greed.

    True, no president should take a fee for speaking at a vet or military charity, but with Bush, it’s blood money.

  • alsharptonjr

    Screw him. It was his dufuss policies that got those guys hurt in the first place.

  • flying ducthman

    There were no details of the direction of the dispersal of that ‘speaking fee’, therefore it might be prudent to gather some facts and see if the monies were redistributed for veterans benefit.

    • flying ducthman

      Then again IF the money was pocketed for personal use that would be a national disgrace and a big slap in the face of any veteran who served under his watch. This can go a multitude of ways depending on your political leanings. So, facts first…. then criticism if needed or praise if not.

      • Jim Campbell

        Well Dutchman, why don’t you write to former President Bush and ask him what he did with the money? Then if you get a reply, you can tell us all what he said.

  • PolicyWonk

    Appalling. Former POTUS Bush shouldn’t be charging so much as a dime to support wounded vets.

    I spent years doing volunteer work for disabled vets during the time he was POTUS, and his administration was doing everything possible to reduce funding/benefits at the VA: I was helping these extraordinary people retain the benefits they earned the hard way, while the feds were doing everything possible to remove them from the VA rolls and take away their benefits.

    They went so far that (with one of my guys) it kicked off a congressional investigation that led to a bunch of people getting fired for pulling some *very* dirty tricks in an ill-disguised attempt to take away their benefits and remove their treatment options.

    Say what you want about Obama – but I’ll tell you this: when Obama was sworn into office, within a few months ALL of this BRAVO SIERRA (at least locally) being pulled on these vets STOPPED. This isn’t to say (as we all know) other problems at the VA don’t exist – they most certainly do.

    But that was one job (despite it being so rewarding for me personally) I didn’t mind being made obsolete.

    • Jim Campbell

      Thanks Wonk, but they won’t believe you. Some people just can’t stand the truth.

  • ColdWarVet75

    First, it costs money to travel to these. Because he is a former President there are SS details and you surly don’t want our tax dollars being spent. While none of the Clintons have supported wounded Vet’s they have no issue taking huge dollars to speak. No complaints form our “fair & balanced” media there.

    On another note GB throws a shin gig at his ranch every two weeks and has many wounded Vet’s attending. He does many mountain biking and other events. Come on guys this is this website’s parent company; Time Magazine trying to stir up hatred of any Republican or Conservative.

    • wtf?

      Coldwarvet75 sorry your a De de deee

    • Pragmo

      So many nut cases here!

  • GiveAmericaBack

    When he sees that people are raising hell over this, then he will put out his excuse that was donating it all the time. Which will be a lie to cover his National Guard azz, which was to keep him out of the line of fire. Same with Obama, never fought or even joined up, but sends men and women to their death.

    • Proud American

      Obama didn’t dress up, go aboard a ship, and declare Mission Complete! Obama has never claimed to be a combat veteran.

  • guest

    Well, to start: Yes, we live in a FREE country, where ex-presidents have a right to make money and charge fee’s. BUT…..( and that is a BIG but…:-) to charge for an event like this I believe shows the REAL character of a person, and their value system. My conscious would not allow me to do this. If I had ordered these men into battle, and they have life altering injuries, due to my decisions, I would do all I could to help them in improving their future, but, not at their expense. And taking money from the organization, is their expense. Secondly: Just because Hillary & Bill might have charged more, or done the same…..well, there was a saying when I was young that went like: If someone jumped off a bridge, does that mean you should too? :-) Even little kids are taught that what is good for the goose, is not always good for the gander…c’mon now…this is basic….well…to me it is. Anyways, when I first read about why Bush was elected President of the Texas Rangers baseball team, when he owned so little shares ( because of his fathers position ) and what he did to the residents who had lived on land for multiple generations, that the team wanted to build a new stadium. When he was governor, he declared eminent domain, kicked them off and gave them a less than fair price for it, just to build a stadium. Generations of family, just kicked to the curb. Well, that right there told me what kind of person our future president was, and is! :-)

    • Jim Campbell

      And then he got appointed by the Supreme Court the first time, and we all found out …

  • Jim Campbell

    I’ve no problem with charging a speakers’ fee plus expenses, but for former President Bush to charge to speak in support of a charity that supports veterans who served under his command, well, that just seems wrong to me.

  • Ray Toombs,

    I think that if he had been paid expenses for the speaking engagement, that would have only been miore than enough compensation. This was for the vets! I admit I am a bit disappointed. MAJ, USA Retired

  • DonB

    If he brings in 10 fold plus for being there he deserves to be paid. Besides he donates way more than he takes in. I voted and went to war for and under him, by far the best thing to happen to America since Regan. Go ahead bitch and moan, play into that hate game sheaple there is a reckoning coming and the meek will not inherit.

    • wtf?

      DonB you didn’t go to war your just another false valor republican and you won the award top De dee de GOP stands for Grouse Old Pigs oink. OINK!!!!!!

    • Jim Campbell

      Can you give us a source for “he donates way more than he takes in ….” Or are we just supposed to take your word for it? You know, some kind of balance sheet that shows the difference between what he charges and what he gives away? I’d really like to know.

    • Proud American

      Neither will those who bear false witness.

  • wtpworrier

    Charge them for what?…He’s the reason they are wounded. He should pay them for letting him speak at their fund raiser.

    • Jim Campbell

      Amen to that Worrier … I’m actually surprised that they thought having him there would raise any funds at all, never mind having to pay him to be there …

  • Rob

    I blame the orginization that paid him to speak there, should of got a different speaker…. They offered to pay him and he gladly accepted. I don’t blame him.

  • wtf?

    G.O.P Stands for Grouse Old Pigs any questions??

  • Crash5437

    Good grief. People, calm down. No one forces these charities to pay to have speakers at their events. This is built into their budget, and I’m sure that they made a nice return on their investment. If a group doesn’t want to pay the speaking fee, fine. Don’t pay. The whole point of having a big name at the event is to draw donors. If you have a no name speaker, don’t expect to raise money. It’s not going to happen. Everyone seems to have an idea of what he should do with the money, from speaking for free to donating it to whatever cause. I even saw someone that said “he has enough money, he should do it for free.” I find it humorous when people think others should work for free, when they wouldn’t work for free themselves. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter what you think. Former presidents get paid a fee to speak at various engagements. Instead of whining about it, be happy he was there and drew attention and donors to the event. President Bush does a lot for Vets and has hosted various functions at his ranch. You people kill me with all the whining.

    • Mike in SATX

      The organization netted $2.45 Million. So President Bush’s speech fees winds up to be a measly four percent of the profit earned.

  • kurt hamel

    The Clintons ,Carter all charge more. I’m happy to find out you guys are demo liberals. The guy that runs wounded makes 2 mil a year. Also, all his top people make more than 500k a year. That’s all crap. It’s about time we go after the real culprit for our wounded, the congress and senate who were never in combat much less in the service of our country. they promise you things when you enlist or get drafted and then do not live up to their promises. they do not give a rats ass for the GI’S. MOST OF THEM ARE LAWERS AND YOU MUST ALL KNOW HOW WELL THEY TELL THE TRUTH. I know of where I speak, I’m a purple heart vet of Korea and Nam…

  • If you all think about it how much of all the donations actually gets used to help the vets it may be called a charity but only about 1% actually goes to help anyone the rest is used to line the pockets of the people running the charity so I say why not pay bush it’s less that goes into the pockets of the liers that say it’s a charity

  • Tony Cardarelli

    When I heard that George Bush charged vets a fee for speaking I got that same sick feeling in my stomach as when I found out the priests where diddling boys. I’m a strong conservative and believe in principles and the rule of law. I’m also a wise man and I know not to beleive nothing I heir and half of what I see! I don’t know all the facts? Does he take the money then donate it someplace else? Is it that he has to charge a fee to make sure he is dealing with a reputable foundation? I don’t know these answers and can’t seem to find any solid information either way. So based on that I can not make a judgement …but what I do see is George does care about the troops more than his golf game.

  • James

    George Bush helps wounded vets all the time in many ways. He will probably donate the money some where. When the Fort Hood shooting happened he and Laura got in their car and immediately drove to visit the wounded vets. Obama on the other hand had a golf date.

    • Jim Campbell

      Believe it if it makes you feel better. I don’t. Why charge it if you’re just going to give it away? Surely it would be better to do what you do for the charity for nothing and leave them with the money to spend.

      • stokeslk

        Sorry Jim. I’m trying to be objective but all I hear from you (and reading behind the lines) is that you hate President Bush (43). Interestingly enough the organization was happy with 43’s reduced rate that helped them earn over $2.5 million on the event. The next year they barely made $1.0 million. $100,000 for a speaking fee when he had to cover his own travel expenses (including an additional security detail and entourage). This man does things to assist vets that never get mentioned by the media. And contrary to popular opinion – the Bush family is not the wealthiest presidential family around – Bill Clinton’s (and Hillary) worth is three times that of the Bush’s – as was Presidents Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy. I would guess that the $100,000 went to fund more of the events that the Bush family hosts for wounded vets. Pretty hard to do those things without funding. Bush 43 is still a “working” president. Give him the credit due!

      • Jim Campbell

        No I don’t hate anybody it takes way too much energy. I just think this is wrong …and that’s what I’ve said. And I’ll be happy to give Former President Bush all the credit in the world if I can find something to credit him for … His record pretty much speaks for itself. And as to his work for wounded veterans, if he’s doing these things, then it’s only what he should be doing …

    • Jim Campbell

      Could you please tell us what he does for them? Enquiring minds would really like to know.

  • Bill Coleman

    But they don’t bother to tell that the event raised 2.5 million dollars for the charity.

    • Proud American

      It could have been 2.75 million and 250 more vets could have gotten $1, 000 worth of support. Machiavellianism doesn’t work in this case.

  • Juanita Garnto

    It’s a shame he’s demanding a fee also his wife. I used to think he done so much for the vets because he felt somewhat responsible for what happened to them. Seeing how he didn’t listen to his advisors at first. This changes all that. I now consider him a full fledged POS. He should speak at these free of charge and be honored. He should also give a donation the size of his speaking fee to the charity.

    • Jim Campbell

      I don’t believe Juanita, he feels responsible for anything …he certainly didn’t take responsibility for anything when he was in office. It was always somebody else’s fault.

  • Doug Whitten

    If George is charging a fee to talk to vets then NO he should not. He claims he loves the troops so expecting a fee is wrong

  • Beedubyah

    You have to be a total fool to believe this report! I’m am quite sure there is a lot of information missing and several items that they intentionally omitted from this article!

  • PolishJohn

    I think President Bush should be charged to support wounded vets!!!!

  • Herman Valentine

    Nothing on Snopes regarding this. Sounds out of character for GWB to me.

    • Jim Campbell

      Sounds right in character to me Herman …

      • Proud American

        Me, too!

  • John

    Cmon guys you know how he loves the military. That’s why he sent everyone to Iraq when they didn’t need to go. Then didn’t send enough
    Troops or equipment because Rumsfeld they could do it for less. I troops rummaged through garbage pits for armor for the vehicles, didn’t give them protective clothing for clean up sites, took money from doc. Security to pay for his war, sorry got off track. He loved those troops, but don’t show the coffins coming home and etc, and now fees to visit.

  • Bill

    Have you seen the financials? Well below that of other related veteran assistance projects such as Wounded Warriors — this group (Helping a has still taken just shy of $300,000.00 in wages, benefits, and “administrative expenses” so before we go pointing fingers at people making a little money… look at the take by the group itself. If you are looking for a veterans assistance group to support, that takes ZERO $0.00 in wages or otherwise, take a look at the group HOOAH, INC ( ) For Helping a Hero.Org’s financial here —->

    • Proud American

      Those people were, most likely, also vets in need of jobs. They also were not the ones responsible for taking our nation into a needless war.

  • Anonymous

    Only if he donates it, preferably back to the veteran’s charity where he spoke. He can get a legitimate charitable tax deduction and still not create the appearance he’s profiting off the veterans he sent to fight the war he declared.

  • Badger130

    Disgusting! It is because of his hubris that terrorist organizations have filled the power vacuum that he created in the ME. If he just finished kicking the Taliban out of Afghanistan and left it at that Iraq would be stable (even with a brutal dictator), Libya would be stable (even with a brutal dictator) and Syria wouldn’t be inundated with ISIS. GWB and the rest of the neocon gang that infested his Oval Office are the cause of the ongoing misery in the ME. What a tragic administration to have inflicted so much pain on America and the world. His hypocrisy of speaking before a wounded veterans group is astounding; and then to charge a fee to hear his BS?

  • Debbie

    Nobody minds when he hosts veterans events, spends money on veterans, chairs veterans organizations, travels to speak on behalf of veterans, or takes his time and money to support individual veterans. But hey, this article was written to inflame so who blames the mindless masses jumping on the anti-Bush bandwagon without all the facts. I mean, wasn’t that the point.

  • AFVet

    My only question is for the Charity. How much of every dollar actually goes to help the Veterans. Huh Huh……….. If you take a good look you will find that very little actually gets to the Veterans. ALL the people who work within this charity do not work for free.

  • Steven Kulhavy

    I believe a tradeoff would be valor for Freedom. Don’t care who you are. Mr. Ex-President Sir, please stand down on money and Stand up to Honor our great Vets Sir,

  • vince markton

    this is a goddamn surprise? total agreement with the comment,…” the group even agreed to pay ‘)…he is the worst president ever at articulating fn sentences; absolutely mind fn boggling anyone would pay to hear him stutter……ive seen and been a part of several fund raising events for WOUNDED WARRIORS…could never imagine charging the WOUNDED WARRIORS to speak,or any other reason, much less after sending them there to become WOUNDED WARRIORS, in the first place…fn nazis

  • tm3194

    ANNNNNNND, I personally double check stories that are posted. Guess what folks???? His fees were underwritten by a private donor. The organization didn’t pay a dime!

    “Speaking and traveling fees for the former President were paid by the charity, but the amount was underwritten by a private donor, the charity lawyer said”.

    • Jim Campbell

      Makes no difference. He still took the cash, and that’s morally reprehensible …I still think he should have made a point of charging nothing …If the private donor wanted to “underwrite his fee” then Former President Bush should have made sure that money went to the charity, and not to him.

  • Beck

    Bush and Cheney started these wars and now want to profit from their criminality.

  • Pragmo

    Only reinforces the fact that W is the dumbest SOB on the planet – and Cheney took advantage of his outright stupidity to make more ill-gotten $millions off the dumbest war in USA history – and there have been more than enough of those! No wonder the rest of the world considers them War Criminals. Where are the nooses?

  • Andre

    I guess it’s time for Bush to DX his moral compass…

    • Jim Campbell

      If he ever had one …not too sure about that.

  • Tom V

    Despicable! But then what else can you expect form a GREEDY Republican? That’s what the party is all about… GREED!

  • Phillip M Johnson

    I think it is reprehensible for the former president or former first lady to accept a fee from any veterans organization.

  • SFC Zavala, Retired

    He should not charge a fee, he is the one that started the war. If he charges a fee, it should go back to Empowering Wounded Heroes, One at a Time, not his pocket.

  • literateliberal

    Clinton never asked for a fee.

  • Wings

    The focus is on Bush. How about a look in the other direction? Why is an organization spending that kind of money outsourcing compassion? No matter what Bush did or did not do with the money is secondary to the larger issue of the organization itself.



    • David

      Where is all this Iraqi oil that I went to war for? If we went to war for oil, then we forgot to bring any back with us.

  • Vietnam Vet

    Hell No !!!

  • Guest

    To me it is totally inappropriate for a former US President to charge a veteran’s organization for a speaking engagement, even if the event is a successful fund raiser generating donations greater than the speaking/transportation fees.

  • LVM

    I understand that President Bush charged $100,000.00 to speak at a fund raiser for a Veteran’s group, and that sounds awful when first read, but, I also understand that he and his family have also donated well over a million dollars to these charities over the year. I am a
    Vietnam Veteran myself and a victim of Agent Orange, but, I say get the facts before condemning him or his wife.

  • A disabled Veteran

    The mere presents of Pres. Bush allowed the organization to bring over one million dollars. I think that there are very few people who could draw that much attention. Pres. Bush did not go to them asking for money they made him the offer. Second you only have to take the time to see how much this man and his wife care for the wounded warriors and the time an money they have spent supporting them and their families. Last the media has been bashing bush for so long they don’t know what else to say about him.

  • Bill K

    This is old news. He brought in more than they paid and his normal pay was two and a half times that. He spends tons on supporting veterans.

  • Ron Brabbin

    Just more fodder for the liberals, I don’t think he should charge a fee except for transportation and lodging.

  • Sarge

    I say NO. Whom ever it is, I believe they should donate their time/name to speak at any Military Veterans type of venue. I donate my time with the Patriot Guard Riders to attend the funeral of Active Duty personnel, Veterans and First Responders. They should lead by example not greed.

  • pab

    Let’s see past presidents, Movie Stars and even Congressmen and Senotors get fees for speaking engagements. What’s the issue?

  • trebgeln

    Folks.. look at what Charity Navigator ( has to say about this organization “Helping the Heroes” or any organization that wastes your donation. Before you donate your hard earned money to any charity, do some research. You may be surprised that the Wounded Warrior Project only spends 60 cents of every dollar on veterans. Nearly 35% goes to raising money (like the $$ TV ads they run). It’s criminal! My neighbor runs an organization called “Warriors on the Cataract” that takes wounded warriors on raft trips. He’s done it for 5 years and has not had one person commit suicide after they have been on the trip. They are life-changing.

  • Lee 1SG Ret

    I think President Bush should have refused to accept any amount of money to speak at this charity event. God knows he doesn’t need the money and he should feel great full to have the opportunity to speak at such an occasion. It seems the presidents are only in office to better themselves when they leave office. It’s the only job I know where you can make millions after you leave. We need a president that is there only to serve to make out country stronger and better and not let big businesses run out country.

  • Tom

    Provides more support to the military then any other president bar none

  • ferreiradr

    I researched this report and others including Hillary asked for 250K. This grouped received a Net gain of 1 Million because of his speech. I would say that with his record supporting Vets and their families he is entitled to make speeches for pay. As a Vet I say God Bless GW

  • Norman Walters

    What kind of Commander in Chief would stoop so low as to charge those that have given so much for this country? I didn’t think he was much of a Commander in Chief when it had that big sign strung across the battle ship that said “Mission Accomplished.” If the mission was accomplished why was it that we wee in Iraq and Afghanistan for many more years and many more lives given? He is a most pathet6ic excuse as Commander in Chief and President since the beginning of this great nation. If you disagree with me, and that is your choice, then you are not much of a veteran yourself. He should have to repay the speech fees plus interest.

  • Robatv

    I don’t think it’s right unless the money was donated to a veteran’s organization. I also don’t think you can compare Bush to the scumbag Clinton’s .

  • Ron MSG USA Ret

    If Bush was a true commander, he would jump at the chance to support our veterans without charging a fee. That money could have gone a long way in helping those who need it.

  • lk

    What part of we support our troops did I miss

  • James Bush Sr

    Bush or no one who send men and woman in harms way should charge a fee, instead they should donate some money to the ones who help protect them and thank them in the process.

  • dstorm thor

    I can’t believe all the comments about the charity needs a big name speaker as an “investment”. They will probably get 2 or 3 times the amount they paid for him…Are you kidding? We’re not talking about having some A-list celebrity or rock star come and speak. We’re talking about the former President who just happened to send most of the injured soldiers into combat in the first place! He doesn’t deserve a DIME in speaking fees, or per diem, or food, or plane fare or anything else for that matter. I don’t honestly care what any other presidents do. (If they do something like this I will be equally pissed off at them as well). HE did this. He charged the fee and therefore he had the “specific intent” to take the money (sorry my legal police training here). The idea that he “intends” to donate it to charity is all smoke and mirrors. You take the money then you have no intent to donate it or you would have refused it and told them to donate it immediately instead. If a President (former President) isn’t willing to speak at wounded warrior events like this one…for free…then the hell with them! Boycott their speeches, books, libraries, etc. and see how rich they get the! We the people, especially veterans, need to have our voices heard by those elected (and former elected) officials and make them aware that they are where they are because of US!! They work/worked for US!

  • K9USAFRet

    Seems strange that the Clintons can make $18M on giving speeches, some of which were to military charities, and nobody says a word!! Get a grip people.

    • dstorm thor

      I don’t think that it’s not that no one cares about what the Clinton’s did or do. I believe we are (I am) commenting on the subject of this article. George W. Bush.

      • K9USAFRet

        The result is the same.

  • Not a Bush fan

    NO: That sleazy moron caused all of those injuries and now has the gall to charge vets to hear him speak! A typical unrepentant warmonger scumbag!!

  • Merwin Fuller

    1STSGT first let me start by saying I am a Wounded Warrior and what the bushes do is there business and if they charge for services rendered that is fine with me because no one on here knows what they do with the money for all anyone on here knows he may donate all or a large amount of it to help in other ways so I don’t care what they charge for there services if the price the originations make from the people attending may be much more then what the bushes charge that is my 2 cents

    • dstorm thor

      Well that’s not exactly true…You see, he is an elected official. He is Profiting as a result of being elected to public office. He is by no means in this little scam alone but unfortunately this is the article we are comenting on at this time. What he is doing is by no means illegal. I understand that completely. As you said (and I agree with you), he may charge what he wishes for the services rendered. There is a question of morality and good judgement here. He did send a lot of these young soldiers off to battle and as a result they are now wounded. They need help. He should feel a tremendous responsibility to do everything he can to do to help them (I know I would and I’m sure you would as well). Furthermore, he “may” donate all or part of his fee to charity but as I stated in my earlier post, if he had that “specific intent” he should have made that clear at that time and directly donated it or had it donated directly at that time. That’s kinda bad planning if his intent is to donate it…

  • bill

    Wonder how much it costs him to put on the events at his ranch for veterans ? Wonder how much it cost him to go to Ft Hood after the shootings there ? No other president in many years has shown the respect to the military that he has. I also wonder how much the charity would have made if he had not been the speaker. Just food for thought folks.

  • M.E. Barber

    1. Donors give money to the charity to help veterans. 2. The charity gives a small portion of the money to a popular speaker to attract more donors. 3. The process is called advertising. 4. That’s how business works. 5. Neither party is under any compulsion. 6. If you still don’t get it, simply get over it!

  • 1SG J P Rodriguez

    I am a Veteran of Viet Nam , and I say if we the People keep allowing Greedy Rich Americans to profit or take funds that could help those in need, to open their eyes . It’s Wrong and the money is /was to help Veterans of War , He is Rich and should set the example , NOT line his pockets with money for War Vets. He started a War that has had thousands of Young Americans Killed and disabled . How can he sleep and live , and dare to take money from those he got in such state….Shame on him and Shame on those that support americans going to fight in un necessary wars .

  • Joe

    No president or ex-president should charge a fee for the support of wounded veterans. At one time they were their commanding in chief and were wounded or killed under his watch. What a shame that any ex-president would have to take money from the vets, money, that they could use for their own treatments. Some ex-president never served, so they have no idea what it is to suffered,specially if you are in the hospitals.

  • Ted

    He was not my favorite president, even though I voted for him twice, but to charge this group, when I don’t think he actually needs the money is terrible.

  • Jim

    NO that takes one huge set of greedy balls.
    Another reason I won’t be supporting the party of the rich and famous.

  • J andre

    Not only should the Bushes be ashamed of making money off the vets the person approving the pay should be fired , only goes to show you the rich are making a big profit off our war hero
    Dam them for it .

  • Major Mike

    I am disappointed that the VA organization paid these fees. Of course I am saddened that both of them did not do this for free.

  • Franf

    This is the same man who made it very difficult for the Navy veterans disabled in Vietnam to collect on their claims, sent our men into another useless war and still charges veterans for his speech. Bush has no interest in Veterans, they are used to make himself more money. Shame on the organization that paid him instead of donating it to the veterans. What did this 100000 plus speech help or solve.

    • Robin ligus

      True so true, it is his Honor to come and see us…..

  • as a viet nam vet i am still angry at GWB for not wanting to serve our country in viet nam. bush preferred to be a weekend warrior who did`nt show up to his weekend training . now he and his lady are pocketing thousands ???

  • Don Korea

    Let’s find out what he did with the money.

  • charles

    first forgive my spelling I know it not good
    when a pred. get out of office that should be it they should get a job or collect their s.s.and stop pay se. serive to watch them.give the money to something to these old people with low income, who on food stamp that they keep cutting they give them a raise for cost of living like $8.00 and cut them $7.00off their food stamp

  • Gist Wylie

    I’m a Bush supporter but this is wrong. He should be able to live on the pension we give him. He should not be getting an honorium.

  • Chester

    Any,and I mean any fee that he or any other former United States President receives should be donated to a public charity,documented and registered has such with the Internal Revenue Service.

  • J.J. Rock

    Atta boy George… Send the military over there, then you and your family collect big checks for their pain and suffering while defending our Country. Way to go… we know you certainly need the money.

  • LeRoy

    If I find that a group I am a member of pays this person to speak to people that he sent in harm’s way – then I will resign from said organization. Is bad enough that he would not attend the National Guard drills he was obligated to attend but charging these wounded is even worse. What can you expect from an evader.

  • Antonio

    I think we have a two headed problem. He had a job, four years as president. Forget about the money for a moment……..I had a job, and when I left that job I didn’t have to answer to anybody, I could do whatever I wanted. The president has the same rules. Now the money comes back into this equation…….I made enough money to feed my family, a roof over our heads and a car for transportation. Now we look at how much the president makes since he does not have a job. Now that he’s not working, he makes enough money to cover hundreds of families. I believe his first obligation is to make sure the people who saved our beautiful America are properly taken care of including the families who lost their loved one’s who didn’t come back. I do hope that the president remembers that St. Peter guards the gate and he keeps a book on all of us.

  • Mike in SATX

    The Helping A Hero organization netted $2.45 Million off of President Bush’s speech/appearance. I personally think the $100K speaking fee (a paltry four percent of the profit gained) was both deserved, and a shrewd investment.

    Hell, Bill Clinton charges upwards of $500K for a speech. Hillary charges $250K or more for speeches, and she’s not even a President.

  • Gary Lee

    It shows just out of touch the elitists are in our country. GWB demanded an amount to speak that many, many Americans would be thrilled to earn in a year; and got em’ to front him a $20k private jet ride to boot… I won’t bore anyone with the story about how these guy and gal vets got sent over into a combat zone to get wounded or killed in the first place. Bush should have been thrilled and honored to speak at this worthwhile gala event; and should have been happy to do it for nothing; I know – if I was somehow notable – I would have been……

  • Ron

    First time I’ve heard about this. Not something I expected. Perhaps he and his wife donated the money to a Vet organization. I don’t want to criticize this great American or his lovely wife regarding this because I truly don’t believe he nor his wife would do such a thing for money…they don’t need it to live, as they are wealthy already. Let’s see if this isn’t a negative smear on him and his family to discredit him and now his family name. Kind of coincidental this just now comes out with his brother now campaigning for President. Like someone once said “Don’t believe everything you read or hear”. This truly is not representative of this great former President nor his lovely wife.

  • DanThe Marine

    I am surprised and disappointed to hear. A Commander in Chief should NEVER charge a speaking fee to speak to Wounded Warriors or any Other VETERANS who were willing to die for this GREAT Country!

  • piperjohn2

    NO !! He sent them there now he wants to get $$ out of them….

  • Doug

    He drew over a million dollars to the organization. Every nonprofit could ask the question why should these celebrities charge? But the reality is that their name and person bring in lots of money.

  • gkm

    what else do you expect from a low life who lied to the american people to get us into a war in iraq.

  • Sam Sears

    I feel it is totally and utterly disgusting to require any fee, but at least make it realistic; and then to get free transportation on top of that. Greed is a major sin.

  • MAJ Brenner

    The crime rests with the organization that paid the money out. The individual who booked either Bush was probably not a vet and therefore has no clue about the insult. Curious if there was enough of a return on the investment to benefit wounded vets and if instead, the wasted money could have been put to use directly. Sometimes our fellow citizens make it exceptionally difficult not to question why we served them.

  • Darrel Little

    I am a wonted vet and I would support other vets with out the shameful act of being paid Bush is not a vet
    why he went awall

  • Jerry

    I don’t think any president should charge to speak when the purpose is helping our veterans.

  • Prof. D. S. Parker

    He is a spoiled Brat, who kept his ass home when he should have done his duty when we were in uniform. He only wore the uniform to look good. I blame his Father and Mother for that.
    For the record, I voted for both of them. Not because they were great, but because they were the lessor of two evils.
    I think that all of these ” MEN ” be made to refund all of their retirement, because they are making money off the heartache and pain of we who served. And they use the death of those that were sent to war to look good. They may as well be bathing in their blood. This is a slap in the face of all VETs.
    As for the wives , who in hell voted for them? I did not, nor would I.
    They earned nothing. They did nothing. They should get nothing.
    I have no love for OBAMA, so do not think that I am his supporter. I am an American VET, that says it all, (USMC and The USN).

    Donald Shelton Parker

  • Harry

    This whole slezy deal with the former Commander In Chief receiving a $100,000.00 speakers fee from a charitable organization makes me want to puke. It is bad enough that the man who sent these brave warriors into battle should profit from their wounds to the tune of $100k is sickening. What is nearly as bad is that the charitable organization that wrote that mega check should have used that donated money to aid the wounded warriors directly, like they say in their promotional ads. Somebody is going to go straight to hell for this act of greed.

  • Bob

    First of all, Bill and Hilary charge double and triple that on top of hiding income in their phony foundation. Second, it was the CIA that claimed WMD’S in Iraq. Third, we ultimately found Iraq’S chemical weapons stores once we were able to search the ENTIRE country, and fourth, Bush is one of the few Presidents I have seen that really does give a shit about Vets. So he charged to speak at an event, that happens all the time and for less admirable causes. I’m confident the charity made that money back and quite a bit more just from the exposure and being able to list GW as the guest speaker. I’m a wounded vet and I would rather pay GW twice that to raise money for me than pay a Clinton half that amount!

  • George Calcut

    I think that someone should investigate the organization that paid him the $100,000. If it was Wounded Warriors, I would investigate them twice.

  • Ray

    It is amazing how many people here comment when a person has too much money, or what they should do with their money, or what they should do for free. When a president leaves office part of his “job” becomes speaking at events. He charges a fee. If an organization doesn’t want to pay the fee then don’t hire him. Keep in mind he was HIRED to appear. How many of you go to work for free every day? What most of you are talking about is charity. Charity is a personal decision. Look to yourselves and decide if you are charitable enough, then think about those that have less than you and apply you attitudes toward them. I am sure they think you don’t give enough.

  • Joe P,

    Give the money back plus a little more George.

  • Phil Kalich

    To charge a speaking fee for a charity that helps wounded vets speaks volumes about his character. To have to have a charity to help wounded vets is a shame in it self. Our government gives away billions of dollars in foreign aid but there’s no money for wounded veterans? I want our wonderful elected officials to look at a disabled veteran square in the eyes and explain to him why all these countries are more deserving of our hard earned tax dollars than he is.

  • Jeff OKon

    It is disgusting that a President who initiated a senseless war to charge those injured in that war a fee so he could speak to them. I am more surprised that the First Lady charged a fee as she seems to be the only one with a heart.

  • Bruce

    This goes to show you that Bush and his wife are only out for the
    MONEY. And don’t give a damn about our veterans and especially our wounded warriors, that he sent to war. And to think that the charity would even agree to pay him that is even mind boggling. And to make a satement on National TV, that it was a good investment. Get a gripp on life and reality.

  • charlie

    He should have spoken to the wounded vets free.

  • william locke

    If you are the type person that accepts blood money… hell yeah

  • jack_kniate

    As a Nam vet I served with pride and I take any former president doing what Bush did a kin to sacrilege of his former and current position. He or any former president etc should gladly give of his or her time and expense to help in any way all veterans. Hell what do they make as a retirement for being the president. Yes definitely a slap in the face.

  • Dan

    I’m OK with charity covering reasonable (high class) expenses for VIP’s to speak, but VIP’s should not take more than that. They don’t need the extra $$ and the charities do. The VIP’s can make plenty of $$ speaking at ‘for profit’ corporation meetings.

  • Dwight

    NO he should be paid as X comander iin cheif why does he even ask to be paid

  • time4O2go

    George W Bush is being raked across the coals by one-sided journalism. He has given more to our wounded veterans than any other living President. If you vets who are ashamed of him because you read propaganda like this, check the facts you would find out that him and Laura gave much more than this amount to wounded soldiers. They are not the kind of people who brag about their contributions or their behind the scenes efforts to treat all veterans with respect and honor. Get a life people. W. didn’t start the war on terror. He certainly didn’t go after the terrorists all by himself after they murdered 3000 innocent people. I see so many people saying Bush did this, Bush did that, but the truth he did nothing without the help of both parties. By the way, every supposedly non-profit organization skims more off the top of your contributions than you will ever know. George and Laura definitely don’t need the fees they were paid and you can rest assured they didn’t didn’t spend it golfing.

    • dstorm thor

      First, I’d like to SEE the PROOF of what Bush has “Given” to our wounded veterans other than time…I know there is no such proof. I have checked. Have you? Propaganda? Check for yourself. Contact the organization listed in the article and find out for yourself what he was actually paid for his speeking engagement. Again, you will discover the truth. About the war on terror. No, he didn’t start the war on terror. The terrorists didn’t come from Iraq nor did any of his advisors believe at that time that they came from Iraq, so why in the hell did we attack Iraq first instead of where we knew (or believed) the terrorists were located? Instead, we went with this farce of WMD’s in Iraq, and NO he didn’t need the help of both parties to invade Iraq either. Remember, he didn’t get a declaration of war! He did the entire operation on Executive Order!

      By the way, every organization “skimming off the top” (meaning using a portion of donations for things other than those listed in their mission statement), you are correct. A portion is also used to pay salaries, administrative costs, advertising, etc. All these things percentages are broken down and available on line so that donors have that information available before they decide to contribute. Some organizations have Much Higer salaries and administrave costs than others (60% or higher vs 40% going to their stated cause) as an example.

      As I said in previous posts, President G.W. Bush was a Public Servant. He is being paid a retirement by the Citizens of the United States. He is profiting by his service as President. You are correct, they don’t need the fees they were paid, so why in the Hell did they charge them in the first place!

      By the way, I voted for both Bush Sr and Jr and am NOT a fan of Clinton or Obama (just so you know). Not really a fan of how politicians in general take advantage of their offices to get rich and powerful on the backs of the American People.

  • S. Sylvester

    For a former president to charge a fee to speak before a charity that supports wounded veterans is crass and selfish which is in keeping with the Bush administration. For the charity to squander money on speaker’s fees is criminal. A pox on both.

  • drmark25

    He is likely the reason most of them are wounded to begin with. He has the right to charge what ever he wants. The moral implications have never mattered to him. Im sure he’s made a lot more in other way of the sweat and blood of the military members; like not as much as his vice pres.

  • O’Hern, SFC, Ret.

    Bush never understood what the Army, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, the Navy or the Coast Guard did to fight his trumped up war. We went, we kicked ass, we accomplished the mission over and over and over. Military members know what is expected in war, we fight for each other and each is ready to give that last full measure of devotion – as many have. We knew that being wounded, busted up and brain fu_ked was part of the butcher’s bill, but we certainly gave better than we got. Bush, our CinC never did nor will he ever understand and no amount of explanation will ever get him up to speed . He should give all the money to Wounded Warriors and his wife too. He should also promise to stay the hell out of veterans affairs – it is an affront to those who served and to those who continue to serve. GO ARMY!

  • Steve Witham

    As a retired Army Colonel with 24 years on active duty, retiring in 1993, I am disgusted that the former CINC firstly took us to war in the first place, caused us and others to suffer unnecessary casualties, brought the country nearly to economic ruin, mired us forever in the Middle East and now has the hubris to collect on others suffering! The last war worth fighting was likely Korea.

  • Bill

    Nothing has changed with him, he is the same person that invaded Iraq without good intelligence and many other debacles. And being the politician, it had to be a mistake by one of his aids. I’m still waiting for the real reason we went into Vietnam.

  • Joe Potter

    As a Vietnam Combat Vet I find it hard to believe that G.W. would charge any fee for his service to the wounded vets. I thought he was above that.

  • artymgysgt

    Who were the folks who heard the speech? Was the fee paid by a veteran’s charity? What does Mr. Bush have to say on this matter.

  • Still Perplexed

    George W. Bush shouldn’t be breathing the same air as our veterans, wounded or not. The crazy, lying son of a gun put those wounded vets where they are and without any clear justification. This is one ex-Commander-in-Chief that should be held accountable/punished for his responsibilities/atrocities.

  • Bob Mizwa

    As I’ve been saying for the last several years (and others far longer than me), we have the best legislators and executives that money can buy. And now even in retirement. This hard to accept being both a Vietnam & OIF vet.

  • Doug

    I think it’s “Sad” that a former president who sent many of these vets to war, would even consider charging a fee for any speech or anything else he could do to benefit them. that said, “A True Vet” not a National Guard in Hiding, should never have put our vets in the position he did. Remember his statement “Bring Um On”. How many remember that??? Any of us from the Viet Nam era would never have even thought about saying something like that, let alone doing it. Our military paid a high price for that statement from a president who from childhood, wanted to be a “Wartime President”!!! Nuf said. Just “SAD” in my humble opinion.

  • Laura

    I am speechless. Propaganda at its best. An election year is approaching, – let your vote speak for you. I am speechless. In reviewing the comments, the politicians and the rich are on the same side. They have done a fantastic job of separating their constituents and the working class. Former presidents regardless of their party affiliation, conservative/liberal viewpoints/policies – how did this comparison even become a part of this discussion? The question was should former President Bush charge of fee to support wounded Vets. Politicians and the wealthy have succeeded in dividing and conquering; they are smiling all the way to the bank while we argue and nitpick each other.

  • BestGuest

    Oh please. So someone is getting paid to do something for the military.

    Big deal. The military gets a bunch of benefits, all tax payer funded. So what if someone gets paid to give speeches to the military. These organizations have to pay for the services of private citizens.

  • cj lengel

    No way! Why raid one of your favorite charities. Pres. Bush knows better………