The Real Story of Jane Fonda and the Vietnam Vets Who Hate Her



Jane Fonda is a star of stage and screen whose career began in 1960. She is the daughter of legendary actor and WWII Naval Officer Henry Fonda. Jane, now 77, is long regarded as enemy #1 among Vietnam veterans (because Ho Chi Minh is dead and even if he weren’t it would be a close vote).


“Dear Jane, thanks for taking some of the heat off. Love, Ho.”

Fonda was a prominent antiwar protestor in the 70’s, focused on the rights of troops while in the military and of those who wanted to resist being drafted. She was primarily associated with Vietnam Veterans Against the War, to which she gave a lot of time and money. Fonda was no more or less a lightning rod for criticism than any other celebrity who spoke against the war during that time, but that all changed in 1972.


She went to Hanoi that year to tour villages, cities and infrastructure. A series of photos of her sitting at an NVA anti-aircraft battery earned her the nickname “Hanoi Jane” and the undying spite of Vietnam veterans everywhere. There were also rumors she turned over secret messages from POWs to their captors. This is not true, but still, her father was probably more than a little disappointed in her.


“I’m just saying it’s possible.”

“There is one thing that happened while in North Vietnam that I will regret to my dying day. I allowed myself to be photographed on a Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun,” she wrote in 2011. “It happened on my last day in Hanoi. It was not unusual for Americans who visited North Vietnam to be taken to see Vietnamese military installations and when they did, they were always required to wear a helmet like the kind I was told to wear during the numerous air raids I had experienced.”

To this day, Fonda feels the scorn of the military veteran community. If you want to get a feel for how much scorn  the community feels, just Google “Jane Fonda Vietnam.” I’ll wait.

In 2005, a Navy vet spat tobacco at her during a book signing. There are Facebook groups like “Why We Hate Jane Fonda” and “Jane Fonda – we spit on your grave.” Veterans invite Fonda to go to Syria and take photos with ISIS. Even the war-zombie comic “68” has a Fonda-like character.


The hatred persists, even among non-Vietnam veterans and people who weren’t even born in 1972. Despite her attempts at apologies, and given the level of vitriol levied at her even 40+ years later, the anger and hatred is not likely to end any time soon.

“Whenever possible I try to sit down with vets and talk with them, because I understand and it makes me sad,” she told the audience, according to the Frederick News-Post. “It hurts me and it will go to my grave that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers.”

blake stilwell  Blake Stilwell is a traveler, writer, and adventurer with degrees in design, television & film, and international relations. He is a veteran US Air Force Combat Photojournalist who has worked for ABC News, NBC, and HBO. Blake is based in New York, but often found elsewhere.


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  • bill

    I’ve seen the pictures of Jane that upset numerous veterans. I wish she could see the pictures that’s locked in my head since 68-69 and I was nothing but a support troop located at Tan son nhut Air Base in Saigon. I’ve looked at the death stares of young soldiers that won’t go away and then I think of her smiling face. I still hate Jane Fonda even if she says “I’m sorry” ten million times.

    • Functional human beings learn to let things go.

    • John Johnston

      Jane is getting long in the tooth and long fo Symparthy . WELL NOT FROM THIS VET >

      • Joe Zeff

        We’ll never forgive, never forget and I, at least, will never watch any movie she’s in.

    • Howeird(!&?)

      Her quote above, as every time I see things stating how she feels, is she “regrets” it, NEVER “I’m sorry”. I rest my case. Army infantry NCO 69-70. Retired officer 2008. $crew her!!

    • Richard Dodge

      I’m a retired Marine who served in Vietnam in 1966 and 1967. Fonda is a low-live traitor that all of us can not stand. A terrible person!

  • skypilot1992

    Hate only enslaves the one who keeps it even after the “other” repents. I finally let her go. There are others who deserve our intense dislike. Actually prison would be good….a certain two SECDEFs….Johnson’s and Bush II’s. Way more betrayal ….death and destruction ….than Fonda.

    • Richard Woodard

      Your perogative! You do not speak for the rest of us. U.S Navy Saigon area, 1972-73.

      • skypilot1992

        Market Time 1969, in-country Mekong PBRs ’70-’71 …Ha Tien, Chau Doc, An Loc…..NCM w/V, CAR, Dovetailed beret
        So ya, it is my prerogative, and I did not speak for “Saigon” or other types.

        On primary control ship for the 1972 feint during Easter Offense sitting within the arc of captured 155s which didn’t fire. Of course, when an Arc Light Strike of 3 BUFFs hits 3000 yards away from us, both sides knew what else was waiting if a 155 broke wind.

        We all have our ghosts and vivid mental pictures. Jane used to be one. McNamara was the real bad guy. It took an unreported mutiny of Thud pilots to stop the insanity of his route picking and timing. Jane was but a token on a “charm” bracelet.

      • skydyv

        Simply stated a traitor is a traitor, the matter of degree is irrelevant. You may forgive as is your choice, you are clearly in a minority of veterans. Let her stand before God for her forgiveness, she gets none here.

        U.S. Army Special Forces retired…

    • Bryan

      Geez…Still Blaming Bush….Tell us Please how this is Bush’s fault…I know he knew Jane and talked her into going….

      • skypilot1992

        Sorry for not taking the effort to clarify. See above comment for a smidgen of my gripe with McNamara. The part re. Bush has to do with the criminal conduct by Rumsfeld in the run up and execution of IWII. My wife was over there during that one…I had retired.

        Bottom line…..Jane can’t compare to those two “hands-on” disasters called SECDEF?

        Both grabbed disaster out of the jaws of victory. Jane sat on a gun mount seat.

        Let’s not forget Cronkite’s treachery by taking the picture of the Sheriff of Saigon shooting a known killer on the spot in Tet ’68 and essentially declaring all is lost……when it was a huge victory which broke the back of the VC and NVA Gen Giap never used them in a meaningful way after. Papa Walter’s commentary was another grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • RLK

      Bull – I saw the B52 Strike photos that she claimed we bombed a Hospital. The Hospital was there just after the strike and it was not there two days later after the North blew it up for another Photo Op for Jane.

    • Jake

      Not when they are recalcitrant humans. The anger just seems misdirected. Looking back at Vietnam what exactly did the US even accomplish being there? All I see is broken down and (usually) homeless Vietnam vets on the streets and undying enmity abound because we involved ourselves in something we should not have. It isn’t as if Jane were the only one protesting the war. Maybe the US should spend less time policing the world and spend more time cleaning up its own back yard – starting with those same homeless vets that served their country back then. It’s been 40+ years since then. If we can’t even progress past that chapter in the country’s history it’s going to be another 40+ years.

  • retired462

    I get a reminder of “Hanoi Jane” every time I use the urinal at my legion post!

    • Marine101

      Attaboy. I hate that bitch too.

      Vietnam 69-70
      28 yr Marines Retired Mustang
      Semper Fidelis.

    • ‘Nam Vet

      I’d like to “remember” her — at the toe of my boot…, I’d kick her in her butt so hard my shoelaces would be coming out of her nose. She should have went to trial and then to prison — for life, undergoing the same conditions as my brothers who were POWs in ‘Nam.

  • purpleheartpark

    She became the Poster Child of the Yippies that didn’t like the War and in turn didn’t like us. While she in herself did very little against any of us except for the Hanoi Hilton incident, she became the lightening Rod of our feelings about how we were treated. No Welcome Home parades, No Thank You for your service, Couldn’t even sit at the VFW Bar because we Weren’t real War Veterans. Didn’t even but you served in Vietnam on your Resume as it was a disqualifier until the early 80’s..Years have gone by and there are only 27% of Real Vietnam Vets left alive today. I wish I could say your right Jane and I accept your apology but then I would be lying just to make someone else feel good. Agent Orange has taken its toll…Both of us have to go to our Graves with what we did Jane, I’m Sorry for what you did but not for what I did…..

    • Leon Suchorski

      I agree, PHP. She was the poster child of us being rejected when we went to the VA with our medical problems, and mental problems. And how many of us died before they could get the care that they deserved. And the fact that a whole generation of kids went to school, and their history books did not mention one word about Vietnam, and so we became “unpeople” to them. And the care at the VA hospitals turned into a farce for so many of us and guys died because of it. When our military fights, it deserves to have EVERYONE to back them. If you hate anyone, you go after the Congressmen. Like the ones that didn’t think that our vehicles needed armor plating in Iraq. Or the flak jackets that we had in Nam that were a farce, or the defective vests that they gave the troops in Iraq. The list goes on and on, once you have a POSTER CHILD leader against you.

      • Marine64

        I agree with your post, but their is another group of forgotten vets – Korean War veterans to be exact. Like the WWII vets, Korean War vets are dying off at a rapid pace.

      • Marine64

        Correction: Change “their” to “there” – fingers going too fast – again.


      • Lookidat

        No sweat.

    • Trey

      Thank you and welcome home my friend

    • wthreerivers

      I have to agree with you. I served in Viet Nam with the special forces group MAC SOG. When I was discharged we returned to the US and groups tossed balloons filled with urine at us and chanted “baby killers.” My records were sealed until President George Bush ordered them released. We were contacted and given a list of our medals in a private ceremony at “the wall” in Washington DC. To this day I still hate Jane Fonda and John Kerry as do all of my friends.

      • Pat McGroyne

        I’m with you on that, especially lying liberal Lurch Kerry !

    • tgreenly

      I see she is still trying to lie her way out of her treason. By the way after Nam I was at Ft Bragg when she tried to march on post with her fellow druggies. They had to confine us to barracks because they knew what would happen if they didn’t.

  • Jack

    SHE HAS NEVER APOLOGIZED!!! Saying you were sorry that you had your picture taken on top of a tank is NOT an apology.

    • Leon Suchorski

      After all of these years, an apology from her would be worthless without her going to jail for the number of years that a traitor gets. Which for her would be a life sentence.

    • Jennifer

      When she was promoting her book she even said should WOULDN’T apologize because she had done nothing wrong. The author of this article is incorrect in stating “she has apologized many times.”

    • Actually, yes, she has. Paying attention in life often pays dividends. Such as: Not posting inaccurate comments on the internet.

    • ‘Nam Vet

      I wouldn’t give a damn if she did apologize — she’s lower than whale shit as far as I’m concerned.

  • MSgt McIntyre USMC

    Slow grind wood chipper feet first. Add sulfuric acid during the process.

    • Mike Winkelspecht

      I like the acid part.

    • Quentin von Tarafdar

      You are too kind Master Sgt,

      Quentin von Tarafdar, fmr SF cpt. Vietnam 68-69-70

  • guest

    I don’t hate her. She is not worthy of my hate, but I despise as a soulless, anti-military anti-American.

    • Mike

      I agree

    • Marine64

      To sum up your words – traitor.

  • JohnD

    Won’t watch her movies, won’t watch her on TV, threw away her work out video mu y wife had! Traitor who made millions in the world she protested. Hypocrite!!

  • Bill

    Before you say it’s not true,You should get the facts.I don’t mean from her.I know this is lies because you say she has tried to apologize and that is not true.I have heard her say she does not apologize for it.I was in Okinawa on my way to nam when this happened and saw it on tv.We will hate her till she dies and beyond.Nothing you say will change the facts.Time will not make us forget.

    • wthreerivers

      You are correct, she did do it

  • MikeB

    I am not here to take up for Jane Fonda, but what I want to know is why was the same hatred not shown to Ted Kennedy when he toured North Viet-Nam and apologized for all of the bombing and destruction in the North and promised them help in rebuilding, I was aboard ship off North Viet-Nam when he said it, and it was posted in Stars and Stripes.

    • charlesneal

      And how do you know that that piece of excremenn is not just as despised? And despised for Mary Jo Kopechne’s death and for the coverup that gang of scum has done for all the other damage they have done?

    • CJL

      … one word will explain it … he’s was a “Kennedy” ever hear of Chappaquiddick

    • Guest

      Because Jane and her boyfriend Tom Hayden held a press conference in California calling our returning troops and POW’s baby killers that’s why!

    • Nello

      No problem. Ted Kennedy is a dumb politician. Jane Fonda made her money from normal Americans that she cheated, insulted and took our money. May she die a long and painful,death that many American soldiers experienced during th war. And Hell is too good for her..

    • Guest

      The Kennedy clan committed many hideous acts. Smugglers, rapists, craven cowards, cheaters, drunkards. Teddy’s trip to North Viet-Nam would just get lost in the low noise or it could be his finest accomplishment, sadly.

  • Mark Bankus Ret USA

    and I am wondering just what do you expect to get out of posting all this, a lot of the veterans of Vietnam are trying to get over it, but you idiots keep on pushing the issue, there is nothing that she can ever say to make it right,, leave it alone, stop praising her..she is a traitor, was disrespectful to OUR soldier, she did not like the war but she showed her distaste the wrong way, just like the idiot I had to step over when coming home, and thanks to her every Vietnam Veteran was accosted in one way or another, so take this crap down, put it in a folder and forget it

    • Leon Suchorski

      You said, SHE IS A TRAITOR, and for being that, she deserves to be punished. For her, many years in prison would be fine. At her age, it might be a death sentence, and to many of our brothers, that is what they got when they came home.

    • BixlerB

      Ya, forget it, bury it to insure it happens again.

    • Joe Williams

      Let it go. This vitriol will rot your guts, not hers. Just remember that “what goes around comes around”. She will get hers one of these days.

  • Jango Soprano

    In my experience, she encompasses the attitude of so many women of her era, and of a lot today. I have experienced several times, being berated just because I was in the military. Being opposed to the war is one thing, actually going to our enemy and clapping while planes are being shot down is another. You reap what you sow.

  • William Van Syckle

    I would like to know what proof this Stilwell character has she did not pass the notes to the enemy from the prisoners. Her word? Sho me proof because the POWs witness her giving the notes to the Viet kong. I will forgive jane Fonda when the Jews forgive Hitler…..

    • Leon Suchorski

      From the POWs themselves. They told us that they had neither the paper, nor the writing utensils to make those “notes”.

    • Snert

      No one can prove a negative, Example. I didn’t cheat on my wife. I HAVEN’T, but I can’t prove I DIDN’T.

    • Dan

      The POWs said it never happened, and it’s a minor point, but there were no VC in Hanoi. They were insurgents in the South.

  • Michael

    I guess her turning the POW’s in didn’t happen because she said so . because she has no reason to lie right ? the story came from the ones that were there . that lived I guess she didn’t think they would .

  • Nam 68-69

    The only apology I will accept from her, is when I read her obituary, and that’s if I don’t have to watch her funeral for 3 weeks straight, like other worthless celebrities.

    • Guest

      I agree 100%!

  • Guest

    @William Van Syckle, you can read what POWs who were there that day have to say about it here:… The NAM-POWs have been trying to correct this story for many years. It is not true that she handed slips of paper to the Viet Cong, according to the men who were there. That doesn’t excuse anything she did, but she’s not guilty of that particular charge.

  • exsavleo

    I don’t hate her but she IS a TRAITOR AND THEIRS NO FORGIVING THAT

    • Actually, possessing true grace in one’s life means exactly that.

  • TimHarmon

    Crap story all the way. Hanoi Jane went to the North and gave them encouragement to stay in the war. I wonder how many American soldiers she helped to kill because of that? I will forgive when I die and then it won’t matter.

    • TJ Stewart

      Good Golly Her Name Should Be “Pathological Liar Jane Fonda” Along With Her Buddies John Kerry And John McCain!! Propaganda With Jane Fonda– John Kerry & John McCain Vietnan Cover-Up!! “We Will Not Let These Bastards “Hanoi John-John Besmirch Your Name More” Arlington Natl Cemetary!! Check Out POW’s 32 Missing Tapes The Govt Have Them “Classified” Why?? God Bless America And Tim Harmon!!

  • dokmartin

    why are those who served in the confederate army being made “un-people” while this traitor is called a hero by this useful idiot of a writer ?

    • Michael Baysworth

      Welcome to America where those who sacrifice are scum and those who don’t are heroes.

    • Guest

      Because she was and is, not a racist hateful redneck conservative like 99% of you so-called vets here! Quit all your crying , man up and shut up!

  • Robert

    C yoU Next Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C.V. Compton Shaw

    “Yuri Andropov, head of the Soviet KGB (secret police) from 1967 to 1982, was responsible for what he called the Soviet dezinformatsiya war against the United States in which millions of dollars were funneled to front organizations in the United States to discredit American goals during the Vietnam War.
    Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa was the highest ranking Soviet intelligence official to defect to the United States.
    In a Wall Street Journal article on August 7, 2007 General Pacepa detailed the manner in which the Soviet KGB duped hippie/Marxist/liberal Americans into working for the Soviet KGB.
    The following is a quote from that article:”During the Vietnam War we spread vitriolic stories around the world, pretending that America’s presidents sent Genghis Khan-style barbarian soldiers to Vietnam who raped at random, taped electrical wires to human genitals, cut off limbs, blew up bodies and razed entire villages. Those weren’t facts.
    They were our tales, but some seven million Americans ended up being convinced their own president, not communism, was the enemy.
    As Yuri Andropov, who conceived this dezinformatsiya war against the United States used to tell me, people are more willing to believe smut than holiness.”
    “The final goal of our anti-American offensive was to discourage the United States from protecting the world against communist terrorism and expansion.
    Sadly, we succeeded.

    • R.J.

      Great Post Sir! Thank’s!

  • cristo

    “It happened on my last day in Hanoi. It was not unusual for Americans who visited North Vietnam to be taken to see Vietnamese military installations and when they did, they were always required to wear a helmet like the kind I was told to wear during the numerous air raids I had experienced.”

    Fonda’s PR people think they’ve come up with the perfect excuse, except there weren’t a lot of Americans visiting North Vietnam at that time, other than the ones held and tortured in POW camps. She makes it sound as if she were visiting Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. It’s a shame the “author” was taken in by this tripe and amazing he uses a website called “Snopes,” that relies on Google to get its facts. Nothing like using first hand sources, sonny.

    • guest

      Actually there were a lot of peace activists who went to Vietnam. Worst thing about Vietnam was it wasn’t winnable but they kept on fighting and sending troops there any way. You want somebody to hate? How about Nixon and Kissinger who gave up SVN after a ‘decent interval’. You were duped.

      • Delex

        “In a Wall Street Journal article on August 7, 2007 General Pacepa detailed the manner in which the Soviet KGB duped hippie/Marxist/liberal Americans into working for the Soviet KGB.
        The following is a quote from that article:”During the Vietnam War we spread vitriolic stories around the world, pretending that America’s presidents sent Genghis Khan-style barbarian soldiers to Vietnam who raped at random, taped electrical wires to human genitals, cut off limbs, blew up bodies and razed entire villages. Those weren’t facts.
        They were our tales, but some seven million Americans ended up being convinced their own president, not communism, was the enemy.”
        Nah, YOU were the one duped and what is worse, you continue to be duped.

      • Ed C

        typical low-thinking American duped by communist propaganda. Just like Jane Fonda.

      • Bob

        It was winnable! Our troops were hamstrung by desk jockies, politicians and our own rules of engagement. Didn’t Fonda go on radio while there, in person or recorded, and tell our guys to lay down their weapons and go north where Charlie would welcome them with open arms?

      • Dan

        Rolling Thunder in 1972 had them on their knees, ready to capitulate, but then Nixon stopped the bombing. He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • Roger

    A Congressman or Senator would describe that as a youthful indiscretion. Don’t get me wrong but thre are so many others deserving of your haltered. The truth is Ho Chi Minh should not be among them. He was an ally against the Japanese during WW II and wanted US support to get France out of Vietnam but we sided with the French. How many times have they paid us back for that ? Johnson was the President who kept a fighting arm arm tied behind your back for 6 long years or that war would have been over before Jane ever took an interest in it. Jane is certainly not responsible for the lousy treatment vets get to this very day. Also like someone mentioned above W Bush has done more damage to the military than all the protestors, detractors and budget slashers throughout history.

    • Ed C

      go away Roger….

      • quentin

        Actually, Roger’s comment about Ho Chi Minh is absolutely correct. During WWII he aided the US with the promise that Vietnam would be granted independence when the war ended. We broke that promise. Read up some on the brutal treatment that the people of Vietnam received from the French. Makes one wonder why we handed Indochina back to them.

    • Steven

      GW is not even in the same ball park as LBJ! LBJ did more to damage this country except for the piece of crap we currently have in office. Don’t rewrite history! These hippies fell for the tripe spewed out at the colleges of the time. I was just a little too young to be there but old enough to wonder when my turn would come. My brother was there for 5 years and the one thing he always said was not to believe the media as they were all lying! That was in 68 after TET. So go peddle your crap somewhere else!

  • Jon L.

    Blake, it was 1970 and not 1972.

  • Poppa

    Hope the scum bag burns in Hell!

  • John

    I’ll forgive her after they put a piano wire noose around her neck and kick the stool out from under her

  • ray

    The only one she will have to answer to is the lord. He will do what is right.

  • guest

    Jane Fonda and John Kerry were of like minds and politics. They often appeared and spoke at the same rallies.

  • Richard

    Vets who know “JANE FONDA” are not
    “FONDA JANE”. A true traitor and now she wants to be forgiven they need to bring treason charges against her.

  • Michael Baysworth

    Jane Fonda committed acts of treason and aiding and comforting the enemy, all of which are are crimes punishable by death or imprisonment. The only, and I repeat the only reason why she did not face a firing squad or life in prison is because she is among the children of the ultra wealthy of which the law of the United States simply does not apply. Our sons and daughters get sent to places like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc…. while the sons and daughters of the wealthy hide from service and even aid the enemy “Fonda.” What’s really wrong with this situation is the fact that 58,000+ Americans died in Vietnam while one of it’s citizens materially contributed to their deaths and will never be punished but instead will be celebrated for it.

  • CJL

    Real story my butt

  • Chewy

    Why doesn’t anybody hate Reagan for selling arms to Iranians? Was Iran Contra treason?

    • retired462

      Where were the weapons in the embassy in Bengazi being transferred to? Hmmmmmm

  • Jon

    Jane made a mistake that will never be forgotten (even after she’s gone), never be forgiven, never taken back. But don’t forget John Kerry, folks. Member VVAW, testified in congress about being the last American killed in Vietnam. Chased down a VC and shot and killed him. Now he tries to get us to trust Iran!

  • Trish

    She trying to rewrite her past actions and it appears she can’t.

  • Patriot

    Vietnam veteran or not, no American should like Jane Fonda. She should be shot for treason.

  • Aces928

    I had 6 uncles who served in Vietnam from my Mom and Dad’s side of the family. I was a very young kid and I will never forget what she did. Whenever I see her on TV or hear her name, I call her the traitor she is.

  • Blues69

    I joined the Army during the VietNam war. This country’s sick treatment of soldiers coming home to no one wanting them a made a career out the Army.

  • Delex

    To this day she still doesn’t get it and it shows in her comments:
    “Whenever possible I try to sit down with vets and talk with them, because I understand and it makes me sad,” she told the audience, according to the Frederick News-Post. “It hurts me and it will go to my grave that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers.”
    Notice what is at the center of her comments? HER. SHE is sad, it hurts HER. She still doesn’t grasp the effect she had on the troops that she supposedly cared about – which is also a bunch of BS. The troops to her were at best props for her performance.
    You want to know why the hate persists – it’s because after 40 years she still doesn’t really care what the troops think or realize what her actions actually meant to people because it’s STILL all about Jane.

  • Ed C

    Why are we only limiting the hatred of her to Vietnam era vets? My dad, a WWII vet hated her, me, a Reagan era vet hates her…come one, anyone who wore a uniform should hate her. As far as I’m concerned, she should’ve been tried as a traitor and hanged.

  • Dennis Reiley

    Apologised for a photograph! What earned our hatred was she went there and made friends with the enemy while the conflict was ongoing. It should have been considered treason.

  • Just A Thought

    For those of you spewing your hate I can bet you have your own dirty secrets and shortcomings. If you can hate this long considering your own mistakes as a youth then what you really need is a head shrink, because Vietnam has succeeded in controlling you long after the war ended.

    • Rod

      yes just a thought it’s called PTSD despite our good intentions all of us at one time or another screwed up and as we get older we can no longer justify our actions we just have to live with reality. If I had to do again I would do it

    • DLC

      I also remember about General Benedict Arnold. He was a Traitor then, and remains so to this very day.

  • Tom Reed

    She can lie all she want’s and hire publicists to lie for her but No Vet will ever forgive her for what she did. May She Rot IN HELL for her sins…….

  • Tom G.

    ……….We understand that Nixon’s aggression against Vietnam is a racist aggression, that the American war in Vietnam is a racist war, a white man’s war…We deplore that you are being used as cannon fodder for U.S. imperialism.–Jane Fonda
    ……“If you understood what Communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that one day we would become Communist.
    ….Jane Fonda speaking to students at the University of Michigan in 1970

    I, a Socialist, think we should strive toward a Socialist society, all the way to Communism…….Jane Fonda

  • USNRetired6990

    It was a busy time, 1972. The NVN bombing campaign had begun and we were losing aircraft and crews from USS Kitty Hawk. I remember an acidic taste rise up from my stomach as I walked into CIVIC to review the intelligence for that day’s mission. There, posted on one of the boards was what we called the Jane Fonda NO BOMB BOX, a daily update on the location of Miss Fonda. A large circle was drawn around her location, a warning to us that no matter what happened on the bombing mission, we could not transgress, fire, bomb, or otherwise defend ourselves from hostile acts coming from the prohibited area. Often, more dangerous routes were forced upon us because of the avoidance requirement, exposing us to increased surface-to-air (SAM) missile, as well as the more destructive AAA fire. Those memories never fade and live in infamy. Personally, I also resent the imposition of the restriction by our own commanders (probably from Washington). Jane survived, but many did not. That’s what I remember and why Jane has been dead to me for all these years.

  • dbw

    Hate her? She’s not worth the effort. I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on her if she was on fire. Clear enough?

  • shipfixr

    I still despise Jane Fonda for her actions and behavior in Vietnam; I don’t believe that should ever be forgiven or forgotten. On the other hand, how about LBJ who put us in that war through the same sort of ‘lies’ that Bush catches flak for in Iraq? What about his Secretary of Defense who thought he could run a war from a desk at the Pentagon. Let’s not forget Richard Nixon and his Secretary of State who finally ended the war with the same deal we could have had four years earlier… many Americans and Vietnamese (North & South) died in that four years? When Fonda arrives in hell she’ll be in good company!!

  • david

    “…And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.” Mark 11:25.

  • Dave

    Blake Stilwell, doesn’t know what he is talking about. I’ve read the debriefs, YES SHE DID HAND OVER MESSAGES TO HANOI JAILERS, resulting in severe treatment of prisoners!!!!

  • Patterson

    She can sit on John Kerry’s lap and giggle about the Iran Treaty too.

  • rudyh39

    Only thing for you Jane……before, today….future…..actress is only asset you had…..all else political, kommunist…..Fail!…

  • Navyjag907

    According to the Marine Pow I heard, she did turn over the messages and then he and the others were beaten unconscious to begin with. He was there. Who the hell is Blake Stilwell? Who employs him? And what does he get for lying like this? He could easily join the list of people I hate: Fonda, John Kerry, and Robert MacNamara.

  • Big Bob

    Fonda is irrelevant and so are the rest of the phony Hollywood pseudo intellectual liberals like Sean Penn. Imagine a some screen personality speaking before the UN on global warming and nuclear proliferation
    as if they have some special perspective on everything they believe everyone else is too dumb to understand. So, they are irrelevant. Unfortunately we live in a pop culture and the liberal press willingly provides them a forum. The real villain is Kerry, the one who sold us all out, the troops who made personal sacrifices and heir families and everyone else who lives everyday in the real America John Kerry never knew or will ever know. Handing over inspections to the UN and being the mouthpiece on an effort to further erode, indeed forfeit, our sovereignty to the new world order is his latest attempt to erase all the sacrifices made by valiant warriors and true patriots throughout our history.

  • lmillert

    ………and that’s her story and she’s sticking to it…..Just the fact she went to N. Vietnam during this conflict galls me.

    • BT3 seskey

      Awesome statement right on bro!

  • DBW86

    She should have thought about this back when they did it. I will never forgive her and still think she, along with John Kerry, should be tried for Treason against their Nation. Even today they should be tried! Semper Fidelis DBW

  • SeeetOlBob

    Unlike others, I will gladly forgive Hanoi Jane. … As soon as she hangs in a bamboo cage in the jungle with nothing to wear but a pair of dirty shorts and is fed rancid rice and muddy water once in a while with no sanitary facilities, and being regularly beaten as a killer and urinated upon daily to help wash off her own feces.
    Since she is a celebrity, I’d say 18 to 24 months would do.

    How about it, Janie darlin’ ? How sorry are you ?

  • Lars Day

    All I know is that us Vietnam Vets have gotten the shaft much more than the Afghan and Iraq Vets and Now nobody cares about the Vietnam Vets. No one was talking about PTSD back then and we suffer from this today many, many years later but No One wants to acknowledge that Vietnam Vets suffer from PTSD too. We got the shaft when we came home after a Vietnam tour and are still getting the shaft today.

  • Pete O.

    She’s a toilet, a urinal to be exact. There’s only one thing I use a urinal for.

  • Pat Newman

    I was in Vietnam serving in I Corp when Jane came for her visit in 1972. The propaganda mills were churning it out about how Jane came and denounced the U.S. policy in Vietnam. She can continue to say that she is sorry, but I am one of a million Vietnam Vets will not accept the apology as anything more than patronage to make herself feel better.

  • deadsprat

    From my reading of General Giap’s book and numerous other written sources covering this period in the Vietnam War; I have come to believe that there was serious discussions among the senior level of the NVA and North Vietnamese government officials about discontinuing the war.

    It was Fonda’s comments concerning her interpretation of the “swiftly-growing” anti-war movement in the United States that convinced the NVA and political leadership of North Vietnam to continue the war.

    I was a Marine in Vietnam at that time and you could also discern the slight pause in the war and then its forceful continuance.

  • George

    She is a traitor, and should be jailed. She deserves no honor from anyone in this country. from a Marine Vietnam Ver

  • Rock

    Ol’ Jane was married for a while to a guy named Tom Hayden. (I think. She have been married several times.) Anyway, she and Tom would dress up nice young men and women to look like Federal Investigators and then send them off to interview the families of POW’s. They would ask a lot of questions, write down the answers, and send that information off to the Trung Sat, or North Vietnamese version of the CIA.

    That information was used by interrogators to get information out of our men. If you think you can stand physical torture (ask John McCain about that), few of us can withstand the emotional kind.

    I hope she dies before I do, so I can pee on her grave.


  • Sgt Nobody

    I hope she gets a veneral disease and AIDS as she can get. Enough she cant pee. Not even through a straw unless its soaked in gasoline and you can light a match. Am I bitter? No, she is still breathing. I will celebrate when i read on the internet, she has died, had a funeral and nobody showed up. Not even from the funeral home.

  • boralibubba

    We all have to carry burdens to our grave, but she was over the line,& acted as a traitor, her choice, nobody made her to it,

  • boralibubba

    the kid that wrote this was not in RVN, probably was not even born, he has no credibility. you had to have served in that era to understand.

  • wm trent

    …I don’t believe se was trying to aid the enemy…..the circumstances were misinterpreted….sh is a good person…

  • dave brown

    once upon a time, a friend urged me to watch a jane fonda movie. it was called “they shoot horses don’t they?” at the end of the movie, her boyfriend blows her head off. laughed my butt off.

  • flea

    I remember my father coming home in 73′ me and my siblings were excited to see him. When he got home, he was almost unrecognizable. He hugged us all and smiled a lot then over the days and weeks he changed to someone I didn’t know. It was only years later that he was able to talk to us about some things, we don’t push it or anything but we have gotten him help and he is doing so much better. He no longer does drugs or drink alcohol. There was one incident that came to mind and I didn’t understand until years later, why some people would spit at my dad or throw things it used to make me cry. My dad would comfort me but wouldn’t say anything. To me my dad is my hero. Love you dad!

  • Old soldier.

    I was in Viet Nam 68-69 and 71-72, I have nothing but disgust and disdain for this person. She can rot in hell for all I’m concerned. She is a blatant traitor and because of her “Holly weird” friends she got away with all of it. Its called Aiding and Abetting the enemy………….When she cam to Virgina in 73 they put our entire base on lock-down because they were afraid that one of us would have killed her……….probably was a good idea. The hatred ran really deep at that time, some of us have never or will never forget it.

  • G Downey

    I give Jane little thought these days , however I use the urinal at the VFW with her picture in the bottom.

  • 2/7mike

    hope they cremate her and scatter ashes. It would prevent traffic jam by vets waiting in line to pee on her grave.

    • Pat McGroyne

      some of the real hardcore vets might hold up the line when they take a dump on her grave so, everyone should bring their lawn chairs ! And toilet paper !

  • BT3 seskey

    She’s just another Rich little uneducated beat from Hollywood would anyone else expect less from the scum bag traitor

  • SMSgt Ret. 1972-1992

    I can remember seeing pictures of her on that gun while our boys were coming home in boxes. Others were coming home missing body parts and mental parts. She and her husband Tom Hayden were living celebrity lives and spitting on our country. I don’t know how they retained citizenship we went into the military either voluntary or thru the draft. Most of us never lost our respect for the country, even though our country ignored or hated us. Images of her still hurts.

  • SGT Mike

    USMC Vietnam 1st Force Recon CO 2/69 – 9/70 To this day after how I was treated when I came home I still feel the “Thank You” ‘s are not really for us. Not one thank you has come from someone from our generation that didn’t also serve with honor. I still think of Jane as the leader or those cowards.

  • Heannette

    I have always remembered I was married to a service man during this time .The I really feel sorry for is her father what shame he has felt all of these yearss. Hanoi Jane has never once apologized for what she has done. Even now she did not apologize as most of the blame was once again put on the shoulders of the military members. Hanoi Jane must be sick or dying she needs to clean her mond and miseries but once again she still has not apologised for what she has done. The pictures ofo her accepting the notes then turning them over to the vietnamies many tells of the horrifying stories of being peat and punished brutally being beat whipped finger nails torn out with nothing to help them. For what she has done to the families no Hano Jane you have n9ot been forgotten and this will follow you to your grave. You have hoped that most of us had died by now but we haven’t even the family memberr to remember you and what you did to this country, their fathers their brothers and the wivres and their children and for so many years you have never offered to apologize before.

  • David Richards

    Aiding an enemy during wartime is treason. Suggest that the author re-verify the comments concerning the passing of the note. I photographed her on an assignment at Glassboro State College in 1972 and she was about as supportive of the North Vietnamese government and anti-war during her speech as anyone could be.

  • Jim Lowman

    This “reporter”, and I use the term advisedly, was either fed a big dose of bull and liked it or he’s a Blind Liberal Dimmocrap. Either way he should go backto making movies or whatever form of prevarication he prefers and stop pretending to report facts.

  • John Norton

    Henry Fonda was not the only person hurt by his daughter’s (Jane Fonda) treacherous actions and photograph posing for the enemy of our country. Thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines paid in blood for her actions that gave courage to our enemies that cost American lives. I am also 77 years old, spent 9 years in the USMC and went on to retire in the USN. It shames me to hear that she is also 77 and comes from my generation. I guess the hate for her will last till i die.

  • James meadows

    Had she been born 20 years earlier – she would have been executed for treason.

  • Dangaling Dan

    I used to love going to the V.F.W. in Yuma, and using the urinal. There was a beautiful picture of Jane in it. But it wore out and was trashed. Jane, could you please send us another picture.

  • Charles

    I believe the Johnson admin discussed the possibility of putting Jane Fonda in jail for aiding the enemy/treason, etc…. They were too afraid to as her father was famous, and it would also fuel the anti-war crowd with indignation. My parents (my Dad a WWII Pacific vet) couldn’t believe NOTHING would be done.

  • Cat

    First, Welcome Home to any Vietnam Vet. Second, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.
    Third, what’s her face does not understand, she never will. She can regret her actions….yet, she owes her fame to the enemy and the enemy may win battles….God will judge her.
    Fourth, Vets…be grateful you woke up this morning, I have been since my second day on Afghan soil and the mortar that missed me. Blessings to all of you, even what’s her face.

  • Mark

    I went through Air Force Survival training (SERE) in 1976, so we had POWs from the Hanoi Hilton speak to us about their experiences. They told us the POWs who refused to meet with Jane Fonda were given an extra special beating for their refusal. Not the kind of thing that is easy to forgive and forget.

  • H. Dale Jennings

    I was sent to Vietnam 3 times during our war there. I made 3 more trips after the war looking for 2 good friends that didn’t come home: SSG Burt Small & CPT Donald Carr. At the peace talks North Vietnam offered to release all POWs in return for war reperation. They released 2,300 POWs. Senator Tde Kennedy introduced a resolution to stop all money going to Vietnam. The POW release stopped, still 2,800 MIA. Ted Kennedy is buried in Arlington. If you are planning a trip there, drink plenty of beer the night before so you can stop off at his grave and releave your self.

  • James Harris

    I got to meet Robbie Risner and hear his story first hand. Hanoi Jane handed the palmed messages they gave her to their North Vietnamese captures. There is NO EXCUSE for this. Period. Blake doesn’t know what he’s talking about. No matter what you think about the war itself, Hanoi Jane should been tried for treason. Period.

  • shakhtar

    If only there were this level of vitriol towards Israel for intentionally attacking the USS Liberty and killing 33 US soldiers, and the American brass(such as Adm. McCain) who covered it up. What Adm. McGonagle had to go through the rest of his life was a disgrace, and to think that thousands of young men are still getting killed and maimed due to this phony regime and also Saudi Arabia’s is nothing short of tragic.

    Anyone who knew Jane Fonda back then was aware she was a gullible kid with dynamite looks, a famous name, and not terribly bright, that was used by that piece of garbage she was married to (Tom Hayden), who was a real traitor, as were all the Zionist financed socialists and communists who were the real communist threats inside our own shores, while we were needlessly sending young men to die in the jungles of southeast Asia cleaning up another French debacle, and making a lot of people rich.

    Never forget that communism is just a tool (one of many) that is used to slowly rob you and your country of its wealth, traditions, values, and ultimately your liberty. There is a reason that these “movements” are always financed by rich and powerful internationalist bankers. I don’t begrudge any veterans for hating Jane Fonda, I just hope they hold the same hatred for people who did, and still pose a much more dangerous threat to our interests, and the interests of humanity.

  • Mdeber

    If one of the average Americans just went to Hanoi in that era, they would still be in prison….why didn’t she get arrested and sent to serve time. The author is a a fool if he believes she didn’t betray us!u

  • Angela

    This article is ridiculous, I am disappointed that this site wrote such a thing. You hyperlink saying that her treason was not true, did you actually read the article? It appears not…

  • Hubert Holder

    Many people of that era thought the same as did Hanoi Jane;ergo the scorn displayed for returning troops.My heart is enlightened by the acceptance today of our troops,and the slow but well deserved acceptance of our VietNam troops.I lived through that time,and suffered through hate,but have had my heart warmed,on numerous occasions in recent years,with thank yous from children to seniors.No one can forget but you can forgive.Lots of folk now feel bad for their actions during that terrible era of bad politics.We all make mistakes,but the past is the past.We have some bad politicians now, let’s concentrate on doing what’s right this time.
    Hubert Holder HTCS ret.

  • It was not unusual for Americans who visited North Vietnam to be taken to see Vietnamese military installations and when they did, they were always required to wear a helmet like the kind I was told to wear during the numerous air raids I had experienced. To this day, Fonda feels the scorn of the military veteran community.

  • LyndaC. U.S. Army

    Somehow when I see her embracing the name “Hanoi Jane” in photos I just can’tbelieve her version of the “thruth” of what occurred there. Wearing that t-shirt was just another way for her to spit in the faces of veterans everywhere. So yes I look forward tothe day Ican dance and spit on her grave.

  • SgtJerry