Sound Off: Army-Navy Game – Who Ya Got?


Let’s be honest: these have been dark times for the Army Black Knights football program. They’re suffering through a 2-9 season and they’ve lost their annual season-ending game with Navy thirteen times in a row, last winning in 2001.

Navy has enjoyed a stellar 9-2 season, losing only to ranked teams Notre Dame and Houston. They’re ranked #21 in the FBS Championship rankings and are booked to play Pittsburgh in the Military Bowl on December 28th in their home stadium. Navy QB Keenan Reynolds had an outstanding season and came close to being a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.


Everything points to another Navy win, but an Army upset could practically ruin one of the best Navy campaigns in a long time. A Black Knight win on Saturday would be one of their sweetest ever.

The game takes place this Saturday, December 12 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. CBS will broadcast the game at 3pm.

Who’s going to win? Why are fans of the other team doomed for heartbreak? Taunt the other side and settle your differences in the comments. Sound off!

  • Go Navy

    I’m a Navy grad, currently attending some training/schooling at an Army institution… and here they are basically resigned to the premise that it’s not a matter of Army losing, rather, it’s a matter of by how much they lose.

  • M. Stewart

    Or whatever it takes!!! Instead of Kidnapping Bill The Goat….Why don’t the Black Knights kidnap….Just kidding!!!! Go Army – Surprise the Crap out of the Squids! I don’t want to buy another case of beer for my Retired Navy Senior Chief Son

  • Snow

    It is all in the hands of the Gods.

  • piano player

    Army needs for find or recruit a QB who can complete a pass-so far up until the last one or two games, QB has thrown approx 3-4 passes. I think they have gone to a plebe the last game or two-he is up to 10-15 passes.

    No way is their running game that strong so the defenses just jam the line for no gains, 3 and out.

    Going to be a long afternoon for Army fans.

    • M. Stewart

      Think Positive!!!

  • Gary Wink

    Go Navy, beat Army: USS LYMAN K. SWENSON, DD 729, 1967-1970. This is the best game in college football. Every player knows how to read and write. They are all going to graduate with their class. They are all going to have jobs when they graduate. The classes they take are real. There is no “basket weaving 101” (Marlinspike Seamanship does not count as a credit). But the best thing is when they are interviewed before or after the game, it is always “Yes, Sir or Ma’am.”

  • Aviation Ordnance

    Squids by 21………even though NAVY means Never Again Volunteer Yourself.

  • William Pearson

    Army is due…..we function on the ground, Go Army!

  • Delroy

    Navy all the way!!!!! my husband is a Vietnam vet, we are proud of the Navy and everything it stands for.

    • delroy

      right on Gary Wink ,to much of using adult first names no Sir or Ma’am and parents not correcting their children, etiquette seems to have disappeared

  • Blake

    I’m gonna have to say Navy

  • Wolf 13 Ancient

    Just remember this: It’s the only one of three football games where every player on the field is willing to sacrifice everything for EVERYONE watching. . . GO Army!

  • Navyjag907

    I hope Army wins. It´s past time. But it´s America´s Game and all the players will play a tougher schedule after graduation. Whatever happens God Bless the Corps of Cadets and the Brigade of Midshipmen. Formerly CPT, INF, US ARMY, Now CDR, JAGC, US NAVY (Ret.)

    • M. Stewart

      Navyjag907 – Couldn’t agree with your recommendation and comments more!!!!! Go Army!!!!

  • Juanito

    QUESTION: Does the Army team still present an annual Black Lions Award to a player who best represents the teamwork & sacrifice?